The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner s Dilemma Reynie Kate Sticky and Constance combine unusual powers to unravel clues for another nefarious plot from Curtain the evil twin brother of Connie s guardian Mr Benedict Amusing line sketches

Reynie 12, Kate, Sticky, and Constance 4, combine unusual powers to unravel clues for another nefarious plot from Curtain, the evil twin brother of Connie s guardian Mr Benedict Amusing line sketches before each of 23 chapters such as The More Things change.

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  1. Trenton Lee Stewart is the author of the award winning, bestselling Mysterious Benedict Society series for young readers The Secret Keepers, also for young readers and the adult novel Flood Summer He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas Letters to the author may be sent to Trenton Lee StewartPO Box 251358Little Rock, AR 72205

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  1. I really loved the first book in this series, the second a bit less, and this third one by far the least.It s got the same characters I loved before, but now they are no longer regular, clever kids Sticky sits down to memorize the entire library catalog in case they need it, Reynie starts to have some mysterious sixth sense where he can sense something is wrong, and Constance, this one killed me she s venturing into Obi Wan Kenobi territory by reading minds and pulling Jedi mind tricks My favori [...]

  2. The third book in the Mysterious Benedict Society series, is pretty much perfect We solve all sorts of mysteries like Constance s past and Number Two s real name while trying to stop Mr Curtain at the same time I love how these books are so smartly written He doesn t write down to children at all There s so much conflict and a lot of it isn t even Big Bad conflict, it s bureaucracy and government red tape They re, for lack of a better word, grown up problems, the kind that make you really frustr [...]

  3. A fun, fast read, even for adults However, I cannot pretend that it is anywhere as good as The Mysterious Benedict Society, or even quite as good as book 2, The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey The situations are increasingly strained as far as believability, as well as being simply less weighty than the original book s Certain elements Mr Benedict s narcolepsy at inopportune moments, Milligan s ridiculous tendency towards injury, etc are becoming rather rote at this point St [...]

  4. I AM A VERY DISAPPOINTED HUMAN BEING RIGHT NOW This book started off fabulously witty and engaging, and the middle was fantastic, but then towards the end the book just sort of lost it s charm I felt like the ending should have been less melancholy and BOUNCY Also this book was the least witty of the series, and the plot was the least engaging THE CHARACTERS WERE STILL GOLDEN THOUGH SO THERE S THAT I think part of my rating could be the fact that it just took me so long to read this cough NaNo [...]

  5. When Constance finds out that she is adopted, she runs away out of sadness She can t control her emotions, and can t think of anything else to do All the grownups in the house go out on a search party to find her, leaving Kate, Sticky and Reynie home alone All seems well until a mysterious vehicle arrives at the house They soon find out that Mr Curtain is out to capture them The children attempt to run away In the process, they find Constance but unfortunately get captured as well They get taken [...]

  6. It just keeps getting and ridiculous In a world where grown men electroshock small children, hit them on the head with pipes and threaten to break their legs, NO ONE THINKS TO BRING A GUN What do they bring to combat electricity shooting masochists Rubber gloves that can defy physics and REPEL electricity Yeah, I know, lame and their other tool A boomerang It s like a bad episode of MacGyver Oh no, MacGyver, there s only 35 seconds on the bomb What will you do It s ok, I just hand me your left [...]

  7. In this supposedly last book of the MBS series, I thought it was very clever how the title was incorporated into the story Mr Benedict continues to try and stimulate the superior intellects of his young charges, and is always giving them clever mind games and puzzles to solve In the opening pages, the four kids are divided into two teams and presented with a Prisoner s Dilemma they are given 3 scenarios with different consequences, and each team must decide not only which scenario they would pre [...]

  8. Note If you are planning to read this book and update on , the updating format will be a bit strange It will say that there are only nine pages in the book, meaning that you can only update one page when you have really read about forty three and a half pages in the actual book This will make sense once you read the book Actual Review I liked this book I felt like the new plot was interesting, with the Stonetown blackout and all But, I did have some problems, as you can see in my deduction of t [...]

  9. The Prisoner s Dilemma is the third book in the Mysterious Benedict Society series For those not in the know, The Mysterious Benedict Society is a children s series by Trenton Lee Stewart It follows the escapades of four specially gifted children as they work with their mentor, the wise and benevolent Nicholas Benedict, to thwart the plans of his evil twin brother, Ledroptha Curtain.I think it s easily the best new series to hit children s lit since the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary that s righ [...]

  10. Now THIS is the Mysterious Benedict Society we know and love No plodding travel, disobedient kids, and scarcity of riddles Just our favorite characters saving the world the way they do best The opener is an enthralling real life Prisoners Dilemma, with the Society locked in 2 attic rooms Recapping and hashing through it brings to light that the children are all naturally loyal, possibly with the exception of the still cranky Constance, that Kate s physical prowess can still get them out of just [...]

  11. Prepare yourself for another wild yet amazing adventure This time Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance are back again to save The Whisperer from its wicked inventor, Mr Leodroptha Curtain The story begins with an explanation of the prisoner s dilemma, which I found quite interesting The problem started when Constance was missing Her runaway was followed by a total blackout in the town, causing chaos everywhere The chaos was used by Mr Curtain and his gang, The Executive, to trap the children with [...]

  12. In their third adventure, the Society and powerful machine known as the Whisperer are under heavy guard at Mr Benedict s house The government wants the machine, as does the nasty Mr Curtain, who is not above kidnapping the children to get it Fearing the worst and frightened by her new mental powers, Constance runs away it is then that Curtain s Ten Men strike, and the children are on their own, hoping to save the day As with the previous entries in this series, I enjoyed immensely the mind puzzl [...]

  13. THIS WAS SO GOOD WoWIE I had to lay in bed for about an hour and stare at a wall because I was so sad it ended.

  14. Four and a half stars, actually The wit so prevalent in the first book has diminished and is almost non existent The plot significantly improved from book 2 Even though I never quite figured out what exactly Mr Curtain was planning maybe I was just reading too fast for my brain to register the necessary details , it still was good spoiler I did NOT see the trap baited with clues coming spoiler Constance is back to her normal self, as is Reynie I mentioned that Milligan is amazing Well, so is McC [...]

  15. As much as I have enjoyed the first two novels in this series, I have felt exactly the opposite for this one I simply can t recognize the characters I fell in love with They become different in this book.Sticky Memorizes library catalogues.Reynie Depelops sixth sense.Kate Becomes The Flash.Constance Becomes a mind reader Even though many unexplained mysteries unfold in this novel, the rest is pretty much boring The part till Constance s past being revealed was so dragged on that it took me a wee [...]

  16. For if he s my dad, then with him I ll be seen So away with this plaid, and good day to this green A beautiful if a bit childish ending to a wonderful series.

  17. I was sadly disappointed by this book In book one and two all of the characters grow and mature in someway or another However, in this final installment I felt that there was very little maturing at all I loved Constance in the other books, her actions seemed appropriate for her age and she even grew up quite a bit However, in this final book she s four years old and she acts like she is once again a two year old It would have been fine if he had left her age at three I can fathom a three year o [...]

  18. I think I actually liked this one the best Stewart has definitely gotten better at keeping the story moving and avoiding the slow repetitious elements in the previous two books Either that, or he got assigned a better editor when the series became a huge success Whichever it is, it earned him an extra star from me this time.The weakness of this book is in the predictability There really isn t anything new to learn about our young foursome in this tale They are taking the skills they have mastere [...]

  19. The Mysterious Benedict Society is a society that consists of the smartest children Reynie, Stickie, Constance and Kate They are part of Mr Benedict s secret society that stops his twin brother from creating trouble in the world In previous books, Mr Benedict s brother, Mr Leodroptha Curtain, created a horrible machine called, The Whisperer It brainwashes you and makes you forget your memories When you forget those memories, Mr Curtain takes advantage of you and turns you bad The point of this s [...]

  20. I recently read The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner s Dilemma, the third and final book in the trilogy The story focuses on extraordinarily smart kids Reynie, Sticky, Constance, and Kate When the power goes off in the city of Stonetown, the children investigate and problems begin to arise Out of the books, I d say this is my second favorite, the first being my least The books gradually got better, although the plot isn t as strong as the second book, which remains my all time favori [...]

  21. I was just reading a negative review of The Mysterious Benedict Society and felt a wave of consensus rushing over me I have a 9 year old daughter who keeps falling asleep when I read her this book While she was away for the weekend, I finished it and thought I understood the problem it s written for the parents not the kids, at least the parents who want to feel clever for grasping a plot about grown up problems like bureaucracy, mind control, and subliminal messages Far superior to this series, [...]

  22. Do you know when you read a good book, you ll be wishing the book not to end despite the eagerness that you feel, of trying to finish a good book to know the ending This final book despite the adventure begins only halfway through the book make you feel like you are saying goodbye to your closest friends Kate, Reynie, Sticky Constance I love the fact that I stumbled upon this series while visiting Indonesia I love it too much hence there s sadness etching inside when finally bidding farewell to [...]

  23. This book series, including this final book, had me enchanted under its spell The author did an amazing job writing about these characters Mr Benedict, Number Two, Rhonda, Reynie Muldoon, Sticky Washington, Kate Wetherall, and Constance Contraire I recommend these because of the fictional, fantasy, and truthful side of it.See video review here youtube watch v uOyQg

  24. What am I supposed to read now that I m finished with the MBS series This book was a huge comfort object for me at the beginning of my first semester in college Still love the characters, premise, plot, etc Admittedly this is probably my least favorite of the three MBS books, however, I m still as big a fan as ever and would recommend this series to anyone.

  25. while on search for their run away teammate, the kids were captured by the henchmen as ordered by mr benedict s twin, mr curtain our kid heroes were held captive but that didn t stop them to fight for what s right ending this book, wraps up everything from the first book to third, it was disheartening to say goodbye to the characters and I just wish they ll have another mission soon.

  26. I have read this book over and over and it NEVER gets BORING It is marvelous and I just can t believe it s the last book in this trilogy But you can read Trenton Lee Stewart s newest book The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict So i hope to have a review on that book when it is released in 2012

  27. More like 2.5 stars.This book wasdisappointing.I loved loved loved the first one in this series and I really liked the second onebut this one was a letdown It didn t have the charm and puzzles and FUN that the other two had and I just wished it was over the whole time I was reading it It wasn t awful just didn t do anything for me sighs

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