Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money: The Handbook of Financial Peace University

Dave Ramsey s Complete Guide to Money The Handbook of Financial Peace University Dave Ramsey s Complete Guide to Money covers the A to Z of Dave s money teaching including how to budget save dump debt and invest If you re looking for practical information to answer all your Ho

Dave Ramsey s Complete Guide to Money covers the A to Z of Dave s money teaching, including how to budget, save, dump debt, and invest If you re looking for practical information to answer all your How What and Why questions about money, this book is for you You ll also learn all about insurance, mortgage options, marketing, bargain hunting and the most importanDave Ramsey s Complete Guide to Money covers the A to Z of Dave s money teaching, including how to budget, save, dump debt, and invest If you re looking for practical information to answer all your How What and Why questions about money, this book is for you You ll also learn all about insurance, mortgage options, marketing, bargain hunting and the most important element of all giving Now let s be honest This is the handbook of Financial Peace University.

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Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money: The Handbook of Financial Peace University

  1. David L Ramsey III b September 3, 1960 is an American financial writer, radio and television host.

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  1. 5 stars begrudgingly Everything he said to do so far has worked Paid off our debt, except the car in 2 and a half months Learned how to easily feed my family on 100 a week Sometimes less Felt like we got a raise, even though we didn t Blah, blah, blah It is that stupid power of no thing Yes, saying no to a lot has paid of our debt quickly And continuing to say no will get our car paid off fast Like the big fat no to our Grand Canyon road trip this summer And all the big fat no s until the car is [...]

  2. I hate money Well, no, that s not true I love to SPEND money I just hate MANAGING money No one told me that being a responsible grown up would be so boring and difficult and unpleasant, and the most obnoxious and stressful adult task, I ve found, is setting up and sticking to a budget.Ugh Budget It s anything BUT a sexy topic Nevertheless, it s an important subject to research, and implementing some sort of financial plan is vital in order to be dependable and successful.One way I have tackled t [...]

  3. If you re unsure about how to manage money, or have already made some big mistakes and are trying to recover, or just want to brush up on some obscure things, this book will likely help you out HOWEVER has its flaws, despite the enthusiastic baying of many of Ramsey s constituents I received this book as a very well intentioned gift to help my new husband and I get our marriage started on the right foot I m already persnickety about how I manage my money, so I may not be the ideal audience for t [...]

  4. If you re like 70% of America, you are living paycheck to paycheck, which means that if you or your spouse assuming you have one were laid off, you would probably have difficulties meeting your mortgage the next month If you didn t go into default on the house, you certainly would on other payments and bills You also have very little retirement You probably have around 7,000 in credit card debt Maybe a lot .You also have a car payment or two Or, heaven forbid, a lease You might be house poor the [...]

  5. I wish I had read this book two years ago I would have been much smarter about my spending if that had been the case But moving forward, I believe the things I have learned from the class and from this book will last me a lifetime I can still change my future One of the most impacting statements for me was this You tell your money where you want it to go Then it doesn t just disappear and you have little to nothing to show for your hard work Create a budget and follow it.Dave Ramsey s Complete G [...]

  6. excellent just financial common sense fleshed out into a book excited about teaching our children these principles excited about handling our money correctly if we cannot take care of the least riches, how do we expect God to trust us with the true riches revival awaits the stewardship of the least in order to usher in the true riches recommended for all a top 10 book out of the last 100 I ve read read it or remain a credit card paying, car payment paying sheep two thumbs up

  7. Started this one over 2 years ago and then life got busy Pushed my way through it lately A lot of good advice if you can push through and stick with it I am keeping it in mind but not yet ready to dive into it full force.

  8. I started this book last year when I and my family took Dave Ramsey s Finacial Peace University It was a very helpful supplement and a great little book overall I would recommend this and the whole FPU course to anyone, whether or not they think their finances are in order.

  9. If you have read the Total Money Makeover and are looking for the nuts and bolts details of the Baby Steps this book is an excellent choice This would also be an excellent selection for someone interested in taking the Financial Peace University class, but doesn t have the time or money to take it or just doesn t like the idea of going to a church to a class Much of the material in the book is almost verbatim what you will hear in the FPU classes The dust jacket indicates this is the handbook of [...]

  10. This book is the beginner s guide for Finance Dummies who are looking to get themselves the heck out of debt Dave Ramsey s writing is so easy to read even in subjects of insurance, mortgages and 401 k s I read this book in conjunction with the course, Financial Peace University and am feeling ready to tackle my student loan debt With Ramsey s arsenal of budget friendly, money saving tactics we should be able to be debt free in just a couple years.

  11. Great book for getting your finances on track I read it along with the class lessons we were doing so it explained of what was going over in class The questions at the end of each chapter really help me think about what we wanted our plan of action to be If you ever get the chance to take the Financial Peace classes, do so, it is life changing.

  12. I would highly recommend this book to any person of any age and any income level who wants to take control of their finances and their future I ve made some significant changes to my money after reading this book and feel as though I have gained a wealth of knowledge Now I must follow through

  13. 4.0 stars out of 5I was reading this along side with my Financial Peace University class and it s really well done Not all the chapters apply to me right now but I ll definitely return to them when they do

  14. This kind of thing can completely transform someone s life family I m glad we went through Financial Peace University at our church At the very least, I ve become informed intentional regarding our finances This book is not an exact transcript of the video lessons there s stuff in the chapters that s not in the videos, and vice versa but it s close.4.5 stars because I m not always convinced that Dave s connections to Scripture are accurate He doesn t care what I think, though For example, at on [...]

  15. I took Dave Ramsey s Financial Peace University class as I was reading this book We ve paid off some debt, and I ve gotten hooked on his podcasts I highly recommend his program.

  16. It has been over a month since we ve started using Ramsey s baby steps, and I can tell you that no book other than the Bible has so greatly affected my behaviors and thoughts about money.As Ramsey says several different ways himself this information is not new, I Ramsey just packaged it well it s the same God given wisdom your grandparents gave to you had you been paying attention I bookmarked several sections in this book that I will come back to when it is time Since the wife and I are just st [...]

  17. In summary, Financial Peace University and Dave Ramsey s Complete Guide to Money will be particularly helpful for those who have a decent income but aren t wise in how they spend if they follow Ramsey s instructions I would particularly recommend it for these people Others will find useful information and tips For those who have a decent income but already handle their money fairly wisely, I would probably recommend simply reading the book the full course may be overkill Those who have low incom [...]

  18. I think this book creates a great guide to getting out of debt I am currently working the steps and doing quite well, I think Also, Dave Ramsey infuses scripture throughout the book As a Christian, i think this is important You are being a good steward and following guidelines from the Bible There is information about investments and retirement, home buying and selling, dealing with debt collectors, etc A great handbook if you are looking for some general information about these and a few topic [...]

  19. This book is a major step up from Financial Peace Revisited It spells things out without any unneccessary extras To the point, helpful, and straightforward All of Dave s books are easy to read and light, even though the subject matter is pretty dense and daunting Dave is funny and enthusiastic and inspiring, and his books are delightful You walk away thinking, I can do this If you re wanting to read one of Dave Ramsey s books, I recommend Total Money Makeover I think it s the best over all book [...]

  20. It s an excellent book I would give it 100 stars if I could It completely changed the way my husband and I manage our finances It s true what Dave Ramsey says, it s 20% head knowledge and 80% behavior Loved the book Our lives will never be the same Now we know how to budget and how to give each dollar an assignment Not only that, but Dave Ramsey cautions us on what tricks and schemes we should be aware of to avoid at all costs The importance of insurance and investing is also discussed This book [...]

  21. I just finished going through Dave Ramsey s Financial Peace University class which I highly recommend This book is basically a written version of the CDs DVDs that are part of the class This book is a great companion piece, and good for reading after the class as a reminder of how to change your thoughts and habits about money Even if you read it by itself, without the class, there s a lot of wisdom and insight and the book could be very helpful to anyone wanting to change their financial situat [...]

  22. I recommend this to everybody not because it s a page turner, but because there s applicable information for anyone on how to handle money Good book and very helpful information I m not very big on how to books, but Dave Ramsey s book and class helped change our view on debt and how to aggressively pay it down Beyond how we handle our daily finances there is good instruction on personal insurance, wise investing, home buying, etc most of this isn t rocket science it s just plain talk that can ch [...]

  23. This was the book we received with the Financial Peace University home study course It was very easy to read and contained a lot of helpful information I have heard most of this before from years of listening to Dave s radio show and reading his other books, but it is always motivating to have periodic reminders to keep you on track financially I highly recommend this book and Financial Peace University We have been following this plan for several years and are completely out of debt house and a [...]

  24. I really liked the book It had a lot of great, practical information, and I can see myself reading it many times The only reason for my 4 star rating is that I was also enrolled in FPU while reading the book it came in the course materials and it was pretty much word for word the same as the DVDs or audio CDs It s a great place to start if you re new to Dave Ramsey, but I think they should consider putting a different book in the course materials.

  25. A great and simple book on how to manage money properly And yes it works, because it s generally a plan that follows common sense combined with his business financial acumen Ramsey writes well and with humor and understanding This book follows the video series very closely Highly recommended if you don t take the Financial Peace University course.

  26. This book is really a condensed version of the 9 week presentation that Dave gives in Financial Peace University Not being a big fan, I did not anticipate that I would take the class but after the first week I decided I would take all the classes All couples should attend these courses before getting married Dave s lessons and steps are simple, practical and helpful.

  27. This book obviously has some good points and I believe that most people would benefit from reading this book and implementing the suggested steps.I do believe that Dave is way off on his investing chapter.Also, this book is nearly identical to his previous book I read, The Total Money Makeover That is why I only gave it three stars.

  28. Loved it Might not be the thing everyone would get a kick out of reading, but it was very helpful and I am now totally hooked on the Dave Ramsey radio talk show I recommend this book to anyone who is tired of wondering where the money goes every month

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