FILMS Ted Bernal Guevara is the author of novels A Circle with Two Corners and Days of Slint FILMS is his first anthology of poems

Ted Bernal Guevara is the author of novels, A Circle with Two Corners and Days of Slint FILMS is his first anthology of poems.

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  1. TED BERNAL GUEVARA resides at Speedway, Indiana, where he is a freelance writer Although he delves into an array of themes always looking for the unusual and the edgy Guevara finds adherence in the plight of the disabled and all their profound richness, as he states in a poem.At age 9, his family emigrated from the Philippines to Marion, Indiana where all his own physical challenges were realized and at same time rewarded His physician father did not so much teach him how to dribble a basketball but had trained him to type a thousand words per day to increase his typing speed But Ted caught his literary niche instead in the exercise He is the author of the James Dean conceptual novel, DAYS OF SLINT His first novel, A CIRCLE WITH TWO CORNERS, has won praises from Midwest reviews, including one from Fort Wayne s The Sentinel The crime romance novel, TRUE FEEL, came out in May 2013 A second JD novel, LIPS OF A MASTODON, is out in September, 2015 Guevara has also penned two books of poetry called FILMS and recently, BIRDS ON ELEPHANT, published by Anaphora Literary Press Guevara claims of readership My ratio in read word over written word is about nine to one, which isn t a lot This either tells me I m a slow reader or a very enthused soul writer.

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