Kate Morton Collection: The House at Riverton, The Forgotten Garden & The Distant Hours

Kate Morton Collection The House at Riverton The Forgotten Garden The Distant Hours None


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Kate Morton Collection: The House at Riverton, The Forgotten Garden & The Distant Hours

  1. KATE MORTON grew up in the mountains of south east Queensland and lives now with her husband and three young sons in London She has degrees in dramatic art and English literature, specialising in nineteenth century tragedy and contemporary gothic novels Kate harboured dreams of joining the Royal Shakespeare Company until she became sidetracked writing novels, and still feels a pang of longing each time she goes to the theatre and the house lights dim.Kate used to hide to read when she was small, and still believes that reading should be so pleasurable it feels almost illicit Her favourite novels are the sort that you can disappear inside, and the thing she most likes hearing from readers is that they stayed up far too late turning pages.Kate Morton has sold over 10 million copies in 34 languages, across 42 countries The House at Riverton, The Forgotten Garden, The Distant Hours, The Secret Keeper and The Lake House have all been number one bestsellers around the world Kate is working on her sixth novel, with news to come soon.You can find information about Kate Morton and her books at katemorton or facebook KateMortonAuthor or follow at instagram katemortonauthor.

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  1. Kate Morton is Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl for grown ups.While she doesn t write about magic faraway trees or boys who live in giant peaches, she has a gift for storytelling that sweeps you up into the lives of her characters and their worlds.Morton has written three books to date The Shifting Fog The House at Riverton, The Forgotten Garden and The Distant Hours.Each book is set in the grand manor houses of early 20th century England Present day events become loose threads that unravel the long h [...]

  2. FYI, Kate Morton is my new author crush I actually read these three books in their original editions, but I m happy to review them together because it s Morton s storytelling genius that makes these books what they are She takes history and combines it with genuine humanity and then adds her own brand of magic to it all and what she hands the reader is a rich, provoking experience that spans generations I m officially obsessed.

  3. I have read The Secret Keeperant I just finished the House at Rivertonloved it I cannot wait to start another Kate Morton book She transports me into the world of her story settings and time I wish I had dozens of of her books to look forward to.

  4. I really enjoyed all three of these books each for their own merit Morton does a good job of pulling you in, and even if you ve figured it out keeps you reading to the end.

  5. I just finished The House at Riverton I enjoyed this book immensely The combination of history and mystery were perfectly balanced It is rare that a book keeps me I uessing until the end Simply puta really good book I can t wait to get started on the next book in the collection The Forgotten Garden was a great book You follow the story of 3 women across 3 different times in history Each story is compelling and gives you clues to the other stories I don t want to give anything away This is a well [...]

  6. Morton weaves a mysterious story using multiple voices and alternating timelines that had me hooked throughout The essence of the book forced me to reflect on the idea of the importance of finding truth Morton has the ability to make you love her flawed characters, and her usage of symbolic fairytales creates an almost preamble for the readers as they root for Cassandra to find the missing pieces of Nell s past One of my favorite sentences from this book is, Memory is a cruel mistress with whom [...]

  7. Okay just finished the book and really enjoyed it Changed my rating from 2 to 4 stars because the ending is so dang good o There is one strand of the story that could have been either made bigger or left out completely but it did not matter in the end I am having a hard time getting through this one I enjoyed The Forgotten Garden Maybe I will change my rating after I finish

  8. I like to read Kate Morton s books when I have time to sit and absorb the details and imagine the scenery in my head It is a luxury I do not always have, but when I do I thoroughly enjoy her books They are to be relished on a cold winter day, beside the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and a dog by yourside.

  9. All of these books are what I look for when trying to find a new book to escape into for awhile They really do transport you to another land It s easy to get lost There s romance, mystery, and historical fiction My favorite things all rolled into one

  10. Have absolutely LOVED reading Kate Morton s books She has become one of my favourite authors Each book has held me locked in another place, another time without fail Can t wait for the next one

  11. Very interesting, but slow at the first Fascinating learning about what it was like to be in service at the beginning of the 20th century Made me grateful for what I have Ending could have been better.

  12. I don t know if it was because it was the third one of her books that I read in a row, but it didn t quite have me the way her other two books did All though, I definitely didn t have the ending figured out, yet again excellent writer I will definitely read every book she writes

  13. Absolutely lovely I really appreciated the brilliant use of a story within a story within a story And thanks for the author s notes at the end Kate Morton I agree with you sentiment of the importance of quality books for children.

  14. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg Really is fantastic and mind boggling

  15. She creates pictures in my head I have read The House at Riverton and loved it, this book book didn t disappoint me either A good mystery that kept me guessing till the very end.

  16. I have to admit that I have some questions but it definitely make book discussion fun I love her style and can not wait to read her other books.

  17. LOVE Kate Morton My very favorite was the Distant Hours, then The Forgotten Garden and lastly House at Riverton I love her character development and beautiful writing Great reads

  18. Love, love, love Kate Morton and all her books I wait for each one like a kid waiting for Christmas The multi timelines and back and forth among characters suits me.

  19. I really liked this book, but not as much as The Forgotten Garden She is a great writer So much detail, but not boring detail.

  20. A story of the rich in England and a servant girl whose life is intertwined with the family A story of love and loss A story of keeping secrets.

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