Pegasus and the New Olympians

Pegasus and the New Olympians When reports reach Olympus of a Pegasus double sighted on Earth suspicions are aroused Emily and Pegasus must fly back to her world where they discover a sinister conspiracy that will pit Olympian ag

When reports reach Olympus of a Pegasus double sighted on Earth, suspicions are aroused Emily and Pegasus must fly back to her world where they discover a sinister conspiracy that will pit Olympian against human in a war involving friends and enemies on either side.

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Pegasus and the New Olympians

  1. She started her career in the fashion industry, spending several years working in the showroom of a large accessory firm in New York, then top management at the Calvin Klein corporation and then to Oleg Cassini in Toronto Canada From there she moved into film and television and finally into writing books There is a wonderful song that I feel best describes me I was born under a wandering star.This is true I was indeed born under a wandering star Coming from Canada, I was mostly raised in New York City Although we did live in other cities such as Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, San Francisco and several small towns along the way But I guess New York City was the closest I came to actually calling any one place home.For me, all these cities and places were one big adventure after another I can remember one particular occasion when my parents were moving us out west from New York to LA We stopped in Galveston Texas just after a hurricane had blown through Our hotel was on the beach, and right across the street was a large carnival that had been abandoned because of the storm Unable to resist the temptation, my three brothers and I snuck out of our hotel and entered the fairgrounds We had the whole place to ourselves The rides, the fun houses, games and prizes were all ours to play with What surprised us all the most was the popcorn still in the machines while seaweed, sand and shells covered the whole area Our time in that Play Park was a child s dream come true and one of my fondest childhood memories.It was adventures such as these that fuelled my active imagination and love of everything different So many times I would be in New York and walking down 5th Avenue, imagining that I was actually soaring among the city s canyons on the back of a wild dragon Then when we lived in Florida, we would go down to the sea and I was suddenly living amongst the whales Laughing and breaching in the sea heavy swells.Then driving through a west Texas night, a star studded sky was yet another undiscovered playground When we moved to England, and then toured Europe, I was exposed to all the exciting and rich history of the area So much so, that my imagination spilled over and I started to write And although I have had many unusual jobs and careers, it has always been writing that has given me the most pleasure.All these things came together in me They added to my love of reading and the fantastic stories my parents told us on our long journeys It wasn t long after that I was making up my own stories filled with strange and wonderful characters that I came to care deeply for.Now I want to share that pleasure with everyone Tell stories of wild adventures in strange lands but filled with people who are just like you and me And of families who face terrible dangers and come together as they fight for a common goal.

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  1. 4 StarsReally liked it a little bit better than the last two books in the series I think that it has gotten interesting and I can t wait to see what happens next.

  2. I am miles and miles and miles away from being obsessive and compulsive, yet I do have a completion ist streak in me That is the only excuse I offer for continuing to read this series of books It isn t that they are bad, or horrible There is nothing Meyer Twilight horrific enough to keep me reading because I just can t look away from the wrongness of it all But at the same time, this is not a good book.Action and adventure and flying horses That s why I read the first one Why I read the second w [...]

  3. This book is as great as the series It has romance, action, and mostly greek mythology mythology mixed in with the modern world.I love this book because it shows that anyone can be a hero and fight for what they think is right It made me feel suspense each time I wanted to stop, but I couldn t It really made me keep the page turning and not wanting me to stop reading till the book ended I mostly enjoyed when the CRU, a secret agency made clones of the Gods and goddesses of Olympus, its cruel of [...]

  4. this book has 419 pages on it I love this book It was so good the cru are the bad guy they did something bad to try to copy the real olympians I couldn t even put it down

  5. One of my young friends recommended this book, actually the entire series, because I love horses and she does too She also enjoys riddles, which I enjoy too, and there are several in this book provided by the wonderful character of the Sphinx I found it to be a hat tip to the Percy Jackson books written by Rick Riordan in a very positive way, while focusing on Pegasus and his special relationship with his human friend, Emily.I was surprised that this had a bit grim and dark themes Area 51, clon [...]

  6. Synopsis When reports reach Olympus of a Pegasus double sighted on Earth, suspicions are aroused Emily and Pegasus must fly back to her world where they discover a sinister conspiracy that will pit Olympian against human in a war involving friends and enemies on either side My Review I rather enjoyed this series when it first started out but it has progressively gone down hill for me While it is very creative in ways, I do get sick of the same old enemy that they are fighting, and the way Emily [...]

  7. In Emily s last adventure she went back to earth and saved her father Steve But when there are sightings of possible Olympian clones Emily is afraid If Jupiter were to find out he would get his brothers help and combine their powers to destroy Earth Emily will not let that happen so Pegasus and her will be going back to Earth to check out if the newspaper articles are true When in Earth Emily finds that Pegasus has a clone and so does Paelen and Dianna Not just one but several clones And what do [...]

  8. This author just makes this book come to life There is a few parts that leave you hanging but I bet they are going to be later on in the next book While Emily is having a good time in Olympus Diana give her a news paper that had been recently been published and it show a horse that looks a lot like Pegasus Pegs and has won a lot of contest because how fast it is but Emily notices a scar where wings might have been Which means it might have been a clone.So, Emily, Joel, Paelen, and Alexis Sphinx [...]

  9. I think this was a very great edition to the Pegasus series It had lots of action, the interesting addition of clones, and some amazing new characters This was my favourite book of the series so far, it had the same amount of action, adventure, and emotion as the other books, but I think that it was differentd that made it even better

  10. Fantastically writtene characters just leapt off the page I enjoyed every moment of this Despite it s classification as middle grade young adult there is just something about this book that I think will appeal to all ages.I am a huge fan of books about mythology and simply can t get enough of them What a fantastic find Eagerly awaiting reading the next instalment.

  11. This book was interesting because they were in Las Vegas and it sounds like a cool place and had a lot of funny parts so if you like these kind of books I recommend this book for you.

  12. Pegasus and the New Olympians is the 3rd book in the Pegasus series Emily and Pegasus have another journey and this time they have to go back to earth As Emily and Pegasus get word that there have been Olympian look alike on earth They are determined to figure out why and how As they come back to earth they have to be so careful so they don t get caught by CRU They get help from other Olympians They found out that the CRU when they captured them last time they were on earth took there blood and [...]

  13. When Dad and Diana return from Earth with newspapers reporting on new horse racing bombshell Tornado Warning, Emily and company panic This Tornado Warning runs way too fast to be a regular horse those stats added to his eerie resemblance to Pegasus and shoulder scars where wings would be all point to the same terrifying potential has the CRU cloned Pegasus And if yes what other Olympians may have clones created by the CRU Lots of drama, tons of violence, some potential love triangle situations d [...]

  14. I absolutely loved this book, it flowed smoothly and made it so that I was unable to put it down It gave a good conclusion to the story, however, if you choose to keep reading the series I feel like it has left space for a good epilogue that could lead into a new amazing story I m not completely sure if I ll read the next books, not because I don t want to which I do but because of time and all the other books I own and am set on reading this year, but hopefully, sometime in the future I ll find [...]

  15. This is a very good YA series Lots of good life lessons, while coming to grips with the fact that you now have amazing super powers that can be used for good or bad It is empowering and sad, at the same time, as our hero Emily, realizes that she can kill the bad guys if she wants to That s a heavy burden to place on anyone, let alone a teenager I thoght that the author did a very credible job with this dilemna.Loads of action in this one A good read.

  16. In this book, the CRU has created clones of some of the Olympians and Emily and her friends go to Earth to check it out Of course, nothing went right when they got there and all the drama was so exciting, suspenseful, and adventures I recommend this book to anyone who likes sci fi and Roman Greek mythology.

  17. my favorite character is Alexis because she is so brave and loyal to Emily what suprised me most was that Jupiter found out that Emily went to olympus but then decided not to turn the solar stream on Earth I would not change the ending because I love it when pegasus comes back and then Jupiter did not turn on Earth.

  18. In the book Pegasus The New Olympians by Kate O hearn, The main character Emily discovers that the CREW Were making clones of the Olympians The only one she knew of was the clone of her beloved Pegasus The clone was known to be the fastest horse in the world She knew she had to stop them from making any People have heard of Olympians causing chaos around Las Vegas She goes and stops them from making even Olympians to cause worry throughout the town When she is there, she realized that they we [...]

  19. A good book but I found it was to similar to the rest the story line was very similar This book is a great book for your younger ones 9 11

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