Miss Bishop

Miss Bishop Ella Bishop came to college a healthy country bred girl alive to every fresh sensation with an infinite capacity for work love and understanding Her abundant energy and devotion to learning made

Ella Bishop came to college a healthy, country bred girl, alive to every fresh sensation, with an infinite capacity for work, love, and understanding Her abundant energy and devotion to learning made her a superior student, then a gifted teacher But her smile concealed than one youthful tragedy, and tragedy did not stop with youth A 1941 movie, Cheers for Miss BishElla Bishop came to college a healthy, country bred girl, alive to every fresh sensation, with an infinite capacity for work, love, and understanding Her abundant energy and devotion to learning made her a superior student, then a gifted teacher But her smile concealed than one youthful tragedy, and tragedy did not stop with youth A 1941 movie, Cheers for Miss Bishop, was based on the novel.

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Miss Bishop

  1. Bess Streeter Aldrich was one of Nebraska s most widely read and enjoyed authors Her writing career spanned forty some years, during which she published over 100 short stories and articles, nine novels, one novella, two books of short stories, and one omnibus In her work, she emphasized family values and recorded accurately Midwest pioneering history.One of her books, Miss Bishop, was made into the movie, Cheers for Miss Bishop, and her short story, The Silent Stars Go By became the television show, The Gift of Love.Bess graduated in 1901 from Iowa State Normal School, now known as the University of Northern Iowa, and taught for four years She returned to Cedar Falls and worked as Assistant Supervisor at her alma mater, receiving an advanced degree in 1906 She married Charles Sweetzer Aldrich the following year.In 1909 the Aldriches and Bess s sister and brother in law, Clara and John Cobb, bought the American Exchange Bank in Elmwood, Nebraska, and moved there with the Aldrich s two month old daughter, Bess s widowed mother, and the Cobbs Elmwood would become the locale, by whatever name she called it, of her many short stories, and it would also be the setting for some of her books Aldrich had won her first writing prize at fourteen and another at seventeen, having been writing stories since childhood However, for two years after the family moved to Elmwood, Aldrich was too busy with local activities to write Then in 1911 she saw a fiction contest announcement in the Ladies Home Journal and wrote a story in a few afternoons while the baby napped Her story was one of six chosen from among some 2,000 entries From that time on, Aldrich wrote whenever she could find a moment between caring for her growing family and her household chores Indeed, she commented that, in the early days, many a story was liberally sprinkled with dishwater as she jotted down words or ideas while she worked Aldrich s first book, Mother Mason, a compilation of short stories, was published in 1924 In May 1925, shortly before her second book, Rim of the Prairie was published, Charles Aldrich died of a cerebral hemorrhage, leaving Bess a widow with four children ranging from four to sixteen Her writing now became the means of family support with her pen she put all the children through college Aldrich s short stories were as eagerly sought and read as her novels, and she became one of the best paid magazine writers of the time Her work appeared in such magazines as The American, Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal, Collier s, Cosmopolitan, and McCall s Aldrich also wrote several pieces on the art of writing, and these were published in The Writer.In 1934, Aldrich was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of Nebraska, and in 1949 she received the Iowa Authors Outstanding Contributions to Literature Award She was posthumously inducted into the Nebraska Hall of Fame in 1973.

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  1. A book meant to be about strength and selflessness, but the soap operatic weakness of most of the secondary characters overshadowed any motivational theme or enlightenment and instead highlighted the mantra that life is hard and then you die except that right before you die you may have a brief, fleeting epiphany that all the sacrifice and heartache was really worth it in the sad, lonely end To be fair, I did learn to appreciate Miss Bishop and especially Sam, and one of my all time favorite pro [...]

  2. I ve seen this author s books on the shelf all my life and never could be bothered Picked this one up on a whim and quite liked it a good old fashioned yarn sort of character who would have been played by Olivia De Havilandwe don t have any of these old maids around any , but every family used to have one, who would raise all the abandoned or orphaned children, and never be loved enough.

  3. I loved this book for several reasons Miss Bishop lived by a set of values that are mocked today I often think I was born a couple of generations too late, but I might be off that estimation by a couple I wish the story had continued through the rest of her life and not just to her retirement.

  4. Added 2 15 15 I watched the film adaptation Did not read the book I posted the following about the film at my GR group Today I streamed via Prime Cheers for Miss Bishop 1941 a film adaptation of the book, Miss Bishop by Bess Streeter Aldrich.At first I thought the movie might be too sappy but it turned out to be a very appealing old film starring a lovely actress named Martha Scott The film is filled with many truths about life s experiences, many narrated by the main character herself, Miss Bis [...]

  5. At first I didn t like this book, but then my Mother pointed out the main character s Miss Bishop selflessness, and I realized what a wonderful book it really was This book seems really sad, but the events and circumstances are so interesting that you keep reading anyway In the end if I recall right it is happy.If women and girls would take on this selfless attitude, instead of If I don t work hard I won t get to the top , or If I don t take it then I won t get it , and just be happy with what [...]

  6. As a spinster freshman English teacher, I root for Miss Bishop It s interesting to me how much of the teaching portions of the novel still feel relevant some of these are conversations we re all still having about education The ending of the novel left me crying and hoping that somewhere, I have students who remember me as fondly as Ella Bishop s students remember her and that I won t end up penniless after years of service another conversation we re still having, as so many English teachers wor [...]

  7. The heroine of this novel, Ella Bishop, is a healthy, sensitive, energetic, and happy person as she begins her college career in the Midwest in 1876 Her energy and devotion to learning made her an excellent student, then a gifted teacher People were drawn toward her friendliness and enthusiasm During her life she was betrayed in love when the man she was to have married was stolen by her young cousin She was called upon to raise their daughter when the cousin died Later on in life Ella was sorel [...]

  8. This is a lovely old fashioned story about a young woman who starts out life expecting to get an education to become a teacher, teach for a few years and then marry and have children this is in the late 1800 s and life becomes nothing she expected sound familiar You follow her through her whole life as a teacher and her incurable optimism and selflessness, and the courage to do the right thing was inspiring Just proof that Bess Streeter Aldrich is one of our most under appreciated writers.

  9. I really like Bess S Aldrich But I didn t like this book by her My first problem was the fact that her fiance made her cousin pregnantoops and his excuse was she s a cunning little thing like a kitten I m so sorry Ella, so so sorry Second was the fact that she raised that baby And I don t think it had a good story plot like the other stories by B.S.A.

  10. A good old fashioned story about life, love and loss Miss Bishop is an admirable character, positive, caring and altruistic Wish there were like her, in fiction and in real life The book was made into a movie called Cheers for Miss Bishop, starring Martha Scott in the title role way before she played Bob Newhart s mother I look forward to seeing it.

  11. I was hoping this would be in the style of Mother Mason , but it was quite a bit serious As a reader, you really root for the main character and admire her It s not an easy life for her, but it is sweet, especially if you like stories about great teachers.

  12. This story kept me reading until I was done I could not put it down The potential of her life and yet her disappointments were crushing Loved it.

  13. This book was written in 1933 It is a semi biographic novel about the founding of the now University of Northern Iowa It follows the life of a school teacher, Miss Bishop, and the sacrifices she made throughout her life For instance she took care of her frail 40 something old mother Hard to believe that 40 is frail I really enjoyed reading about Midwestern College , and how it expanded each year And it was interesting to read about her thinly veiled descriptions of Cedar Falls, Iowa.

  14. This was a really really good book It s one of those stories where you come to the end resolved to be a better person I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked it up, but it was completely worth it.

  15. I have always ejoyed Bess Streeter Aldrich s books They are often an escape into an older period of time They are like Willa Cather or Laura Ingells Wilder books They take place in the midwest usually Nebraska during the time of the land being settled This book takes place in the late 1800 s and the early 1900 s This book did not help me escape like some of the others although I did like it and enjoyed reading it It follows Miss Ella Bishop through her life from the age of 16 to old age with all [...]

  16. I really enjoyed this book It was very well written I could feel the sorrows the joys experienced by Miss Bishop She was a truly courageous woman I look forward to reading by this author.

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