Малахитовая шкатулка. Уральские сказы

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  • [PDF] Read ✓ Малахитовая шкатулка. Уральские сказы : by Pavel Bazhov Павел Бажов
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Малахитовая шкатулка. Уральские сказы

  1. Pavel Petrovich Bazhov Russian 27 January 1879 in Sysert 3 December 1950 in Moscow was a Russian writer.Bazhov is best known for his collection of fairy tale stories The Malachite Casket , based on the Urals folklore and published in the Soviet Union in 1939 In 1944, the translation of the collection into English was published in New York and London Later Sergei Prokofiev created the ballet The Tale of the Stone Flower based on one of the tales Bazhov was also the author of several books on the Russian Revolution and the Civil War The former Russian prime minister Yegor Gaidar was his grandson.

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  2. U v detstve ma o arili uralsk rozpr vky o baniach, drahokamoch, ban koch, zlatokopoch, malachite, kamennom kvietku, azbeste i o m tick ch bytostiach Pani Meden ho vrchu, Ve k had i Zlatovl ska.Maj rozpr vkov t l a tak to nedefinovate n folkl rno, tak e som bola dos prekvapen , e vznikali v obdob cca 1930 1950 Ba ov sa in piroval miestnymi skazkami, ale aj re lnymi u mi Danilko Nedojeden ek a mnoh svoje rozpr vky p sal sk r pre dospel ch a v s lade s komunistickou ideol giou o ivenia folkl ru, os [...]

  3. A gem of fairytales about this region in Ukraine Russia I loved every minute of it I borrowed it from my wife s cousin, and I don t want to give it back It is a first edition from 1939 Beautiful painted pictures Great smell of an old book I was taken to a new culture that I didn t know much about I was shown insights of the peasant culture that lived during a medieval rule My favorite part though is that fantasy aspects of Gods that have the power to reward good deeds and horrifically punish the [...]

  4. Pavel Bazhov is one of my favourite writers This book contains some of his popular Ural tales and is gorgeously illustrated.

  5. I Bought this book in Bombay as a kid for about 20 cents Get the old 1981 Eve Manning edition I absolutely loved it Start at the beginning and progress slowly It s perfect for cold nights with a cup of tea or some whiskey Oh Yeah, and Lenin has makes an appearance

  6. As teenagers these days would put, overrated AF Funny really, sometimes one bengali wannabe goodreader can attract readers than Pavel Bazhov himself.

  7. I found this book fascinating The Russian tales are very interesting I ve seen only one of them Silver Hoof in another book The hard lives of the serfs and citizens in mining and gold prospecting villages make the demigoddess and spirits of the mountains all the magical The translation is charming and conversational However, the 2002 Predonia edition has some problems It appears to be a facsimile edition, which is nice in some ways The illustrations are beautiful, and I m glad to have them Howe [...]

  8. Det p st s att det h r r en barnbok L na fort ett barn n gonstans och l s N , strunta i barnen, l s Omarbetade sagor fr n Uralbergen.

  9. A really neat collection of fairytales from the Ural mountains of Russia For the American reader, who will likely be familiar with mostly German and English fables, these stories are completely unique and refreshingly different Tame enough for children, but strange enough to keep the interest of an adult Aside from the last story a kind of bizarre nod to Lenin I thoroughly enjoyed the collection In this edition, there is one tale which is misprinted in such a way that the last page is missing Un [...]

  10. Words can not express how enchanting this book is Reality cooked up deliciously with fantasy, and translation done wonderfully In fact, this very book is the casket, while the stories are radiant pieces of malachite.Perhaps someday I shall go visit the Urals I can only hope to see the Stone Flower blossom before me, and from that, and emerging Mistress of Copper Mountain.

  11. The Russian version of the Brother s Grimm, this book contains classic Russian folk tales The proper and place names are a bit of a chore, and it helps to know something of Russian culture, but they these stories are well worth the read.

  12. A collection of adapted stories from areas of Ural magical and captivating Best fairy tales I ever read They will cast their spell on you and will not let you go almost as a Lady of A Copper Mountain.

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