Fallen in Love

Fallen in Love Unexpected Unrequited Forbidden Eternal Everyone has their own love story And in a twist of fate four extraordinary love stories combine over the course of a romantic Valentine s Day in Medieval Engl

Unexpected Unrequited Forbidden Eternal Everyone has their own love story.And in a twist of fate, four extraordinary love stories combine over the course of a romantic Valentine s Day in Medieval England Miles and Shelby find love where they least expect it Roland learns a painful lesson about finding and losing love Arianne pays the price for a love so fierce it buUnexpected Unrequited Forbidden Eternal Everyone has their own love story.And in a twist of fate, four extraordinary love stories combine over the course of a romantic Valentine s Day in Medieval England Miles and Shelby find love where they least expect it Roland learns a painful lesson about finding and losing love Arianne pays the price for a love so fierce it burns And for the first and last time, Daniel and Luce will spend a night together like none other Lauren Kate s Fallen in Love is filled with love stories the ones everyone has been waiting for True love never says goodbye .

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Fallen in Love

  1. Lauren Kate grew up in Dallas, went to school in Atlanta, and started writing in New York She is the author of the Fallen novels, the Teardrop novels, and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove She lives in Laurel Canyon with her family.

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  1. Post review I feel like, after reading almost all of this series, now, including the in between book that I was in no way obligated to read, I am allowed to write a letter I feel as if we have grown much closer over this series.So much closer My dearest Lauren Kate my honey bun, my up and downer my peach, I regret to inform you that your writing has gone all out bipolar on us all, and this book is prime evidence of that fact Passion was the worst book of this series to date before this book was [...]

  2. This book is about the only Valentine s day that Luce and Daniel ever had together How romantic and heartbreaking is that

  3. scroll for review They REALLY need to stop screwing with Fernanda s art Wow What a complete waste of paper The last time I checked, a novel was than two hundred measly pages of huge text and lots of chapter breaks Calling this tiny thing a novel is ridiculous, as is pricing it at 15.99 Luckily, I got it on sale at Target, so it wasn t too expensive, but I totally want my money back after reading it.Also, the last time I checked, a novel in a series was supposed to advance the overall plot At le [...]

  4. Fallen in love Fallen 3.5 Is this a very nasty joke looks at the reviews O_O Shit.Awesome Just freaking awesome Now I got to read this 3.5 book too God is this just me who wants to just finish this fucking series already so I could know the end due to my big mistake of even starting reading this series I seriously want to finish and get over with this.Anyway, pretty cover

  5. To all of you people out there,there is one thing I don t quite understand if you have already read the other books in the series, and didn t like them, why do you really have to go and search about this book And then, why do you have to review it, since it hasn t even been published yet Even if you have no other interest in your life other than being all mean to authors and books, I suggest you keep it to yourself You can write in your diary Okay, the tagline was a bit lame indeed, but still

  6. Okay So maybe I knew what I was getting myself into Just maybe But I still gave it a try I was sane enough to But boy Boy, oh, boy The first story was incredibly idiotic Miles and Shelby are nincompoopsNCOMPOOPS.I don t know why I just did that Anyway, Shelby is so annoying Miles is such a wuss All they talked about was Luce and Daniel And it just amazes me how those two tolerate each other I mean, I have to be pretty insane to not want to beat the crap out of them Pretty Insane.Like jacked up S [...]

  7. This is a novella you can just skip It doesn t add anything important to the main books other than the details of how Ariane came to her scars There are only 4 little love stories.If you wish to read this novella on your own, without knowing anything about it stop here.Do not push the View Spoiler button view spoiler 1 The first starts with Miles and Shelby.They just left Daniel back in time, where they saw Cam s heart beeing brocken and why he turned to dark side, but instead of just returning [...]

  8. Fallen in Love is a novel which tells the tales of Miles, Shelby, Roland, Arriane, Luce and Daniel finding love on Valentine s Day in Medieval England With four different stories and each one completely different from the other, it was nice to see them all come together at the end to help Daniel and Luce have their perfect Valentine s day I did enjoy the single stories, some than others but I don t think it s something you have to read in order to continue with the series So read it or don t re [...]

  9. There isn t much to say, except I thought it was lovely and I can t wait for Rapture Especially after reading the excerptd I have to sayOh Cam, I adore youThis HAS to be one of the best quotes ever Yeah about that, How is it Possible Shelby said You d think that kind of thing would leave an impression on the old memorizer Cam s face reddened You try falling for nine days through multiple dimensions and trillions of miles, landing on your face, breaking your wings, rolling around concussed for wh [...]

  10. Read this woooow SPOILERS I gave this piece of shit book five stars because of Arrianes story She should have just wrote a really long even interesting version of that and called it Arrianes story and this would be awesome So all of you curious little love birds that like to read spoilers like me i give you a rap of each one.YAY REAL REVIEW TIME Love Where You Least Expect It The Valentine of Shelby and Miles this story blew my mind no actually it made me want to blow up my mind it was so mindl [...]

  11. 4 starsMiles and Shelby 4 5 starsI really liked the story but it was not likemething to wow me, it was quick and funny.Roland 5 5 starsRoland is my fave3 I never expected him to have such a story It was really painful and proved that he is not heartlessArianne 5 5 starsEven heartbreaking OH MY GOD Arianne s story was my favorite because it was so cute and sad and a million other thingsLuce 3 5 starsThis one wasn t the best To be honest, I loved how cute it was but not much happened, it was all [...]

  12. I gave this a poor rating due to the fact that two of the stories had terrible endings I like the characters in the book but when you don t give happy endings in love stories you make me mad I get that real life isn t always happy but this is books Authors should just know that times than not the person reading it wants a happy ending.

  13. This was an enjoyable enough read but it does nothing to move the plot along with the series and appears to be a pure filler to fill the gap until the final book was released I read it primarily for Daniel and Luce s story but it fell short of the mark for me, could have been romantic.

  14. A MA ZING Spoilers from now on Love where you least expect it The valentine of Miles and Shelby This story follows Miles and Shelby as they step out of an announcer and into Medieval times, or specifically, into the middle of a Valentine s faire I really enjoyed this as it gave depth into the two s relationship and saw it develop without any distractions life changing missions Love Lessons The valentine of Roland This one was heart felt and beautifully written as it also gave depth into Rola [...]

  15. da alma deb a estar satisfecha consigo misma antes de lanzarse al amor, porque uno nunca sab a cuando desaparecer a la otra parte Era la mayor de las paradojas las almas se necesitan, pero tambi n necesitaban no necesitarse Este libro est totalmente de mas Creo que solo lo escribieron para no dejar a Miles y Shelby sin parejas, pero qued forzado Que posibilidad hay de que ngeles y humanos tengan experiencias rom nticas al mismo tiempo en una era lejana Yo digo que cero.

  16. True Love Never Says Goodbye Except for the reader, who reads these books with such intensity and passion that they almost want to strangle the publisher for having the nerve to offer an excerpt to the final Fallen book that they won t be able to get their hands on for a few months The Fallen series has become one of the largest and most well known when it comes to the winged ones of the world, and Lauren Kate has managed to captivate and enchant all of her fans Having this new novel that offer [...]

  17. 3.5 stars Perch quasi quattro stelle se l intera serie mi ha fatto quasi pena Perch questa raccolta di brevi storie forse meglio dei primi tre libri tutti insieme.Tralasciando lo stile di LK che non mi ha mai fatta impazzire l idea che sta alla base delle prime tre novelle racconti brevi buona La mia preferita quella di Arianne mentre, nemmeno a farlo apposta, quella di Lucinda e Daniel l ho trovata banalissima Come se fosse sempre la stessa cosa ripetuta all infinito.

  18. FEELS, FEELS ARE SCATTERING EVERYWHERE And in that moment under the stars, a simple understanding passed among the four Sometimes love needed a lift from its guardian angels, to get its feet off the ground But once it made its first early beats toward flight, it had to be trusted to take wing on its own and soar past the highest conceivable heights, into the heavens,and beyond.

  19. More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages drools over cover I ve done a mini review for each story Love Where You Least Expect It The Valentine of Shelby and MilesRating 1 starAlrighty, first things first, I don t care about Shelby and Miles at all Throughout the series so far, I think their both rather flat and boring Miles sounds like every other guy with no personality and Shelby sounds like every other chick with no personality I don t think I have to explain these storie [...]

  20. Perdida de tiempo total Si me hubiera dedicado a intentar desentra ar los misterios de un universo paralelo lo habr a empleado mejor.Adem s, la autora cae en incongruencias con su propia historia Qu posibilidad hay de que Bill, siendo quien resulta ser, deje que Luce y Daniel pasen un San Valentin juntos El nico que pasan juntos para m s inri.Lo unico pasable es saber como se originaron las cicatrices de Arriane pero ni siquiera eso justifica este libro.Por no decir, que el que tantos personajes [...]

  21. Honestly I would ve rated this higher if it weren t for Daniel and Luce at the end They just annoy me so much All the other stories I liked.

  22. When Fallen debuted in December 2009, I fell in love with it It was different than a lot of other YA novels out there at the time , which made it pretty refreshing to read When Lauren Kate came out with the third installment in the Fallen series I was just as excited to read it as I was the other two, but my excitement quickly diminished it seemed I was no longer interested in Luce and Daniel s story any I tried and could not finish the third in the series With Fallen in Love, I thought maybe I [...]

  23. La eternidad y un d a es un spin off de la saga Oscuros, que narra el nico San Valent n que Luce y Daniel van a pasar juntos.A pesar de que no le la saga, me largu a leerlo porque ten a entendido que era una especie de antolog a de cuentos rom nticos Bien, no Es una novela corta, que si bien tiene conexi n con la trama de la saga, no acontecen cosas que alteren los hechos, que tengan relevancia en la historia principal.Se puede leer tranquilamente sin haber le do previamente los tres primeros li [...]

  24. I have no clue how to rate this half books Seriously this is published as a book, oh Dear Lord I ll just say it surely isn t as good as first two unfortunately but it s a bit but really little better than third one it s shorter thought I wanted to jump out of my skin when I read announcer , oh yes I still have nightmares after Passion Luckily it s only mentioned few times, so I survived Basically here you have stories about Valentine s Day now how sweet is that It s good because you find out som [...]

  25. I don t know if it was this book or just the sudden urge to read but I read this book really quickly Shelby and Miles story was pretty cute, although I thought the end was a bit mushy Roland s story was sad and had a bittersweet ending but I enjoyed reading his story Arriane s story was quite sad and the most surprising, although I don t know why.And then we come to Luce and DanielHonestly it was pretty good but I couldn t help but feel like it wasn t needed, despite it making all the other stor [...]

  26. To me, this book felt unnecessary I don t know, I had this feeling in Fallen of Gothic beauty and mystery of angels, but the series has lost this depth by each book I hope the ending the last installment redeems the series.

  27. So very fantastic, loved these stories of love, whether is s starting, ending, hard times or easy times, and now to read Rapture First read July 8th 2012 Lots of great short stories of romance, some sad, some not, but all of them great, and the excerpt from Rapture was amazing Can t wait for my library copy of it to come in

  28. This little story was cute, but kind of unnecessary I loved shelby and miles story and the other stories were okay Overall I found that shelby and miles story could ve just been added into book 3 or 4 somewhere or not mentioned at all The book was a simple and quick read, so it was okay to read for fun.

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