The Dark River

The Dark River A brilliant follow up to the New York Times bestseller The Traveler The Dark River follows the Harlequin Maya and the Traveler Gabriel Corrigan on their search for Gabriel s lost father In his f

A brilliant follow up to the New York Times bestseller, The Traveler, The Dark River follows the Harlequin, Maya, and the Traveler, Gabriel Corrigan, on their search for Gabriel s lost father.In his first novel, John Twelve Hawks introduced the world of two brothers, Gabriel and Michael Corrigan, who learned they were Travelers, a line of prophets through history who are aA brilliant follow up to the New York Times bestseller, The Traveler, The Dark River follows the Harlequin, Maya, and the Traveler, Gabriel Corrigan, on their search for Gabriel s lost father.In his first novel, John Twelve Hawks introduced the world of two brothers, Gabriel and Michael Corrigan, who learned they were Travelers, a line of prophets through history who are able to travel into different realms of consciousness and existence, and Maya, a Harlequin who, like Harlequins before her, pledged to lay down her own life to protect any Traveler.The Dark River opens following Maya and Gabriel s narrow escape from his brother, Michael, and the group of powerful men who have been pursuing them The landscape has shifted Michael has become part of the group that wants to capture Gabriel, and thanks to advanced surveillance technology there are few places for them to hide While he is recuperating and staying in the shadows in New York City, a shocking piece of information trickles back to Gabriel concerning his and Michael s father A Traveler who was believed to be dead for nearly twenty years, Gabriel hears, may still be alive and trapped somewhere across the globe Gabriel, Maya, Hollis and Vicki must plan their escape from New York as well as their path to Gabriel s father, who has the ability to revive the failing Traveler movement But Michael and his group of Tabula mercenaries are equally motivated

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The Dark River

  1. John Twelve Hawks aka J12H JXIIH.His real identity is unknown He communicates using the internet and an untraceable phone and has never met his editor.Several guesses have been made regarding his identity that he was Thomas Pynchon, Dan Brown, or Steve Hawking among others

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  1. I absolutely LOVED The Traveler , as can be seen by my 5 Star rating I couldn t put it down, and I was actually greatly torn between going on to The Dark River , or reading Book 7 of Harry Potter Yes, that s how good The Traveler was Harry Potter won out, naturally, but as soon as I put it down and recovered , I picked up The Dark River.I have to say, I was let down The story no longer felt as compelling, the pace seemed to slow, and there didn t seem to be a lot of new information In fact, I fo [...]

  2. My first encounter with Twelve Hawks was through Spark, which I found pretty darned awesome, enough so that I decided to try another of his works My library doesn t have the first in the Fourth Realm trilogy, so I decided to try my luck with the second.Unfortunately, the book s pair of forewords gave our relationship a rocky start In the first foreword, Twelve Hawks praises the people who took the message of his book seriously and started fighting the Vast Machine In the second, he recaps what h [...]

  3. THE DARK RIVER BY JOHN TWELVE HAWKS John Twelve Hawks returns with The Dark River, the second of the trilogy, after The Traveler, in the Fourth Realm series We last left off with Gabriel on the run from the Tabula with his Harlequin, Maya, having just sabotaged the Tabula s quantum computer system which was part of the Virtual Panopticon the Tabula s effort to create a worldwide system to watch and know what everyone is doing all the time The Dark River continues the story of this dystopia in ou [...]

  4. 3 estrellas No ha resultado una lectura apasionante, pero no ha estado nada mal Y el final ha sido lo bastante intenso como para querer saber que pasa en la tercera parte de la trilog a Los Seis Dominios prometen dar mucho juego.

  5. Ugh, an interesting premise falls flat on it s face.Lots of descriptions of black leather, weapons automobiles, but stiff wooden characters, the author has a painfully obvious agenda.Spiritualism good Materialism badTechnology is evil because it s being used by the soulless evil Illuminati, I mean the Tabula , to control the mindless masses of the Matrix, I mean of the current day cellphone GPS twittering population Only a mystic who can cross over to the light and bring back spiritually enlight [...]

  6. I am completely fascinated by this series It has such a dark paranoid feel to it some ways, a flashback to my mentality in college and previous career I d say the series is well worth reading, if only because anything that talks about ubiquitous monitoring of our lives ie, police cameras in Balti and London, ATM cameras, store cameras as well as parkour deserves to be read by people The fact that the author is anonymous, and that Neal Stephenson and Stephen Hawking have been proposed as legitim [...]

  7. So, book 2 of the Fourth Realm Trilogy was pretty interesting A good deal disconcerting given the story s basis in rebel forces trying to combat the Brethren, a Ludlumesque global conspiracy in support of controlling the populace through a culture of fear, never ending data mining, and access to way too much information about citizens lives much of it made available by the citizens themselves Yes, thank you, I do see the irony in posting this review on line given the message of the book and the [...]

  8. I enjoyed The Traveler, despite its cliches, but with The Dark River, I sometimes found myself embarrassed to be reading it This was most acute when the story suddenly turned into The Da Vinci Code Look, I m not above reading fluff, obviously, but I do draw the line in some places, which is why I ve never read The Da Vinci Code or Twilight, so I felt kind of betrayed when my fluff turned into that other fluff out of the blue Some other issues 1 Vicki went out like a bitch She was a good characte [...]

  9. This is not your run of the mill story Conspiracies everywhere and Hindu worlds of the dead to boot.This one picks up not long after The Travelerd builds on the Maya Gabriel relationship as it sweeps around the world, seeks to tie any and every religious event, icon or idea into a sort of over all Buddhist cosmology It s a good to fair read i didn t get drawn in as thoroughly as I was in Traveler but than I stated about that book that I found the semi religious part of the book a weakness That s [...]

  10. I really didn t think it could be worse than the first one, but sheesh, was I wrong Absolutely NOTHING happens in this book sure, a few characters die, but the plot of this trilogy is not moved forward at all, the backstory which it could use is not developed, and random shit is thrown together just because it seemed like the author thought it was cool Parkour Cloistered nuns with a secret Fights in nightclubs And, the Holy Grail of MacGuffins, we literally have the Ark of the Covenant WTF Twelv [...]

  11. What is a guilty pleasure read when it is not pleasurable Why didn t I get off my ass and procure a book I would enjoy Why do I find myself compelled to read the third volume of this trilogy What dark powers, John Twelve Hawks, are you using that I find myself opening up your novel, written at a sixth grade reading level, the story a cheap rip off of The Divinci Code meets the Matrix I guess it s easy, like in ordering off the dollar menu at McDonald s easy rather than firing up the wok I don t [...]

  12. The author has presented an interesting world view and created a fascinating world in which his characters play out their drama I was hooked with The Traveler and was not disappointed by the way The Dark River continued the story This book is very much a chapter in a continuing story I found it satisfying, but it leaves the characters in a fix you will have to wait for the next book to resolve.

  13. This was the weak link in the trilogy A lot of set up with Michael and Gabriel as they really develop their separate paths while discovering their powers as Travels to cross dimensions Still an okay story but the other two novels work as standalone novels but this one is dependant on the other two.

  14. This sequel was a long time in coming And for all the wait, its too short, like a chapter in the story rather than the next adventure While this series has never traveled in the direction I d like it to go, its still oddly intriguing and I m interested enough to wait around for the third installment.

  15. Loved this sequel to The Traveler These books are a trilogy so this is alot like The Empire Strikes Back with no beginning and no end However, it was even better than the first book I can hardly wait till the 3rd If you like sci fi mixed with a little spritualism and some Matrix thrown in for spice, this is the book for you.

  16. This is the sequal to the Traveler I loved this book as much as the first one It really made me think about the furture for people and I also wonder how much of this is actually going on The end of the story has me dying to read the next book.

  17. Remember, one man s breezy summary can be another man s spoiler.This is the second book in a proposed trilogy about a sightly future world that includes timeworn sub groups of people such as Travelers who know how to travel out of their body to different dimensions , Harlequins people trained in martial arts to defend Travelers , Pathfinders who help Travelers bring out their talent and the Brethren bad guys who want to eliminate all Harlequins and control everybody else by a virtual prison syst [...]

  18. Finally finished the second installment of the trilogy by Twelve Hawks This story was darker but not as eye opening as the first book As far as I can tell Twelve Hawks follows the same mythic journey outlined by Joseph Campbell Our hero experiences a reality altering situation and finally accepts the his role in destiny in book one Book two The Dark River, our hero must travel through hell and come out the other side after losing a dear part of his humanity but gaining a clear eyed view into the [...]

  19. review of audio book Tldr if you liked The Traveler you ll likely enjoy this 3.5 stars is accurateNarrator continues to do a great job, and a couple of the characters make this worth continuing a few sections still have the told not shown issue but significantly less prominent Some of the tech description break suspension of disbelief due to a misunderstanding of how certain things work but it doesn t break the story.Maya, Hollis, Vicki, and Gabriel make this worth it The prominent characters [...]

  20. The novelty of the story has worn off, and this second part drips with pessimism Which, I suppose, means there is hope for the third part of the trilogy The numerous deaths, Michael s ascension into power within the Bretheren and the First Realm underworld , where no one remembers their past lives all add to the negativity, but I did enjoy Gabriel s experiences with the Free Runners in London, parkour guys who live off the grid Also, Maya travels to Italy to learn about access points previously [...]

  21. E una specie di 1984 in chiave moderna, credo non ancora disponibile in lingua italiana E il secondo volume di una trilogia, la storia si segue ugualmente anche non avendo letto il primo, ma non aspettatevi una fine senza leggere il terzo in uscita in inglese nel 2009 Sostanzialmente in un non ben precisato futuro, un gruppo lavora nell ombra per arrivare al controllo totale della vita della popolazione tramite videocamere, tracciatura carte di credito, GPS, ecc , osteggiati dai Traveller, perso [...]

  22. I have to admit I haven t read the first book and when I saw that this was in a series I was dubious that I would catch up, However I was able to pick the story up no problem I m not going through the plot etc, everyone does I m just going to tell you not to be afriad of this book it s very easy to read and with a great story I know I m off to look for the follow up.

  23. I was a bit wishy washy about the first book the Traveller However, I found myself really enjoying the second book Maybe it is because I had already gotten over my dislike of the supernatural elements in the story Either way, this was a fun book.

  24. Brilliant A quick tale with engaging characters and an understandable plot mixed with some good old conspiracy theory Is the next one ready

  25. Didn t know he was unknown The name he chose is reminiscent of names of American IndiansI enjoyed the readhave never completed the trilogy.

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