Batman: Knightfall, Vol. 1

Batman Knightfall Vol The villainous Bane breaks the Bat in one of the most popular and well known Batman tales The inmates of Arkham Asylum have broken free and Batman must push himself to the limits to re apprehend the J

The villainous Bane breaks the Bat in one of the most popular and well known Batman tales The inmates of Arkham Asylum have broken free and Batman must push himself to the limits to re apprehend the Joker, Poison Ivy, the Riddler, Killer Croc and Pushed to the limits, he comes face to face against the monstrosity known as Bane, who delivers a crippling blow destinedThe villainous Bane breaks the Bat in one of the most popular and well known Batman tales The inmates of Arkham Asylum have broken free and Batman must push himself to the limits to re apprehend the Joker, Poison Ivy, the Riddler, Killer Croc and Pushed to the limits, he comes face to face against the monstrosity known as Bane, who delivers a crippling blow destined to change the Caped Crusader forever This volume collects Batman Vengeance of Bane Special 1, Batman 491 500, Detective Comics 659 666, Showcase 93 7 8 and Batman Shadow of the Bat 16 18.

  • á Batman: Knightfall, Vol. 1 ↠ Chuck Dixon Doug Moench Jim Aparo Graham Nolan Adrienne Roy John Constanza
    203 Chuck Dixon Doug Moench Jim Aparo Graham Nolan Adrienne Roy John Constanza
Batman: Knightfall, Vol. 1

  1. Chuck Dixon Doug Moench Jim Aparo Graham Nolan Adrienne Roy John Constanza says:
    Charles Chuck Dixon is an American comic book writer, perhaps best known for long runs on Batman titles in the 1990s.His earliest comics work was writing Evangeline first for Comico Comics in 1984 then later for First Comics, who published the on going series , on which he worked with his then wife, the artist Judith Hunt His big break came one year later, when editor Larry Hama hired him to write back up stories for Marvel Comics The Savage Sword of Conan.In 1986, he began working for Eclipse Comics, writing Airboy with artist Tim Truman Continuing to write for both Marvel and mainly Eclipse on these titles, as well as launching Strike with artist Tom Lyle in August 1987 and Valkyrie with artist Paul Gulacy in October 1987, he began work on Carl Potts Alien Legion series for Marvel s Epic Comics imprint, under editor Archie Goodwin He also produced a three issue adaptation of J R R Tolkien s The Hobbit for Eclipse with artist David Wenzel between 1989 and 1990, and began writing Marc Spector Moon Knight in June 1989.His Punisher OGN Kingdom Gone August, 1990 led to him working on the monthly The Punisher War Journal and later, monthly and occasional Punisher titles , and also brought him to the attention of DC Comics editor Denny O Neil, who asked him to produce a Robin mini series The mini proved popular enough to spawn two sequels The Joker s Wild 1991 and Cry of the Huntress 1992 which led to both an ongoing monthly series which Dixon wrote for 100 issues before leaving to work with CrossGen Comics , and to Dixon working on Detective Comics from 644 738 through the major Batman stories KnightFall KnightsEnd for which he helped create the key character of Bane , DC One Million , Contagion , Legacy , Cataclysm and No Man s Land Much of his run was illustrated by Graham Nolan.He was DC s most prolific Batman writer in the mid 1990s rivalled perhaps in history by Bill Finger and Dennis O Neil in addition to writing Detective Comics he pioneered the individual series for Robin , Nightwing which he wrote for 70 issues, and returned to briefly with 2005 s 101 and Batgirl , as well as creating the team and book Birds of Prey.While writing multiple Punisher and Batman comics and October 1994 s Punisher Batman crossover , he also found time to launch Team 7 for Jim Lee s WildStorm Image and Prophet for Rob Liefeld s Extreme Studios He also wrote many issues of Catwoman and Green Arrow , regularly having about seven titles out each and every month between the years 1993 and 1998.In March, 2002, Dixon turned his attention to CrossGen s output, salthough he co wrote with Scott Beatty the origin of Barbara Gordon s Batgirl in 2003 s Batgirl Year One For CrossGen he took over some of the comics of the out going Mark Waid, taking over Sigil from 21, and Crux with 13 He launched Way of the Rat in June 2002, Brath March 03 , The Silken Ghost June 03 and the pirate comic El Cazador Oct 03 , as well as editing Robert Rodi s non Sigilverse The Crossovers He also wrote the Ruse spin off Archard s Agents one shots in January and November 03 and April 04, the last released shortly before CrossGen s complete collapse forced the cancellation of all of its comics, before which Dixon wrote a single issue of Sojourn May 04 Dixon s Way of the Rat 24, Brath 14 and El Cazador 6 were among the last comics released from the then bankrupt publisher.On June 10, 2008, Dixon announced on his forum that he was no longer employed by DC Comics in any capacity.

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  1. Knightfall is the backstory to Bane, one of Batman s most powerful foes and the unique one to have broken Batman s back I read this after watching the last of the Christopher Nolan movies, The Dark Knight Rises, and enjoyed it up to the point where Ariel takes over for the recovering Batman After that and into the second volume I felt the story was less interesting However, the Bane plot and backstory was great and highly enjoyable As for the movie adaptation, it was just inspired by the charact [...]

  2. The nineties were a weird time for comics Well, to be fair, the nineties were a weird time, period, when you consider that it was a decade whose two greatest achievements were the widespread proliferation of the Internet and an only slightly less widespread proliferation of ironic self detachment I could take an easy shot here and note that it s also the decade that made MC Hammer famous, but I think it s safe to say that the rise of reality TV celebs in the two thousand aughts and beyond has pr [...]

  3. When it comes to Batman and his classic comic book villains most people immediately think of The Joker They might then think of Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow or Mr Freeze for example But I have to say that I personally find Bane a deadly adversary than any of them Because unlike the other villains he is perfectly sane While Joker s plans are based around his insanity and his propensity towards chaos Bane is a brute who cunningly plans to take Gotham as his own Think of him as Batman turned mo [...]

  4. 1star knocked off because Jean Paul is a cock and I don t like him The first three quarters of this story is brilliant A real classic Bane really plays out his game to perfection and beats Batman when he s done and dusted Bruce manages to keep it going for a long time, but his ego gets the best of him by not asking for help Even Robin and Alfred play a big part in this and when all the bad guys get released from Arkhum it s pandemonium Again, the joker is the most interesting out of all the foes [...]

  5. HE IS A BANE TO EVERYTHING HOLY This is the largest graphic novel I ve read to date, exceeding Crisis on Infinite Earths, Watchmen, Return of Superman, and even Saga Book One But it s extremely readable and it took me just a few days It s also among my favorite Batman stories ever So the four hundred pound gorilla in the room quite literally is Bane We learn his origin story, growing up in a third world prison, where he mentally snaps and thirsts for absolute power in Gotham There s great depth [...]

  6. Where to begin I expected this book to be pretty good as every Bat fan says it is a must read I did have a feeling that it was for the importance of his continuity than the story itself I was wrong This story is epic At 600 pages the size alone affords it that title The storyline is epic too though While it is still slightly camp it is clearly post The Dark Knight Returns and things have started to get darker More like the Batman we know and love today Some of the subject matter here is really [...]

  7. I did read this quite a long time ago, so I can t remember everything that happened, but it got it s message across Even a couple of decades later Bane, who has not done much since, is still known as the man that broke the Bat The only other villan who had had that kind of introduction is possible Doomsday The shock value alone of Batman not just losing but losing in such brutal fashion is an image that stayed with me for a long long time That is the main event fight, the rest of the comic is gr [...]

  8. I was never a Bane fan, and I don t think I ever will be at all, which is why I hesitated to pick up the Knightfall series in the first place The six hundred plus pages of the first volume weren t that appealing to spend a lot of time with but I do enjoy a challenge so I kept my hopes up and got started I finished it within a span of two weeks though I just read it in a total of six days In retrospect, it seemed quite fitting for me to end my first Batman comics diet with an omnibus edition such [...]

  9. This is a beast of a book, literally you could knock someone out with the size of this thing You know from the start this isn t gonna be a good time for batsy as he has stubble, so warning sign straight away that this is gonna be a tough one Of course it s the one when bane does the thingbut there s a whole lot of shit going down, bane breaks everyone out of arkham asylum, which makes for some of the best scenes especially with the ventriloquist trying to find scarface and scarecrow and joker s [...]

  10. It s a solid plot, which is probably why elements of it got used in Dark Knight Rises Bane breaks the Batman Unlike in most later appearances of Bane, he isn t a dumb, hulking brute Even the usually brilliant Batman The Animated Series went down that route Here, Bane spends most of the story as a figure in the shadows He unleashes the entire population of Arkham, then sits back and watches the inmates slowly wear Batman down Was Bane ever this menacing again And right up until the iconic moment [...]

  11. Now I get why this is one of those must read, classic Batman stories BANE Bane is finally so damn cool Instead of the ridiculous, hulking steroid junkie that is all you usually see of Bane Exhibit One We get criminal mastermind Bane God it was so awesome You get to see Bane s evolution from a scared little boy forced to grow up in prison for the sins of his father into a man who fears nothing and who has made himself into a weapon in every way imaginable I loved that the focus was as much on Ban [...]

  12. There s a reason this storyline is still talked about, utilized in films, and is still in print in new editions, almost 20 years later.Because it s freakin amazing This is definitely Top 10 Batman material Along with a select handful of others such as Year One , Cataclysm No Man s Land , Contagion , The Killing Joke and A Death in the Family This is essential Batman reading.The first half of the storyline in this book deals with Bane who had just recently been introduced to the Batverse , and hi [...]

  13. This is one of the major Batman arc of the early 90s It deals with Bane s origin and how he broke Batman s back Some of it was the inspiration for the Dark Knight Rises movie.It is sadly a little dated to me, the writing is a little stale characters talking about how they feel all the time gets old fast and I do not like the Jean Paul Valley character.The art is however not too bad for the times.

  14. Just wow 600 pages collecting the rise of Bane, his defeat of Batman, and the subsequent aftermath The work is great, you get to see lots of personalities in this saga, and it s very well done, carrying across a long range of time I look forward to Volume 2, even if I am 20 yrs late to the party

  15. Wow Terrific story line and artwork The cavalcade of villains presented in this collection is astounding and makes this book a bullet fast read Superb origin story of Bane coupled with the fall of Batman A must read for any Batman fan.

  16. This was a great read If you love Batman then I feel like you have to read this at some point or at least try it out.

  17. When I was 7 years old, Knightfall hit the comic world like a ton of bricks Being 7 made it where I didn t understand comics all that well, but I was enthralled with the designs of Azrael as Batman and the monstrosity that is Bane It was enough where my father would allow me to pick up the Knightfall issues every 2 weeks I didn t pick up the entire Knightfall saga because of the hefty amounts of issues involved, but I have scattered issues to this day on the event And if you re like me, you defi [...]

  18. Batman Knightfall Volume is a book written by chuck Dixon and was published in 1993 This book follows the life of Bane a villain and how he starts out as a small boy in a prison to a super buff super villain who develops a serious hatred for batman This book is seriously good The storyline is epic I like the way how it tracks Bane from the beginning From when he is born to when he is beaten up by Jean Paul This book shows in incredible detail the journey Bane takes from getting out of prison all [...]

  19. Knightfall volume 1 is a great cheap way to dive into the awesomely melodramatic crossover event that defined Batman in the 90s Bane, nurtured into a one man wrecking crew, decides its his mission to take down the Bat This tome comes in at over 600 pages, and collects the first act of this massive story Now, you need to know that this book came out in the mid 90s, so it doesn t age as well as some of Batman s classic stories But what this book is is fun It s a trip seeing how the exhaustion of [...]

  20. Let me start by saying that I m not an experienced comic book reader So when I rate comic books I rate them with a certain impartiality regarding the comic book universe I talk about them on the same level as I would any other type of book.That being said, you should be able to understand why I didn t think of the plot as particularly amazing or anything It s just ok, it did it s job with keeping me entertained and it did have some interesting elements to it It s evident that certain minor plotp [...]

  21. So I figured that it was about time for me to finally get educated on this I know of the storyline, but I generally try to avoid reading comics put out as the main line, mostly because the writing is terrible and the art is inconsistent, at best, since everyone is strung out trying to meet crazy deadlines Well, the writing is terrible and the art is inconsistent, at best That s not entirely true, nor is it entirely fair The first story, of the creation of Bane, is actually pretty interesting It [...]

  22. Batman A Death in the Family , Batman A Lonely Place of Dying , Batman Sword of Azrael , Batman 489 ve Batman 490 izgi romanlar ndan sonra okunmas n nerdi im Batman Knightfall, Vol 1 , tekrar okuduk a de erinden bir gram bile d n vermeyen bir Batman ba yap t Batman i fiziksel olarak bozguna u ratan Bane in Kara valye yle olan efsanevi m cadelesiyle ak llara kaz nan izgi roman, Batman efsanesi a s ndan kilometre ta niteli inde Joker, Poison Ivy Zehirli Sarma k, Riddler Bilmececi, Killer Croc, Azr [...]

  23. Batman doit faire face la pire menace qu il a jamais affront Bane Bane s chappe d une prison sud am ricaine pour venir r gner sur Gotham et briser Batman Pour ce faire, il lib re tous les pires ennemis de la chauve souris Rendu l puisement Batman est vaincu Cependant, ce n est pas l homme qui compte mais le symbole Jean Paul Valley Azrael prend sa place et am ne un style de Batman pas mal plus agressif, au grand malheur de Robin.C est probablement le meilleur Batman que j ai eu la chance de lire [...]

  24. They re re releasing the entire breaking the bat series, with all the background issues into three volumes of about 650 pages each Holy crap Pretty good stuff, gotta say I think there might be a few issues of some other comic that are missing from this, as some characters reference other things going on in the DC universe related to Batman and his enemies, but it s not a big deal This is a great compendium of the Bane Break Azrael arc, and it s done quite well The tearing down of Bruce, the phil [...]

  25. What a incredibly engrossing graphic novel.I loved every minute of it.The tone was set early with the creative and brutal imagery of Banes origin.Like no other super villain before him he intricately plotted a foolproof master plan to break The Batman both physically and mentally and succeeded.As for Bruce Wayne Batman it was astonishing to see him broken in spirit and embrace defeat.However the gauntlet of super villains he had to face before arriving to Bane would have broken most teams of sup [...]

  26. So, oddly enough, I m a sucker for Batman 90s crossovers The big, stupid things that run for 50 issues or whatever that promise to change EVERYTHING and end up having everything be pretty much the same at the end BUT I digress slightly Because this is everything I want from a 90s Batman crossover Peril at every turn Batman at the end of his rope Distrust Cameos galore So so art I don t know why, but I lap this stuff up like some people lap up crappy movies Such fun stuff.

  27. I always wanted to read this, but never did when it was new in the stores after watching the latest Batman movie that featured Bane I was even curious to read the origin story behind the Bane character, so I found this book on for very cheap and picked it up It s not my favorite Batman story it s okt my favorite artwork either I enjoyed it and the price was right for 600 plus pages

  28. I ll get this out of the way first, I liked this collection a lot because I got so many villains for the price of one so to speak Bane breaks out the Arkham inmates and Batman and or Robin have to take on each of them night after night I like this because so far in my recommended reading of Batman mythos, I ve not come across too many villains Nice to have them all in one place I also like Tim Drake quite a bit, and that s saying something because I don t like Robin as a rule I understand that t [...]

  29. Na moral, esse encadernado um mergulho no universo do Batman de maneira que eu nunca tinha visto antes, pelo menos eu, conheci e me importei com v rios personagens, principalmente vil es Mas algo que vai muito al m disso, essa porra conta a hist ria de um homem com o peso do mundo nas suas costas, e como isso quebrou a mesma.O Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench e Alan Grant mostram como fazer um crossover gigante mas se mantendo coeso e bem montado, principalmente o primeiro que comanda algumas das melhor [...]

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