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Still Alice Left Neglected Enjoy the best of Lisa Genova s powerful poignant storytelling with this set of her two New York Times bestselling novels Still Alice and Left Neglected STILL ALICE An accomplished professor diagnos

Enjoy the best of Lisa Genova s powerful, poignant storytelling with this set of her two New York Times bestselling novels, Still Alice and Left Neglected STILL ALICE An accomplished professor diagnosed with Alzheimer s disease learns that she is than what she can remember Now a major motion picture from Sony Pictures Classics LEFT NEGLECTED A busy multitasking motEnjoy the best of Lisa Genova s powerful, poignant storytelling with this set of her two New York Times bestselling novels, Still Alice and Left Neglected STILL ALICE An accomplished professor diagnosed with Alzheimer s disease learns that she is than what she can remember Now a major motion picture from Sony Pictures Classics LEFT NEGLECTED A busy multitasking mother in her thirties learns to pay attention to what matters most in life after a car crash leaves her with a traumatic brain injury and a bizarre neurological condition called Left Neglect.

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Still Alice / Left Neglected

  1. Acclaimed as the Oliver Sacks of fiction and the Michael Crichton of brain science, Lisa Genova is the author of the New York Times bestselling novels STILL ALICE, LEFT NEGLECTED, LOVE ANTHONY, and INSIDE THE O BRIENS.Lisa graduated valedictorian from Bates College with a degree in Biopsychology and has a Ph.D in Neuroscience from Harvard University She has captured a special place in contemporary fiction, writing stories that are equally inspired by neuroscience and the human spirit Her books focus on people living with neurological diseases and disorders who tend to be ignored, feared, or misunderstood, portrayed within a narrative that is accessible to the general public Through fiction, she is dedicated to describing with passion and accuracy the journeys of those affected by neurological diseases, thereby educating, demystifying, and inspiring support for care and scientific research She has written about Alzheimer s disease, traumatic brain injury, autism, Huntington s disease, and ALSILL ALICE was adapted into a film starring Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin, Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth, and Hunter Parrish Julianne Moore won the 2015 Best Actress Oscar for her role as Alice Howland In 2015, Lisa was named one of the U.S Top 50 Influencers in Aging She received The Pell Center Prize for Story in the Public Square,The Sargent and Eunice Shriver Profiles in Dignity Award, The Global Genes RARE Champions of Hope Award, and The American College of Neuropsychopharmacology Media Award for Informing the Public about Treatment and Ongoing Research in Medical Illness.In 2016, she received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Bates College, The Alzheimer s Association s Rita Hayworth Award, and The Huntington s Disease Society of America Community Awareness Award.Her 2017 TED talk, What You Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer s, was seen by over 2.5 million viewers in its first few months and was one of the most popular TED talks of 2017.Her fifth novel, EVERY NOTE PLAYED, is about ALS and will be published in early 2018sagenovaFacebook authorlisagenovaInstagram authorlisagenova

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  1. Left Neglected, if anything, even telling than Still Alice Being something that could happen to any of us makes it compelling Also, in discussing it with friends, I found out that two of them had spouses who are affected on by an accident, and the other by a stroke at 43 Lisa Genova is a terrific story teller, and I am looking forward to her next book.

  2. STILL ALICE 4.5 starsSo I absolutely loved Still Alice The perspective the main character is haunting and beautiful The story of a strong, independent,and intelligent professor losing the one thing she loves about herself the most her mind Reading about this wonderful woman losing herself to the disease Alzheimer s was heart breaking to me I lost my grandfather the the same disease, so I may be biased in my review The relationship between John and Alice will make you laugh and cry in Alice s fig [...]

  3. Such a good story I really felt as if I have a better insight into what goes on in the mind of an Alzheimer patient and what the family goes through trying to figure out how to manage and deal with their loved one There were a couple of times I thought I knew how the story would end and have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the ending This is a story that will linger in my mind for a while.

  4. I liked this book very much and look forward to seeing Julianne Moore play the role of Alice in the current movie Some of the symptoms she was having came a little too close to home and made me think about my own mental accuities Overall, I found the book informative, well written and interesting character development.

  5. This book caused such an emotional reaction from me, that I had to blink back the tears on than one occasion It s not even that I felt sorry for Alice, I was impacted when it was playing out a scene when she wasn t aware of what was happening, who anyone was, etc The innocence of needing to be told things and reminded things over and over was heart wrenching.Such an amazing read

  6. Excellent Book about a woman with her PHD and who is a teacher in a prestigious college who develops Early Onset Alzheimers Book picks up the story a few months before she is diagnosed and follows her throughout her disease The only book I ve ever read that must describe what it is really like to have this disease Easy read Highly recommend it.

  7. Both books were amazing You really have to stop and refocus our lives Couldn t put them down When I read a book I m so absorbed in it, that I can t put it down

  8. I really like that this book was told by the perspective from Alice who had early onset Alzheimer s It gave such a personal voice to this story Her struggles with losing her memory and how she and her family dealt with such a sad disease were written very eloquently I very much liked this book Note, I read Still Alice recently so I rated that book I believe I ve read Left Neglected but it s been years ago and I don t really remember it so I m not rating it

  9. Still Alice and Left Neglected were both excellent books by Lisa Genova Both stories focus on a main character devoted to a high powered career whose life changes dramatically due to disease or injury In Still Alice, the focus was on a woman coping with early onset Alzheimers, told from Alice s perspectivective In Left Neglected, Sarah s life changes dramatically after a car accident leaves her brain damaged, and unable to perceive her left side Both books focus on the protagonists ability to de [...]

  10. A very well written novel Extremely relative to everyday life, and life changing experiences The author, Ms Lisa Genova, enunciates truth and understanding After i stumbled on Still Alice which is wonderful as well, I knew that She is than gifted Her words are well structured After i read her narratives I m motivated This gorgeous Arthur writes beautifully, and has exceptional and motivating sentence structure, and perfect bone structure to match Her novel s are very meaningful and relative to [...]

  11. I loved it, but hated it Pretty scary since my maternal grandmother had dementia, but what a glimpse into this amazing woman s mind That she was a Harvard professor and only 50 just goes to show how complex the mind is It is written with such honesty that you just can t help but laugh and cry along I imagine it would be helpful for anyone having to go through a family member having this disease.

  12. Really enjoyed this book and it connected with my own feelings as a disabled person people perceive you as being disabled but you don t feel it Lisa Genova is an extraordinary writer with so much insight into how the brain adapts to the person capabilities He ending was a bit too tidy but believable

  13. LG composed two dramatic, empathetic realistic stories about two mysterious brain disorders Alzheimers Left Neglect Both stories are personable, easy to read extremely informative about these conditions I heartily recommend reading both.

  14. Loved the book Although Was convinced I had Alzheimer s afterwards Interesting seeing it from the other side, since I work with Alzheimer s patients And believe me they are getting younger

  15. This book was very enlightening in the way the story was told from Alice s prospective You feel as though you can see inside of her in her thoughts, frustration, anxiety, etc as she was dealing with her dementia progression I would re read this book I liked it so much.

  16. Great story of tragedy, struggle, family, change, and overcoming This is the first book read by this author I plan to read others written by her The story flowed alomg, making reading and comprehension effortless I would recommend reading this book.

  17. I read this book in about a week on vacation Loved every bit of it Any easy read with a quality story Not a true story but based on true information Book is way better than movie, as usual I highly recommend.

  18. Fascinating and very Boston blue collar in feeling A good education about Huntington s Disease Genova really gets inside a person s mind, feelings,and the people affected by that person s disease.

  19. I really enjoyed this book, but I feel it was a bit longer than it needed to be It dragged a bit in the middle Definitely, not as good as Still Alice.

  20. Both books are enlightening.written from the perspective of women with the illnesses Alzhrimers in Still Alice, a traumatic brain injury in Left Neglect Amazing writing.

  21. Very unique perspectives on two types of disabilities Quite an Indepth character study in each book Learned a great deal about resources as well

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