The Pigman

The Pigman Librarian note an alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereWhen sophos John and Lorraine played a practical joke a few months ago on a stranger named Angelo Pignati they had no idea what they w

Librarian note an alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereWhen sophos John and Lorraine played a practical joke a few months ago on a stranger named Angelo Pignati, they had no idea what they were starting Virtually overnight, almost against their will, the two befriended the lonely old man it wasn t long before they were comfortable in his house than thLibrarian note an alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereWhen sophos John and Lorraine played a practical joke a few months ago on a stranger named Angelo Pignati, they had no idea what they were starting Virtually overnight, almost against their will, the two befriended the lonely old man it wasn t long before they were comfortable in his house than their own But now Mr Pignati is dead And for John and Lorraine, the only way to find peace is to write down their friend s story the story of the Pigman.

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The Pigman

  1. Paul Zindel was an American author, playwright and educator.In 1964, he wrote The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds, his first and most successful play The play ran off Broadway in 1970, and on Broadway in 1971 It won the 1971 Pulitzer Prize for Drama It was also made into a 1972 movie by 20th Century Fox Charlotte Zolotow, then a vice president at Harper Row now Harper Collins contacted him to writing for her book label Zindel wrote 39 books, all of them aimed at children or young adults Many of these were set in his home town of Staten Island, New York They tended to be semi autobiographical, focusing on teenage misfits with abusive or neglectful parents Despite the often dark subject matter of his books, which deal with loneliness, loss, and the effects of abuse, they are also filled with humor Many of his novels have wacky titles, such as My Darling, My Hamburger, or Confessions of A Teenage Baboon.The Pigman, first published in 1968, is widely taught in American schools, and also made it on to the list of most frequently banned books in America in the 1990s, because of what some deem offensive language.

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  1. i have a very stubborn brain i never read this book when it was age appropriate for me to have done so, but i was convinced that it was about two kids who find out that their neighbor is a nazi war criminal is this the plot of another paul zindel book i know it is not one i have read, it was just always the first thing that popped into my head when i encountered, and passed by, this title at my sadly underdeveloped local library as a kid, looking for lois duncan and even though mfso told me i w [...]

  2. This is a young adult book written in the 1960s and it shows its age in many ways No mobile phone, and telephones with dials being just two examples However the teenage ideals and behaviours are the same as today and the two main characters suffer the same traumas as they would in 2015 I enjoyed the character of the Pigman and despite everything that happens I was glad to see that he had some happy times A quick easy read for an adult but still entertaining.

  3. Laugh out loud funny at times My favorite passage is the part where John glues his home s rotary phone dial to piss off his dad, but finds that he needs to make a call himself Yes Hello operator Would you please get me Yul 1219 You can dial that yourself, sir No, I can t You see, operator, I have no arms I m sorry, sir They ve got this phone strapped to my head for emergencies, so I d appreciate it if you d connect me I ll be happy to, sir.

  4. in a sentence A young woman and a young man prank call an old lonely man, and form an unlikely and somewhat unhealthy friendship.John and Lorraine are two students who hate school, have less than desirable family lives, and few friends outside of each other Their relationship with Angelo Pignati known as the Pigman begins with a prank call made by Lorraine during one of their after school games They notice the desperation in the Pigman, and are drawn to spend time with him Over time, they receiv [...]

  5. In my mind The Pigman has always suffered from being one of the dreaded school books You know the type The almost patronizingly short, incredibly dull and soon forgotten piece of drivel that stands in the way of the books you actually WANT TO READ this summer But I will say this for it, I have at least one incredibly clear impression of this book You see in my high school this book was freshman summer reading And as I sat down to read my first ever piece of high school curriculum all I could thi [...]

  6. 2.5 For the most part this was an enjoyable story, but the main characters irritated me to no end I felt the story lacked plot and that there really wasn t any character development throughout the story It didn t feel like the characters changed in anyway, even though they met somebody who supposedly impacted them and they go through something that should have an affect on them in some way Also the ending was abrupt and too quick for my liking.

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  8. I just re read this for the first time as an adult and was surprised to discover how little there really is to this book It s hardly a novel, even, it s so light on story Also, I don t remember the writing being soter school special The teenage narrators exclaim things like, Dad, why can t you see that I want to be an individual I don t want to be a business man, I just want to be ME Ouch But then, Zindel was writing in the seventies, and the book jacket is covered in critical praise about how g [...]

  9. I first read The Pigman in high school remembering that I genuinely enjoyed the novel As such, I had a nostalgic longing to give The Pigman a second read to see if I still loved it I did I felt that despite being written in the 60 s, the story includes complex issues that are still relevant in modern times, like family, aging, death, etc.Overall, almost a decade after graduating high school, I still appreciated the plot and the characters that Zindel created I m not ashamed to admit that I shed [...]

  10. This is the story of two latchkey kids befriending an elderly neighbor No one gets touched in a bad way, but their friendship gives them that warm tingling sensation I hated every damn word of it.

  11. This book is very much of its time, written in the late 1960s and it would be hard for the YA readers of today to relate to it except as historical fiction However the core elements have not dated John and Lorraine are two teenagers from dysfunctional families who just want to have fun the trouble is, the fun turns into tragedy.The story is told in the two viewpoints of John and Lorraine Lorraine s mother is a private nurse, nursing cancer patients in their own homes, and is an obviously unhappy [...]

  12. My 8th grade English teacher read this to us, and she was much, much cooler than I realized at the time She was identifying with teenage angst that we didn t even know we had yet Well, at least I didn t I was still passing notes and crushing on cute boys and doing what my teachers and parents told me to I didn t feel oppressed That came later But, even if it didn t speak to me , I remembered enough of the story that I wanted to read it again So, so glad I did Poor John and Lorraine Emotionally s [...]

  13. THE PIGMANBY PAUL ZINDLEDeath is all around us Everyone will die one day some are lucky and come back to life but for others like one of the main characters in the story it s not their lucky day The Pigman by Paul Zindle I think is a great read and a book that should be shared with others Death is one of the main themes in the story and right from the start not even reading the first chapter you know the pigman is going to die The Pigman AKA Mr Pignati is a old lonely man that lives by him self [...]

  14. I read this last year and meant to tear this piece of s% apart but totally forgot about it until just nowd I hate myself for doing that.This book is just horrible and cruel Both of these characters are the biggest assholes in history I have never read about teenage characters that were so mean The author tries to cover this up by making the teen girl I forgot her name simple , the good girl , and down to Earth but she comes out as just being the one who listens to the teen boy I forgot his name [...]

  15. This was a waste of my time I m amazed that this book has won so many awards, and I feel sorry for all the teenagers who are forced to read this in school I thought the relationship between the kids and the pigman was strange, unhealthy, and unrealistic I thought John and Lorraine s dysfunctional relationships with their parents was too contrived and over the top And I don t feel like their was enough character development or growth Playing around with the idea of the generation gap was interest [...]

  16. I read this book in the 7th grade and LOVED it I came across it in the library a few days ago and decided to bring it home and re read it to see what it was about and how much I liked it now It s a pretty cool story about two young friends who meet and befriend an old widowed man, who they dub The Pigman They quickly admire the Pigman and enjoy spending time with him He falls ill, they take advantage of having a key to his house while he s in the hospital and soon they learn important lessons ab [...]

  17. Mr Pignati is old and alone John and Lorraine prank call Mr Pignati which leads, very gradually, to a friendship between the two teens and the old man It s a moving story of a friendship between people of widely different ages as well as the consequences of being irresponsible and careless.My husband and I listened to this audiobook It s a 1001 Children s Book You Must Read.My husband s rating My rating

  18. Along with Lorraine and other friends,John plays a telephone marathon ,in which participants close their eyes, point at a random name in a telephone book, and call that number, trying to stay on the line as long as possible They contact a Mr Pignati, and Lorraine pretends she s collecting for charity He pledges and invites them to his home to collect Pignati proves to be a good natured, whimsical elderly man who invites them to explore his house He claims his wife Conchetta is visiting relatives [...]

  19. This is a really old book, but the themes are still relevant for today However, what it needs now is a little revision to place it in time, because the first person narrative makes it sound contemporary while the cultural details are 40 years old Teens would reject the lack of cell phones, rotary phone dialing of strangers to pull telephone pranks, and the one narrator s choice of using for cuss words if they thought it were a modern teenager, but I think they would buy it if they knew these wer [...]

  20. I wanted to like this book because it came in Kalman s bookbox, but I really thought it was obnoxious.Two teenagers, a boy and a girl, are friends and have been for years They both don t like their homes or their parents, are disrespectful and disobedient such things as calling parents names like bore and my old lady , cutting school, drinking, prank calls, lying about plans and whereabouts, property damage like bombing toilets and having large parties in people s houses without their permission [...]

  21. This is a coming of age story told from a young adult perspective with the narrative split between John Conlan, a young good looking rebel who one day hopes to be an actor, and Lorraine, a not very attractive girl who lives with her single mom Both kids are up to no good when they make the acquaintence of the Pigman, an older Italian man who s lonely enough to let these two teens invade his life and somewhat take advantage of him Set in New York City in the mid sixties, this story doesn t feel d [...]

  22. A cute but sad little story about two teenagers who prank call an old widower and end up being friends with him.I hated John and Lorraine though, but especially John They shouldn t have taken advantage of Mr Pignati like that Now that I think about it, there really was nothing happy about this story, no redemption or all s well that ends well bullshit Both John and Lorraine had family troubles of their own, while Mr Pignati s life was just sad and lonely It would ve been better if this book was [...]

  23. I remember in middle school reading a book by this author, My Darling, My Hamburger, and that I liked that book a lot, so when I found this book as I was packing up my room to move to another classroom, I was flooded with memories and felt drawn to the book I was a bit disappointed I liked it oke main character, John, reminded me of Holden Caulfield, but John has a girl friend, Lorraine They are both from dysfunctional families, and the Pigman befriends them at a time when he also is suffering f [...]

  24. The book the pigman is written by the author Paul Zindel, it s about three people who form a friendship that they would never forget John, Lorraine and Mr Angelo pignati also known as the pigman, the book is a very interesting read like how the chapters are shared between john and Lorraine which makes it exciting to see the next one, to see their point of view There are a lot of different emotions through out the book there is a lot of sadness in some of the charters which keeps you intrigued to [...]

  25. In Paul Zindel s novel The Pigman, two high school students try to play a trick on an older man, but quickly become his friends They often make poor decisions and have to learn about life the hard way This book is frustrating for readers because we know they should or should not do some things, but it is also entertaining and relatable This book was written in the 1960 s, so talking with younger readers about the poor choices made within the novel require us to use a historical perspective and c [...]

  26. The PigmanBy Paul Zindel.The book called The Pigman written by Paul Zindel is about two teenagers Lorraine and John and the every day life s until they meet Mr Pignati Mr Pignati or also known as the pigman is an old lonely man who collects pigs and has a terrible secret, He also has a baboon called BoBo as a best friend.John one of the main characters is a high school sopho in America He sounds like bit of a dero that smokes and drinks when ever he can His relationship with his dad or as John c [...]

  27. Reference information Title The Pigman Author Paul ZindelPublisher HarperCollins PublishersYear 1968 of pages 166 Genre FictionReading level Interest level 8th 9th gradersPotential hot lava underage drinking General response reaction I found this book to be really different than what I had imagined it to be I found myself really interested in the story one minute, and then next I would be bored with how the story was developing This pattern continued until the fifth chapter and then it kept my i [...]

  28. The PigmanBy Paul Zindle Trevor Agenbag Fun is all around us For 3 of the characters in the book The Pigman by Paul Zindle, they have a lot of fun John and Lorraine prank called an elderly man named Angleo Pignati, telling him that they are charity workers They asked for sponsors so they went to his house for the money and that s when they started hanging out and became good friends The main person I am going to talk about is John.Now John is a funny bloke He used to play pranks on teachers and [...]

  29. I just read this book for the first time a couple of weeks ago Now I know why they keep assigning it as school reading The plot, the characters, and the writing are soooo good Told from the first person POV, it really feels like a teenager wrote it And though it was written in the 60s, it feels completely contemporary Except for one thing Today, all those kids would be on cellphones, and they d be documenting the Pigman and all his eccentricities on Snapchat.

  30. the book the pigman by paul zandel is a sad book about freindship and betrayel the story there is two main charicters, john and lorane, also a seconday charicter named mr.pignaty, he is a lonley old man who loves to smile, play, and be genorous mr pignaty becomes freinds with the two people and then they throw a prty after he has a heart attack and he comes home and his hause is trashed, he ends up dieing of a heart attack a few days laterhn was a verry bad kid who enjoyed reeking havic any way [...]

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