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Strong Motion The critically acclaimed second novel from the author of The Corrections Strong Motion is the brilliant bold second novel from the bestselling and critically acclaimed author of The Corrections and F

The critically acclaimed second novel from the author of The Corrections Strong Motion is the brilliant, bold second novel from the bestselling and critically acclaimed author of The Corrections and Freedom Louis Holland arrives in Boston in a spring of strange happenings earthquakes strike the city, and the first one kills his grandmother During a bitter feudThe critically acclaimed second novel from the author of The Corrections Strong Motion is the brilliant, bold second novel from the bestselling and critically acclaimed author of The Corrections and Freedom Louis Holland arrives in Boston in a spring of strange happenings earthquakes strike the city, and the first one kills his grandmother During a bitter feud over the inheritance Louis falls in love with Renee Seitchek, a passionate and brilliant seismologist, whose discoveries about the origin of the earthquakes complicate everything Potent and vivid, Strong Motion is a complex story of change from the forceful imagination of Jonathan Franzen.

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Strong Motion

  1. Jonathan Franzen is the author of The Corrections, winner of the 2001 National Book Award for fiction the novels The Twenty Seventh City and Strong Motion and two works of nonfiction, How to Be Alone and The Discomfort Zone, all published by FSG His fourth novel, Freedom, was published in the fall of 2010.Franzen s other honors include a 1988 Whiting Writers Award, Granta s Best Of Young American Novelists 1996 , the Salon Book Award 2001 , the New York Times Best Books of the Year 2001 , and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize 2002 cmillan author jonath

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  1. I remember being seduced to the point of debility by The Corrections blowing off social outings I was actually looking forward to missing the Sporanos , which I still can t get over Strong Motion just confirms that I have a real weakness for Franzen s writing, and also that in my mind he is a genius Nobody s characters come alive for me the way his do He just bloody nails it People are so weird ordinary people there s no such thing Everybody is so weird and their ridiculous quirks and blind grop [...]

  2. This was such a deep,thoughtful and intelligent read and in places was reminiscent of Don Delillo s White Noise Starts with Louis Holland a pretty sad and pathetic young man who falls for seismologist Renee Seitcheck when she is investigating a recent earthquake, where we go from here is sort of a industry scientific thriller with a religious pro life element thrown into the mix as well, sounds odd but it all somehow works Set in and around the Boston area every location is deeply accurate when [...]

  3. I finally made my way through this vast, amazing epic of a book I know that I often say that I loved books here But this one is different, for one thing, it convinced me that Jonathan Franzen is a prescient genius something I was decidedly not in agreement with before I picked this up The writing is so precise and dense, yet compelling and readable at the same time The issues he tackles are huge coming of age after college, love, commitment, the relationships between parents and their adult chil [...]

  4. After reading Jonathan Franzen s recent blockbusters, I d expected to be disappointed in this earlier novel I was not In some ways, it was substantial and relevant to me than his latest tome, Purity For one thing, I do enjoy and find fascinating his digressions, how he annexes history lectures and background information as part of his story, instead of bogging us readers down with end notes I felt that this information added to my appreciation of what was going on in the present.There were ti [...]

  5. First, a caveat Strong Motion is not The Corrections It does not deliver the scintillating prose, caustic wit, and epic scope of Franzen s National Book Award winning later novel It s an eccentric and lengthy book that, for better or worse, dons a variety of identities suspense, romance, family melodrama, didactic political novel, bildungsroman, perhaps There are subplots and mere meanderings, but Franzen ties them all into the relationship between Louis Holland and Renee Seitchek, and especial [...]

  6. Seeing as he has a new book coming out this fall, I figured I should polish off the last of Franzen s Fictions I hadn t read Franzen s first novel, The 27th city, was a large, unfocused, sprawling thing with the very occasionally beautiful sentence or passage to keep the reader going It was, basically, a complete mess Strong Motion is his first novel that actually functions as a novel The narrative focus is sharper, the plotting a bit developed, the characters a little bit better drawn, the dia [...]

  7. Achtung Streckenweise ziemlich toxische Lekt reOpus zwei von Jonathan Franzen und in mancherlei Hinsicht Vorstufe zu den Korrekturen, aber auch zu Freiheit, denn die kaputte Umwelt ist mit JFs Generalthema kaputte Familie ganz eng verwoben Denn der Holland Clan macht sich nicht nur gegenseitig fertig, sondern ruiniert mit der Verklappung von Giftm ll in tieferen Erdschichten auch die Umwelt und provoziert damit ein Erdbeben, das am Ende etliche Teile von Boston dem Erdboden gleich macht auch den [...]

  8. In Strong Motion, Franzen s second novel, new college graduate Louis Holland moves to Boston to work a minimum wage job at a radio station An earthquake kills his step grandmother, his mother inherits her 22 million estate, and Louis has a conflicted relationship with his older sister Eileen, who is very mean Eileen s boyfriend s father works for an evil chemicals manufacturing company who has been pumping toxic waste deep into the earth, which a Harvard seismologist named Renee believes is caus [...]

  9. Although Strong Motion 1992 was not a critical or financial success, it is an early indication that Jonathan Franzen is a gifted writer in the stratum of literary fiction He s had the good fortune to have the support that allows him to focus on his work, not every writer has that luxury, but for certain, this doesn t mean I think he goes through life unscathed no one does While reading, I could see the set up for the ambitious tome, The Corrections in between the pages of Strong Motion I thoroug [...]

  10. The destruction that is wrought by Mother Nature is one thing, but a person s own self destructive nature is something else entirely A rare Boston earthquake is the true starting off point for this novel, from there we are exposed to all the flawed aspects of each of the characters and the complicated relationships with one another, as well as themselves Much of this book is painfully masochistic, but people often self sabotage when they are presented with the terrifyingly real possibility of tr [...]

  11. I love Franzen, and what I love most about him, is the way he builds his characters, how he brings them alive, getting into what makes them tick He s definitely always worth reading.

  12. Earthquakes rock Boston as our protagonist, Louis Holland, navigates a cityscape seemingly brimming with all of the post utopian angst that Franzen is purportedly famous for exposing evil corporations destroying our environment in their relentless quest for wealth, pro lifers picketing and protesting the abortion clinics that proliferate in the liberal northeast, egocentric ivy league elites sipping coffee in Cambridge and intellectualizing much of the above Not to mention the secondary characte [...]

  13. Reading Strong Motion felt like having an exquisite meal with well aged wine Franzen is a true master His characters are complex and multidimensional drawing one s attention towards themselves and this attention is constantly fuelled by building up expectations to discover yet another aspect of an individual The author tells the story from different people s perspectives delving into their past to shed some light on why they are what they are in the present, but he tends to do this in a very sub [...]

  14. A tour de force of storytelling and unbelievably insights into technical matters The inside and backstory about how corporations become corrupt rings true, and the human elements that shape it Franzen is truly one of the greatest modern american novelists Told from flawed but interesting protagonists about the excesses of industry with catastrophic consequences I have only his latest now to read.

  15. Mein Lieblingsroman des Jahres 2012 war Franzens Die Korrekturen Mein Lieblingsroman des Jahres 2013 war Franzens Freiheit.Wird Franzen auch im Jahr 2014 seinem Spitzenplatz auf meiner Bestenliste behaupten k nnen Leider lautet meine Antwort dieses Mal Nein Auch wenn das Genie immer wieder durchscheint, erreicht Franzen hier noch nicht die Virtuosit t seiner sp teren Werke Aber hey, als Schweres Beben 1992 erschien, war Franzen gerademal 32 Jahre alt Das soll ihm erstmal einer nachschreiben Und [...]

  16. I really, really loved this book, which is probably an understatement For the first time, in a while, a writer verging on genius has managed to keep my attention and will for longer than say 5 10 minutes This novel was written in 1992, before his first blockbuster novel The Corrections which I have not read yet, surprisingly, and I am glad I think I was so engaged because, in 1992, I was 23 24 years old myself, like Louis So, of course, I related to him in many ways, even though we don t share o [...]

  17. Jonathan Franzen is my favorite author I had already read Freedom and The Corrections and thought they were both amazing This earlier book is less amazing, but still very good It may sound rather boring, but it really picks up pace towards the end and isn t difficult to read Although Franzen makes his characters very flawed, they are still endearing I liked Louis and Renee, the main characters in this book I thought there could have been development with some characters For example, Louis Holla [...]

  18. I couldn t help thinking of the outrage over Franzen s recent Guardian essay as I finished this book a few days a ago Those who are calling him an out of touch elitist for hating the internet should re visit this novel For a book published over 20 years ago, it doesn t seem dated at all Much of its themes are as fresh today What we now call fracking is a guise for Franzen s fictional energy company to drill and dump and hide industrial waste Abortion and the religious right s fierce war against [...]

  19. Jonathan Franzen must have had some hellish experiences with human beings, because his characters are often some of the most despicable and frustrating people I have come across Yet somehow you end up feeling something for them, which in my case invariably means a switch from almost pure hatred to one of sympathy.The other contradiction with Franzen is his technical sensibilities his attention to details is so minute at times that you almost feel like you re reading through a manual for a piece [...]

  20. Primarily a thriller focusing on seismology, big corporations and Christian fundamentalists, but with a love story or two, and various dysfunctional family relationships, including some amusing sub plots I think it s main weakness is pandering to the American need for convenient endings On a trivial note, as a British reader, some characters names are initially misleading as they are so far from the stereotype of that name Eileen in particular.Nevertheless, it s a good story, with some wonderfu [...]

  21. The Devil s in the details That should be Franzen s motto, as he weaves in such minute specifics throughout the narrative that you could easily dismiss them if the weren t so fitting to the story as a whole Strong Motion has a lot going on, and it doesn t quite gel as well as I d hoped, but it s a strong novel, lusciously written and recommended for those who want to find out what s beyond The Corrections A solid 4 stars, and Freedom to be read soon.

  22. And this is what I would have to admit after reading Jonathan Franzen s Strong Motion two days ago, I am missing it Franzen characters just grow in me, which obviously gives credit to the author no of Louis facade of coldness and carelessness and subtle search for something to devote himself to, and Renee s charming insecurities about herself After perhaps two weeks and 500 pages, this novel had stuck on me and I wish Franzen had brought me further into the earthquakes in Boston and Loius and R [...]

  23. I found this a very good read The main issue is the irresponsible actions of a chemical company whose ultra deep digging in the Boston area is causing earthquakes Boston is not usually know as an area where earthquakes are common so then the tremblers start there is much fear in the community A Harvard University post doc in Seismology believes she can prove that the company is responsible and enlists the help of her unemployed boyfriend The issue is complicated by the fact that his mother has i [...]

  24. Liked this a lot Doesn t really stack up to Freedom or Purity but hey, this just means Franzen s getting better as time goes by.This book was really well researched and presents all its various investigation avenues earthquakes, abortion, environmental law very engagingly It s interesting to me that Freedom and the Corrections weren t a tightly plotted caper, yet this and Purity were, very much so A lot of classic Franzen humor as well I was laughing in the Laundromat, reading the scene where Re [...]

  25. un Franzen postmoderno, o quasi E perch , con la scusa di essere genitori responsabili, state inculcando ai vostri figli lo stesso ethos del consumo, se i beni materiali non sono l essenza dell umanit perch vi state assicurando che la loro vita sia ingombra di oggetti come la vostra, con doveri e paranoie e immissioni ed emissioni, cos che l unico scopo per cui avranno vissuto sar quello di perpetuare il sistema, e l unica ragione per cui moriranno sar il fatto di essersi logorati Louis ha probl [...]

  26. I wish I d written this review sooner, when the novel was fresher in my mind, but suffice to say I enjoyed the hell out of this book It s plot driven than I ve come to expect from Franzen, but the character building is just about as exceptional as it is in his later works In fact, the characterization here may be even interesting because when the perspective shifts midway through, we get almost a diametrically opposite view of one of our central characters This got me asking who defines a pers [...]

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