Sloppy Seconds: The Tucker Max Leftovers

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Sloppy Seconds: The Tucker Max Leftovers

  1. Tucker Max s first book I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, is a 1 New York Times Best Seller, spent five years on the list, and has over 2 million copies in print His second book, Assholes Finish First, and his third book, Hilarity Ensues, are also NY Times Best Sellers He co wrote and produced the movie based on his life book, also titled I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell He has also been credited with being the originator and leader of a new literary genre, fratire, is only the third writer after Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis to ever have three books on the NY Times Nonfiction Best Seller List at one time, and was nominated to the Time Magazine 100 Most Influential List in 2009 Tucker Max received his BA from the University of Chicago in 1998, and his JD from Duke Law School in 2001 He even attended Duke Law School on an academic scholarship, where he neglected to buy any of his textbooks for his final two years and spent part of one semester while still enrolled in classes living in Cancun He currently lives in Austin, Texas.

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  1. I read I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell several years ago after a friend loaned it to me, telling me it was hilarious I didn t like the book it sounded like I was reading an undersexed freshman alcoholic s wish journal and I was amazed my friend thought that I would I was even amazed to hear that it was on the NYT s best sellers list I did a little research into the author, opening me up to the world of Tucker Max and his very vocal fans and critics.First of all, Tucker Max is a jerk He drinks to [...]

  2. I needed a book that I could keep me entertained through my flight from Toronto to Chicago The very night before I left, I happened to be browsing the Tucker Max website looking for an old favourite anecdote Tucker tries buttsex, hilarity ensues and I realized his book Sloppy Seconds was available for FREE Well, I m not one that downloads a lot of free books onto her Kindle my collection is very well organized and carefully picked but this one was a no brainer.I suppose I need to stop you right [...]

  3. So I downloaded iBooks after iTunes and all that has been pestering me to for months , and decided to download as many free ebooks as I could, and this happened to be one of them This is the first book by Tucker Max that I ve read, so I wasn t sure how much I would enjoy it, especially since at first I was not sure at all what the cover was it was much smaller on my iPod, and I thought it was like a butterfly or something But afterwards, once I finished the book, I was like, So THAT S what the p [...]

  4. I wasn t going to write a review or even publicly admit that I read this book until I searched for comments on it here and found multiple books by the same name My conclusion is that this title is far provocative and moderately acceptable than I would have believed It s true that I think the title is gross and hence it made me want to know about the author and the writing Some authors apparently don t quite get the gist of the title however, but perhaps the main point of it seems to be overtly [...]

  5. Pretty typical Tucker Max writing, however it s called Sloppy Seconds for a reason This is a collection of stories that have been left out of his previous three books, and you can often tell why If you enjoyed I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, Assholes Finish First or Hilarity Ensues, I m sure you ll find some laughs in this one The book is fairly short the first third consists of three stories, one from each of his previous books, to introduce any new readers to Tucker Max , so it doesn t take ve [...]

  6. It s pretty awesome that this book is free, especially since books I actually want to read are never free Now, it s not so well put together as Tucker Max books usually are, but again, free There were several interesting bits that I m glad I got to read, the Morimoto thingI honestly didn t believe it until I saw the picture I never would have guessed that Tucker Max and one of the best Iron Chefs would pal around Crazy What was really just too much was the text message part I read that whole sec [...]

  7. Tucker Max does it again in his 4th book I managed to skip books 2 and 3, as I found this one for free on his website Free always wins Many of the other reviewers have been quick to say that this book is just like the others, and give poor ratings as a result But, what did they expect from a raving narcissist like Max, who has built his entire empire on his unruly, egotistical, and condescending behavior, a classic Victorian novel If you can take Max for what he is, and if you find his stories a [...]

  8. I read Tucker Max s first two books They were funny So so wrong, but funny This one was free Not so funny Yes, he admits that these are stories that were not good enough for his first three paid books He s right Max is intelligent, hilarious, and a good storyteller But, I fear that this one trick pony has finally run out of good stories from the glory days I hope he finds something else to write about because he does have talent If you like Tucker Max s work, go ahead and read this if it s still [...]

  9. Tucker Max has a little bit different approach on this book, kind of He talks about his childhood for a bit, and his mother He also talks about food, expecially Guacamole, and X ray machines I d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adult humor I enjoy every single one of his stories I d recommend this book because it is such an awesome laugh

  10. I know this was his stuff that didn t make it to his books So It really wasn t as funny But it was still enjoyable Still had my laugh and giggles at his stories I wish he would come out with .

  11. Tucker Max is funny If you don t think Tucker Max is funny you are either a woman who is resisting her role in society or a man who thinks he can get women by being sensitive Or you re lying.

  12. I m not completely sure why I put myself through the pain of reading his books It starts off funny haha then slowly rolls down hill with plain old narcissistic asshole attitude behavior Then I remember why I don t really like him Promises to myself don t buy another Then let s not forget the parts that don t really mean anything I call it space fillers no wonder the pages are so thick when I first read his book 6 years ago it truly was entertaining, and I thought that s what this was going to be [...]

  13. This guy is a disgusting offensive pig, who surely will rot in hell If not, I really could start questioning my beliefs With that said, I do have a pretty weird sense of humor and some of his stories make me laugh I REALLY want to give this book a 2 star because he s the worst kind of asshole, but if I m being honest I did find enough amusement in it, my sick sense of humor beat out my aggravation of his obnoxious behaviors.

  14. I only started reading this book because it was free on Kindle I overpaid I only finished reading this because it was December 30th and I was one book away from my goal.I imagine that if I were still 12 13 years old I might be impressed or entertained What the author lacks in creativity and maturity in his writing he also lacks in reality Each page was a painful extension of the last and the end of the book couldn t have come soon enough NOT READ

  15. Tucker Max wins again I love all his books But this one seems to just make me laugh so much I would love to see from TM

  16. It s getting old If you ve read other Tucker max, this is the same, just less funny Not strongly recommended.

  17. The first books were way betterI thought his previous books had better stories This book just didn t seem to hold my attention for very long.

  18. Taylor Max is the Millennial generation embodiment of what media critic Douglas Rushkoff identified as a mook in his 2001 documentary Merchants of Cool a self absorbed, self indulgent, shallow jerk who lives the dream of eternal bad boy frat boy, party party party, bros before hoes He believes that humor is funniest which hurts and belittles others, and looks no farther than Ayn Rand to tell bros you can justify any narcissistic action you desire, particularly if you ve got it and by it I mean w [...]

  19. Sloppy Seconds proved to be a quick read, and took me a couple of hours to finish This book is a bit shorter than his other works as well, so naturally it did not take me long to flip through By now, I quite enjoy Tucker s narrative style it s like talking to an old, hilarious friend that you find a bit ridiculous but are still fond of at the same time against your better judgment, sometimes I got some laughs out of it, but not as many as I used to For this reason, I think that it was a good cho [...]

  20. This book is about a man, Tucker Max, who writes about various stories and events in his life Most of these stories are about hookups, drunken instances, or stories from his friends When I first read this book, I was like what in the world Who lives their life like this I think the book is very entertaining and there are some funny stories I think that Max is a character that people find amusing and funny, but not anyone that I would be friends with or associate myself He sees woman and relation [...]

  21. I downloaded this book as my humor genre and I started reading it because of the buzz of my cohort peers I really enjoyed the beginning of this book The author is arrogant, obnoxious, annoying, and honest The funny part is that the author knows this and is very open open about his personality throughout the entire book What most people only think about and keep in their minds, the author is the type who is actually open to talking about it However, the author s natural talent for storytelling, I [...]

  22. Sloppy Second is a very entertaining story that details the life of the author, Tucker Max Throughout the story Tucker shares some of his most intimate stories with his readers in a fun and humorous way Every college student has their stories of wild parties, the people they meet, and much , but Tucker writes his story in such way that you would believe that you were there to experience each event yourself In this book Tucker master s the craft of voice He writes with such great infliction that [...]

  23. Tucker Max is back for the fourth and final time well for the foreseeable future.Sloppy Seconds is Max s fourth book retelling his awful antics and some stuff that didn t quite make it to the three previous books I ve yet to get my hands on Hilarity Ensues Book Three , but I can onle imagine that it does not fail to disappoint Now none of Max s books are for the faint of heart, but Sloppy Seconds is a great way to be introduced to his writings It has a story from each of his previous books for t [...]

  24. To be completely honest, I had never heard of the name Tucker Max until I saw I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell Heck, I didn t even know the movie was based on a true story, let alone based on a book of the same name.After watching the movie, which was hilarious, I Googled Tucker Max and what did I find TuckerMax.On Max s web site there is a cornucopia of hilarious stories that have actually happened to him and his friends What s better than a website full of these stories Yep, you guessed it A boo [...]

  25. I started reading this out of pure curiosity from my classmates buzz and recommendations and I can see what they were talking about Tucker Max is arrogant He s obnoxious He s the typical jerk guy you d love to hate or hate to love And he s also funny IF you re into that sort of thing Sloppy Seconds is a book that consists of short stories leftover from Max s three previous novels I managed to read through about seven stories before I had had enough of Max and decided to abandon Sloppy Seconds On [...]

  26. In this text the author uses many crafts to draw the reader into the story Tucker Max describes his encounters he has had in college, however when describing them he uses vivid details Tucker also describes his friends and continues their characters until the end The characters engage in dialogue and get into trouble with Tucker He does not leave out one detail Tucker also includes allusions in this text, he references popular colleges and college events While telling about a text conversation, [...]

  27. Who would ve thought such an arrogant, obnoxious tool could be able to write such detailed stories Tucker Max the author of Sloppy Seconds writes about the mishaps and adventures he experienced throughout his life, which he thought he should share with the world Sloppy Seconds is a combined repertoire of his experiences in college Max uses a range of writers craft, but the one I will focus on is the ability to hear his voice throughout his memoirs pg.152, Ray pg.32, Fletcher Max is obviously a n [...]

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