Tributary TRIBUTARY a novella the length of a normal novel picks up a year after BOURNE Lia struggles to overcome the fear that constant battle has heaped upon her Gabi and Marcello face an unexpected cr

TRIBUTARY, a novella 1 2 the length of a normal novel , picks up a year after BOURNE Lia struggles to overcome the fear that constant battle has heaped upon her Gabi and Marcello face an unexpected crisis and Lord Greco just may be ready to leave the grief and loss of his past behind him, so that he might grab hold of the future

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  1. AboutLisa Tawn Bergren is the best selling, award winning author of over 40 books, with than 2.5 million copies sold She recently finished a teen series called Remnants SEASON OF WONDER, SEASON OF FIRE, and SEASON OF GLORY She s also written the River of Time Series WATERFALL, CASCADE, TORRENT, BOURNE TRIBUTARY, DELUGE and The Grand Tour Series GLAMOROUS ILLUSIONS, GRAVE CONSEQUENCES, GLITTERING PROMISES She just released a new time slip romance duology called River of Time California THREE WISHES and FOUR WINDS and is researching her next trilogy, The Sugar Baron s Daughters releasing in 2018.Lisa s time is split between managing home base, writing, consulting and helping Tim with his business Her husband Tim is a sculptor of ducks out of fenceposts RMRustic , graphic designer and musician They have three kids Olivia 21 , Emma 18 and Jack 13.All five of the Bergrens make their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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  1. Warning My review may have some minor spoilers spread randomly through it, so take caution if you have not read these books before lol P I think I liked this novella the best out of the two _ Again, like I have said probably a million times by now lol Lia and Luca are just sooo adorable and cute together I love getting to see their relationship grow and in each book I love seeing Gabi and Marcello too 3 view spoiler I was also so excited for them when I found out that Gabi was pregnant _ even [...]

  2. I just love the overall feel of the series and the characters are awesome I think I enjoy the trilogy a little better than the novellas, I think since the trilogy sticks with one POV, while the novellas switch between multiple characters I like focusing on one main character couple, instead of spreading an already short story between a six Anyway, this story focuses on Lia and Lucas and Rodolfo and a new character Alessandra It was fun having a new character added to the mix I kind of wish Bourn [...]

  3. christianbookshelfreviewsThe River of Time series is one of THE BEST series I ve read so far Tributary, the newest addition, was no exception because the greatness continued in this novella My favorite characters from this series have pretty much always been Lia and Luca he s on the cover of Tributary and I was so glad that a majority of this story featured them Oh, and the scene where Luca gets a haircut courtesy of Lia was hilarious and probably one of my favorites I just loved it Filled with [...]

  4. Ah I m getting so sad at the thought that Deluge is the last chance I ll have to be with The River of Time characters So terrible I want to keep reading on about Gabi, Marcello, Lia, Luca, Greco and all of them forever Tributary was another exciting, albeit, short dive into the medieval life of Gabi and Lia With a new character added in, Alexandra Fast paced, thrilling, scary, and oh so intriguing I suddenly was sad half way through Tributary when I realized I d only have one book to read after [...]

  5. I loved this book I think it may be my favorite of the books so far I love how much Lia grow in this book over all And the add in of Alessandra as a character and her and Rodolfo, I love them Gabi and Marcello are still great This book has a lot going on in it but it was not hard to follow or overwhelming and that is great Tributary really makes me want to read the last book of this series But I am sad that there is only one book to read But I am happy to read it This book was really cute and a [...]

  6. I won the entire set of these books quite a while ago but something happened in the mail and I never got them I was disappointed but ending up getting them on Kindle I have finished the entire series including both bonus novellas so I will stick to the general strengths and draws and not give away the plots.This one and indeed both novellas carry on with the stories of all the main characters not just tying up the loose ends with Luca and Rodolpho I m not the biggest fan of novellas but this was [...]

  7. I m happy to announce that, in my opinion, the series just keeps getting better.Tributary is the first time in the series when Gabi doesn t narrate the story at all She was the exclusive narrator of all three novels, and dominated most of Bourne as well While part of me missed her self deprecating wit and determined POV, I was than happy to give Lia center stage with this one Lia is the quieter of the two sisters, and her reserve has always intrigued me I love getting in her head a bit here It [...]

  8. What I LovedUm, the whole thing But I ve said that before, haven t I Specifically, I loved the plunge into Lia s point of view begun in Bourne and fully developed in Tributary I got to know Lia a little Loved that In addition, I also got to read from a few other character s point of views, as well This took some getting used to and got a little confusing at times, actually, as third person was used for all but Lia Sometimes I wasn t sure whose head I was in until a paragraph or so deepbut I li [...]

  9. I really, really love these books I devoured all five of them in three days I love the characters, the action, the romance, the intrigue, that settingbut four stars, you say I ve been Team Lord Greco for awhile now, and I just wasn t crazy about who he ended up with She was okay and all, but I thought he deserved someone A M A Z I N G Some like Lia or Gabi Not them specifically, but someone as awesome as them I m glad he s happy and all, but I wish Bergren had created a character for him that wo [...]

  10. impatiently tapping my foot LISA It s June.well, almost I need my Share of Luca and Lord Greco and Marcello andYou get the point, right

  11. This series is my guilty pleasure It s not exactly well written, and the characters aren t all that original but I love Italy, I love medieval history and I love the idea of going back in time So perfect for me really.The major positive with this latest book in the series is that the annoying teen speak has started to disappear The girls are growing up after all, and they have been in another century for nearly two years, so understandable Also Bergren s entire writing style is changing the tone [...]

  12. contented sigh It was SO awesome to delve back into medieval life alongside Gabi and Lia again And with the addition of Ali to the band, things sure got VERY interesting during the course of this book While I was very frustrated with Ali in the beginning, she grew on me And, hey, I couldn t blame her for her misguided beliefs I might ve done the same were I in her shoes And I felt her pain when she found out, so cruelly, who the bad guys really were But, then again, with the awesome trio Marcell [...]

  13. Lisa Bergren has done it again Lisa amazes me at her ability to keep every consecutive River of time book familiar and yet intoxicatingly if that is even a word different Let me just say that if you have read any of the River of time books and thought they were good, then Tributary can, will and does blow all the others right out of the water I cannot say any without revealing way too much Just read it That s an order Straight from Marcello Beg, borrow, ask the book fairy, I don t care what you [...]

  14. Well I just finished this and I m ready to cry Marcello and Luca once again showed their prowess and love for their women, Gabi and Lia by coming to their rescue Sigh Lord Greco finally found love and peace although I have to say I m a little jealous lol I was hoping to see Luca and Lia married in this book but hopefully they will be married in the last book, coming out soon I hope If you get a chance please read this series It gives you insight on how the good and real knights of old treasures [...]

  15. I know, I know only four stars I love this series and I think it s truly one of my favorites of all time I just think there comes a time when I series needs to just end I think it s time with this series I think we are pretty much hashing the same story over and over again There is really no tention left I still really enjoyed this book, but I could tell I was not as into it as I have been with her past books It still is always pleasant however, to check in on my old favorite characters of this [...]

  16. I m rating this book for my students They love this series These books are some of the most popular of my classroom library Older students often point them out to the younger encourage them to read them Lisa Bergren is one of our favorite authors I teach English in a Christian junior high high school.

  17. 4.5 stars So much goodness TRIBUTARY mainly focuses on Lia and Luca, a new character Alessandra, and Lord GRECO Gabi and Marcello have some sweet moments, as well as the family as a whole, but this story mainly focuses on Lia Luca and Rodolfo Loved it Full review to come.

  18. omfg i cant find words to describe what i felt the whole while i read this book i started reading it at around 7 30 and i finished at 12 it was tht amazing

  19. These books are AWESOME The only problem is that I go through them too fast and than have to pray that Lisa T Bergren writes not that that s a bad thing

  20. Oh My Gosh.The cover THE COVER.That is LUCA As someone who never had a clear picture of him in the first three books, I m now officially swooning LOVE

  21. I feel similar to this novella as I did to the previous 3.1 It just wasweak Although I loved that we learned so much about Lord Greco yay dark romantic character , the writing is just getting blah to me I don t know if the storyline is getting old or the characters are just becoming too predictable, but this series is starting to lose its luster to me Although I always appreciated the nod to the religious nature of Gabi, etc but it started to get to be a little too much The focus was no longer [...]

  22. This was a favorite in the series It was short and to the point Had a little drama, romance, and kept going with the story line yet with a new twist Can I say I really like Luca s character

  23. I really enjoyed this book I appreciate that the book focused on Evangelia There has been a short truce Unfortunately, a Fiorentini girl comes to the castle.

  24. OK, I m going to review this whole series as a whole hereOverall, yes, I do rather like these I think the author has a good sense of character, even if I do with the characters could be differentiated a wee bit The romance is at an enticing, convincing pace for the most part.I want to get the religion thing out of the way I do understand that these are faith based and I understand where the author is coming from That being said it s a little too blind for my taste My religious views really don [...]

  25. Deze recensie is als eerste geplaatst op Carpe LibraHet een na laatste deel van de Verdwaald in de Tijd serie wist me opnieuw minder te raken dan de vorige boeken Ik was o zo in de ban van het verhaal dat Lisa T Bergren in Stuck had gesponnen, maar hoe verder de serie vordert, hoe minder enthousiast ik raak met elk nieuw boek Het concept is elke keer te veel van hetzelfde Alsof het een bijna exacte kopie is van het eerste boek qua hoofdlijnen er gebeurt iets dat de aandacht trekt van de gezuster [...]

  26. YESSS Sooo glad ROT series isn t over I loved Bourne Tributary but I have a few qualms I ll start with Lia For some reason Lia seems to have gone from helpless to heroine a bit too fast I dunno if it was just me but in the last books I viewed her as a lot younger than I did in this one It kind of makes me wonder if Lisa was so used to writing it from inside Gabi s head that she didn t quite make the transition from nineteen year old Gabi to sixteen year old Lia Again, this may just be my opinion [...]

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