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Until I Die Kate and Vincent have overcome the odds and at last they are together in Paris the city of lights and love As their romance deepens there s one question they can t ignore How are they supposed to be

Kate and Vincent have overcome the odds and at last they are together in Paris, the city of lights and love.As their romance deepens there s one question they can t ignore How are they supposed to be together if Vincent can t resist sacrificing himself to save others Although Vincent promises that he ll do whatever it takes to lead a normal life with Kate, will that meanKate and Vincent have overcome the odds and at last they are together in Paris, the city of lights and love.As their romance deepens there s one question they can t ignore How are they supposed to be together if Vincent can t resist sacrificing himself to save others Although Vincent promises that he ll do whatever it takes to lead a normal life with Kate, will that mean letting innocent people die When a new and surprising enemy reveals itself, Kate realizes that even may be at stake and that Vincent s immortality is in jeopardy.In Die for Me, Amy Plum created a captivating paranormal mythology with immortal revenants and a lush Paris setting Until I Die is poised to thrill readers with heart pounding suspense, spellbinding romance, and a cliff hanger ending that will leave them desperate for the third and final novel in the series.

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Until I Die

  1. Amy Plum is the international bestselling author of the DIE FOR ME series Indie Next List pick, Romance Times top pick, and recipient of a starred review from School Library Journal The books have been translated into thirteen foreign languages The trilogy is accompanied by two eNovellas entitled DIE FOR HER and DIE ONCE MORE and a compendium entitled INSIDE THE WORLD OF DIE FOR ME DREAMFALL, the first book of her YA horror duology, will be released by HarperTeen in summer 2017, with the second book, NEVERWAKE publishing in summer 2018 In the new books, a radical experiment to cure chronic insomnia goes wrong, and its seven teenage test subjects are plunged into a shared coma populated by one another s nightmares those who die in the dream will also die in real life.Amy s action adventure magic duology, AFTER THE END and UNTIL THE BEGINNING, received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, 4 1 2 stars from RT Book Reviews, and enthusiastic reviews from Kirkus, USA Today, ALA Booklist and School Library Journal.After being raised in Birmingham, Alabama, in a rather restrictive environment, AMY PLUM escaped to Chicago to an even restrictive environment at a university that expelled people for dancing And where she was called to the dean s office for wearing too much black After all of that restrictiveness, she was forced to run far far away, specifically to Paris, France, where she only wore black and danced all she wanted.After five years in Paris, she ventured to London, where she got an M.A in Medieval Art History, specializing in Early Sienese Painting 1260 1348 mainly because it promised almost no hope of finding a paying job afterward.Amy managed to find work in the world of art and antiques in New York But after almost a decade of high pressure lifestyle in the Big Apple, she swapped her American city for a French village of 1300 inhabitants.After signing with HarperCollins for the DIE FOR ME series, Amy left her job as an English professor at Tours University to write full time She now lives in Paris with her two kids and her black lab, Oberon.She is a huge fan of Edward Gorey and Maira Kalman and collects both of their books art , as well as David Sedaris, Amadeo Modigliani, and Ira Glass.Check out videos and extras from Amy at Revenant Central.

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  2. Nothing makes me quite so happy as spending time with characters I love I fully expected Until I Die to suffer from the middle book syndrome but, despite a few symptoms that were obviously present, Amy Plum managed to make the most of it Of course it wasn t as eventful as Die for Me, and I m sure If I Should Die, the last book of the trilogy, will be much exciting, but Until I Die was a satisfying read in every way The fact that I recognized the villain s right away and that I was able to see r [...]

  3. Until I Die, the second book in the Revenants series, is very much a middle book, but we do learn tons about the Revenant lore in addition to greater character development And of course, we still have the beautiful Paris setting.Oriented towards the Revenant lore, we re plunged deeper into their background and history in this sequel I was very interested in Amy Plum s unique zombie lore from the beginning, so I was happy to get some details on these unusual beings Even though there is still so [...]

  4. I m sorry, but this book was just plain boring It was than halfway through the book before we saw any action Even then, it was really short lived We don t see any action again until near the end And the villain was too predictable partly because the book was so uneventful, and I never trusted the villain even from the start because the villain was too perfect So yeah, I didn t really care for the story here.As for Vincent and Kate, their relationship was really boring I know, I know It s nice t [...]

  5. So, I quite liked Die for Me I thought it was sweet and fun and gently subversive Until I Die, on the other hand, is a mess The thing is, I feel a little guilty for complaining, because it seems like Amy Plum s trying to infuse all of the good romance bits into her story, but somehow it s not working There s a lot of telling about how Kate is whole without Vincent, but he completes her, etc, etc, but that s all it is telling The showing is all about them kissing and cuddling and kissing some an [...]

  6. Hm.Hmmmmmm.Die For Me was an unexpectedly good ride for me I gave it two stars at the time, but eventually it crept up to 3.5, just because it reminds me of this really weird sesame cookie I tried lately that tasted weird, and that I should have hated, but actually ended up really liking Is that an awful metaphor Meh, probably But it s really late and I m super hungry Until I Die teeters on a sharp precipice, swaying to and fro between my love and myd dislike I don t hate anything about these bo [...]

  7. Rating 4.5 brilliant stars out of 5 Oh sweet goodness, how I loved this book In the first novel, Die For Me, it was the romantic Paris setting and idea of revenants undead beings with the compulsion to die to save others that captivated me The idea was completely unique and executed with perfection, but even though I loved the characters with all my heart, I was never really sold on the romance But in Until I Die, somehow Amy Plum managed to make everything intense, lovable, breathtaking even [...]

  8. My review can also be found on Reading Lark readinglark 2012 0Seriously We ve got to wait a WHOLE YEAR to find out what happens I honestly don t think I can survive it Yes, you guessed it Until I Die ended on one heckuva cliffhanger and I normally despise those dreaded things I have always felt that if an author s writing is THAT good and Amy Plum s is THAT good they don t need one to entice the reader to come back That was very true with Amy s first book, Die For Me But that said, this was a GO [...]

  9. I am completely head over heals for this series The world of Revenants has both fascinated and intrigued me I now wish that I lived in a world with hot undead guys.In Die For Me, Kate meets Vincent and finds out his most terrifying secret He is a Revenant an undead with the duty to help people and die for them In Until I Die, Kate and Vincent are trying to find a way of being together without Vincent s urge to die for someone Vincent has to make sacrifices and Kate has to go behind his back to f [...]

  10. I was blessed to receive an ARC of this book, and now have written this spoil free review for anyone interested Until I Die most definitely surpassed Amy s first book, Die For Me At least I think so I love reading new, upcoming authors and watching how their writing grows and flourishes over time one see s it all the time, i.e J.K Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Libba Bray, and Terry Goodkind to name a few And Amy is no exception to this there are beautiful metaphors, rich descriptions, and we discove [...]

  11. I am so far behind I read this book back in March and have not gotten around to writing a review I guess it s a good thing life was too crazy to read much last month or I may never get caught up on my reviews.I love this series I don t think it has got the hype it deserves Great setting, beautiful cover, well written, fabulous characters and clean enough that I don t have to put a big disclaimer if I recommend it.I love the Revenants lore world that the author created Can t wait to see how every [...]

  12. Reviewer s Note At the onset, it became apparent I wasn t the right person for reviewing this book But I was intrigued by all the five star reviews of Die for Me, so I decided to investigate, by asking the one person I know who d rush out to get Until I Die and devour it in a couple of hours even though it usually takes her a month to finish anything, my little sis, who I ll refer to as Amy Plum s Number One Fan APNOF and occasionally Insane Amy Plum Fan IAPF She also wanted me to give this one [...]

  13. Hardcover 320 pages Publisher HarperTeen May 8, 2012 ISBN 10 0062004042 Author Amy Plum Cover Art Just as beautiful as the art for book one Overall rating out of 5 Obtained Gifted to me by Bibliopunkk THANK YOU Until I Die by Amy PlumKate and Vincent have overcome the odds and at last they are together in Paris, the city of lights and love.As their romance deepens there s one question they can t ignore How are they supposed to be together if Vincent can t resist sacrificing himself to save other [...]

  14. 4.5No no no, mi rifiuto di accettare un finale del genere Dov il terzo Recensione sul blog wefoundwonderlandinbookss

  15. The day I stop seeing you as one of the strongest people I know is the day I wake up human This would be my first comeback review after a long reading and reviewing hiatus I ve got Until I Die as an ARC and was dying to get my hands on it because the first book left me begging for First off, I would like to emphasize that I love Ms Plum I love the way she writes and her creative way in making the dead so hot I love the chemistry between Kate and Vincent on the first book I also love the support [...]

  16. OH MY GOD Whate hell So yeah, this book was all kinds of badass and now I m freaking out That ending was evil I m glad I bought If I Should Die like I was instructed to do because holy shizzle, I m not happy And I KNEW I didn t trust that wench for a reason Shiiiiiiit I love this series with mad passion Amy Plum is a fantastic storyteller with an imagination that I long to have This book picks up where book one left off and though it was a year since I read Die For Me, I don t remember the detai [...]

  17. Didn t like the first book much so I was probably not going to read this any time soon anyway, now I don t know if I care to read of this author ever, regardless of my feelings about the first one.So very tired of all of this So very tired Added a link to the first book because I m a whore for likes and I must crush Lucy in the charts Muahahaha.

  18. NO NO NO Assolutamente NO Ma come diavolo si fa a far finire un libro cos Recensione sul blog leggereromanticamente Secondo romanzo della serie paranormal romance Revenants, Until I Die riprende esattamente dal finale di Die for me, che tutto sommato non ci aveva lasciato con un cliffhanger mozzafiato Preparatevi a farvi il sangue amaro per , perch questa volta resterete a bocca aperta La prima cosa a cui ho pensato quando ho terminato questa lettura stata Non pu essere successo davvero, come pu [...]

  19. M s que mi vida es la segunda parte de la trilog a Revenants que comenz con Mi vida por la tuya y cuya tercera y ltima parte es Si diera mi vida Es una trilog a de literatura juvenil fant stica contempor nea, una trilog a que mezcla romance, misterio y acci n y una trilog a cya primera parte me encant Mi vida por la tuya fue una novela que me dej encantada y con muchas ganas de m s Por ello cog M s que mi vida con unas muy altas expectativas.Esta segunda parte de trilog a es una novela que comie [...]

  20. Until I Die really surprised me And in a good way It didn t suffer from second book syndrome You know what I mean In the first book our hero and heroine are working do hard to be together and then they finally get to at the end Only to find some sort of unobtainable obstacle in book two that pushes them apart.I kept waiting for that to happen in book Until I Die and it didn t Well not really Sure Vincent and Kate had their share of struggles, but they were together They might have been keeping a [...]

  21. Honestly, I m highly disappointed in Until I Die It was extremely hard to get through this book I think it took me at least a month to finish it I kept putting it down after each and every chapter I felt like Until I Die was a completely different book from Die for Me.I really wish I could ve liked it but I didn t There were things in this book that were just too dull and predictable I became uninterested in the story within the first couple chapters, but I kept going til the end hoping that it [...]

  22. I m so mad right now I really didn t enjoy this book, at all But I struggled through it because I really enjoyed Die for Me and hoped that the third book will be better I only started to enjoy this at the very end, and then it ends on a massive cliffhanger grrrReview Well, it took me five days to get through this book and I think that speaks volumes I really struggled with Until I Die, a book I had been really looking forward to reading, having absolutely loving Die for Me It s been a while sinc [...]

  23. I wasn t entirely sure how I felt about If I Die when I finished it I thought it was way too YA typical It wasn t until the day after I wrote my review when I couldn t think about anything other than how Kate and Vincent s story was going to progress that I realized just how much I adored the series I started Until I Die at about 1 in the afternoon today and after taking a two hour break for dinner and some errands, I finished it at what is now 11 at night It was nonstop action information was b [...]

  24. This didn t work for me and that s even with of the revenant numa aspect explained Too much of it revolved around Kate and Vincent together and them figuring out a way to make their time together longer easier bearable for one or both of them If the first book had me remarking on how absolutely ordinary she came across, that is sometimes pissed off but normally thinking and wary here Kate s less of what she was back then Here, she s all coquettish and flirty with Vincent And I get that they re [...]

  25. 3.5 StarsIt was okay I won t be reading the last book in the series I don t regret using a credit to buy this audio, but I know I won t be buying reading the last book in the series.I liked that the sisters liked each other, but Georgia always getting in trouble and acting like a party girl got on my nerves She was always hot for someone and her fake southern accent not sure why anyone wanted her around I don t understand how her grandparents allowed her party behavior There was a nice twist in [...]

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