The Woman and the Ape

The Woman and the Ape The heroine of this love story is Madelene Burden Lonely and disillusioned despite her upper crust London existence she s a modern day sleeping beauty drowsing gently in an alcoholic stupor But the p

The heroine of this love story is Madelene Burden Lonely and disillusioned despite her upper crust London existence, she s a modern day sleeping beauty drowsing gently in an alcoholic stupor But the prince whose kiss brings her to life is not tall, dark, and handsome He s a short, dark, 300 pound ape named Erasmus The victim of a smuggling attempt gone awry, Erasmus isThe heroine of this love story is Madelene Burden Lonely and disillusioned despite her upper crust London existence, she s a modern day sleeping beauty drowsing gently in an alcoholic stupor But the prince whose kiss brings her to life is not tall, dark, and handsome He s a short, dark, 300 pound ape named Erasmus The victim of a smuggling attempt gone awry, Erasmus is brought to Madelene s home her husband, Adam, a distinguished behavioral scientist, believes the ape s sophisticated intelligence renders him human than animal If he is right, Erasmus would be a most lucrative addition to Adam s new zoo But Madelene is determined to save Erasmus from a series of inhumane tests that would rob the ape of the very qualities that makes him so un apelike Pursuing this goal with all the energy she had previously reserved for her drinking, Madelene s compassion turns to passion and woman and beast escape and fall in love But Erasmus has come to England with a purpose that eventually forces the couple to face the world they have sought to flee.Enthralling readers with the same taut prose, enigmatic characters, thrilling suspense, and satirical humor that drove Smilla to the top of bestseller lists across the country, Peter Hoeg offers a daring and imaginative fable that poses searching questions about the nature of romance, freedom and humanity Above all, it is a love story as erotically charged and emotionally powe

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The Woman and the Ape

  1. Peter H eg was born in Copenhagen, Denmark Before becoming a writer, he worked variously as a sailor, ballet dancer, and actor He published his first novel, A History of Danish Dreams 1988 , to positive reviews However, it was Smilla s Sense of Snow 1992 , a million copy best seller, that earned H eg immediate and international literary celebrity His books have been published in than thirty countries.

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  1. If you approach this book as a kind of essay on the topic of animals and London in terms of how many animals are either consumed in London as food or maintained there as pets, zoological spectacles and research objects , you will find a lot to like in this book If you approach it as an essay on the relation of the animal world to civilized humanity, you will find perhaps less to like, but at least the outlines of a very complicated problem should the civilized world impose some kind of limit on [...]

  2. An ape arrives in London on a boat Adam Burden, respected behavioural scientist, has it hidden on the grounds of his house His wife Madelene, is a Danish alcoholic Somehow the author and his PR believe this makes for not only a story, but a parable While admiring author Peter Hoeg s understanding of science, especially biology and neuroscience, and his surprising dry humour, I was ready to go where the author wanted to take me But I had to get off at the point where the beautiful but not quite s [...]

  3. The Woman and the Ape is about a wealthy, alcoholic housewife, Madelene, who reassess her life when an unusual ape offers her a peach Peter Hoeg s incisive observations about class, wealth, power, freedom, civilization and beauty, keep this easily readable, animal rights themed novel, intriguing Madelene s annoying but unpredictable behavior adds surprising twists to what s bound to happen You won t go bananas over the book, but the provocative ideas are rife for discussion, even if Hoeg s take [...]

  4. Loved this book insightful parable about man and animals, free will and destiny, science and humanism The main character is an alcoholic housewife, Madalene, married well, who runs away with an anthropoid ape he talks named Erasmus Peter Hoeg is the same guy who wrote Smilla s Sense of Snow, which I liked a lot, but this is much, much better.

  5. This will be a parable full of insight to some out there skewed vets maybe.And that, ladies and gentlemen is the most charitable comment I can think of at this precise moment.

  6. I fear I am not intelligent enough to draw the maximum from this book I was at least halfway through before I could stop using the synopsis as a road map to remind myself what was going on The prose is dense and highly intelligent but much of its message was lost on me All I took from the first hundred or so pages was that a form of alcohol exists which you can drink and not end up incoherent and embarrassing and find yourself waking up with your tongue fused to the carpet In fact it renders you [...]

  7. This novel captured first my imagination and then my heart Hoeg draws you in with exceptional characters and an action packed plot Madelene, a wealthy but depressed upper class Londoner, appears to have everything, yet her life is not so simple Insecure and depressed, Madelene is an outsider, even in her own house, medicating herself with alcohol she discovers that her ambitious husband has procured an ape called Erasmus, on which he plans to experiment Madelene rescues Erasmus from his cage and [...]

  8. One of the best books I ve read this year Gets increasingly sci fi as the book goes on really riveting and interesting exploration of a concept, which made me think in new ways about the relationship between humans and the environment, animals in cities, zoos, and animals sexism I d love to teach this one day next to the book Bear Wasn t super Londony, was my only complaint it was very good at being about a city, but it could have been any city It felt strangely distanced and mythic That worked [...]

  9. I love this Peter Hoeg I really liked Smilla s Sense of Snow and Borderliners, and parts of The Danish Book of Dreams were beautiful and memorable This, like The House of Mirth, is about a young woman trying to make her way in the world while obeying society s rules for rich young women Unlike the House of Mirth, the character in this book breaks these rules by having sex with a highly evolved species of ape Really.I love Peter Hoeg s detailed descriptions of scientific procedures, and the detai [...]

  10. While this book by Peter H eg did not get high ratings in the reviews I read, I found the book delightful I love the opening scene in which a super intelligent ape creates havoc with his captors in London I like the way it treats scientists studying an exotic animal in an unnecessarily destructive way.While this is a bit of science fiction, the story is a could be one with Peter H eg s usual sharp observations, on contemporary Britain in this case.

  11. Es geht um eine neue Affenart, die dem Menschen erstaunlich hnlich ist, um erotische Anziehungskraft eines Affen auf eine Frau KingKong l sst gr en und die aus diesem Konflikt entstehende Gesellschaftskritik Interessant zu lesen, aber mit dieser vorhersehbaren Moral etwas platt, auf jeden Fall nicht berragend.

  12. No, this book is not like Smilla and Her Sense of Snow I wanted to give it 2 stars first for several witty metaphors, but after thinking for a while, I decided that in general, The Woman and the Ape seemed disastrous to me To be specific, it s full of cliches, repulsive descriptions and pretentious conclusions.

  13. The ape is brought as the centerpiece for the New London Regent s Park Zoological Gardens and subjected to invasive and, perhaps, not safe tests to determine its genus Not yet cataloged in a particular simian family yet having what seem to be some human characteristics, it is a new discovery, and meant to be the jewel of the Gardens and in the career of self obsessed scientists, Adam Burden and his sister, Andrea, who is a ferocious power within her field Adam s wife, a trophy wife, bored, aimle [...]

  14. A book that explored interesting ideas of what it means to be human, and our dominion over the natural world Hoeg addresses his ideas and drives home his environmental agenda throughout the book in a way that is impossible to ignore Even the most thinly veiled metaphors are eradicated by a straight forward explanation as a result of the story s direction and twist Hoeg is clearly a man with a great deal to say, and what he has to say is of undeniable worth However, the book lacked the necessary [...]

  15. I really enjoyed the first half of this book The characters and story line reminded me of Tom Robbins Right at the end of the first half the book turns magical From that point on I have a harder time believing the actions of the characters and understanding their motivations There is an overall upbeat mood which is vastly different from Smilla s Sense of Snow Generally I don t find books by the same writer that are so vastly different.

  16. It took me six months to read this book It was boring with too few interesting plot points The ending made me consider giving three stars but overall The Woman and the Ape was not a book I would easily recommend to my friends.

  17. Jeg skulle l se den i gymnasiet, og jeg kunne simpelthen ikke komme igennem den Den fangede mig ikke rigtig, og forvirrede mig meget.

  18. This novel deserves 10 stars, not 5 Being a huge fan of Peter H eg s, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon an edition published in 1997 of The Woman and the Ape I d never heard of the novel before, but the fact that my favourite Danish author had written it and the cover was suitably quirky not the one featured here on , but far better , I couldn t wait to get home and start turning the book s yellowed pages.The experience was like entering a different world and being amazed at every [...]

  19. A ship smuggling wild animals crashes into a pier in an English harbor, allowing a strange ape to escape He is eventually captured by a behavioral scientist who finds out how preternaturally intelligent this ape is The scientist wants to to experiments on the animal, but his alcoholic wife, who is drawn to the creature, thwarts the plan and helps him escape While on the run, the odd couple falls in love Is the creature, an animal, a man, or something else This is a very bizarre book that explor [...]

  20. Peter Hoeg ha uno stile davvero inconfondibile, che apprezzo molto, ma che ho trovato pi aderente alla narrazione del suo capolavoro, Il Senso di Smilla per la neve In ogni caso a me questa storia un po fantascientifica e surreale piaciuta abbastanza, anche perch ci richiama a tematiche sempre attuali e per me di un certo interesse Leggendo si scopre come l essere umano alla fine sia un po pi animale, e l animale un po pi essere umano di quello che si crede Ho trovato il ritratto della protagoni [...]

  21. Kirja ei takakansitekstiss n osannut m ritt genre n, vaan ehdotteli mm aikuisten tieteissatua, rakkaustarinaa ja el inten oikeuksia puolustavaa pamflettia En tied mit se n ist eniten olisi, ehk jonkinlainen tieteissatu El imet olivat kirjassa kyll paljon esill , ja niiden asemasta esitettiin paljon kriittisi huomioita, kuten my s ihmisyydest Ihmisyyden ja el imyyden suhde sai sekin osakseen tarkkasilm isi huomioita, mutta n m j iv t jollain tavalla irrallisiksi Nainen ja apina oli minusta melko [...]

  22. There are a few hilarious moments in this book, but unfortunately, even though it is written with talent who could deny Hoeg s skills it is too pretentious Maybe it is due to the translation, I read it in Finnish The main character is a rich, poor girl, quite credible, whose life is so unnatural, I feel sorry for her The rest of the characters, even the ape, seem a bit vague The story could be an excellent basis to philosophize about our man nature relationship, but it is left to the reader, and [...]

  23. Ein ganz tolles Buch, dessen Lekt re ich jedem ans Herz legen m chte Es beleuchtet die verschiedenen M glichkeiten wie sich Menschen bet uben und welche M glichkeiten sich er ffnen wenn man bereit ist die Welt unbet ubt auszuhalten Ganz wunderbar und leichtf ig schafft es H eg seinem Leser klarzumachen was wahre, tief empfundene liebe ist und wie weit man zu gehen bereit ist wenn man sie gefunden hat Er macht deutlich, dass wir, vor allem was Rechte und die F higkeit zu f hlen betrifft, keinen s [...]

  24. I just recently realized I read this long ago, near when it came out, maybe 2000 It was a very interesting idea view spoiler using the idea of animals that are humane than humans to analyze our human behavior and stewardship hide spoiler , but was a bit too bizarre for me My remaining images are the main characters surprising conversation in the lab, the brain jarring town hall meeting, and some climbing among trees and walls But I am not clear I actually learned anything the theme seemed overs [...]

  25. After I read this book, I tried to recommend it to a lot of people, but most of them refused to read it on the grounds that it s about a love affair between a woman and an ape, no joke I would still recommend it It s by one of my favourite authors, and it s a beautiful book It was the first book I ever read that suggested that humans are just another kind of animal, and therefore we should be nicer to animals but unlike any of the other books I ve read on that topic, it s fiction, it s really cr [...]

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