Три сказки и ещё одна

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  • ✓ Три сказки и ещё одна ☆ Veniamin Kaverin Вениамин Каверин
    133 Veniamin Kaverin Вениамин Каверин
Три сказки и ещё одна

  1. Veniamin Alexandrovich Kaverin Russian real name , or Veniamin Alexandrovich Zilber April 19 O.S April 6 1902, Pskov May 2, 1989, Moscow was a Soviet writer associated with the early 1920s movement of the Serapion Brothers The immunologist Lev Zilber was his older brother, and the critic Yury Tynyanov was his brother in law.During the WWII evacuation in Yaroslavl, Kaverin completed his best known novel, The Two Captains 1938 44 , which colourfully recounts the adventures of Russian polar explorers before and after the Revolution The book, awarded the Stalin Prize in 1946, was reissued 42 times in 25 years and was adapted for the screen twice, in 1955 and 1976 In 1966, Kaverin published a revised version of his 1929 study of Osip Senkovsky, Baron Brambeus Later, he worked on his reminiscences about the literary milieu of the 1920s, which contained passages highly critical of Soviet policies in literature.

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