Hurt At seventeen Math o Walsh appears to have it all He is a champion diver and a hot prospect for the upcoming Olympics He is a heartthrob a straight A student and lives in one of the wealthiest areas

At seventeen, Math o Walsh appears to have it all He is a champion diver and a hot prospect for the upcoming Olympics He is a heartthrob, a straight A student and lives in one of the wealthiest areas of London He has great friends and is the envy of many around him And most importantly of all, he is deeply in love with his girlfriend, Lola He has always been a stable,At seventeen, Math o Walsh appears to have it all He is a champion diver and a hot prospect for the upcoming Olympics He is a heartthrob, a straight A student and lives in one of the wealthiest areas of London He has great friends and is the envy of many around him And most importantly of all, he is deeply in love with his girlfriend, Lola He has always been a stable, well adjusted guy .Until one weekend A weekend he cannot seem to remember All he knows is that he has come back a changed person One who no longer knows how to have fun, no longer wants to spend time with his friends, no longer enjoys diving Something terrible happened that weekend something violent and bloody and twisted He no longer knows who he is He no longer trusts himself around people he only wants to hurt, wound and destroy Slowly, he begins to piece back the buried, fragmented memories, and finds himself staring at the reflection of a monster.Tormented, Math o suddenly finds himself faced with the most devastating choice of his life Keep his secret, and put those closest to him in terrible danger Or confess, and lose Lola forever .

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  1. Add me on Facebook facebook tabithazumaFollow me on Twitter twitter TabithaSuzumaTabitha Suzuma was born in London, the eldest of five children She attended a French school in the UK and grew up bilingual However, she hated school and would sit at the back of the class and write stories, which she got away with because her teachers thought she was taking notes Aged fourteen, Tabitha left school against her parents wishes She continued her education through distance learning and went on to study French Literature at King s College London.After graduating, Tabitha trained as a primary school teacher and whilst teaching full time, wrote her first novel.A NOTE OF MADNESS tells the story of seventeen year old Flynn, a piano prodigy who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.In 2004 Tabitha Suzuma left classroom teaching to divide her time between writing and tutoring This gave her time to write her next four novels FROM WHERE I STAND a psychological thriller about Raven, a deeply disturbed teenager in foster care who self harms and harbours a dreadful secret.WITHOUT LOOKING BACK about teenage dance sensation Louis, who suddenly finds himself uprooted from his home and whisked abroad on holiday by his mentally unstable father, until he sees his face on a missing person s poster.A VOICE IN THE DISTANCE a sequel to A NOTE OF MADNESS about Flynn and his continuing struggle to cope with his bipolar disorder without jeopardising his career or losing the girl he lovesRBIDDEN Maya and Lochan are in love But they are brother and sister.Published in six different languages, this is her most controversial and heart breaking novel to dateRT out Sept 2013 At seventeen, Matheo Walsh is Britain s most promising diving champion He is wealthy, popular and there s Lola, the girlfriend of his dreams But then there was that weekend A weekend he cannot bring himself to remember All he knows is that what happened has changed him Math o is faced with the most devastating choice of his life Keep his secret, and put those closest to him in terrible danger Or confess, and lose Lola for ever .Tabitha Suzuma s books have been nominated for a number of awards including the Carnegie Medal, the Waterstone s Book Prize, the Jugendliteraturpreis and the Branford Boase Book Award She has won the Young Minds Award, the Stockport Book Award, and the Premio Speciale Cariparma for European Literature.

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  1. There are now three years and over five hundred books between me and my completion of Suzuma s Forbidden The last three years have seen my reading tastes change a lot books I used to love often start to pale in comparison to newer treasures who do similar things but do them far better So I don t know how I would feel if I read Forbidden now but, going on memory alone, I recall liking it a lot I thought the author was brave to tackle such a controversial and edgy subject And I thought it was sad, [...]

  2. I need a moment.YOU CAN T DO THIS TO ME BECAUSE I WAS EXPECTING THIS BOOK IN AUGUST NO JUST NO TELL ME THAT S A GLITCH OR SOME SHIT CAUSE MY EMOTIONSSOMEONE HELP ME cries hysterically please sniffs I I I m gonna meditates __Very excited to read this book Forbidden tore my heart to shreds for one week straight.

  3. 3 STARSOnly because it was not a 2 star read for me, but the disappointment level was pretty high.Since this book was heavy on the metaphors of guilt, insanity and loving on the edge of pain I ll start with a metaphor of my own.Reading this book felt like seeing a beautifully framed photo, in some picturesque place somewhere with two strangers in it and something poetic scribbled artfully in the scene.But you re still in your house Wearing your pajamas at 2 in the afternoon Eating empty calories [...]

  4. 5 HEARTBREAKING, SOUL CRUSHING STARSI m all over the place right now, so this review might not make any sense to you at allFirst of all, this is NOT a happy book It was so consuming, I started crying from chapter 1 No No From the Prologue The way Tabitha Suzuma wrote this story was so beautiful and excellently done I felt myself falling into the words and being wholly consumed by the emotions and feelings in them OH MY GOD It was a roller coaster It was like i was experiencing every little damn [...]

  5. I literally have no idea where to begin with this review nor am I sure I have the words to do it justice What follows is probably going to be a ramble about what I think since I have read this glorious book Hurt is the story of Mattie Mattie wakes up one day with his room smashed to pieces and no memory of why it is so or why from that day on he no longer feels anything and is so sad he is crying himself to sleep most evenings On the face of it he has it all A shot at gold at the Olympics as a r [...]

  6. One week and counting Another book is added to the did not finish pile The will to read has left the building Need intervention, STAT.

  7. The book started out really great, the prologue left me with hundred questions of what happened and when its going to happen In the first chapters we were introduced to Math o s life before the event that ultimetly changed his life, and at first it was interesting, his relationships with his friends and how others saw him etc though I found myself bored really fast with all the detailed descriptions of how his house looks like and how many rooms he has, and how Lola looks like when she smiles So [...]

  8. Okay, I m still dying herewaiting for this book to come out I desperately, DESPERATELY need this book Like seriously, I ve been obsessing over it I Need This Book I found a badass trailer and holy hell, the intensity Gah So, below is the link Only FOUR weeks and this bitch is in my hands and ruling my life Can t wait youtube watch v RVyB5eIf this book is anything like Forbidden which, from the looks of it, it is I m sure , I m screwed, but I don t care I m a masochist that loves pain inflicted i [...]

  9. Tabitha Suzuma is one of those authors that can break your heart with her books and it ll linger with you even years later when you think of the story She did that to me with Forbidden which is currently sitting on my favourites shelf , and I m pretty sure she s just done it again with Hurt although not quite in the same way.This isn t the easiest book to review, because I need to do it without spoilers Not just because it would be horrible of me to spoil a book for someone, but because the thin [...]

  10. 5 stars is simply not enough Ja svoju pr ce stra ne a naozaj milujem Len niekedy ju nen vid m Jednou z nev hod je to, e mnoho rukopisov tame pod r kom tajomna aleko a d vno pred vydan m Poviete si Je , ve to je super, ta nie o ove a sk r ako zvy ok sveta Len e to m aj tienist str nku My vydavatelia sme toti viazan ml anlivos ou, dokonca by sme mali zapiera existenciu rukopisu v na ich e mailov ch schr nkach DKe som za pu ania jarn ch kvetov do taval posledn str nky Hurtu, myslel som, e ma okam i [...]

  11. Tabitha Suzuma tends to gravitate toward taboo and sensitive subject matter Often heart breaking and hauntingly sad, her stories aren t always the easiest to take in When I finished reading Forbidden, I remember crying myself to sleep and then feeling down and empty for the next several days I felt that way with Hurt too, however I have to agree with the growing consensus that Forbidden is the better novel That said, I think Hurt is beautifully written Lots of pretty words it s like reading a pa [...]

  12. Speechless.There s not much I can say about this book without giving away too much, just that the title is perfect Is better if you start reading it without reading reviews, or details, but know that your heart will end up broken and you will cry.I admit that at first, I wasn t really into the story, but I ended up devouring it, I didn t sleep last night because I wanted to know how it ended.I recommend it, please read it knowing it addresses difficult and sad subjects, but that are important to [...]

  13. Oh man, I see that this book is another tragedy But whatever, Forbidden was worth the tears, sobs and headache

  14. Reflecting on this since the weekend I finished it, I have to admit it doesn t deserve the full load of stars I first gave it There s something about reading angsty, life gone wrong fiction that deprives you of an HEA that sometimes blinds you to the flaws in the narration and side characters, which is the case with Hurt There s some great character development and I really liked Matheo and Lola s relationship at the start of the timeline, but at the same time a lot of unnecessary melodrama and [...]

  15. Originalement post sur Sous ma Couverture Je ne sais pas ce que vous vous imaginez en lisant le r sum , mais il est quelque fois trompeur Et a n enl ve rien ce roman d chirant et captivant Math oMalgr le r sum , Math o n est pas un clich du gar on parfait Enfin, oui c est un gar on parfait, mais il n a pas la pr tention du type qui sait qu il est parfait, et qui se rend donc lui m me imparfait Ce qui fait que perfection pr tention perfection Ce n est pas du tout math matique Mais c est comme a O [...]

  16. berraschend gut geschrieben, man war sehr nah an Math os Gedanken und Gef hlen dran Die Geschichte war wirklich superspannend und bedr ckend, die Enth llung hab ich nicht erwartet Das Ende war mir eeetwas zu krass.

  17. KurzbeschreibungMath os gro e Liebe ist Lola Doch Math o ist auch Gro britanniens Hoffnung auf olympisches Gold im Turmspringen Und seine ehrgeizigen Eltern zeigen sich wenig begeistert ber die Beziehung Zum Gl ck ist Lolas Vater anders Mit ihm versteht sich Math o blind Doch dann ger t Math os Leben komplett aus den Fugen Nach einer Siegesfeier wacht er mit Verletzungen am ganzen K rper auf, ohne Erinnerung an die Nacht zuvor Erst als er sich beim Turmspringen am Kopf verletzt, kommt die Erinne [...]

  18. Everything has a price no matter what it isTabitha is a dangerous writer you won t close the book and just go and live your life like before started reading actually this story is not easy to read ,for it will touch a nerve inside your life and make you feel something deep something hurtingShall we take a look at the characters we have Math o who has a beautiful name but had a misery inner conflict inside his own mind Math o loves Lola like so much I wonder where is he going to leave her ,but he [...]

  19. Holy hell I devoured this in one sitting Just sat and read this for 4 hours straight Most powerful book I ve read on this subject by far Tabitha Suzuma is now one of my favorite authors She knows how to write and fully express the emotions and turmoil of characters And handle these very sensitive, prevalent, and overlooked real life subjects This book deals with an issue that is horribly overlooked not just in books but in society This book can be a powerful eyeopener to a lot of people.

  20. The author CLEARLY had her reasons not to mention hurtful and painful ones choosing such a title This book is wonderful, beautiful and extremely painful P.S remind me to never read anything by Tabitha Suzuma ever again, because i can t remember the last time i cried that hard while reading a book.

  21. Finally have this book to read, after all the waiting and wanting, but I know it s gonna break my heart lip wibbles

  22. Tabitha Suzuma has an affinity for tragedies It s understandable Tragedies are exciting, and people are drawn to them.There s so few writers like her And it makes me wish she wrote so many stories that others could indefinitely read I can testify that her style and flair have the capability of drawing out saturated emotion from a reader without being sensationalised There s a mainstream fetish for abused characters, with dark pasts, or violent tendencies that leave me feeling apathetic I stream [...]

  23. Having read and enjoyed the powerful, heartbreaking and controversial Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma last year, I was looking forward to trying out some of her works I decided upon this, her newest book, after reading numerous good reviews about it over the past few months All I can say is, wow Although very different from Forbidden , Hurt is just as compelling, just as heartbreaking and just as well written as its predecessor It isn t an easy read by any means due to its own difficult subject mat [...]

  24. RECENZIA NA BLOGUHurt alebo Forbidden, znie ot zka Neviem Asi Hurt Forbidden ma mo no bavilo o k tik viac, ale Hurt je in level V t me, v podan , v hrdinovi Vo v etkom.Matheo je p hviezdi kov sedemn s ro n chlapec skvel zn mky, bezprobl mov dospievanie, asn diev a, portov talent Priatelia, mal brat, skoky do vody a hlavne Lola s veci, pre ktor Matheo ije A potom sa TO stane Matheovi sa prihod nie o, o v m vyraz dych okoval v s incest vo Forbidden Dnes u trocha zak zanej l sky medzi s rodencami n [...]

  25. I found this style of writing to be over indulgent on the author s part, keeping me at arm s length from the story, never really allowing me to connect with any of the characters, including the MC, Matt The writing is overly detailed, descriptive and filled with so many metaphors that I constantly found myself skimming and losing interest in the plot Many interactions between characters and recurring events in the book felt contrived, purposefully trying to manipulate an emotional reaction from [...]

  26. I ve gone over and over how to even go about reviewing this book and the words have escaped me.I went in blind and I wasn t sure what to expect when I started Hurt I ran through several scenarios in my head after reading the first chapter, thinking I had it all figured out I was wrong The first half of the book the author leaves small truths in words and phrases casually left behind, that at first seem unimportant, easy clues that can be applied to all sorts of scenarios Later after I was finish [...]

  27. According to my calendar, 1205 days ago, I finished reading Tabitha Suzuma s Forbidden It feels like last night I can still remember as clearly as ever finishing the last page, having steadily read for most of the day when I received the book in the mail, and well into the early hours of the following day At the time, I didn t think it possible to feel, after reading a novel, any anguish, any pain or any sheer desperation for things to be somehow different I remember sitting at my computer, a [...]

  28. I was so, do disappointed in this book At 42% I almost dnf ed, but wanting to know Math o s big secret is what kept me going.I don t know what happened in this book to make me dislike it so much, but it really just didn t work for me Earlier this year I read Forbidden and it was one of my favourite reads, ever So, automatically I thought to myself that as Tabitha Suzuma was writing something new, I would love it That was my first mistake These books are worlds apart and should not be compared to [...]

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