The Turn of the Screw

The Turn of the Screw A very young woman s first job governess for two weirdly beautiful strangely distant oddly silent children Miles and Flora at a forlorn estateAn estate haunted by a beckoning evil Half seen figure

A very young woman s first job governess for two weirdly beautiful, strangely distant, oddly silent children, Miles and Flora, at a forlorn estateAn estate haunted by a beckoning evil.Half seen figures who glare from dark towers and dusty windows silent, foul phantoms who, day by day, night by night, come closer, ever closer With growing horror, the helpless governesA very young woman s first job governess for two weirdly beautiful, strangely distant, oddly silent children, Miles and Flora, at a forlorn estateAn estate haunted by a beckoning evil.Half seen figures who glare from dark towers and dusty windows silent, foul phantoms who, day by day, night by night, come closer, ever closer With growing horror, the helpless governess realizes the fiendish creatures want the children, seeking to corrupt their bodies, possess their minds, own their soulsBut worse much worse the governess discovers that Miles and Flora have no terror of the lurking evil.For they want the walking dead as badly as the dead want them.

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The Turn of the Screw

  1. Henry James, OM, son of theologian Henry James Sr brother of the philosopher and psychologist William James and diarist Alice James, was an American born author, one of the founders and leaders of a school of realism in fiction He spent much of his life in England and became a British subject shortly before his death He is primarily known for a series of major novels in which he portrayed the encounter of America with Europe His plots centered on personal relationships, the proper exercise of power in such relationships, and other moral questions His method of writing from the point of view of a character within a tale allowed him to explore the phenomena of consciousness and perception, and his style in later works has been compared to impressionist painting.James insisted that writers in Great Britain and America should be allowed the greatest freedom possible in presenting their view of the world, as French authors were His imaginative use of point of view, interior monologue and unreliable narrators in his own novels and tales brought a new depth and interest to realistic fiction, and foreshadowed the modernist work of the twentieth century An extraordinarily productive writer, in addition to his voluminous works of fiction he published articles and books of travel writing, biography, autobiography, and criticism,and wrote plays, some of which were performed during his lifetime with moderate success His theatrical work is thought to have profoundly influenced his later novels and tales.

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  2. Now you see me, w you don t What the Meaning, understanding and certainty all become elusive chimera in this ambiguous game of hide and seek that Henry James plays with us Have you ever been in one of those weird situations where you wondered if you were losing your mind, doubting whether what you were seeing was real And what it was that you were seeing This is one of those what the heck novels that you often find in the modernist genre Not originally classed as a modernist novel, by now it is [...]

  3. No, no there are depths, depths The I go over it, the I see in it, and the I see in it, the I fear I don t know what I don t see what I don t fear Screen shot from the 1961 version of The Innocents based on the James short story.A governess is hired to look after the nephew and niece of a man who has inherited the responsibility for the children after the death of their parents He is very explicit in his instructions to the governess that he is not to be bothered with excessive communication [...]

  4. Turn of the Screw is a pretty cool story It s about a governess who either heroically attempts to protect her two charges from malevolent ghosts or goes dangerously bonkers James leaves it ambiguous and I love that kind of story Ambiguity works for me Four stars for the plot Kindof an abrupt ending though.On the other hand there s his writing style I was at this party once and the topic was what would you do if the world was ending and the answer was generally that we would have all the sex Jame [...]

  5. I HAVE YOU, BUT HE HAS LOST YOU FOR EVER Questo libro m ha messo i brividi, m ha costretto a leggere solo in presenza del sole per tenermi lontano da buio e tenebre Il film tratto dal breve romanzo di H.James, del 1961 The Innocents, regia di Jack Clayton, sceneggiatura di Truman Capote, con Deborah Kerr nel ruolo di Miss Giddens, nel magico gotico terrificante splendore del CinemaScope in bwI bambini sono o non sono corrotti Sono vittime, complici o addirittura carnefici Gli spettri sono reali [...]

  6. imagination had, in a flash, turned real He did stand there I could not decide whether I was intrigued by the Gothic thriller or the intricate jalebi of the prose, a truly truly labyrinthine prose, which James employs with great effect for the purpose of dissimulation Folks would later dub it unreliable narration You can trust James to phrase the most simplest of ideas and situations in the most imaginative of ways without making a fool of you but if you still insist on clarity, go ahead and te [...]

  7. Redonkulous Where s my SPOOKY I mean, I thought I d get a few good jump scares out of a book with possessed children in it You know what didn t happen, not even once, while I was listening to this book THIS I m not sure why my teenage self thought The Turn of the Screw was worth 4 stars, but my older than teenage self certainly doesn t.On the surface, it seems like this should be a winner for me in the classic department short, scaryort But it was kinda crap So the gist is that this governess is [...]

  8. There is a presumption that a book, if written concurrent with a certain time period during which a ruler of notable longevity reigned and originating from an area of the world long known, during that time period in particular, for an effusiveness of style in excess of that which may be, at a minimum, absolutely required to convey a particular message or idea, may, on occasion, if not predominantly and generally, tend toward a style that, when compared and contrasted with styles of later writers [...]

  9. It was as if, while I took in what I did take in all the rest of the scene had been stricken with death I can hear again, as I write, the intense hush in which the sounds of evening dropped The rooks stopped cawing in the golden sky, and the friendly hour lost, for the minute, all its voice But there was no other change in nature, unless indeed it were a change that I saw with a stranger sharpness Oh, I was not scared maybe just a little the last two days reading the The Turn of the Screw, but I [...]

  10. What is real , something you see but no one else does, things stare back at you then vanish into the nothingness of oblivion, images that cannot be solid ARE YOU GOING INSANE Such is the plot of the famous Henry James novella The Turn of the Screw, a study of psychological turmoil than pure terror, yet it has it too A young unnamed woman takes a job as governess to two small children in an old house called Bly, in rural England, set in the 1800 s, she needs the money desperately , a boy Miles 1 [...]

  11. 2.5 stars rounded up A young governess is hired to care for the young niece and nephew of an unmarried man who acts as guardian of the two following the death of their parents One condition must be upheld, however the governess is not for any reason or by any means to contact her new employer This seemed to me a daunting task and one which I am not certain would appeal to me in the least The young governess, however, is charmed by the gentleman and agrees to his request Her story, detailed in th [...]

  12. Paranormal Activity 6 The Turn of the Screw01 25 17th AUGUST 1895 THE GOVERNESS BEDROOM04 55 23RD AUGUST 1895 FROM THE WINDOW OF THE MAIN STAIRCASEAnyway, great story, but I must mention three STYLISTIC ISSUES which may perhaps GRATE on the less patient reader 1 In The Turn of the Screw, as in a lot of HJ s stuff, people like to finish each other s sentences But aren t they all Sent home Yes P33 Did she see anything in the boy That wasn t right She never told me P 36 He couldn t prevent Your lea [...]

  13. I often embrace the notion of writing being superior than plot to the extent of salvaging a lackluster body of the latter, very close to my heart And it is stories like these that realign my reading meter in that direction.Henry James story has no flaws per se instead, has a pollen bearing promise to turn into a full feather A series of apparition that haunts the governess of a house, driving her to cast her net of suspicion across all the residents, primarily the children, makes for a premise w [...]

  14. 5 stars to Henry James s The Turn of the Screw Perhaps America s greatest writer from our Realistic period, James s ghost story sets itself above all the rest and he has a lot to choose from Consider this story a nanny s mind game but who is in control I studied James in my college years, even dedicating an entire semester to several of his works as one of my independent studies in my English major Something about the way James told stories spoke to me, and I felt a connection to him as a person [...]

  15. Reading this story was a lot like standing in line opening weekend for a blockbuster you waited a year to see, and being underwhelmed I was disappointed I ve heard about this story as being one of the best ghost stories ever written I was so excited to read it So excited was I, I had to download it to my Kindle to read right away, even though I have this story in one of my paperback collections I love psychological horror, but I don t think a good psychological horror novel should leave the read [...]

  16. Without giving anything away, what I love about this story is the creepy atmosphere and the ambiguity, right up to the ambiguity of the ending, where James doesn t quite resolve the competing images that he s placed in the reader s mind images of what exactly has happened to the children and who exactly the governess is mad murderous a witness to supernatural possession.

  17. The plot of this classic Gothic book is well known, so I will hit only the high points A governess is hired by an English gentleman to take care of his orphaned nephew and niece The only big condition for her work she will never ever bother the guy with the problems with the kids I could never figure out whether it was his eccentricity, or he just did not care about the kids much The governess first impression of the place was very favorable and the kids were adorable Add to this good salary and [...]

  18. 2.5 Stars GEESH.Glad it s over Great set up to draw in the reader with the anticipated narration of an eerie old manuscript, but Whew What a verbose read I usually love, love, love old creepy gothic horror stories, but this one to me was not scary or eerie or even very atmospheric Now, there were a couple of sightings in a window, one in particular that made me thinkoh boy we go, but my hopes were soon short lived.Besides a couple of suspicious deaths and the strange ending, I was disappointed Y [...]

  19. Me at 50% And 75% And 90%.I was actually really excited to read this classic Henry James novella, a gothic ghost story published in 1898 A young woman is hired to be the governess for two young orphans by their uncle, whose good looks and charm impress the governess She wants to impress him in turn with her capability, especially when his main command to her is that she never, NEVER, bother him with any problems or concerns.She s packed off to the uncle s country estate to meet young Flora and M [...]

  20. Delectable ambiguityIs the young, nameless governess in charge of two creepily perfect children losing her mind Or are there ghosts on the premises, appearing to and influencing the kiddies, and scaring her half to death This is the see saw you ll ride when you read this, and there s no right answer Though, there are plenty of academics and otherwise who have argued both sides.If you think you re going to read this book, and figure it out , forget about it It was written with artful cleverness, [...]

  21. Ooh, what a fantastic ghost story I ve been meaning to read Henry James, and this was such a fun gothic thriller that I m even impressed with his range of works.The story is that a governess goes to an English country house to take charge of two orphaned children, Miles and Flora The governess is told she must manage everything herself and not disturb the children s uncle, who is their guardian Soon the governess is alarmed when she sees an unknown man and woman around the estate, and the hous [...]

  22. No la ve usted como la vemos nosotras Es que no la est viendo ahora, ahora mismo Es tan grande como una hoguera Lim tese a mirar, buena mujer Mire Otra vuelta de tuerca sigue siendo para m LA novela de fantasmas por antonomasia, como dice la contratapa de mi edici n del libro Y creo que m s all de otras que dentro del g nero g tico marcaron el inicio de estos relatos, como Los misterios de Udolfo nombrada en esta novela y El castillo de Otranto, este el libro de Henry James el que instala defini [...]

  23. A Ghost Story or An Intense Psychological StudyBlue Black vs Gold WhiteThis ghost story novella, written by Henry James and published in 1898, has generated considerable debate among writers, readers and critics over the hundred plus years since, on whether it s a ghost story e.g Truman Capote or a character study e.g Edmund Wilson Your interpretation largely turns on whether you believe the unnamed female governess is mad If so, you see this as a character study of a woman whose visions of ghos [...]

  24. Note, Oct 21, 2016 Following my third reading of this novella, I ve just completely updated my review, not in any way to change the interpretation, but rather to focus strictly on discussion of the text itself, rather than underlying critical assumptions about it Those will be properly addressed in a separate review of A Casebook on Henry James s The Turn of The Screw, which I hope will follow later this month I was hesitant to significantly rewrite the review once 32 people had officially lik [...]

  25. Finally, a mystery that I really like A creepy Gothic mystery The question is if the governess is crazy Are the apparitions only in her head I will not tell you what else she does Or does she You are meant to think You are not reading this to be given definitive answers We each draw our own conclusion I like the ambiguity I like that readers can discuss this from all different angles I like this novella because it grabs your attention right from the start, and then it never lets you go It is sho [...]

  26. Narrated by Emma Thompson, I enjoyed re reading this classic, gothic novella for the third time I know many readers are not impressed by this book, but I enjoyed it, again I know it s rather verbose, especially considering the length of the book, but I found than a few of the sentences to be outright chilling I ve always loved psychological horror and ambiguous stories, so this one hits most of the marks for me My original rating of the book, at 4 stars, stands.

  27. Un capolavoro deve per forza anche piacere Genere horror, forse ghost story Alla fine direi indefinito.Atmosfera gotica, fuori dal comune e con un forte senso di isolamento.Tecnica narrativa perfetta Ricco di frasi dette e non terminate, di parole lasciate in sospeso, di domande senza risposta Ogni singolo dettaglio ragionato e curato con estrema attenzione.Stile narrativo piacevole, anche se abbastanza contorto forse il linguaggio risente un po del tempo trascorso.Trama i personaggi agiscono in [...]

  28. Time to admit it I am never finishing this book Short as it is, it is a big chore It s too bad, because the story itself is interesting to me, as is the ambiguity about whether supernatural things are really happening Likewise, James prose style, while very much not to my personal taste, is certainly not bad As a combination, however, plot and style are terrible The lengthy, convoluted sentences and slowness of narration completely sap any sense of fear, urgency, or even unease from the situatio [...]

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