Guitar Notes

Guitar Notes Tripp who plays guitar only for himself and Lyla a cellist whose talent has already made her famous but not happy form an unlikely friendship when they are forced to share a practice room at their

Tripp, who plays guitar only for himself, and Lyla, a cellist whose talent has already made her famous but not happy, form an unlikely friendship when they are forced to share a practice room at their high school.

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Guitar Notes

  1. I write fiction for young adults and children and enjoy connecting with my readers through Skype and school visits I also write for adults songs, plays, poems, and essays I teach privately via Skype and in person.

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  1. 3,5 starsIn this book two high school students who don t really know each other are brought together because of their love for music For the main part this book was a surprisingly funny, entertaining, enjoyable and light read The other luckily rather short remaining part is just a shame and bad choice of twist in the story.Lyla is for outsiders the perfect girl who plays the cello effortless She started playing after the death of her mom Lyla is extremely talented but pushed by her father and IM [...]

  2. Hello Hi I believe my writing has gone all raw after this long a while of not reading or reviewing This book, Guitar Notes, in my opinion, is not a book Rather it projects like a song because of the flow that is so easy to mould into A beautiful story, crafted on introspection into your life and pursuing what you really want to It deals with peer pressure, family pressure and skyhigh expectations which crush the need to decide for ourselves when its time.The story is predictable from the very st [...]

  3. What Drew Me to This Book Music I love music My music tastes range from heavy metal to classical and most points in between Hand me a book that features two extremes of the medium, throw in characters with opposite personalities and I m hooked Synopsis taken from book On odd days, Tripp Broody uses a school practice room to let loose on a borrowed guitar Eyes closed, strumming that beat up instrument, Tripp escapes to a world where only the music matters On even days, Lyla Marks uses the same pr [...]

  4. Review also posted at Ja itam, a ti I m weak But before I tell you why I should start from beginning Ha Nope I m not teasing Beginning meaning the blurb cause I simply love it I m that one person who always complains how blurbs reveal to much but this one is perfect it has enough info to get you interested in the book but still doesn t tell you anything at the same time Now I m coming to that me weak part Yeah I really am, cause it doesn t take much for a book at least to go under my skin This i [...]

  5. Synopsis A heartwarming story about an unlikely friendship forged between a straight A, classical musician and a bad boy guitar player told through notes, lyrics, texts, and narration.My Review Guitar Notes is a refreshing story about blossoming friendship and love for music, about choices and its effects on you and around you WARNING If you haven t read the book please don t go ahead and read ge spoiler alert view spoiler oooooooh here meets miss Perfect with the bad boy musician D just through [...]

  6. I get the feeling Mary Amato had the concept for Guitar Notes in her head when she started writing and knew how she wanted to end things, but didn t have a specific plot in mind That s the only way I can explain how this book doesn t go anywhere until the plot finally falls off a cliff towards the end I mean, the majority of this book s a pretty sweet story of a slow friendship between two very different people, but there s no movement to it really, and when there finally is, I m wondering what [...]

  7. Burning Gold Christina Perrigood story cute couple.just one thing view spoiler you couldn t just give me a sweet kiss scene,could you i waited and i waited and i waited and the tension builded and things happened but no kiss asdfghjkl hide spoiler now that i got that out of my system, let s review this the story begins as Tripp s mom confiscates his guitar, the only thing that Tripp cares most in the world, due to Tripp s plummeting grades seeking revenge, he trades his mom s coffee with dirt fr [...]

  8. Music is so beautiful, it s hard for someone not to fall in love with it It can come in many different styles, beats, and phrases and it can give millions of different meanings through it s poetry This is exactly what happened in Guitar Notes by Mary Amato The introverted and mysterious Tripp Broody signs up for a practice room so that he can play his heart out on his guitar The perfect and top notch Lyla Marks signs up for a practice room so that she can practice playing the cello to build her [...]

  9. 3.5 stars I really wish GR had half stars Rolling Credit Song Sum 41 s With Me WHAT THE HELL I would have given this book five stars had it not been for the end.The book started off really, really strong for a cute, light read I m not usually a fan of short, choppy transitions, but for some reason, it worked in this book I thought Amato did a great job switching between Tripp s and Lyla s points of view, and the abrupt flow kind of reflected their quick, snappish responses to each other And thei [...]

  10. I found this book to be quite enjoyable It starts off with Tripp getting his guitar taken away by his mom until he can get his grades up But the guitar is the only thing he feels he has and needs So he signs up to get practice time in the school music room and use a guitar the school has in storage Here is where he gets to know Lyla He has odd days and she has even days They start writing notes back and forward, and eventually become friends She starts using the guitar, and he knows it, and enco [...]

  11. Have you ever had to do something you didn t want to do, or been forced to participate in an activity you didn t even like That is basically the life of Lyla Marks Well besides the fact that she is perfect Tripp Broody is practically the opposite, he needs his guitar to survive Them becoming friends seems impossible, but I guess opposites attract right

  12. I really loved reading this book and it was a really nice read I really liked how at first, Lyla and Tripp didn t like each other and the notes that they wrote to each other were really funny When they started writing notes about how they felt, it was really nice to read I enjoyed learning about each of the characters past I was really annoyed about Annie kept telling Lyla that she couldn t hang out with Tripp I really loved the parts when they started writing songs together and I loved all of t [...]

  13. 4 musical stars Meet Tripp Broody, AKA Mr Odd The pages open, and we see Tripp Broody, the school s odd boy s clock radio alarm waking him up He sees a note on his bedside from his mom, telling that his guitar, his beloved guitar, has been confiscated from him Her mom like a Termite, eats up his soul, eats up his guitar, his life How will he survive without it Meet Lyla Marks, AKA Ms Even Lyla Marks, school s perfect chippery girl, the main cellist, isn t really happy She s going through the mot [...]

  14. Guitar Notesby Mary Amato314 pagesPublisher EgmontUSA 7 24 12 downloaded from the local library5 STARSTripp Broody is not a bad kid He s not even apathetic He has simply allowed himself one love, his guitar As a result, his mother decides he needs in life and takes his love away Lyla Marks lies nonstop, but not the way you re thinking Lyla doesn t want to disappoint the people she cares about, so she pretends She plasters on smiles and offers the right words She plays her cello perfectly Tripp [...]

  15. Love the story of the high school kids and how they take charge of their lives This book for teens is a reminder for me as a parent that we can t protect our kids from everything and sometimes it s not even a good idea to try Parents can be obstacles to their kids efforts to become who they are I like the stuff I learn along the way in Mary Amato s books This one has information about music and science painless, interesting, part of the story Invisible Lines has science I still think about.The m [...]

  16. I love how both of the main characters are afraid to tell their parents what they really want I can remember as a teenager feeling the same way Yes, a lot of times parents know what s best, but it wouldn t hurt for them to listen every once in a while either Teens are growing and testing boundaries to find out who they are That s just part of growing up.

  17. This book was super cute I really loved seeing Tripp and Lyla s relationship evolve Also, major bonus points for for the chord charts for all of Tripp and Lyla s songs It s so cool Even bonus points for Mary Amato having the song recordings on the the websiteI have to go try them out my my guitar

  18. This book was so refreshing The best part the two main characters, a boy and a girl, are NOT in a romantic relationship although it leaves room for the possibility I loved how the main characters exchanged notes through the guitar It was clever and funny Sure, it was a little cliche and predictable toward the end, but it a nice story and well written.

  19. A beautiful loves story The feeling of it reminded me of the late 70s early 80s Laurence Olivier film with a very young Diane Lane called A Little Romance Just a great story of star crossed soul mates And really, an ode to music, the guitar, and songwriting.

  20. This is like 5 stars for the first 225 pages, 2 stars for the last 40 when it pulled out every sappy cliche in the book But I wouldn t have been so mad about that if the rest hadn t been so good.

  21. this book was sooooo good even though the parents pissed me off music can help and heal so much and i just,sigh, i just loved this book this is the type of book that makes me want to go out and create something love, love, LOVE

  22. such a cute story I love that it centered around music and that it wasn t focused on loving each other OR Building a love relationship through their experiences.Instead it was literally about connecting with another person on a one on one level through musicand it was beautiful

  23. How wonderful I feel like I m floating on a pink fluffy cloud Full review to come.

  24. It s cute and fun No romance involved This is such a great book and a book to read after you finish one book and want to be in that happy mood still.

  25. I think 3.5 would be a accurate rating from me, but sadly there are no half stars.This is a perfectly cute book The two main characters are very likable Their initial conversation via notes in their respective handwritings is funny and definitely reminded me of high school I liked the musical connection they share and I think including the lyrics, once again written directly by the main characters is a nice touch.The timeline, short chapters, texts, emails and handwritten portions of the book l [...]

  26. This was a quick, entertaining read for me I loved how the two main characters found friendship through common interests They brought out the best in each other I don t play guitar, but I still enjoyed this book a lot I think it would be over the top awesome, though, for anyone who DID play the guitar, since the chord charts were in the back for all the songs Lyla and Tripp wrote I m looking forward to discussing this with the Rabid Readers

  27. I absolutely loved this book It was beautifully written and brought me to tears with how real the emotions of the characters were Amato did a wonderful job of describing the characters and their true feelings I personally love when books switch the point of view so we don t just see the story from one character s perspective we actually get insight into the thoughts and emotions of other characters which I think Amato did perfectly Lyla and Tripp s relationship is developed in a way that makes t [...]

  28. Spoiler Alert He remembers the articles he read describing how people in comas can often hear, even if they can t respond It takes him a minute to work up the courage to say her name out loud, and when he does, it comes out in barely a whisper Lylalook He holds up the guitar, lifts the strap over his head and manages a shaky smile I broke the door down, Lyla No response The book Guitar Notes by Mary Amato is a realistic fiction book that creates characters that have similarities like real people [...]

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