The Seeds of Wither

The Seeds of Wither Step into the Chemical Garden with an all new eBook sampler Discover the world author Lauren DeStefano created in Wither a riveting dystopian thriller In the not so distant future fallout from genet

Step into the Chemical Garden with an all new eBook sampler Discover the world author Lauren DeStefano created in Wither, a riveting dystopian thriller In the not so distant future, fallout from genetic engineering causes all females to die at age twenty, and all males to die at twenty five Kidnapped from her home and torn from her twin brother Rowan, sixteen year old RhStep into the Chemical Garden with an all new eBook sampler Discover the world author Lauren DeStefano created in Wither, a riveting dystopian thriller In the not so distant future, fallout from genetic engineering causes all females to die at age twenty, and all males to die at twenty five Kidnapped from her home and torn from her twin brother Rowan, sixteen year old Rhine is forced into a polygamous marriage and taken to live in her husband s mansion She has everything she wants except for freedom But her plans to escape and return home are complicated by a devious father in law, as well as Rhine s growing attraction to Gabriel, a servant who works on the estate Read the first 100 pages of Wither and be captivated by Rhine s journey.This eBook sampler includes an EXCLUSIVE, never before published short story by Lauren DeStefano The First Bride reveals the events leading up to Wither, from the point of view of the bride that came before Rhine.Delve even deeper into Wither with a map of the wives floor, the Wither book trailer, and a video that takes you behind the scenes of the Fever cover shoot You ll also get a sneak peak of Fever, the second book in the Chemical Garden trilogy, before it goes on sale 2 21 12

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The Seeds of Wither

  1. Lauren DeStefano Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Seeds of Wither book, this is one of the most wanted Lauren DeStefano author readers around the world.

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  1. It probably would have helped it I had read the description before reading this book Most of the book about 75 percent was the first six chapters of the first book in The Chemical Garden Trilogy Wither As I had just finished reading Wither I didn t bother with this part The BONUS content was basically a map of the wive s floor, the Wither book trailer and a behind the scenes Fever cover shoot There was a NEW short story by Lauren DeStefano included that had never before been published The First [...]

  2. Oh, boy This looks like it serves no purpose They could ve just published the short story on its own That would ve done just fine But, alas, they had to make money, so they threw some other stuff in.Believe me, I love Lauren DeStefano I loved Fever, especially But I don t love greedy authors, and I really hope Lauren isn t going down that path.

  3. I read The Seeds of Wither after finishing The Chemical Garden Trilogy I had hoped that it would give some additional insight into one of the characters specifically Rose The Seeds of Wither, at 77 pages includes content from the first book Wither which I always find awkward considering the reader that is purchasing the novella has already read the novel It also included a small excerpt from Fever, which at the time hadn t been released and made a little sense Though for me, I d already read it [...]

  4. The Seeds of Wither is an eBook sampler I recently discovered and bought to tide me over until Fever is available It includes the first few chapters of Wither which I skipped since I have already read it , an exclusive, never before published short story titled The First Bride, and the first chapter of Fever.The real pull of this sampler for me was the short story and the sneak peek of Fever The First Bride was a lovely short story told from Rose s Linden s first wife point of view Lauren DeStef [...]

  5. This was a really short story, but I was really curious about what happened in it I m satisfied and hurt by this short story so much grief and mixed feelings It was beautiful though and a good addition to the first book

  6. When I first bought this I thought it was a mini prequel to the series, but then I find out it s just the first couple chapters of WITHER At the end there is an additional chapter from a different characters POV, which I don t think we get at the end of Wither, and I think a chapter of FEVER the next in the series I wish I would have know this when I bought it I liked the story, but I feel like I should have just bought WITHERE FIRST BRIDE a chapter was interesting because it gives an insight on [...]

  7. My star rating isn t for the story itself all five pages of it in an eighty two page download because the story was fine enough even if it wasn t much of anything, but my rating is for the fact that this particular e exclusive isn t quite worth even the 1.99 Several chapters of the existing book and only a single short chapter from Fever Oh Simon Schuster, you need just a little bit for something like this to be satisfying.Download this if it ever goes for free, but otherwise you can skip it.

  8. I just started this book and its already annoying me The description says its a short on Rose s point of view as the first bride, but so far its just a big extract from Wither So Im actually having to skip a few pages Why they couldn t put the POV first, i dont know.well i managed to finish this lots of skipping till i found the short, and I am dissapointed Seriously, this was just a money making ploy

  9. This would have been rated higher if it had been the prequel I thought it was But the first part was the first six chapters of Wither, the next bit was a short story told from the perspective of a different character which did function as a prequel of a sort , and then an excerpt of Fever The Wither excerpt was good and made me want to continue with the book, but I already had it in the library and was planning on reading it next anyway.The First Bride was a good read, nicely paced and a solid i [...]

  10. this was a little disappointing.Since it was only about 100 pages, I figured it would be maybe 25, 50, 2525 pages to Wither50 to new content25 to FeverInstead it was about 80 to Wither, 15 to Fever, and 5 to new content.I was hoping for new stuff I would love to know Rose .but I m glad to know she really did push Linden into marrying and finding a new muse And their small amount of interaction was cute, but I d love to know the history of her candies

  11. Nice to be able to see how Rose and Linden came to be a couple who actually cared for each other in this world Interesting to see Rose s thoughts and not just words to others as she spiraled towards her own imminent death I think I could have really liked Rose had she been around a bit in the first book.This book also had a teaser of book 1 and a preview of book 2, but since I d already read book 1 and I have book 2 waiting for me, I chose to just read the bonus story.

  12. When they say short story they literally mean short story But I really love Rose so I bought this sampler the other day Rose s story is brief and simple, explaining how young she was upon meeting and marrying Linden And the darkness that befell her after losing her child and succumbing to the virus I wish I could have read .

  13. 2.5 starsThis was a bit pointless really 77% of it was the first few chapters of Wither So if you ve read Wither, you ve obviously read these already , then there was a very short story about Rose and Linden literally a few pages in which she tells him to remarry, and then that s it on to an exceprt from Fever Pointless.5 out of 10

  14. This short story was a disappointment for me Most part of it was the excerpt from Wither and then the excerpt from the beginning of Fever In between, we got a short story about Rose and Linden, but it didn t bring anything new to the overall story for someone who has read the first novel.

  15. Jedin , o som tala tu bola p r stranov poviedka The First Bride ostatn str nky boli len uk ky z prvej a druhej knihy obr zok poschodia man eliekBolo to dos depres vne, ke e sme mohli ta o tom, ako Rose umierala cel ten proces, ako v rus zab ja

  16. This was okay I m glad I only paid 99cents for it I skipped over the chapters from Wither because I ve already read that Rose s story was extremely short and not anything we didn t already know.

  17. honestly I would not call this a seperate book it contains the first six chapters of the first book and some content of the second the only addition is a short story of about ten pages.

  18. Okay, I recently today bought this book on my phone, and here was my general reaction First 15 ish pages Wait, is this Wither No, no, this can t be No, wasn t this supposed to be Rose s story Page 16 Why is this the first chapters of Wither Me, looking back on the table of contents Okay, so here is Rose s story I m so excited Wait why is it only 10 pages Yeah I bought this book for a dollar Pretty cheap, I know, but I only read this to know the story of Rose, Linden s first wife I knew it was a [...]

  19. I have read this whole trilogy I enjoy when a writer writes so well they draw you into their world It s not hard to feel the desolation of being sixteen like Rhine and knowing you ll be dead by the age of twenty Even in the light of day the tone is dark with than a hint of sinister The ending was bittersweet There was one character I kind of wish had made it.

  20. As much as I loved reading the first two books in the Chemical Garden trilogy, I have to admit that I was disappointed by this release.Seeds of Wither is an esampler book, which contains a few chapters of Wither, the first book in the series, a short story from Rose s perspective, The First Wife, a map of the wives floor in the mansion, and the first chapter of Fever, the second book in the trilogy I really wanted to like this, but I think that I entered it with too high expectations Having alre [...]

  21. In my review of The Shadow Cats, I explained the trend of YA series to publish an e book between two full novels to promote and, in theory, provide new and interesting information to fans of the series that they otherwise would not know The Seeds of Wither is one of such e books, but it does not manage to do damn near anything useful I want my.99 back It was wasted.The Seeds of Wither purports to give you new and exciting information about surprise, surprise the background of Wither Linden Rhine [...]

  22. I ve had this short story ever since it got published in late 2011 And now I finally read it And yeah, it was a whole lot shorter than I had thought Although this ebook is than one hundred pages, that s just because it s several chapters of Wither Which is kind of awesome, if you don t have the book There s also a preview of Fever, which is kind of cool But then there is the real short story, which is only a few pages long.The First Bride is a short story told from the point of view of Rose, Li [...]

  23. Full review and current Fever Giveaway at A Belle s Tales Ends 4 7 12.If you loved Wither as much as I did, then you will definitely enjoy Seeds of Wither I would be remiss if I didn t mention that the new content in Seeds of Wither is minimal, but good things come in small packages While Rose s story is a short story, indeed, I love the insight it gave into Rose s and Linden s history so lovely The excerpt from Wither was an excellent reminder of how much I enjoyed that story, and the sneak pea [...]

  24. The First Bride is literally only a few pages long, but it gives you a peek into Rose s life before Linden took any other wives Rose describes herself as a little girl who is forced into marriage at the tender age of 11, which in our world seems so young The world she is living in is completely different, and while Rhine is determined to defy authority, Rose is much accepting of it She knows the world is in chaos and that it is easier to live as a prisoner than it is on the outside She conforms [...]

  25. 2.5 starsI don t really have much to say about this one Only a few short pages long, there isn t much to base a review or rating on It was interesting to get a glimpse of life with Rose and Linden together before Rhine and the other brides come into play, but not much happened It was basically just the story of her getting sick and telling Linden that he needed to consider remarrying after her death It was a nice read, but it was barely long enough to qualify as a short story I just wish there d [...]

  26. Since I m in love with The Chemical Garden books, I HAD to get the Seeds of Wither I read that this book had a few chapters from Wither and a few chapters from Fever, which it did, and I ve already read and own both books so that wasn t very exciting for me But what got me to purchase this little ebook is that it holds a short story about The First Wife, Rose I love Rose I couldn t wait to read about her.I was expecting This little story was very short and didn t give us much than we already [...]

  27. This was basically pointless if you have read the other books First, you get 5 chapters of Wither, which most likely, you have read if you were interested in purchasing this short story It does include a sneak peek of Fever, but it really wasn t too great of a sneak peek So that leaves the short story, the First Bride The story was short and decent I found it moderately enjoyable, but it was nothing fantastic However, it was SO SHORT It was, by far, the shortest e novella I have ever read I cann [...]

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