Until You

Until You Sheridan Bromleigh had spent most of her early life as a happy vagabond with her unruly American father and his vagrant friends Then given over to the care of a strict maiden aunt she was taught to

Sheridan Bromleigh had spent most of her early life as a happy vagabond with her unruly American father and his vagrant friends Then, given over to the care of a strict maiden aunt, she was taught to be a lady poor but genteel and finally a teacher When she was hired to act as chaperone to a pretty but spoilt heiress travelling to England to join an aristocratic fiance,Sheridan Bromleigh had spent most of her early life as a happy vagabond with her unruly American father and his vagrant friends Then, given over to the care of a strict maiden aunt, she was taught to be a lady poor but genteel and finally a teacher When she was hired to act as chaperone to a pretty but spoilt heiress travelling to England to join an aristocratic fiance, Sheridan was delighted Now, at last, she could visit her family s country But somehow everything went wrong.For Miss Charise Lancaster, not over gifted with intelligence, eloped with a stranger before she could meet her suitor And Sheridan was left with the horrid task of telling Lord Burleton she had somehow misplaced his bride As she gazed at the tall, confident man before her, her courage failed She was doubly shocked when she heard his news Lord Burleton, a drunkard and a wastrel, had been killed the night before At which point fate took over Sheridan was knocked unconscious on the quayside, and recovered to find herself in the handsome stranger s care, not knowing who she was.It was to be the beginning of a dazzling, witty, dramatic, and romantic sequence of events in which every possible confusion was to take place.

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Until You

  1. You can find Judith McNaught in facebook facebook authorjudithJudith McNaught is a 1 New York Times Best Selling Author, with than forty million copies of her novels in print, in over eighty countries and than thirty languages She was also the first female executive producer at a CBS radio station McNaught is credited with inventing the modern Regency Historical romance subgenre.

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  1. This review contains spoilers I really enjoyed this story I wasn t sure what to expect after having just read Whitney, My Love which could have been entitled A Tale of Misunderstandings and People Who Are Too Bullheaded To Even Consider Talking Things Out, but I digress.Until You was a pleasant surprise I enjoyed the storyline and thought Stephen was very charming before he became an ass but he wasn t too big an ass considering his bride had left him at the altar He did wait several hours, hopin [...]

  2. 3.5 It sort of dragged in the middle but picked up again towards the end Looking at you has been my favorite pastime from the moment you asked me to describe your face, he said solemnly, looking straight into her eyes Happiness began to spread through Sheridan until it was so intense she ached from it I want to change your name, he said with a tender smile, so there s no doubt who you are ever again, or who you belong to He slid his hands up and down her arms, looking directly into her eyes I wa [...]

  3. This is, without a doubt, one of the most ROMANTIC books I have ever read I can t remember another book that had me this captivated Though I must admit that I m in a bit of a fog as I sit here to write this review I went into the beginning of Until You with semi low expectations After Kingdom of Dreams and Whitney My Love shot Judith McNaught into a favorite author spot, I was hesitant to read something of hers that would lessen my opinion of her skill And this one had ratings 3.98 at the time t [...]

  4. Me ha gustado mucho la historia de Sheridan y Stephen, tanto porque me parecen muy buenos protagonistas como por la historia en s.Excepto los primeros capitulos en los que se cuenta un poco la historia de ambos protas y es quiz s muy narrativo, el resto va muy fluido y engancha bastante.Me ha parecido muy entretenido y muy rom ntico, asique lo recomiendo 100%

  5. What a meh, blah, that s it read from Judith McNaught This book felt like it d never really end and the steam is virtually nonexistent between the h h A real disappointment for this final installment in her Westland series especially considering that the first two, Whitney, My Love and A Kingdom of Dreams, were 5 star keeper shelf reads.The whole story centres around Sheridan Bromleigh, a lady s companion from the US, who accompanies her charge Charise Lancaster aka the spoiled brat harpy to Eng [...]

  6. 5 STARS image error Looking at you has been my favorite pastime from the moment you asked me to describe your face Another fabulously romantic story from Judith McNaught I am now completely addicted to her writing, and have just purchased four of her paperbacks since they aren t available in ebook format I CAN T GET ENOUGH of these characters She has this incredible ability to spin a story into a hurricane of romantic bliss This story was very different from the first two books I read, but no l [...]

  7. I liked this one but didn t love it.I m not sure exactly what didn t work for me in this romance, I ll have to think on this one and come back with a review.

  8. Read as part of the BOTM challenge in HR book club jilted at the altar theme This was my first McNaught, and I thought her writing was in general delightful Her writing includes much sly wit and humor that I enjoyed I can see why she is so well loved by many HR readers.I really loved the heroine in many ways Sheridan is a resilient and strong heroine, a type that appeals to me greatly She has a very unconventional upbringing as vagabond on the American frontier with her father and many colorful [...]

  9. Ok ladies here s another major hit from McNaught As you all know she s one of my faves and I wasn t in the least bit disapointed in this one I just hate to love books like this one You know the kind where your on the edge of your seat just knowing that at any minute the book will take a turn for the worse or the best depending on how you look at it and the lives of the characters will never be the same Thats how Until You was Sherry lost her memory and with that came the loss of her idenity Step [...]

  10. Una bonita historia de amor llena de pasi n y sentimientos que me ha gustado recordar Una lectura agradable, ligera, divertida, apasionante y con su toque correspondiente de suspense y humor.Disfrutas de los bailes y vestidos de poca, costumbres y vida de la alta sociedad Londinense, ya que est ambientada en la Inglaterra de principios del siglo XIX Particularmente a m me gusta mucho esa ambientaci n y la descripci n de los detalles, lugares, costumbres, etc perfectas.He le do unas cuantas novel [...]

  11. And yet another winner from Judith McNaught.On the whole this one was quite similar to Once and Always I could see so many similarities between Victoria and Sherry I don t know if any of you noticed, but both heroines had childhood sweethearts who come back to marry them after a long separation only to find them married to the hero in Once and Always it was Andrew who came to marry Victoria and in Until You it was Rafe who arrived in England to make good on his promise to marry Sherry I was a bi [...]

  12. Amazing Amazing Amazing Stephen Westland, Earl of Langford, is England s most desired bachelor One night Lord Burleton, whose wedding is the very next night, accidentally steps in front of Stephens carriage causing his death Though it was only an accident, Stephen is torn with guilt for what he s done He learns that the only family of Lord Burleton is his fiance who is arriving by ship that very next day Set to make things right, Stephen heads to the ship to inform Charise Lancaster that her fia [...]

  13. Until You by Judith McNaught is one of my favorite books by an author who would always remain as one of those that are unforgettable for me as a romance reader For myself, authors like Judith McNaught remains as my go to authors when most books of today fails to satisfy me and hit all those spots that need to be petted and stroked when I pick up a romance to read.Until You is the 3rd book in the Westland saga and tells the story of Stephen David Elliott Westland, Earl of Langford, Baron of Ellin [...]

  14. This is my first book by Judith McNaught and true to its favorable ratings, it is a very good read UNTIL YOU is something like the embodiment of a pure romance novel, in that the romance takes precedence over everything else no murder, intrigue, dastardly villain marred the pages of this book, which of course, may imply that the plot drags, but I am thankful to say that it does not, until about 70% of the book.The amnesia trope has been utilized to allow for greater romantic development between [...]

  15. So I think I m done with Judith McNaught.I tried Kingdom of Dreams is seriously one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE books But I find I m just too sensitive a reader to truly enjoy anything else she s written There always seems to be just one scene or that takes the book I ve been loving and truly enjoying and just flushing it all down the toilet Too far to be recovered I really was loving this one Then THE SCENE Ugh So in the end, I liked it, but I still feel too sad about what occurred to really recov [...]

  16. Charise Lancaster se desplaza de Am rica a Inglaterra junto a su institutriz para reunirse con su prometido Pero las cosas se complican y la institutriz sufre un accidente y de la noche a la ma ana todos la confunden con la prometida Esta vez la historia se ambienta en el a o 1824, nuestra protagonista Sheridan Bromleigh es una jovencita bastante espabilada, su vida anterior a convertirse en institutriz es bastante animada, entretenida y as lo veremos en varios pasajes del libro Pero bien, todo [...]

  17. This is absolutely one of the most romantic books ever I listened to the audiobook and I really couldn t stop smiling, laughing, cringing, and feeling giddy all over, and my gosh, ALL THE FEELS I ve read many of Judith McNaught s stuff before but I can t believe I waited this long to read this one Sheridan Bromleigh is definitely my kind of a HR heroine not the shy and always blushing type I swear, even if you re not a fan of historical romance but you love any kind of romance, you would adore t [...]

  18. What a fabulous story and a perfect end to a perfect series I didn t even take time to post any updates Loved, loved, loved this book Cannot wait to read another series from this talented author.

  19. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book This one s got 2 parts.After my 2nd reading of the bookHihihi Right I was kinda distracted by something else Hmm, yah, Stephen I think I like him better than Clayton I liked him him WML, though he s rather jaded really when it comes to women in his book, he s still lot better than Clayton For one, he isn t a hypocrite and then, he s actually quite nice I remember in the 1st reading I liked him tremendously and the [...]

  20. For me this is a 4 and 1 2 well deserved stars Since the latest released HR I ve read and didn t like at all, these older books have a shine of thier own when compared Here the story is not overly complicated, just enough to be interesting and appreciated Even if I found the amnesia thing a little bit too streched I liked the hero and the heroine both I loved her when she was growing as an urchin with her father, her indian and spaniard friends I liked her less as lady, but even then she was liv [...]

  21. Well here it goesI have no idea how to rate this book I did not like it as much as Almost Heaven and Whitney, my love I gave those two books 5 stars I did like it much then quite a few of the historical romances that I have given 4 stars toSo neither 4 nor 5 stars feels right I think I will compromise on 4, because I am bit angry about the ending of this book.I enjoyed the plot of the novel a lot at first I was doubtful of the amnesia theme but she managed to pull it off without it being really [...]

  22. Bertemu pertama kali di pelabuhan saat Stephen bermaksud menjemput tunagan temannya yg baru meninggal, ternyata yg datang adl Sheridan , guru di sekolah kusus wanita , pendamping Charise yg ternyata kawin lari dg pria pilihannya.Terpukau oleh penampilan Sherry yg luar biasa menurut Stephen lhoo.ka belum sempat basa basi, kepala Sheridan sdh di hantam peti kargo image error Merasa bertanggung jawab dg kecelakaan yg membuat Sherry coma, Stephen merawat gadis itu di rumah nya dg pengawasan dr.Hugh [...]

  23. da sognipensieriparoleHo iniziato questo libro senza accorgermi che era il terzo della bellissima saga dei Westland I primi due COME IN UN SOGNO con Royce Lupo nero, wow devo ancora riprendermi e WHITNEY, AMORE MIO sono tra i miei preferiti della McNaught E devo dire che anche questo terzo mi piaciuto parecchio.A parte il fatto che qui ritornano sia Clayton che l adorabile Whitney, la coppia protagonista comunque all altezza dell indomita famiglia.Di solito non sono una fan del ricorso all amnes [...]

  24. I really like this book I don t think there is a book I ve read by Judith McNaught that has been less than 5 stars It s been a while since I ve read some of her books so I guess I ll just have to re read them all again Unfortunately for the ones I don t currently have boxed up under my bed that I ve had for years I m going to have to hunt up used book stores for a copy so I could keep it or get one from I could always try the library and borrow the book, but knowing me I d forget to drop it off [...]

  25. This was instantly a hit with me From the first chapter I became engrossed in this amazing story of heartache and love I experienced a wide array of emotions while reading Until You, from pure delight to extreme hatred I cried, laughed out loud and found myself tense with anticipation wondering what was to happen between Sherry and Stephen I dare say I was NOT dissapointed McNaught gets a big check in my book of must read authors

  26. It s been a while since I read this one So out of fairness, I m taking away the starred rating until I can do a reread and objectively evaluate this book As I told my friend just recently, I read this book while I was in vet school, which was a generally craptastic time of my life It could be vet school yuckiness overflowing unto this undeserving book We shall see.

  27. Amnesia is soooooooo not a bitch any image error This is actually better than its predecessor Whitney, My Love but really any book i think will be much better than that one because Clayton raped Whitney for Fudge sake but still it s not one of the best JM novel I think because it dragged a little bit especially at the beginning, Sherridan s back story bored me to death In fact it was so boring I really don t give damn about it and just skimmed those pages Also my other problem was I really hate [...]

  28. You are a heartless, evil monster, and I cannot believe I let you touch me last night I feel filthy and defiled A muscle began to tick in the side of his jaw, but Sheridan wasn t finished and she was too infuriated to care that he looked murderous I committed a sin when I let you do what you did to me last night, but I can pray for forgiveness for that But, I will never be able to forgive my stupidity for trusting you and loving you

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