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Once and Always Once and Always one of Judith McNaught s most masterful and moving love stories powerfully brings to life the fiery passion of a free spirited American beauty and a troubled English lord Suddenly or

Once and Always, one of Judith McNaught s most masterful and moving love stories, powerfully brings to life the fiery passion of a free spirited American beauty and a troubled English lord.Suddenly orphaned and alone, Victoria Seaton sails the vast ocean, eager to reclaim her heritage at Wakefield, the sumptuous English estate of a distant cousin, the notorious Lord JasonOnce and Always, one of Judith McNaught s most masterful and moving love stories, powerfully brings to life the fiery passion of a free spirited American beauty and a troubled English lord.Suddenly orphaned and alone, Victoria Seaton sails the vast ocean, eager to reclaim her heritage at Wakefield, the sumptuous English estate of a distant cousin, the notorious Lord Jason Fielding Bewildered by his arrogance yet drawn to his panther like grace, she senses the painful memories that smolder in his eyes When he gathers her at last into his arms, arousing a sweet, insistent hunger, they wed and are embraced by fierce, consuming joy free from the past s cruel grasp Then, in a moment of anguish, Victoria discovers the treachery at the heart of their love a love she had dreamed would triumph not just once, but always.

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Once and Always

  1. You can find Judith McNaught in facebook facebook authorjudithJudith McNaught is a 1 New York Times Best Selling Author, with than forty million copies of her novels in print, in over eighty countries and than thirty languages She was also the first female executive producer at a CBS radio station McNaught is credited with inventing the modern Regency Historical romance subgenre.

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  1. TRIGGER WARNING RAPE, swearing violence in general One thing I m certain of is that this book isn t a romance No It s a sickening portray of a relationship where abuse in all its forms is romanticized, including rape.What kind of abuse Please chose Be my guest Rape Physical violence Psychological harassment Just fucking chose because it contains all those and As I write, Once and Always has an average rating of 4.22 here on GR, with 7,149 people who think that it s a romance worthy of 5 stars Y [...]

  2. LOVED IT AGAIN, THE SECOND TIME AROUND ORIGINAL REVIEW, on first reading Loving someone who doesn t love you is hell Don t ever let anyone convince you that you can be happy with someone who doesn t love you Words of wisdom from Papa Quick question before I do my review Why, oh, why do a lot of you NOT read Historical Romance You are missing out on such a great genre I know some of you like your dark, gritty reads but you can do both I like, SUSPENSE, M M, ROMANTIC COMEDY PLEASE, to those of you [...]

  3. You might as well get out your popcorn, because this promises to be entertaining Over the past few days I have been stressed incredibly stressed, and rightly so As such, I didn t want to pick up any novels that required too much though, just mere enjoyment, and as I had enjoyed historical romance so much just a few months back when I binged on Lisa Kleypas s Hathaways Series, I decided to give some titles a try this week Needless to say, this has not been a particularly successful endeavor and, [...]

  4. 5 ALWAYS STARSThis is one book that I really don t care what others say, IT ROCKED FOR ME This was the amazing love story of Victoria and Jason Two very different individuals who find themselves together because of their shared Uncle Victoria is a sweet stunningly beautiful innocent red head who has to move from America to England following the death of her loving parents In those days, a young unmarried lady was not allowed to be responsible for herself She needed an elderly aunt or male family [...]

  5. This is the one The one that started my chemical embalance towards everything historical romance I was an avid reader, in elementary school Anyone out there remember Fear Street lol Mostly horror, mystery and suspense Anne Rice and Stephen King ranking among my top authors Then life happened, and I stopped picking up books for well over a decade 2 1 2 years ago, I started a new job, and met many new people, making friends among my co workers One, of course being Rhonda Krieger, a fellow GR guru [...]

  6. 5 STARS OH HOW I LOVE THIS BOOK image error And yet another masterpiece of historical romance And what an emotional roller coaster ride it was The passion and the angst are just dripping from every page I was completely sucked into the story from beginning to end These books words cannot express my love for them Don t ever let anyone convince you that you can be happy with someone who doesn t love you image error Victoria Seaton was born and raised in Portage, New York in the early 1800 s She wa [...]

  7. I loved this one when I first read it, oh, about 18 years ago or take Unfortunately, I m not too crazy about it now I still liked it but the constant misunderstanding, Victoria s wishy washiness, Jason s cruelty grated on me For example, Victoria s penchant for putting herself in danger would have been fine with me years ago, but now, oh my gawd I can t even And Jason Fielding felt unnecessarily cruel to me.Still, I enjoyed this one The writing did feel dated but it s Judith McNaught Reading thi [...]

  8. I ve found a potentially new favorite author, but unfortunately not a new favorite book There was so much going for this book, but in the end I am still battling over how many stars it deserves.I really don t know how to explain any of this without spoiling the book So beware, there might be mild spoilers below It was a high quality, well written regency romance There were parts that truly sparkled and at one point I was sure it was going to make it to the top.There was an unmistakable aura of v [...]

  9. In terms of writing ability and talent, Judith McNaught will always be a 5 star for me Her gift for drawing the reader into the very emotions of the characters is amazing As is her ability to reveal all the layers of the soul, bit by bit until discovery and redemption are not only found but felt.As with all things, with great gifts come great responsibilities, however If we, the readers, are drawn into the heart of a tortured soul, we need also be allowed to experience the process of redemption [...]

  10. breathes in breathes out Oh, boy Hate me all you want, but this story was utter bullshit to me Note Emphasis on the me part, people Before you slit my wrists and burn me at the stake, I want to make it clear that this is based on how I feel about the story My opinions do not invalidate yours, so if you can t tolerate negative comments about this book, by all means don t read this review Manipulation RAPE Cheating Verbal abuse Violence.These are definitely elements of a great romantic novel, righ [...]

  11. 3 stars Historical Regency RomanceThis is my first McNaught read and it certainly twisted my emotions I admired the heroine s kindness, strength, and fortitude, but the hero was an utter, unforgivable ass Yes, he suffered a horribly abusive childhood, a manipulative first wife, and agonizing grief, and for that I understood his cynical, detached coldness But Jason s continual abominable treatment of Victoria and the repeated misunderstandings were exasperating and exhausting, and he just never q [...]

  12. 3.75 I have so many feelings about this book nostalgia.rdisappointmentheartachehappinesslonging.First let me say this is a reread for me I have super fond memories of this book, as I do about all McNaught s HR s, but was afraid to reread it Afraid I wouldn t feel the same about a book I haven t read in over a decade I knew it was one of the books she wrote that my now older self may have major problems with So I went into this read with a lot of trepidation I wanted to love it again I wanted all [...]

  13. Revised Version of Earlier Review Rate 5 starsThis is my second Judith McNaught book and I loved it just as much as I loved the first After reading one of her contemporary romantic suspense novels and now one of her historicals, I have to say I m blown away by the talent she has for switching between genres so beautifully Usually an author s style of writing limits them to a certain genre and when they try to change genres it usually isn t that effortless but wow Judith McNaught is one helluva w [...]

  14. 1815 Nueva York Victoria Seaton queda hu rfana y es enviada a vivir a Inglaterra con uno de sus parientes, all conocer lo distinta que es la sociedad de lo que ella estaba acostumbrada en Am rica Una joven inocente y poco versada que se las tendr que ver con Jason Fielding, un hombre fr o e impasible, entre ellos surgir una relaci n muy especial Este libro lo vi en una recomendaci n en el facebook del blog A la cama con un libro y me llam la atenci n y cierto es que me ha encantado Es de esos li [...]

  15. No one is surprised than I that I didn t LOVE this book like the other McNaught books I ve read The relationship between Jason and Victoria just rubbed me wrong I didn t like Jason as a hero His past was alluded to for a large part of the story, but not spelled out until the end By that time, I was convinced that he was such an ass that nothing about the events leading up to his relationship with Victoria were going to change my mind Just because you had a rough childhood doesn t give you the r [...]

  16. Despu s de varios libros de contempor nea tocaba volver al romance hist rico y no puedo haber acertado m s con la elecci n, gracias a A la cama con un libro Mi primer libro de esta autora me ha encantado y dejado con ganas de m s Entonces, por qu no darle las 5 estrellas Por algunas acciones de Jason, que aunque entiendo que eran algo considerado como normal en la poca en que transcurre la acci n para m son imperdonables, y el poco juego que saca la autora al prometido americano de la protagonis [...]

  17. Once and Always is an earlier release for Judith McNaught and though I know I ve read it before it s been so long, I had forgotten all about it Because of this, it felt brand new again Re reading Once and Always was such a pleasure, because it still holds up after all these years and it packs a powerful emotional punch Although, I must admit, probably not so much now as compared to back in the day, because so many authors have copied her style Jason Fielding, embittered by a marriage gone horrib [...]

  18. Dramatic, passionate and romantic I first read this Regency historical romance when I discovered it in my early twenties, and am finally writing a review It s one of my favorite romances ever which is a big deal for me cause I don t have too many 5 star books on my bookshelf It contains everything I enjoy sympathetic, vibrantly realized characters all of them, even the secondary ones evocative writing that contains loads of humor, passion, and angst and, of course, a memorable, swoon worthy love [...]

  19. Judith McNaught is one of the most revered authors in the romance genre, and with good reason Her books have turned many a romantic soul into romance readers, giving them all something to dream, sigh and moon over I have read all the published works by Judith McNaught to date and loved almost each and every single one of them I have revisited the books that I consider my favorites many a time Most of those re reads took place before I established my blog in 2009 So here goes, a review for Once a [...]

  20. Found this paperback treasure under my bed and decided to read it since it was a slow day at work and I m working from home today I haven t read it years, but I still love it I had given it a 5 star rating when I first put it on my GR account and I wouldn t change it for the world I am now for the most part reading romance erotica, but I still love to go back and re read these wonderful books Some of these older books with little or no explicit sex are still such a treasure For these authors who [...]

  21. I can t ever really get past a hero who rapes the heroine, especially as he did in this one, purposefully and in anger Yes, he is scarred and tortured and apparently is judging ALL women by his first wife who was evil, even women like the heroine who has proved herself over and over not to be anything like his wife He s had some awful life experiences But is that any excuse to rape a woman And not really ever apologize I also hate a hero who cheats on his wife the way he does pretty far into the [...]

  22. Second reading on 2016 03 21Read it again, cried again, laughed again, fell in love again How is she doing that DFirst reading on 2015 12 16I ve found a potentially new favorite author, and fortunately a new good book this book of Mrs McNaught made me want to read rest of her books but I will have to be satisfied with the one that I have.Update having had a day to think about it, the book is definitely growing on me, so I gave it a 5 star still wished there had been closure.There isn t much I c [...]

  23. So I ve been finished with this book for a few days now I just wanted to give myself time to mull it over before deciding on my rating The truth of the matter is, I didn t like this bookt until about 85%d for a book to be just NOT GOOD for 85%, that s just too much.I will warn you that this review will contain some mild spoilersor just spoilers that I m not going to mark, but if you want to read why I would stay away from this story, read on You ve been warned.So first, I will say that this book [...]

  24. Una historia muy bonita con unos protagonistas que se merec an un final m s decente, con un ep logo apropiado, y no ese final tan escueto.

  25. This book is not a 4 star story Any book dealing with rape in such a careless manner only gets 1 star, at most.Victoria is a Mary Sue character who can do no wrong Everyone loves her and yes, I found her pleasing as well first She is so terribly beautiful that we need to hear it described A lot And to compensate, and not make us believe her completely devoid of intelligence or heart, she is also presented as the most caring and brilliant person in the story She can shoot, play cards and ride the [...]

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