The Devil's Eyes

The Devil s Eyes Wrong side of the tracks that s where Kayla s life has been Her only saving grace was her sister Braylin When Braylin dies Kayla goes on a mission to avenge her death Nick is the mysterious stranger

Wrong side of the tracks that s where Kayla s life has been Her only saving grace was her sister, Braylin When Braylin dies, Kayla goes on a mission to avenge her death.Nick is the mysterious stranger with the alluring devil s eyes He is attractive, powerful, and dangerous If not for her obsession for revenge, Kayla would never dare go near him To lure Nick into her tWrong side of the tracks that s where Kayla s life has been Her only saving grace was her sister, Braylin When Braylin dies, Kayla goes on a mission to avenge her death.Nick is the mysterious stranger with the alluring devil s eyes He is attractive, powerful, and dangerous If not for her obsession for revenge, Kayla would never dare go near him To lure Nick into her trap, she has to become what he needs while trying to fight against her growing desires On a destructive path, Kayla enters a secret world of underground crime.As Kayla falls deeper into Nick s world, she becomes the target of many enemies, and the only one who can save her is the one she has set out to destroy.

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The Devil's Eyes

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the undoubtedly WORST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ in my entire life In fact it sucked such colossal ass that I have made two brand new shelves just for this book The first one would be worst book I have ever read duh , and it s not really a shelf It s in fact a throne The Devil s Eyes will sit there until I the time some other book surfaces that will be even idiotic, shallow, stupid, unimaginative, cheesy, vulgar, uninspiring, and all together even [...]

  2. NOT REALLY.Nicholas Jayzon commanded attention when he walked into a room If you were ever damned enough to make eye contact with him, you would know what it is like to be lured in by The Devil s Eyes.First of all, this is NOT a paranormal romance I thought it was at first because of the title and frankly, the cover isn t helping either After reading Sins Needles and Fallen Too Far, I m in need of dysfunctional romance fix and immediately thought of this one based on a recommendation made by a [...]

  3. 100 stars, DNFWhat a waste of my hard earned cash this was I can t believe there are readers out there who found this badly written tosh and tosh is putting it mildly worth their praise I have read many an awful book in my time but this has to be the worst, the Everest summit of stinking awful Upon reading the synopsis, one is horribly mislead to expect a gritty dark story of two damaged people finding one another while groping through their violent, unyielding world Well, it is nothing of the s [...]

  4. This is like horrible, horrible fanfiction There were grammar mistakes EVERYWHERE, though they may have fixed it before published I ve only read half of the preview and although I planned to read it all, I just couldn t bring myself to finish it It wasn t even a story, just a long winded series of I hate you Now fuck me JK, don t touch me, I hate you No, wait, I ve changed my mind, fuck me NOW Also, there were parts that were extremely vague I mean, c mon, view spoiler strangers are invading the [...]

  5. I m giving one star just for one thing, but a very important thing for me which makes me really angry It s a spoiler so do not read if you don t want to know it.At the book, we later learn that from the begining, Nick had feelings for Kayla and he only dated her sister just to learn about her He cared for Kayla He also recognized her the moment she came to the club and understood that she wanted to kill him So, he wanted to learn how far she can go Okay But I don t understand one thing HOW CAN [...]

  6. This series is PHENOMENAL FAN FUCKIN TASTIC Im only Sorry that it took me a week to pick up to readere are no words to describe how great the story line is the cover and the summary do not do justice on how good it is not let it fool you there is so much to this series so much saying that its phenomenal is an understatement you ll love iti literally stayed up two nights in a row till 5 am in the morning over the holiday break which was so hard because i was so busy with family but when the day e [...]

  7. Este libro tiene una trama muy est pida y rid cula, ah pero como es adictivo, no pude soltarlo hasta terminarlo.Es de mafia, pero se pasa de inveros mil y la autora ni siquiera le importa que lo que est pasando tenga sentido Me record a Carter Reed y Crow s Row, pero en chafa.Funciona como lectura ligera y entretenida.

  8. Kayla s sister killed herself after her boyfriend pimp criminal psycopath Nick dumps her sorry ass Kayla then sets out to get revenge Planning to get close enough to kill the guy Insted of killing him at her first chance, which I would say she could have done a million times, she let s him be her pimp She wants to prove herself to him by being a good whore This is real character building, if you ask me Jesus Then she falls in love with her pimp, because he s just so freaking good looking and tre [...]

  9. OMG, my friend is gonna kill me BUT I simply didn t like thisI tried, I fuckin didBUT dear God, the characters are so one dimensionald I don t understand the actions they do through out the book view spoiler Kayla, the heroine talks about her entire life on a graveyard to a total stranger passing by or visiting the grave or whatever, who the fuck would do that , then the other thing she wants to revenge her sister s death suicide by hunting down the guy Nick whom she blaims for the re lived mise [...]

  10. 09 13 16 OMG What was I thinking or have my reading tastes changed in three years I originally gave this book 4 stars back in 2013 I started to reread it since I noticed I had book 2 in my TO READ shelf, but I could not remember one thing about the book So I started it yesterday and I can not believe I was not disturbed the first time view spoiler The hero, Nick, claims he loves the heroine and has always loved her, but he pimps her to his clients and she becomes a prostitute One of those johns [...]

  11. 4 HOT, FUNNY, STEAMY, DARK AND TWISTED STARS Who took this deceptive thief under his wing and gave him the tools to destroy women s hearts This book was nothing what I expected I went in knowing it was going to be twisted and dark but never thought it would be funny At times I was laughing so hard with the hero and heroines one liners This book really took me by surprise and I loved it Is that what you wear to bed Nick I think my dick shrivelled up just from looking at it Yes at times this book [...]

  12. 4.5 Holy Moly STARS The Devil s Eyes does not get enough credit It s one crazy book with action, romance and secrets It will leave you shaking once finished.Kayla only has her sister, Braylin When Braylin commits suicide because of a breakup, it s Kayla s mission to avenge her sister s death Kayla plans to seduce and hurt Nick, Bryalin s ex boyfriend But Nick is no normal boyfriend, he s lives a dangerous world that Kayla isn t afraid to jump in WHAT A CRAZY STORY I picked up The Devil s Eyes be [...]

  13. 5 Stunning STARS I don t even know where to begin I love mafia romance novels and this book takes it up a notch Violence, prostitution, betrayal, revenge and that power struggle war With powerful characters at play It was stunning and shocking that got me captivated from start to finish.Kayla though stubborn, she will grow on you her character is feisty, daring and resilient I could not believe the length she would go to to achieve what she wants She definitely shocked me Adding to that, the thi [...]

  14. Read reviews at jessysbookclub.wordpress OMG Yet another mind fuck I haven t had that since the Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig Romantic Suspense just might be superseding Erotic Romance for my favorite spot First a synopsis Kayla s older sister Bray is the only family she has Bray is the perfect older sister, working hard to get her little sister to college That s until she meets Nicholas Jayzon Everything in Bray s life spirals out of control until one day Kayla finds her dead Determined [...]

  15. I can t not believe I took so long to read this book It is SO good I couldn t put it down once I started It is absolutely jam packed full of action The whole way through I found myself trying to guess what could happen and every scenario I guessed was wrong, which is good It left off with a huge cliffhanger and I and wait to start the next book 5 huge stars

  16. Deny it all u want, everyone loves a bad boy Nick is as bad as they come Love him But seriously, awesome book Pulled me in and didnt let go Lots of action superhott chemistry Kept me on the edge of my seat I would have liked to see from Nicks POV though, I liked getting into his head It made u realize that no matter how badly he treated Kayla sometimes u saw where he was coming from loved him for it It was also refreshing to see Kaylas transformation thru out the book She wasnt ur typical hero [...]

  17. What the hell did I just attempt to read I couldn t finish Literally couldn t read one page.This was seriously my facial expression from page 1.I m not being dramatic Even the beginning was weird and not well written and had me wondering immediately what I was getting myself into.50 pages in of nothing but WTF, complete and I do mean complete lack of any and all detail, flat characters, and even WTF.How this book gets 5 star ratings and maintains above a 4 average is completely beyond me becau [...]

  18. It was so lame The worst book ever The idea wasn t so bad but the execution of it so terrible So predictable Agrh I m so angry right now

  19. Yes, I liked it THAT much After I got after the initial shock It s a great book with an interesting plot, lots of twists and plenty of action.

  20. If you had asked me to rate this when I was at 50% of this book I would have given it 1 star I actually almost stopped reading around that point and was thinking it was about a 1 star read The first half was written almost like a 3rd grader had written it I am not a grammar punctuation nazi at all I feel like a book should be rated on the story, characters, and delivery unless the grammatical errors are so bad that I can t understand the book This writing was awful during the first half of the b [...]

  21. Spoiler Alert Continue at your own risk Don t say I didn t warn ya Besides the fact that the eyes on the cover of this book kind of freak me out THIS BOOK WAS FUCKING FANTASTIC I adore Kayla She has an insanely high self esteem that I m jealous of She won t take shit from anybody Besides the fact that she was a prostitute and can be rather dumb when it comes to certain situations of the life or death variety I envy her Even when she went and pissed off Nick countless times, I was over here like [...]

  22. RE READING BEFORE BOOK 4 IS OUT ONE OF THE BEST SERIES EVER _______________________________This book was absolutely amazing Kayla is all kinds of amazing I am so in love with this book that somehow amazing is the only adjective I can think of right now Love the story It s a bit all over the place but it didn t read like a mess to me Instead it kept me very interested view spoiler And you know how most stories have the lead characters hate each other at first but eventually they come together and [...]

  23. DNFI couldn t finish The Devil s Eyes It was superficial, too wordy with long explanations and the characters were not appealing Beyond those issues I couldn t get past Kayla prostituting herself There was really no good reason for it It just made me loose all respect for her.

  24. What in God s name was this Did I even read the same book as all this 5 star reviewers , you sold me the broken copy and I want my damn money back Or am I just too old for this s it

  25. DNF 17%.Not my cuppa Not a fan of the storyline or the writing Prostitution is not my idea of romance Pimping out the heroine by the anti hero is not hot.I m Out.

  26. From my blog.Nicholas Jayzon commanded attention when he walked into a room If you were ever damned enough to make eye contact with him, you would know what it is like to be lured in by The Devil s Eyes I definitely have a weakness for well written mafia romances like Crow s Row I m still waiting for the second book and the Untouchable series, and this is right next to my all time favorites It had the right balance of romance, steamy scenes and suspense, and kept me on my toes the entire night I [...]

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