The Moon Is Always Female: Poems

The Moon Is Always Female Poems The poems in this volume fall into two parts Hand Games poems of the first section is the daily bread of my past two years or so They are the artifacts of loving in a personal way of struggles in a

The poems in this volume fall into two parts Hand Games, poems of the first section, is the daily bread of my past two years or so They are the artifacts of loving in a personal way, of struggles in a wide and a narrower frame, of planting and harvesting in the earth and on paper, of building new friendships and mourning the death of friends They speak of zucchini and The poems in this volume fall into two parts Hand Games, poems of the first section, is the daily bread of my past two years or so They are the artifacts of loving in a personal way, of struggles in a wide and a narrower frame, of planting and harvesting in the earth and on paper, of building new friendships and mourning the death of friends They speak of zucchini and oaks and cats, of jogging and writing, of nuclear power plants and suicide, of fat and of street hassling The Lunar Cycle forms the second part I first heard of the lunar calendar in my childhood, when I asked why Passover falls on a different date every year and was answered that it falls on Nisan 14, the fourteenth day of the lunar month of Nisan The next time I came across the moon month was in reading Robert Graves in search of the old goddess religions But the lunar calendar has really only been an intimate part of my life since I moved near the ocean and the bay and had to become conscious of the tides for one thing, to get the sweet Wellfleet oysters.For precise understanding I owe a lot to Nancy F W.Pass of the Luna Press, who every year produces The Lunar Calendar with thirteen months, their old Celtic names, associations from around the world, time of moon rise and set and all the phases It tells me at a glance when my period will come and when I can expect to ovulate, and it is the most beautiful calendar I have ever seen, with the

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The Moon Is Always Female: Poems

  1. Marge Piercy born March 31, 1936 is an American poet, novelist, and social activist She is the author of the New York Times bestseller Gone to Soldiers, a sweeping historical novel set during World War II.Piercy was born in Detroit, Michigan, to a family deeply affected by the Great Depression She was the first in her family to attend college, studying at the University of Michigan Winning a Hopwood Award for Poetry and Fiction 1957 enabled her to finish college and spend some time in France, and her formal schooling ended with an M.A from Northwestern University Her first book of poems, Breaking Camp, was published in 1968.An indifferent student in her early years, Piercy developed a love of books when she came down with rheumatic fever in her mid childhood and could do little but read It taught me that there s a different world there, that there were all these horizons that were quite different from what I could see, she said in a 1984 interview.As of 2013, she is author of seventeen volumes of poems, among them The Moon is Always Female 1980, considered a feminist classic and The Art of Blessing the Day 1999 , as well as fifteen novels, one play The Last White Class, co authored with her third and current husband Ira Wood , one collection of essays Parti colored Blocks for a Quilt , one non fiction book, and one memoir.Her novels and poetry often focus on feminist or social concerns, although her settings vary While Body of Glass published in the US as He, She and It is a science fiction novel that won the Arthur C Clarke Award, City of Darkness, City of Light is set during the French Revolution Other of her novels, such as Summer People and The Longings of Women are set during the modern day All of her books share a focus on women s lives.Woman on the Edge of Time 1976 mixes a time travel story with issues of social justice, feminism, and the treatment of the mentally ill This novel is considered a classic of utopian speculative science fiction as well as a feminist classic William Gibson has credited Woman on the Edge of Time as the birthplace of Cyberpunk Piercy tells this in an introduction to Body of Glass Body of Glass He, She and It 1991 postulates an environmentally ruined world dominated by sprawling mega cities and a futuristic version of the Internet, through which Piercy weaves elements of Jewish mysticism and the legend of the Golem, although a key story element is the main character s attempts to regain custody of her young son.Many of Piercy s novels tell their stories from the viewpoints of multiple characters, often including a first person voice among numerous third person narratives Her World War II historical novel, Gone To Soldiers 1987 follows the lives of nine major characters in the United States, Europe and Asia The first person account in Gone To Soldiers is the diary of French teenager Jacqueline Levy Monot, who is also followed in a third person account after her capture by the Nazis.Piercy s poetry tends to be highly personal free verse and often addresses the same concern with feminist and social issues Her work shows commitment to the dream of social change what she might call, in Judaic terms, tikkun olam, or the repair of the world , rooted in story, the wheel of the Jewish year, and a range of landscapes and settings.She lives in Wellfleet on Cape Cod, Massachusetts with her husband, Ira Wood from

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  1. A beautiful collection, if a little short, I really felt connected to her inner beliefs, and feelings Not just as a poet, but as a person I think she would make a great friend The poems are a perfect blend of the gutsy and raw, the lyrical and the meditative Some I felt the need to speak out aloud, I wanted to hear the words not just read them She also conjures up such imagery and wonder, with a deep and concise mind, a touching human soul A vast array of emotions was opened up Very impressive.A [...]

  2. To Have Without HoldingMarge PiercyLearning to love differently is hard,love with the hands wide open, lovewith the doors banging on their hinges,the cupboard unlocked, the windroaring and whimpering in the roomsrustling the sheets and snapping the blindsthat thwack like rubber bandsin an open palm.It hurts to love wide openstretching the muscles that feelas if they are made of wet plaster,then of blunt knives, thenof sharp knives.It hurts to thwart the reflexesof grab, of clutch to love and let [...]

  3. Nearly every time I ve gone to the bookstore, I ve ended up with this book Our first meeting was a bit of an accident I d actually been looking for something by Sylvia Plath but got distracted by Piercy s title That statement the absoluteness was wholly seductive, wholly haunting.So, instead of buying it, I siphoned bits of its beauty, year after year For five or so years this went on No matter what or who I d intended to buy, I d come back to this, read enough to satiate myself and bid a fated [...]

  4. I am not usually a poetry reader but many of the poems in this book stopped me in my tracks Marge Piercy knows how to get to the core of the matter and fully describes feelings and experiences I have had.Here is an excerpt from Morning Athletes It is not the running I love, thumpthump with my leaden feet that onlyinfrequently are winged and prancing,but the light that glints off the cattailsas the wind furrows them, the rum cherriesreddening leaf and fruit, the way the pinesblacken the sunlight [...]

  5. I came across this book at random at a local used book store From the title, I expected, fluffly, trite, possibly pagan, probably feminist poetry A confession I looked at it to make fun of it Instead, I found myself moved by the first poem I read I flipped to another random page, sure that was a fluke The next poem gripped my heart as well I repeated that twice before realizing that if I didn t buy the volume, I was going to sit myself down right there and read it in the store I took a long tim [...]

  6. That s the stuff So much wisdom and beauty here, and so much recognition of the way life really is, if you re a woman, anyway Favorites The Inside Chance and for than 20 years now, and probably forever Right to Life.

  7. a strong woman is that poem alone helped me through a tough mental period, i turn to it every time that i feel that stress coming on again or when i see an other strong woman losing their footing on the world

  8. A rich book of often feminist poetry There s a reason this is a classic there are some excellent poems here and very few weak ones It s hard to pick a favourite, but here is the first stanza of For the young who want to , a poem to which I think I ll be returning Talent is what they say you have after the novel is published and favorably reviewed Beforehand what you have is a tedious delusion, a hobby like knitting.

  9. If someone gives you a Marge Piercy book, it might be because they love you If you find yourself welling up with tears with each passing page, it might be because you love them back Thank you, Nammy.

  10. I have a mis printed edition The poems end on page 135 with a note on the type and then restart on page 103 So I have 31 duplicate pages at the end of the book.

  11. Marge Piercy is one of the poets I first came into contact with when reading The Norton Introduction to Literature when undoubtedly I should have been doing something else The poem was To Have Without Holding I picked up The Moon is Always Female because of the many times my friend S E has mentioned it as one of her favorites It s the kind of collection that it s nice to leave out where you can pick it up and randomly re read a poem or two when the mood strikes you For the young who want to is o [...]

  12. Piercy has some great moments like Listening becomes eavesdropping and theybegin to feel my silence like a horse in the diningroom Gradually as I sitmy hair mats Feathers stick up fromit, crow and eagle My cheeks breakout into painted zigzag designs My spearleans against the back of the chair They begin to question me, oh, um,do you live communally What doyou mean, open Hair breaks throughthe back of my hands My fangsdrum on the table top In another momentI will swing by my long prehensile tail [...]

  13. I like the collection generally, but some of the poems in the book struck me as dated I much preferred the selections in Hand Games to The Lunar Cycle If that makes me less a feminist, so be it Maybe it s just that I m beyond menopause My favorite poetry is verse to which I return over and over I ll keep this in the bookshelf, but it s not likely I ll return to it anytime soon Some memorable snippets Every love has its season, its cultural artifacts I am on vacation from the fatty broth of my li [...]

  14. I did not know how much poetry could help me until I read this book Breaks you open and spreads your guts out on the table, stuffing everything back in by each poem s end Piercy lives to destroy and create She s fierce man.We fall in love with strangers whose facesradiate a familiar power that reminds usof something lost before we had it.The braille of the studious fingers instructsexactly what we have succumbed to, far too lateto close, to retract the self that has extrudedfrom us naked, vulner [...]

  15. Very few of these poems really speak to me, but those that do do so profoundly It isn t that I find Piercy s wear it on your sleeve feminism off putting, but I certainly don t find it moving or engagine I am not her natural reader, I think I can, however, recognize that the uses the same techniques in the poems that do not register with me as she does in the poems that do Result I will read her again and invite others to give Piercy a try.

  16. This is the book I turn to when the beginning or ending of a relationship is plaguing me often in memory than in reality Its poems about work and being female are always stirring This book is definitely one of my favorite poetry books and I buy many I haven t enjoyed her fiction,but hasten to add that nonfiction and poetry comprise 99% of my reading interests Her memoir Sleeping With Cats is next on my list.

  17. My 70th and last book for the year It was funny how it felt I was still chasing a deadline even in the last day of this year Phew I m glad I made it even though this was the toughest reading challenge I encountered From 180 to 125 and now down to 70 books Anyway, I ll leave it all behind and start anew for 2017 Here s to books This was a great read most especially the piece about the Strong Women.

  18. I have this book in two volumes because I read it so much it cracked down the middle and split in half.This was one of the poets I read in early high school that really touched me Her poems were really helpful in sorting certain things out in my teenage mind I haven t read through it lately, but I still have vivid memories of the poems.

  19. Took me a while to warm up to this collection, but it did finally pick up speed I love the abortion poems, especially those about the clinic workers It makes the issue real by linking it to real people who don t have any medical stake in what s going on they re just doing their jobs Piercy s feminist tone is back again but softened in the decades after To Be of Use Still love her, though

  20. The title poem The Moon is Always Female is a feminist classic sticks mainly to the usual wise woman crone imagery but is still inventive and evocative I prefer Piercy s fiction because it usually has a science fiction bent Her poetry is surprisingly alive, despite the overt feminist political stance.

  21. This is presently my fav her writing touches on things thought but not expressed over and over again with such eloquence I am not a lyrical minded poet but her poetry has music I never heard of her but chose her book because of the cover with the cat in the moon and have read 2 of her books since finding her and have not been disappointed.

  22. A lovely book, especially the poem, Arofa as it reminds me of my cat, Jude.Marge Piercy touches on so many aspects of what it means to be human, to be a woman and to experience life s array of emotions.

  23. I think, next to Dorothy Parker, Marge Piercy is my favorite female poet Some of the poems in here are so intense, lovely, and full of emotion This is one book I will keep on the shelf to refer to over the years.

  24. this would probably have been five stars for me if i had time energy quiet when i read it, but it was still wonderful reading it in one sitting on the bus while winding down from a pretty intense day

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