Winter's Tales

Winter s Tales In Isak Dinesen s universe the magical enchantment of the fairy tale and the moral resonance of myth coexist with an unflinching grasp of the most obscure human strengths and weaknesses A despairing

In Isak Dinesen s universe, the magical enchantment of the fairy tale and the moral resonance of myth coexist with an unflinching grasp of the most obscure human strengths and weaknesses A despairing author abandons his wife, but in the course of a long night s wandering, he learns love s true value and returns to her, only to find her a different woman than the one he leIn Isak Dinesen s universe, the magical enchantment of the fairy tale and the moral resonance of myth coexist with an unflinching grasp of the most obscure human strengths and weaknesses A despairing author abandons his wife, but in the course of a long night s wandering, he learns love s true value and returns to her, only to find her a different woman than the one he left A landowner, seeking to prove a principle, inadvertently exposes the ferocity of mother love A wealthy young traveler melts the hauteur of a lovely woman by masquerading as her aged and loyal servant Shimmering and haunting, Dinesen s Winter s Tales transport us, through their author s deft guidance of our desire to imagine, to the mysterious place where all stories are born.

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Winter's Tales

  1. Pseudonym used by the Danish author Karen Blixen.Baroness Karen von Blixen Finecke Danish k n b le sn 17 April 1885 7 September 1962 , n e Karen Christenze Dinesen, was a Danish author, also known by the pen name Isak Dinesen, who wrote works in Danish, French and English She also at times used the pen names Tania Blixen, Osceola, and Pierre Andr zel.Blixen is best known for Out of Africa, an account of her life while living in Kenya, and for one of her stories, Babette s Feast, both of which have been adapted into Academy Award winning motion pictures She is also noted for her Seven Gothic Tales, particularly in Denmark.

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  1. I think short story collections are often a bit hit or miss, but I enjoyed every single story in this collection I think it was C.S Lewis who said that one day we ll be old enough to read fairytales again, and I think that s definitely true for me now These stories definitely had a fairytale like quality to them and they were very enjoyable not only were her descriptions of the Scandinavian region inviting, there was also a lot of wisdom to her words The writing was also infused with biblical la [...]

  2. I went to Denmark, pretty much, to see Karen Blixen s home It is a beautiful place the land around the house, including Blixen s grave, has been made into a bird santucary The house is near the water, and at least when I went there, the walk from the train station included passing what looked to be a Nor Fjord breeding farm There was even a resturant with Blixen inspired art work pricey but very nice and excellent food.It seems strange that when reading Blixen s non fiction what comes across is [...]

  3. In January of 2016 my life was changing I had just begun my final contract extension at work and had just decided to move to Colombia to study Spanish in May, after my contract had run its course I had recently finished reading a wonderful collection of short stories by the great contemporary master of the form, Alice Munro, and was in need of another So, here I was, my life in a moment of change, and my next several months predetermined to be very busy, and me without a collection of short stor [...]

  4. In a word magic 11 short stories which draw you in quickly Dinesen has a gift for sparking interest in her characters from the outset and for pulling you into another world and making you linger there long after the tale is over Sigh Most of the stories are set in the author s native land Denmark sometime in the past frequently the 19th century, though one story takes us as far back as the 13th Dinesen s nostalgia for her country and its people can be felt strongly, which is part of the spell of [...]

  5. Halfway through the The Heroine about french ex pats imprisoned during a 19th century conflict between France and Germany I realized these stories were written in Nazi occupied Denmark And then I realized the chill of history blew through these intricate tales especially the harrowing Sorrow Acre , but these stories are surprising and unpredictable rather than bleak ruminations from Dineson s strange erudite mind These resemble short stories or tales 10 20 pages so than the dense novellas of Se [...]

  6. Karenu Bliksenu k ar dzi u intelektu apvelt tu izcilu st stnieci iepazinu, lasot vi as autobiogr fisko darbu No frikas dzi umiem Ziemas pasakas nav vis pasakas, bet gan vienpadsmit gari st sti, kuros re lo dz vi viet m paspilgtina m tiskie elementi Tie aizrauj ar savu si etu, notur ar j gpilno saturu, un gandr z ikvien no tiem ietverts p rsteiguma moments, kas visu apgrie k j m gais , liekot las t jam p rv rt t savas prognoz anas sp jas Bauda izt lei un pr tam V rien gi un atmi palieko i Ziemas [...]

  7. DNF I plodded through 3 stories before throwing in the towel Several years ago I read this author s full length pastiche The Angelic Avengers enjoyed it, but these shorts were interminable Endless religious philosophical yodeling, endless metaphors, endless weighty clouds of DOOM hanging over an endless cast of disaffected malcontents who sit around thinking about the misery of humanity In short I found these too depressing to enjoy for the language too wordy to be immersive tales of incident Th [...]

  8. This is just not as good as her earlier collection Seven Gothic Tales, which has some of the best short stories ever written That book had a youthful excitement and vigor, full of surprising stories that delighted in the art of keeping the reader on his toes Winter s Tales is muchostier Much of it seems cold and dead It feels as if Dinesen has decided not to be childish any and instead feels obliged to share great mature wisdom with everyone without bothering to tell a ripping good story Mind y [...]

  9. I picked up this book in the past summer when I was thinking about the snow queen H Ch Andersen and was just curious to read some danish fairy tales But these stories were not what I expected, i.e for children They are 11 stories, mostly romantic except 3 of them I liked very much the narrative style with colorful descriptions, fjord ish construction and sometimes unexpected situations I also enjoyed some of the fantastic elements But most of all I liked Peter and Rosa , a love story with a tra [...]

  10. She was an excellent story writer Sorrow Acre was my favorite of the short stories For example, this is the first paragraph The low, undulating Danish landscape was silent and serene, mysteriously wide awake in the hour before sunrise There was not a cloud in the pale sky, not a shadow alone the dim, pearly fields, hills and woods The Mist was lilting from the valleys and hollows, the air was cool, the grass and the foliage dripping wet with morning dew Unwatched by the eyes of man, and undistur [...]

  11. This is my first taste of Karen Blixen Isak Dinesen and I was in love from the first page I was encourage by Victoria Mixon s the Art and Craft of Fiction to study her and I am so glad I did In fact, I m planning on buying everything by this author and I rarely am that passionate Blixen reminds me a lot of Flannery O connor in the religious imagery, the intensity of the characterization and the perplexing endings She makes me as charmed with 19th century Europe as OConnor does with Depression er [...]

  12. I did not enjoy this collection as much as her Last Tales , and the review would have been three stars However, the inclusion of the stunning Peter and Rosa is worth the highest of ratings

  13. Like many Americans I suspect , my introduction to Isak Dinesen was via the film version of Out of Africa I actually never saw it until an adult, but my mother bought the film tie in copy of Out of Africa and Shadows On the Grass which I read cover to cover two or three times in high school and my Dinesen obsession was born.This collection of eleven short stories has the feel of a 19th century fairy tale collection while reading, I found myself musing if these stories were the ones Karen recount [...]

  14. Sunt vremuri grele pentru vis tori , spunea Am lie Pulan n Am lie, acum 14 ani, i pot s continui spun nd c sunt cu at t mai grele pentru scriitorii vis tori, fiindc n lumea gr bit de azi visul nu prea i mai are locul nici m car n locul unde acesta ar trebuie s fi la el acas ntre paginile unei c r i bune Dar vis torii adev ra i nu se mpiedic de ce e sau nu la mod , de ce se cere sau nu se cere i i v d de treaba lor A a face i Karen Blixen, autoare pe care am citit o acum foarte mul i ani, cu o ca [...]

  15. I spent a week in thrall to these tales, each one a world that opens immediately as if evoked, fully fledged and fleshed, by once upon a time and closes completely, like a stone tossed into a vast, calm, black lake Blixen Dinesen considers life, death, sex, fate, faith, magic, history, and time with a knowing, cool, amoral eye and a natural storyteller s gift for just enough detail, but not too much She understands how to let the reader s imagination fill in between the lines No one writes like [...]

  16. I read this book on a short trip to Denmark because I hoped to visit Karen Blixen s home museum outside Copenhagen Reading the short stories in Winter s Tales, many set in Denmark and often a century before she wrote them, I became immersed in the characters and surprising twists in her tales, making my visit to her home so special I walked through the forest around her house, appreciating that she had left instructions for it to be a bird sanctuary, and stood under a huge beech tree where she i [...]

  17. Short story collections are always inconsistent some stories you want to read again and again, and some leave you cold This collection happened to lean toward the first.Dinesen writes beautifully, absolutely beautifully From The Sailor Boy s Tale It was April, the sky and sea were so clear that it was difficult to hold one s eyes up against them salt, infinitely wide, and filled with bird shrieks as if someone were incessantly whetting invisible knives, on all sides, high up in Heaven I definite [...]

  18. There are some fairy tale elements to this book mostly it s the tone Each tale might as well begin with, once upon a time Dinesen admitted to being heavily influenced by the Romantics, and rejecting the so called realism popular in Denmark at the time on the basis that she simply wanted to tell beautiful stories But only the sailor boy s story has elements of magical realism The transforming power of the stories comes from their acknowledgement of the intricacies of human nature In most of the s [...]

  19. In all the short lifetime of Danish summer there is no richer or luscious moment than that week wherein the lime trees flower The heavenly scent goes to the head and to the heart it seems to unite the fields of Denmark with those of Elysium it contains both hay, honey, and holy incense, and is half fairy land and half apothecary s locker The avenue was changed into a mystic edifice, a dryad s cathedral, outward from summit to base lavishly adorned, set with multitudinous ornaments, and golden i [...]

  20. It felt like an accomplishment finishing this short story collection, and I really did enjoy it despite how long it took to finish Each story was richly told, allegory heavy, and often had a story within a story so it wasn t light reading I loved that some of these would ever so slightly bend towards fantasy supernatural in the tiniest ways, and almost all of them were based around Danish history and values I can t actually pick a favorite now, and I think I ll have to sit a little longer with t [...]

  21. Blown away by her style, grace with language, in terms of descriptions and power to evoke everything and anything she wants for the reader to witness A blending of tale as a form and short story, old and modern Reminiscent of Kate Mansfield s style.

  22. Dinesen s Out of Africa is one of my all time favorites But with the exception of Babette s Feast, I find her fiction hard going It seems to operate at a remove for me Maybe it s the fable like quality, but I m seeing through a glass darkly.

  23. Questa serie di racconti mi ha ricordato diversi autori, dalla Gente di Dublino di Joyce a Mann con la sua Morte a Venezia, passando per i racconti de La casa dei melograni di Wilde Le ambientazioni e le epoche descritte sono diverse, ma si aggirano tutte nella zona mittel nord europea Pur nella loro diversit , c un certo filo comune dato dallo stile della narrazione, che sia nei racconti pi fantastici che in quelli pi realistici mantiene sempre un atmosfera onirica e incantatrice.E stato il mio [...]

  24. Dinesen s prose style less intricate than her earlier stories collected in Seven Gothic Tales SGT This may have to do with the circumstances under which Winter Tales was published during the Nazi occupation of Denmark Editing was done pretty much at her American publisher s discretion since the lines of communication were severely limited In retrospect, I would have rather first read Winter Tales with a less intricate and developed prose style and then followed it by reading SGT as the latter to [...]

  25. The Young Man with the CarnationI particularly appreciated the complexity of the story short stories imbricated one into the other, adding layers of depth to the atmosphere, not necessarily the characters To me, Charlie is a young man who set himself some clearly defined goals getting out of poverty, marrying a beautiful girl, having his talent recognized He has strived for it, but now that they have been realized what else is there for him to look for Are they all he was expecting from them He [...]

  26. Una narrativa agradable con mucha par frasis de la Biblia cristiana En algunos cuentos se logra empat a con algunos personajes, sin embargo, por la brevedad de los relatos, stos son fugaces, solo por pasar el momento.

  27. I really enjoyed Sorrow Acre and The Young Man with the Carnation The latter, I already was familiar with because I d heard the opera based on the story I definitely want to re read those two stories one day.

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