Spark Gabriel Merrick plays with fire Literally Sometimes he can even control it And sometimes he can t Gabriel has always had his brothers to rely on especially his twin Nick But when an arsonist starts

Gabriel Merrick plays with fire Literally Sometimes he can even control it And sometimes he can t Gabriel has always had his brothers to rely on, especially his twin, Nick But when an arsonist starts wreaking havoc on their town, all the signs point to Gabriel Only he s not doing it And no one seems to believe him Except a shy sopho named Layne, a brainiac whoGabriel Merrick plays with fire Literally Sometimes he can even control it And sometimes he can t Gabriel has always had his brothers to rely on, especially his twin, Nick But when an arsonist starts wreaking havoc on their town, all the signs point to Gabriel Only he s not doing it And no one seems to believe him Except a shy sopho named Layne, a brainiac who dresses in turtlenecks and jeans and keeps him totally off balance Because Layne has a few secrets of her own

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  1. BRIGID KEMMERER is author of LETTERS TO THE LOST Bloomsbury April 4, 2017 , a dark, contemporary Young Adult romance THICKER THAN WATER Kensington, December 29, 2015 , a New Adult paranormal mystery with elements of romance and the YALSA nominated Elemental series of five Young Adult novels and three e novellas which Kirkus Reviews calls refreshingly human paranormal romance and School Library Journal describes as a new take on the supernatural genre She lives in the Balti area with her husband and four sons.

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  1. CASE 0197SUBJECT Brigid Kemmerer, AuthorHYPOTHESIS Subject writes highly addictive books that are a serious impediment to normal sleep patterns.Exhibit A StormExhibit B SparkSTATUS Considered a serious risk to all reasonable conduct.This paper is an emergency presentation to provide anecdotal evidence that the young adult author Brigid Kemmerer is a menace to society Through her Elemental series, which follows a group of dangerously attractive brothers with the power to harness the forces of nat [...]

  2. He appealed to the rage and fury, promising the fire it could bring the house down if those firemen escaped Promising to help Promising it would be fucking spectacular.4.5 stars I dedicate this review to my friend Carina Without her, I would have never been motivated to continue on the path of bullying people into reading books Throughout my GR career, you ve all seen me go through a bunch of random names, but the most infamous one got its origins from dear Carina and a group of our friends who [...]

  3. Is there anything hotter than a guy half in a fireman suit Turns out there is GABRIEL MERRICK in a fireman suit And a little ol book called SPARK SPARK SPARK SPARK SPARK SPARK SQUEEEEEEEE And now that is out of the way Tensions are running at an all time high in the Merrick household and Gabriel is right at the centre of it It was fascinating to read from his perspective this time, so different from Chris in Storm His element is fire and that reflects on his personality type explosive Gabriel ha [...]

  4. In Storm we met four brothers, one friend, and a girl stuck dealing with them In Spark, we get into the mind of one of these brothers the reckless and unpredictable Gabriel Hot like the fire that he s learning to control, we delve deeper into this rough edged character who shows us the depth and insecurities inside his tough shell.It took only a couple of sentences before I knew I was going to completely adore Gabriel He was one character that we didn t get to know a whole lot in Storm, but I im [...]

  5. One of my most commonly asked questions about The Elemental Series is, Who are the guys on your covers Then it s almost always narrowed down to Gabriel Nick I ve always had to say, I have no idea Well, guess what Today, the cover model for Nick Gabriel sent me an email He s actually a super nice guy He s been chatting with readers on Twitter all evening, much to my delight If you want to follow him, go for it twitter axeljordan_ This is one of the most surreal things EVER I just had to share.

  6. 3.5 Maybe I really enjoyed the ending so I m rounding up I spent a good portion of this book floating somewhere between wanting to punch Gabriel Merrick in the face and wanting to hug him and bake him cookies Our pyromaniac always has the ability to bring up the most strong feelings due to his personality being so unpredictable In Storm, I down right hated him because, let s be honest, he s a dick But somehow in Spark I started feeling differently Don t get me wrong, I still don t love Gabriel, [...]

  7. Brigid Kemmerer is one of those rare few authors who know exactly what their readers want She surprised us with Storm by giving us a solid world filled with complex characters and a plot that kept us on the edge of our seats, but in Spark, she took this a step or three further and showed a profound understanding of human nature and readiness to explore the vulnerable side of her characters And who better to bare his heart than the gorgeous and daredevilish Gabriel Merrick While I truly enjoyed [...]

  8. 4.5 stars Well, it seems like this series gets better with every book DFor some reason I couldn t put this series down and if i had the next one too, I would definitely go for it this very moment Yes you can see a whole new star over there, this means that I loved this better and that I agree with all the people that told me this story was worth reading.WHY DID I LIKE IT BETTER THAN STORM Spark was quite emotional, and it kept me on the edge all the time There were laugh out loud moments, and he [...]

  9. Attention everyone If you aren t reading the Elemental series, stop what you are doing and buy it now I swear they get better and better You ll thank me, I promise If you are a fan of awesome YA paranormal urban fantasy, you must be reading this series MUST Put down that crappy book that you have been trying to get through and buy this one No overdone, seen 100 times before story lines here Brigid Kemmerer s writing is just so on point and fresh And excuse the obvious, but she was just ON FIRE w [...]

  10. THIS WAS SUPERFANTABULOUS I don t even know where to begin describing my feelings I thought Storm was incredible shaking head Gabriel just up and ran away with my heart Spark blew me awayke seriouslyout of the ball park, blew me away It was simply amazing Ms Kemmerer you are totally, hands down and undeniably my 2012 girl crush D Woman, I just freakin LOVE YOU UPDATE First and foremost, I would like to thank Brigid Kemmerer for providing me with a copy of her book for review I wouldn t have melt [...]

  11. There s no denying Brigid Kemmerer took the blogosphere by, well, storm earlier this year with her debut novel, so it comes as little surprise her sopho release, Spark, is just as incendiary So, now I m satisfied it s not possible to include any additional puns in this paragraph, let s talk about what makes Spark so damn good.The Story It s never been dangerous to be an Elemental Gifted with the ability to control fire, Gabriel Merrick is explosive as his element, and after recent attacks on hi [...]

  12. Holy baby jesus I can t believe I got my hands on an ARC of this bad boy I think my knees may have given way when I realized that I had it I may have snapped out of it and started doing the cancan for good measure then raced over to the lounger and clicked on the power to my beautiful KOBO.For any one out there that has a KOBO and downloaded a book in PDF format onto it they understand my pain when I say usually it prevents you from reading the book until you can find it in some other source Wel [...]

  13. Wow No snark for this one I ve only got praise.It took me much less than 12 hours to read this one and that includes eating, sleeping and convincing a bunch of people to just stop talking to me already Just to give you an idea of how much I liked it.If I had a favourites shelf which I don t because my favourite books change with the weather this would go straight in there.Much intense and mature than the first book and novellas in the Elemental series, this one perfectly captured all the anger, [...]

  14. By now you ve probably seen lot of reviews out there for Spark, raving about the SERIOUSLY HOT BOYS Well that s certainly no exaggeration, there are four, and they ARE hot But the draw for these stories is much than that The Elemental series is seriously cool with all of the Merrick brothers able to harness and control a different element fire, water, air, earth These boys are each a hero in their own right, yes, even cocky Gabriel, just waiting for the opportunity to get out Spark centers on G [...]

  15. We re no longer Elemental virgins, but that doesn t mean the fun has to stop As part of the Spirit Blog Tour hosted by The Midnight Garden, Steph and I will be reading Spark for the next two weeks, so if you re still swooning over the Merrick boys with us, be sure to stop back here on May 12th to discuss And if you had no restraint and tore through all the books already, we d still love to hear from you 0 And if you re just joining us, check out the Elementals Read Along sign up post for detail [...]

  16. 4.5 stars After reading Storm, I couldn t help think how badly I wanted the next book already So it was pretty funny and shocking to find this on Negalley I didn t expect to read these books back to back, so to say I was pretty excited would be a huge understatement When I first read the blurb for Spark, I was eager to dive in to Gabriel s story since he seemed the most conflicted of the brothers, plus his power is fire so ya know it s gonna be good But I was also slightly disappointed since I w [...]

  17. If Storm was an explosion, Spark is an eruption I don t believe that I have ever felt this strongly for a character so quickly before The Gabriel Merrick of Storm is a mischievous, smart arse identical twin The Gabriel Merrick of Spark is a broken, hurt, troubled kid who s an emotional live wire He d been banned from the team, from a sport she knew he loved God, even Simon practically worshipped Gabriel s athletic ability He was fighting with his twin brother, and they had to be close, the way t [...]

  18. 4.5 5This was really good I mean it, this was really, really good In fact STORM Elemental 1, a book that took me totally by surprise in its awesomeness might even pale in comparison to this one Who would have thought that stories of four hot brothers with super powers word turn out so good So, if that first one was good, this one was so much better perhaps because past the introductions, we get to have a closer look into what made one of them tick Book One allowed us those introductions to the o [...]

  19. In Spark we are told the story from Merrick brother Gabriel, In Storm I just saw Gabriel as the hot headed cheeky Merrick brother, Chris had already played so much havoc with my heart in Storm that I didn t think another Merrick brother would be able to sneak their way in, but boy was I wrong contains some spoilers if you haven t read Storm Now that the problems with the guide have been dealt with, the Merrick brothers can stay put, but under one condition that they don t bring attention to them [...]

  20. t s not often that book 2 in a trilogy is better than the first, but that s definitely the case with Brigid Kemmerer s debut series I mean, I liked Storm, but Spark exceeded any sort of expectations I had.Mostly, this book is awesome because of Gabriel.I really loved his humor in Storm and was excited to read a book from his POV And I was definitely not disappointed He s one of my new favorite boys in YA, mostly because he s funny and has lots and lots of issues.In fact, this whole book has lots [...]

  21. 4 STARSI m going to start this review with this HoYay homoeroticyay moment between Gabriel and Hunter You had a gun and you still fought me like that Hunter grinned Wait, you were fighting for real Aren t they adorbs No I m not going to apologize for that word With how Gabriel was introduced in the first book, I was full on expecting snark and bite coming from the short fused half of the Merrick Twins This being his book had a lot of these endearing douchequotes but what was surprising was the [...]

  22. Okay Gabriel Merrick, you win You are my favorite You are soooo my favorite You are a perfectly flawed ball of aeoghaoehgoaeaphe a Wait, is that an oxymoron You personify it I don t care about reading the rest of the series Gabriel will always be my favorite Don t tell me I will change my mind I won t.Stop it Really, guys I M BEING SERIOUS No really I who cares if your favorite changes with every book and who cares if I keep loving old characters for new reasons I HAVE LAID CLAIM TO A FAVORITE A [...]

  23. Wow, I was totally surprised by Spark, the 2nd book in the Elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer Where the first book, Storm, was heart poundingly intense, I felt this book was sweeter It pulled a little on my heart strings but don t get me wrong, there is still plenty of action It begins directly where the previous book left off so you do need to have read Storm first This book focuses on Gabe, half of the set of twins Nick being the other half Gabe s element is fire The fire speaks to him, call [...]

  24. Rating 3.5 Stars When I went intoSpark,I was 100% sure I would love it Yes, 100% Not even 99.9% I devouredStormin a matter of hours and after seeingsucha huge string of glowing reviews for this book, I was confident thatfor onceI wouldn t be the Black Sheep Well, I was unfortunately quite wrong I lovedSpark,but ultimately, there was just something missing from it to make it a truly phenomenal novel First and foremost, I have to admit that I thought Gabriel was an extremely well written character [...]

  25. 3.75 or 4 stars 4 stars I was so glad when I found out that it will be Gabriel s story in the second book of this series He s my favorite among the Merrick brothers and to finally be able to see and learn of him was just freaking awesome And I just love how Brigid Kemmerer thoroughly explored Gabriel s characteristics here from being a friend, a brother, a student, a lover and a hero What I enjoyed most was seeing the soft and vulnerable sides of Gabriel, the side which he usually hides through [...]

  26. I loved Storm ,the first book in this series and I was dying to read this novel I believe I squealed when I got accepted for this book.Needless to say my expectations for this book were sky high.This is Gabriel and Layne s book The entire book is told from their point of view.Chris and Becca do make an appearance but they re not the main characters in this novel.I was a little disappointed with this book.The main reason I think I didn t like this book as much as Storm is because I wasn t a big f [...]

  27. 2.5 5After my vast enjoyment with Elemental I had high hopes for its sequel I was especially excited because it features fan favourite Gabriel However it seems that Gabriel might have made a better secondary character than a leading man.The love story in this book was pretty weak I hated Layne, she walked around with a stick in her butt, and was constantly running away from her problems By running away I mean literally running awayd people thought Bella was terrible about confrontation.I found t [...]

  28. I have a confession to make I ve just done something I thought I would never do I enjoyed a book with no plot And now that I think about it, it was really easy too, Spark isn t any worse for wear without the token villain, the conflict between good and evil, or any of those other pesky elements that unnecessarily bog down good storytelling Instead, Brigid Kemmerer has somehow managed to carry her second Elemental book solely on the strength of a single character I am thoroughly impressed.Actuall [...]

  29. 4.5 5 OUT OF THIS WORLD STARS Today is a special day when I get to share with you all my opinion of a book in a series that I will recommend to anyone I meet Brigid Kemmerer is one of my favorite authors ever Spark is as unforgettable predecessor Storm I read through this whole book twice and loved every minute The first time I read it in only three hours.I always find it hard to read sequels to books I love because I always find myself continuously comparing the two books to each other I found [...]

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