The Other Side of the Bridge

The Other Side of the Bridge From the author of the beloved national bestseller Crow Lake comes an exceptional new novel of jealously rivalry and the dangerous power of obsession Two brothers Arthur and Jake Dunn are the son

From the author of the beloved 1 national bestseller Crow Lake comes an exceptional new novel of jealously, rivalry and the dangerous power of obsession.Two brothers, Arthur and Jake Dunn, are the sons of a farmer in the mid 1930s, when life is tough and another world war is looming Arthur is reticent, solid, dutiful and set to inherit the farm and his father s characterFrom the author of the beloved 1 national bestseller Crow Lake comes an exceptional new novel of jealously, rivalry and the dangerous power of obsession.Two brothers, Arthur and Jake Dunn, are the sons of a farmer in the mid 1930s, when life is tough and another world war is looming Arthur is reticent, solid, dutiful and set to inherit the farm and his father s character Jake is younger, attractive, mercurial and dangerous to know the family misfit When a beautiful young woman comes into the community, the fragile balance of sibling rivalry tips over the edge.Then there is Ian, the family s next generation, and far too sure he knows the difference between right and wrong By now it is the fifties, and the world has changed a little, but not enough These two generations in the small town of Struan, Ontario, are tragically interlocked, linked by fate and community but separated by a war which devours its young men its unimaginable horror reaching right into the heart of this remote corner of an empire With her astonishing ability to turn the ratchet of tension slowly and delicately, Lawson builds their story to a shocking climax Taut with apprehension, surprising us with moments of tenderness and humour, The Other Side of the Bridge is a compelling, humane and vividly evoked novel with an irresistible emotional undertow.Arthur found himself staring down at the knife embedded in his foot There was a surreal

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The Other Side of the Bridge

  1. Mary Lawson born 1946 is a Canadian novelist.Born in southwestern Ontario, she spent her childhood in Blackwell, Ontario located between Sarnia and Brights Grove and is a distant relative of L M Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables.Lawson moved to England after graduating from McGill University with a psychology degree in 1968 She also married in Ontario, has two grown up sons and now lives in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey Her three novels to date, both published by Knopf Canada were set in Northern Ontario.

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  1. Must read Must read Ova knjiga je prava muzika za du u Sjajan prevod Mislim da se tu i tamo jo mo e na i u prodaji

  2. There is a place in northern Ontario, Canada called Struan It s a small town where the summers are green and young boys fish in Crow Lake and the winters are brutally cold and the roads are so deeply covered with snow that they keep people in It s a place where men are loggers, farmers or sawmill workers , or the one doctor caring for them all delivering babies, caring for sick children or trying to save the logger stabbed in a bar fight It s a place of families with good sons and bad sons, moth [...]

  3. This is one of the most emotionally satisfying books I have read Set in a small town in the far north of Canada, The Other Side Of The Bridge is constructed of two parallel narratives the story of Arthur, a farmer s son growing up in the nineteen thirties and forties and Ian, a doctor s son growing up twenty years later The two stories intersect when Ian, aged sixteen, comes to work on Arthur s farm The Scotsman described Mary Lawson as a master of the quiet moment made significant, with a treme [...]

  4. This astoundingly simple but complicated story of sibling rivalry is the stuff of Greek tragedy, or Shakespeare, or Eugene O Neill in the form of Mary Lawson s inimitable storytelling Like her books Crow Lake and Road Ends, it takes place in the fictional northern Ontario town of Struan a place so vivid that it becomes a running character in Lawson s books Like the other books, the dialogue and particularly the gaps filled with unspoken thoughts is so real you can feel it breathe In a novel, she [...]

  5. What a find The setting for this novel is a small community in rural northern Ontario, the timeframe spans a few decades, from the 30s with the great depression, through the Second World War to the early 60s The main characters are the Dunn brothers Arthur and Jake, as different as they could be, one plain, quiet and dependable, down to earth worker, the other handsome, risk taker and adventurous but also a trouble maker Their story jumps around in time, but mainly follows two strands, one follo [...]

  6. I read this book because I loved Crow Lake and just loved how it was written Now I am a convert to Mary Lawson and I will read anything she puts out there Hopefully she is somewhere right now working on a huge, fat book, because if I have any complaints it is that her books are so short 300 pages of this one wasn t enough for me My favorite thing about this book was how it creeped up on the climax The whole thing was written with such a calm, serene feel that when something does actually happen, [...]

  7. Have you ever wept to come to the end of a book I did today, when I finished our book club selection, The Other Side of the Bridge, by Mary Lawson It was absolutely the best book I have ever read at least that s how I feel today There were many times throughout that I thought that if I could write the perfect book, this would be it with the themes of duty and the benevolent traps of love and friendship, of the conflict between disappointment and contentment, and how could I help but notice the t [...]

  8. In conclusion I liked this book for many reasons It has humor It covers widely varied topics, all of which I found interesting Sibling rivalry Parents attachments to their children and let s admit it, we do not respond identically to each child How do we should we choose what we want to do with our lives I mean what job we ultimately choose Do we choose, or is it fate that decides for us Are we destined for a certain occupation, given our particular personality And what is the value of a job Mus [...]

  9. This is the second book I ve read by Mary Lawson but it won t be my last Her writing style is one of depth and profundity Her characterizations run true to life and I felt like I was in Struan, Canada among the book s characters.Like Crow Lake , this book takes place on a farm in rural northern Canada The protagonists are the Dunn family, especially Arthur and Jake, two brothers who could not be different Jake is a dilettante, a man who is without empathy or conscience, living his life impulsiv [...]

  10. The Other Side of the Bridge is a lovely little book The story moves back and forth between the 1930s 40s when Arthur Dunn was growing up and the 1950s 60s when he was manning the family farm and the doctor s son Ian, was a part time farmhand during high school.There s rivalry, family connections, and love in this story Mary Lawson s skill at portraying familial love in all it s interpretations is exquisite She praises the unsung heroism of small town doctors in isolated communities Lawson s des [...]

  11. I loved this sequel to Crow Lake Her chapters go back and forth between her two main characters who live in a small, rural community in Canada Both of them are young men One is the hulking, quiet, empathetic farmer s son who has a competitive, trouble making brother The other is the son of the town doctor who is trying to forget his mother who left for life in the big city She uses a very effective storytelling technique, but I won t spoil it FULL DISCLOSURE Mary Lawson is one of my favorite aut [...]

  12. I ve read all three of Mary Lawson s wonderful novels in the past month Now I m in mourning because I ll have to wait for her to write her next one.I love her writing, I love her characters the good ones and the bad ones I love the setting of remote, rural, northern Canada, I love the families that populate Mary Lawson s world If you haven t read a Mary Lawson novel, I m ALMOST envious because you are in for a treat.

  13. This is a book you will be driven to share with friends So says The Gazette in Montreal, and I m echoing it here.This was November s book selection for the book club I never seem to get to, and because I hadn t finished the book by the time the meeting rolled around, and I didn t want it spoiled for me, I didn t go this time either Having just finished it a few minutes ago, I am definitely glad I waited.I read this book essentially in three sittings I started it during a silent reading class at [...]

  14. This is a superb book It is set in northern Canada in a small town The book is split into 2 stories that occur about 10 15 years apart so that at the end they coincide The narrative focuses in each story on teenage boys Arthur and Ian Each has difficulty facing the future, dealing with women and how to decide what kind of men they want to be.In Ian s story he is working for the adult Arthur on his farm Ian s father is a doctor, his mother hates where they live and Ian uses the farm as a place to [...]

  15. i keep going back and forth as to whether 3 stars is appropriate for this book it wasn t a page turner with incessant drama that kept me up reading late into the night the pace was slower, with a meandering path that not only told the tale of the characters, but gave life to the fictional town of struan this story encompasses so much unstated sibling rivalry, the effects of one s hometown, interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, guilt, expectations, rebelliousness, all mixed in with a bit [...]

  16. Really enjoyed this somewhat subtle though well written tale that is part coming of age and part mystery, and which manages a few southern gothic esque themes relevant social issues tragedy that help to give it volume and weight than it might have otherwise.

  17. I recently read Crow Lake and thought it was flawless In this one, I found the plot cloying and predictable And the character of Jake was one dimensional I was disappointed.

  18. I didn t exactly choose to read this book Mary Lawson s acclaimed follow up to her first novel, Crow Lake It would be accurate to say I was sort of cornered into it An English instructor at the small university where I work as a librarian asked me to give a research instruction workshop on literary databases for her students who had been assigned to write an analytical essay about the book She the instructor had picked Lawson s book for the class because, as she put it, it s a bit accessible t [...]

  19. This is a difficult task the writer has set for herself She tells a large part of this story from the viewpoint of the least interesting character, Arthur Such is her gift that even though we are seeing the world through the dumbfounded eyes of the good son who remains on the farm, we still understand the pain and complexity of the emotional life swirling around him, even though it is almost completely lost on Arthur I m not quite sure how Lawson carries it off but I can say you will not be disa [...]

  20. This book was good, well paced and interesting It s been a while since I read the author s first book, Crow Lake, but it seems like the themes of this book are pretty similar the kind of biblical tensions of sibling dynamics and the drama and sometimes violence that are apparently part of figuring out love for some folks I just re read East of Eden by John Steinbeck, where there are also sets of brothers with tense relations That book s message for me is that destiny doesn t control us, we choos [...]

  21. Couldn t put this one down and was hooked from the first chapter.From back cover The Other Side of the Bridge is an unforgettable story of jealousy, rivalry and the power of obsession played out over the course of a half century Two brothers, the sons of a farmer living in the fictional Northern Ontario community of Struan and whose lives are overshadowed by the looming threat of World War II, are polar opposites Arthur is shy, dependable and dutiful, set to inherit the family farm, while Jake, [...]

  22. I loved a Crow Lake so I was really excited to read this book It was good, I enjoyed it, but not nearly as much When he was younger, Ian had assumed that as you got older things became clear Adults had seemed so sure, so knowledgeable, not just about facts and figures but about the big questions the difference between right and wrong what was true and what wasn t what life was about He d assumed that you went to school because you had to learn things, starting off with the easy stuff and moving [...]

  23. The Other Side of the Bridge is a spell binding and edifying experience I wept when I finished it because it rings so true It is a story about sibling rivalry, friendship and loyalty It is also a coming of age story that spans two generations The writing is excellent There is nothing there and doesn t belong or that distrubes the story telling in any way There are no issues raised that aren t resolved The characters are complete and multidemensional What I like best about the writing is that it [...]

  24. I found this in a second hand book shop for 1 without knowing anything about it It is a fine novel, a subtle and suspenseful storytelling The relationship between the two brothers, interwoven with the local doctor s son, Ian who works on the farm and the arrival of Laura, that all comes to a highly charged climax, some fifteen years later A tender story of family expectations, rivalry and responsibility.

  25. As in Mary Lawson s first novel, Crow Lake, The Other Side of the Bridge takes readers to the far north of Ontario, Canada to a fictitious farming and mill town near New Liskeard The setting plays a major roll here, as in Crow Lake, but it is fishing and farming not the study of pond life that is at the forefront Lawson skillfully caroms between two protagonists and two time frames Arthur Dunn, the elder son of a farmer, whose flat feet keep him at home during World War II, and Ian Christopherso [...]

  26. This was a really emotionally charged story of two brothers, growing up on a farm in rural Canada The older brother, Arthur, is content with the farm life and enjoys helping his dad plant and harvest the fields, and tend to the livestock The younger brother, Jake, is the complete opposite He has no interest in farming, enjoys school, and is a big risk taker He is always challenging Arthur to do crazy stunts, which hardly ever end well Kind of a deviant, really Arthur doesn t care much for Jake, [...]

  27. A charming book Mary Lawson is an ultimate storyteller What a marvelous read An interesting angle on the time frame of WW II and how the citizens left behind participated in the war effort The characters become real with each page For one reason or another, you empathize with each and every one of them The story that enfolds shows how nothing happens in a vacuum Every cause has an effect Our lives are intertwined What a good book to read when one can t fall asleep Delightful Thank you Mary Laws [...]

  28. The story was a bit slow to start but this book is beautifully written and I found it deeply touching I can t think of a way to write a synopsis that would do justice to the story, the characters, and the connections between them I think I ll just say that it explores the lives of the residents of a small town in the north of Canada and the relationships between successive generations Highly recommended.

  29. So glad I picked this book up in a secondhand store Compelling reading, beautifully written, engaging characters.

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