Gather Together in My Name

Gather Together in My Name This is a continuation of Maya Angelou s personal story begun so unforgettably in her bestselling I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings It is full of memorable people and charged with a life giving quality

This is a continuation of Maya Angelou s personal story, begun so unforgettably in her bestselling I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings It is full of memorable people and charged with a life giving quality that marks Maya Angelou s writing.

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Gather Together in My Name

  1. Maya Angelou, born Marguerite Ann Johnson April 4, 1928 in St Louis, Missouri, was an American poet, memoirist, actress and an important figure in the American Civil Rights Movement In 2001 she was named one of the 30 most powerful women in America by Ladies Home Journal Maya Angelou is known for her series of six autobiographies, starting with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, 1969 which was nominated for a National Book Award and called her magnum opus Her volume of poetry, Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water Fore I Die 1971 was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

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  1. This is the second volume of Maya Angelou s autobiography and covers four years from 1944 to 1948, ending when Angelou was 21 It covers a period pre civil rights and just after the war Angelou was remarkably resourceful in relation to the things she turned her hand to and did well She cooked and waitressed in a number of establishments, managed a restaurant, sold clothes, learned to dance to become a professional dancer, ran a brothel, worked in a brothel her pimp or daddy was an Episcopalian pr [...]

  2. This is the darkest in Maya Angelou s anthology and one I hadn t read before so I was shocked when she came to the brink of prostitution and actually jumped So many times in the book, particularly when she s nearly enlisted in the Army, I thought I didn t know she was a soldier, and then found out what happened So when it came to her sleazy older boyfriend, saying he needed some help crawling out of a financial mess, I thought she would somehow wake up from the nightmare Even when she was naked [...]

  3. I love this woman with all my heart Her writing style, her way of crafting a story, her life This volume was a bit sadder than the previous ones, but what a great read.

  4. My goodness, I adore this phenomenal woman These autobiographies by Maya Angelou are the best definition of a page turner in my book Gather Together in My Name is volume no 2 of the series and I enjoyed every bit of it Maya Angelou s prose game is ah mazing and I believe it s the poet in her that forces such a beautiful choice of words Aside from the beautiful language, she has this easy charming approach which keeps you hooked and hungry for This attractive formula always works for me and guar [...]

  5. A sequel to Maya Angelou s autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, this book begins when Marguerite is in her late teens Her beautifully written prose describes the heartwrenching mistakes that she makes in her life decisions, as a result of her risk taking and daring personality.My scale since the speed of my reading is directly proportional to how well I like the book 1 couldn t get through it2 actually got through it but it took months3 read it fairly consistently on the train took a c [...]

  6. I enjoyed this than Angelou s first memoir, which won t be a surprise to anyone who knows my tastes, because in this book she s a teenager young adult while in the first she was a child Adults make for active protagonists, while children are passive So I enjoyed the content and therefore appreciated the writing It s a short, quick read and kept me engaged, though, as in the first book, events sometimes seem disconnected from each other, and Angelou s tone can be so wry and detached that it s [...]

  7. I read I know why the caged bird sings a long while ago, and Maya Angelou told her remarkable life story This follows on and it s equally well written.In this book she s a teen mum living initially in SFO She finds work as a cook, falls in love and it doesn t work out, and heads for LA before a diversion to San Diego and Oklahoma She takes short term jobs cooking and waitressing to help her raise her son Somewhere in this story she, at 18, runs a brothel The blurb tells you she dabbles in drugs [...]

  8. Wow I guess fiction really can t touch real life.Picking up where I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings left off, this heart wrenching memoir chronicles Maya Angelou s late teen years as an unwed mother, pimp, and prostitute desperately searching for love Her poetic yet blunt retelling of the events created a slight disconnect for me between the writer and the young girl she writes about I sometimes had a hard time picturing this sophisticated assured and generous woman as the selfish and feckless gir [...]

  9. As with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, I couldn t put this one down once I started reading This autobiography picks up where I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings ends, with with 17 year old Maya out of work and caring for her son Guy in San Francisco In the two or three years covered by this book, she moves several times, even once back to Stamps, Alabama, and holds an amazing number and variety of jobs She also learns some hard lessons about life and about herself What a lot of courage and determi [...]

  10. Dr Angelou has a way of beating you up that makes you thankful for getting that ass whupped Gather together in my name the religious overtones guide the reader into a false sense of security before the late, great Dr Angelou drops an anvil on your head This brief little glimpse into the life of a very young woman between the ages of seventeen and twenty this twinkle of an eye to keep up with the religious tone is hell on earth for this young woman A cook, a chef, a pimp, and a prostitute She cam [...]

  11. I absolutely love Maya Angelou Even when she is talking about all the wrong she has done, she shines brighter in my eyes Because she pushed through those bad times, she fought to do better, be better, and of course, we all know she achieved the better Everyone should read Maya Angelou, her poetic words of wisdom know how to pierce into your heart and stay with you forever.

  12. A humbling, horrifying, addictive, beautifully written second part to her autobiography What an amazing life, what an amazing woman in part about every woman and our shared struggles through early adulthood and yet utterly personal and unique This volume charts Maya s life as a mother in her late teens, brutal in its honesty and miraculous in its lack of vitriolic self judgement Instead of self flagellation, Maya Angelou s writing is redemptive and pitiless Maya takes us on the next stage of her [...]

  13. Being that Dr Angelou is my favorite writer poet inspirational speaker since the age of 10, and the fact that I have had the pleasure of personally meeting and being uplifted by her words, I tend to be biased in my opinion compared to others when it comes to her work I absolutely adored and appreciate the fact that she yet again chose to share such a raw and vivid story of struggle, bad choices, and circumstance with her readers.Yes it started off slow in the beginning, but yet again she held no [...]

  14. Some of the most beautiful prose I ve ever read, used in an unflinching autobiography As opposed to I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, when Angelou was a child and therefore not really in control of her own life, in this volume we see her take her first steps into adulthood and make some very unwise decisions She can be naive, vindictive, flighty and neglectful towards her son, but she s still always intelligent, strong willed and fascinating Truly a masterpiece.5 stars.

  15. Maya s life has so many twists and turns that it reads as if it were a piece of fiction Stories of pimps, whorehouses, and the underworld While she has lived through all these dangers, we can now have a glimpse of them all within the safety of a book To have lived through so many life shocks as a young mother undoubtedly demanded incredible courage Maya is, as Obama said, a truly phenomenal woman.

  16. During this time when my life hinged melodramatically on intrigue and deceit, I discovered the Russian writers One title caught my eye Not because I felt guilty raking in money from the doings of prostitutes, but because of the title s perfect balance Life, so far as I had deduced it, was a series of opposites and no mitigating areas in between It followed Crime Punishment I walked the sunny California streets shrouded in Russian mists Until I stumbled across The Collected Autobiographies I had [...]

  17. After re reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, I felt compelled to read her other memoirs This one is wildwhat a crazy life she lived And this book ends when she is only about 20 years old Once again, her amazing voice and insights make for rich reading I just discovered that all of her autobiographies are in one collected book So I am going to get that and read the other straight through A friend who is leaving the country for the holiday will buy it for me and bring it back to China It will [...]

  18. This book is well written Maya is an exceptional writer As a teen, she was very brave and determined to succeed against all odds.I like the fact that she wasn t prone to pity parties and grabbed life with both hands.I love that she was her own greatest supporter.Most of all, I love that her determination to be great at whatever she was doing was rock solid.I am definitely reading of her.

  19. This book is so sad, yet so beautiful, really made me and makes me question the world and environment that many women face that we as men create support some of us and how many of those stories are never heard, ignored, pushed aside The beauty of it, is the fact that Maya in the end as we know has triumphed out of this adversity I feel like this book in a way has opened my eyes and I need to read books written by women.

  20. Maya Angelou continues the story of her life after I know why caged birds sing , describing parts of her very young years being involved in all sorts of shenanigans or too real events of the unknown face of society drug addicts, prostitution, gambling, and so on I love Maya s literary voice so much she s so authentic and real and funny at the same time, describing perfectly how a young confused woman would think and act at that age of 19, who also happens to have a baby.Can t wait to read the ot [...]

  21. Maya writes beautifully well, the story really touched me and actually allowed me to be grateful for the kind of life I have I can say I am innocent to the happenings of the world Maya understands the struggle of life and would do anything to make her son comfortable, I am really proud of her She didn t allow her failures wear her down, but she always got back up and did better Looking forward to reading of her books.

  22. What a life she lived Holy cow And this book only covers a few years of it Many of her adventures were surprising and even shocking to me, since I only vaguely know her as an elegant award winning poet I was never sure if I liked it but I couldn t put it down either Both the good and bad are told in such a matter of fact way that it felt oddly detached at times, but maybe that s a healthier way to look at one s past anyway This happened Then I moved on.

  23. I love the voice, though that doesn t always translate to loving the persona But when her attitude misfires, she has the dignity to admit it and soldier on She s a tough woman, that Angelou, at least as she describes herself in her memoir, and I admire that I loved Angelou s conversational tone, where she d write things like, By 1943, when I first saw him, his good looks were as delicate as an old man s memory, and disappointment rode his face bareback 9 I loved that bareback image and was so di [...]

  24. Reading Maya Angelou is like listening to a song or a poem She is such a beautiful writer I enjoyed reading it just for the sentences.I picked this book up in a used book store as I had enjoyed her earlier autobiography,I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings This pick up the story What an interesting story of her life and the times and a glimpse into the black post WWII world Maya describes taking dance lessons, reading Dostoevsky, working as a waitress and bar girl, an evening with two lesbians, runni [...]

  25. In this second volume of her autobiography, Maya Angelou narrates the early years of her adulthood An unwed mother, at the age of seventeen she strikes out on her own I would quit the house, take a job and show the whole world that I was equal to my pride and greater than my pretensions She cooks and waits tables, gets rich running a whorehouse staffed by two lesbians, nearly joins the Army, becomes a professional dancer, falls in love with a married gambler, briefly becomes a prostitute, retrie [...]

  26. I ve talked a little bit about the erasure of Dr Angelou s past and how Gather Together In My Name is in her own words, and in her inimitable voice an unashamed, incisive, interrogative look at her own past It s a quick read and definitely the most struggle heavy of all her autobiographies The struggle is palpable in this book I don t know if it s because the parallels to today s contexts and black realities are even clear or if it s because the loss of Dr Angelou is still quit raw but you can [...]

  27. Angelou becomes a pimp Later she becomes a prostitute It is only through an eye opening experience given to her by a generous man that she avoids hard drugs One of the best book titles of all time, I am convinced.

  28. The book is a gem It presents a descriptive picture of the texture of the lives and times of many black people in the late forties before the dawn of the civil rights Its so insightful and funny sad you catch your self rembering your own your adulthood

  29. Finally I read Maya Angelou s biography the second book of them Gather Together in My Name I got to know her from a pin in Pinterest her poem Still I Rise That poem just burned in me and was a good motivation Then I wanted to know about her.First I have never read Maya Angelou during my time in Sri Lanka.African American authors were not popular in that part of the world than Martin Luther King Jr not known of his work but a general idea of that he fought for civil rights to his race I think sti [...]

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