Afterlife Afterlife is the word novelette companion to Vindicated Fall of Angels Cole Emerson never was and never will be a good man He has his position for a reason But there are consequences for return

Afterlife is the 11,000 word novelette companion to Vindicated Fall of Angels Cole Emerson never was and never will be a good man He has his position for a reason But there are consequences for returning to the world of the living He is about to lose the one thing he still has, his leadership of the condemned As if that wasn t punishment enough, one of his brothers isAfterlife is the 11,000 word novelette companion to Vindicated Fall of Angels Cole Emerson never was and never will be a good man He has his position for a reason But there are consequences for returning to the world of the living He is about to lose the one thing he still has, his leadership of the condemned As if that wasn t punishment enough, one of his brothers is hell bent on exposing what has happened to Jessica and Cole has no choice but to protect her And he ll stop at nothing to do it Even if it means ending a few lives.Cole never was and never will be a good man.

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  1. Keary Taylor is the USA TODAY bestselling author of over a dozen novels She grew up along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where she started creating imaginary worlds and daring characters who always fell in love She now splits her time between a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest and Utah, with her husband and their two children She continues to have an overactive imagination that frequently keeps her up at night.Please Note Keary does not check very often, so the best way to get in contact is directly through email me kearytaylor.

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  1. Aferlife is the perfect companion to the Fall of Angel series Especially for those of us who liked Cole a little too much.Note Do NOT read this until you have read book three, Vindicated The events take place during that book, and you will be very lost if you read Afterlife first.That being said, I loved finding out what was going on with bad boy Cole during the events of Vindicated Cole is a character that very much so has intrigued me, and getting the chance to read a little about him was a t [...]

  2. This was a great companion to Vindicated Cole was one of my favorite characters in the story so I loved seeing what was happening from his POV I have to say, I felt bad for Cambria and Jeremiah s loved ones but as it s always been said, especially through this short story, he s the leader of the condemned for a reason But, I was pleased to see that even though it was too late for Cambria, he did get her out of there rather than just let her continue burning That right there showed some willingne [...]

  3. I was really looking forward to Cole s POV, but as I read this novella I couldn t help but feel a little cheated We got snippets and time jumps from Cole s life while the events from Vindicated unfolded IMHO this story would have been better, had it been incorporated into Vindicated.Also, I got the feeling the author didn t quite know what direction she wanted to take Cole Here, we see a somewhat changed man, willing to risk his own position for another human being He realizes that he might lose [...]

  4. I want to start this off by saying that I enjoyed the actual books in the Fall of Angels series This was a novella to accompany the final book in the series and it was ok, i guess The only question it really answers it what happens with Cole s council position Other than that, he kills a few people and that s about it This was extremely short and definitely not worth the 1.99 that is charging for it Its worth like 0.50, maybe It s just really short, so unless you really want something else from [...]

  5. Cole, the leader of the condemned, the quintessential black hearted, self centered, megalomaniac I love to hate and hate to love I truly enjoyed seeing things from his perspective, knowing that my assumptions about him were mostly truemewhere in the pit of his tortured and blackened soul, there is light.

  6. Keary Taylor is such a talented author I went from book to another in her trilogy without a break,I just could not get enough of the story So well written The characters and the story line were so engrossing Afterlife was a surprising treat and complemented the trilogy.

  7. An interesting novelette from Cole s POV However, I did feel a little cheated, as I would have liked it to be a bit longer.

  8. I m gonna copy and paste my review onto each, I devoured this story so fast it was literally two weeks for all 4 books, and I don t know which is which All I can say is that this story is fast paced, addictive, and pulled at my heart the whole time I cried for the hero, I cried for the villain, I cried when it ended.

  9. By the end of the series i could not of cared less if Jess an Alex got their HEA In fact i was rooting for Coal dude is such a bad ass Love him This was the best Just not enough.

  10. GREAT READ What a great ending to an even greater series I am so sad and broken hearted that it s over I will definitely be reading this series again and again.

  11. The Forever Song is the absolute perfect finish to the Blood of Eden series and not just because it ties everything up brilliantly, but because it is a beautiful book in its own right and I can t remember the last series I read where the final book is a patch on the others yet Julie Kagawa amazes me again and I think this is truly the best book in the series which is saying something for a phenomenal series.All the characters are back with a vengeance and they carried a really dark mood that was [...]

  12. I realy liked this glimpse of Cole s POV in Vindicated.Cole helped Jennifer and pretty much saved her life, and risked his position in afterlife by doing so.He clearly had feeling for her and even maybe loved her Later he understood that he can t have her and he has to let her be.But it seemed that Cole was falling for this condemed woman, Cimbra, who he had killed to save Jennifer from Jeremiah the bad guy who wanted Cole s position and who was Jeremiah s daugther.Anyhow, it very fast and easy [...]

  13. Afterlife is a novelette that s all about Cole in case readers were wondering what happened to him or what was going on in his head It s short and Cole s ridiculously confused in it but it s nice that he finally has a definitive ending I liked learning about him how he deals with things as the Leader of the Condemned and seeing what happened in the Afterlife because of Jessica Alex.I don t think this book really needed to be written, but it was still nice If you have it or can borrow it, it s wo [...]

  14. Some of us aren t meant to ever have what we want in life And sometimes we need learn to let go of the things we want but can t have This is a short story as a companion of Vindicated from Fall of Angels series This is Cole s story I m glad I read it I like to know the reason behind his action in Vindicated although it s just a glimpse And I love how Cole finally accept what he can t have and start a new life.

  15. I really liked this little novella It was nice to see the events of Vindicated through Cole s eyes He was a lot vicious than I d first realized, but it was a nice change from Jessica s perspective Seeing things through Cole s eyes gave a wholeness to the third Branded novel I liked that it filled in the parts of Vindicated that we didn t get to see I would recommend this novel as a quick, last little wrap up after finishing Vindicated.

  16. I was glad to have Cole s side of events, but I felt a lack of real insight and that his progression ended up being a circular track despite all the movement, no actual growth or progress is seen in the finished product He s right back where he started Then again, real redemption conversion of intent and motivation isn t really a focus in this series except as a byline for Emily.

  17. What a great filler for what went on behind the scenes with Cole The turmoil in the council was reflective of the turmoil inside of Cole Just when I thought he could be good, he pulls some very evil stunts to get his way What a great end to a fantastic series

  18. Short but sweet, this novella was a nice finishing touch for this fabulous series I was interesting to get the other side of the story from Cole s point of view A little bit disappointing was sooooo short that I read it in about 20 min.

  19. It s a short story about Cole, one of the good but oh so evil things from this serie You only get to know what happens with his position in the counsil and how he reacted towards Jeremiah not sure if that was his name.

  20. This novella was a great addition the the trilogy Cole was a bad person, but I still couldn t help myself I really liked his character This book gave you insight into his troubled past and why he became the villain you can t help yourself but love.

  21. I really liked this companion It was interesting to read what Cole was going through as well as what was happening in the afterlife I always liked the theme behind this series and it s such an interesting take on something we know nothing but base our own theories on Well done

  22. This was Cole s take on the events after he s pulled back to the afterlife It was pretty awesome how much of an asshole he really is with how he deals with Jeremiah it was also sweet how he continued to protect Jessica In the end, he gets what he deserves

  23. Cute little short reviewing some of the things from book 3 but from Cole s perspective If you are a fan of Cole like I am, you ll enjoy this read

  24. 4.5 starsI was glad to see a segment written about Cole He was my favourite in the series Best villain ever

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