Chaos Walking: A Trilogy

Chaos Walking A Trilogy Chaos Walking A Trilogy The Knife of Never Letting Go The Ask and the Ans Patrick Ness Walker

Chaos Walking A Trilogy The Knife of Never Letting Go The Ask and the Ans Patrick Ness Walker

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Chaos Walking: A Trilogy

  1. Patrick Ness, an award winning novelist, has written for England s Radio 4 and Sunday Telegraph and is a literary critic for The Guardian He has written many books, including the Chaos Walking Trilogy, The Crash of Hennington, Topics About Which I Know Nothing, and A Monster Calls He has won numerous awards, including the Guardian Children s Fiction Prize, the Booktrust Teenage Prize, and the Costa Children s Book Award Born in Virginia, he currently lives in London.

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  1. Chaos Walking was one of those books that ruins your life You feel so much for it that you feel like you want to finish it yet you don t want it to end It s the kind of book you ll be thinking of weeks or even months after you finished reading it It s not like the Hunger Games It has a different story and Chaos Walking effected my life than the Hunger Games did They are both amazing books, I can say that, but they are not the same Both of them are different in their own ways and they are both u [...]

  2. 5 5 starsLet me tell you why I absolutely love this book 1 Todd and Viola they re probably one of the best YA literary couples of all time why No insta love and a real connection between them view spoiler It literally took them 3 books to finally kiss, and, although I was cheering them on the whole time to kiss already, I m really glad Patrick Ness decided to wait because I feel their relationship grew hide spoiler 2 I actually felt what the characters were feeling This hasn t happened in soooo [...]

  3. Trilogies are becoming very common in YA literature, with the implication that if there are three of them, then the books must be really good What I see is a pattern of an excellent first book, followed by two mediocre ones, or sliding scale of quality Let s call this the Matrix effect This series reminded me a lot of the Hunger Games stellar first book, tons of action, big cliffhangeren the next two books do little to further the plot, are full of padding and repeats, and are in short, a bit of [...]

  4. This is a really interesting planet in which everybody can hear and see the chaotic inner thoughts of men, animals, and the sentient native humanoid aliens But the constant information has driven most people a little crazyd one megalomaniac a LOT crazy I couldn t put the books down, but I m kind of glad to be leaving the craziness behind at the same time.Because through three entire books two innocent, good hearted teenagers are chased, controlled, betrayed, and nearly killed by the adults aroun [...]

  5. I m reviewing this trilogy as a single book, because that s how I devoured it This is another one of the young adult books that tackles a morally ambiguous universe in a clear eyed, realistic, and useful way, without skimping on all the other elements that make young adult fantasy so great aliens, a love story, struggles for power , enhanced mental abilities, a long journey, talking animals, etc You can read the synopsis of the story anywhere else, so I ll just say the essentials here A world wh [...]

  6. I picked up this series because I was intrigued by the titles of the first two books A book with a title like The Knife of Never Letting Go has to be good, right And yes, I was right.I sacrifice a little of my anti war reading okay, I have no such thing, but I did skip a few pages in Monsters of Men didn t want that picture in my head to read from this brilliant author All first person with great voice This was one of the few times where a story was told from multiple points of view books 2 and [...]

  7. In all honesty, this series surprised me than I expected it to I went in not expecting much only to find I enjoyed it much than a lot of other young adult trilogies I have read.To begin with I feared the worst, the writing style being rather off putting After a much shorter period of time than I had expected, I was soon overlooking the writing style as I found the story truly gripping As soon as I finished one book I was picking up the next, then working my way through the short stories as I w [...]

  8. As with Hunger Games, the first book was compelling, well written and addictive, but the next two books failed to hold my intereest I ended up skimming them for story, but even so was rather bored by the continuing war and conflict plot and the predictable not quite fulfilled romance, both of which I found dragged out way too long I think publishers like the idea of trilogies and pay by the length, encouraging authors to go on in tediously repetitive fashion.

  9. Amazing trilogy This is classified as young adult, but I highly recommend it for adults The writing is rich, the story riveting, and the characters are unique and distinctive One caveat Plan to read all three books at once These books don t stand independently they are really a big fat novel broken into three parts, each increasing in complexity.

  10. Great trilogyWith such a unique idea, Ness had me hooked from the prequel Every bit as good as The Maze Runner The story lagged a bit near the end, but lacked the annoying, whining protagonist teenagers that so many books are centered on I immediately purchased works by Ness, and plan to keep to a look out I expect this will be the next big thing.

  11. In one word Brilliant I would just like to comment on the writing style I mean, you don t see young adult novels that utilize dialects It s beautifully done, really And the pain,the raw pain and the emotions My god the series is breathtaking The pacing is just right and it s almost perfection almost I ve rarely ever given any book a full rating and as tempted as I was to give this one as 5 5, I d rather not cross that line The series is incredible though, my personal favorite being the second bo [...]

  12. Complete Chaos Walking TrilogyChaos Walking Book 1 The Knife of Never Letting Go Absolutely Stunning I ve been looking forward to read this book since I saw it rest on around 20 of my friend s favorite shelf So I thought, I d give this a shot And this was just way than I expected The Knife of Never Letting Go is the first and foremost book in the Chaos Walking Trilogy and the debut work of the author Patrick Ness He surely has done a great work for his debut The book is set in a dystopian world [...]

  13. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with this series, and the moral dilemas it CONSTANTLY brings up Really intense and interesting themes through the book and a mostly non cheasy evolution of the characters It brings up a lot of difficult questions, and as a reader you think you know the obvious solutions, but I think Ness does a good job of stressing that doing a thing, even if it s necessary deserved, doesn t leave you undamaged The love story is actually not that intense which I appreciated [...]

  14. This is a really good story and I am not going to tell you about it You have to read it for yourself I personally hate it when I read a review that is actually a book report I ll tell you what you need to know I considered it MORE than worth the time invested to read it This is a story of doing the right thing Todd and Viola seem to be put to the test constantly and in the end of course come out victorious, but that s not to stay it was a storybook ending It almost read like a futuristic non fic [...]

  15. I decided to write one review for all three books in the Chaos Walking Series, as it felt like one big epic I really enjoyed these books The men s noise was an intriguing premise, and the considerations in the later books suggesting that not having noise was not necessarily a good thing gave me pause for contemplation I liked the main character he was not too strong or immune to being manipulated he was real he got duped a few times And he was good I liked that A dystopian science fiction story [...]

  16. Excellent trilogy Love the realism of Todd and Viola with the mild scifi feel of settlers from another world and the Noise There were some parts where I couldn t stop reading for hours, but then a few parts where I was quite bored by the lack of action Love the way it s written in separate point of views, especially to show the effect Noise has on the different people groups Overall a definite must read in my opinion for anyone who loves young adult lit.

  17. Addictive I couldn t put the book down I finished all three in a week and yes I have work and school and I still read it that fast Amazing

  18. Everyone should read this book.Indigenous peoples and colonists have to figure out how to share New World with killing each other in the process Of course the evil madman tries to ruin all, while the hero and heroine try to save all A good trilogy.

  19. What I m Reading Now and or listening to right now The Knife of Never Letting Go The Ask and the Answer1 Holy Moly Where do I even begin 2 The audiobook of this series is so well done and the narration adds a tremendous amount to the ebb and flow of the stories, but also seeing Ness use or font, etc adds to the story So if you decide to listen to it, at least during book 1, just take a quick look at the text when you have a chance.3 This series came highly recommended and I was forewarned to how [...]

  20. I waited nearly six years until this trilogy had faded enough from my memory so I could read it again with fresh eyes Only a few chapters in, all the feelings I had while living out this story came rushing back I am so much in love with it Todd s voice is heart achingly familiar and I am deeply sad and scared about what s to come I know how this journey will go, but I read it anyway I read it for the beauty of Patrick Ness words I read it for the inevitable transformation of Todd and Viola s inn [...]

  21. I absolutely loved these books, as they were extremely creative and well written, with the innocence of childre, while still adressing very real issues of gender, racism, and classism that plague society today The difference is that this one is on another planet I absolutely ove the two main characters and their respective arcs, and I will warn you that this one is not for the faint of heart, as there are a few moments that definitely made me cry Still one of the best series I read in middle hig [...]

  22. J ai lu Le chaos en marche dans ma d marche de je lis tous les bouquins qui vont sortir au cin qui m int ressent l adaptation se fait avec Daisy Ridley bon sang, je l imagine pas du tout en Viola avec Tom Holland, bref En plus, c est un Patrick Ness et son A Monster Calls m avait plus que convaincue.Avec cette trilogie si on peut appeler a une trilogie vu qu il y a une dition compl te qu on trouve facilement et qui se lit comme un long livre , j ai pas eu vraiment l impression de lire un livre p [...]

  23. This is a beautiful and important series about the trials of humanity It is a sweeping lesson about finding yourself and maintaining that self through every trial Todd and Viola, young people in a corrupted world, must take on responsibility at a time when they are just beginning to form their ideas and values And it is because they are at such a formative place that they are able to see this world through eyes of innocence Each trial they face begs them to answer what are you loyal to They are [...]

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