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Old Yeller At first Travis couldn t stand the sight of Old Yeller The stray dog was ugly and a thieving rascal too But he sure was clever and a smart dog could be a big help on the wild Texas frontier espec

At first, Travis couldn t stand the sight of Old Yeller The stray dog was ugly, and a thieving rascal, too But he sure was clever, and a smart dog could be a big help on the wild Texas frontier, especially with Papa away on a long cattle drive up to Abilene Strong and courageous, Old Yeller proved that he could protect Travis s family from any sort of danger But can T At first, Travis couldn t stand the sight of Old Yeller The stray dog was ugly, and a thieving rascal, too But he sure was clever, and a smart dog could be a big help on the wild Texas frontier, especially with Papa away on a long cattle drive up to Abilene Strong and courageous, Old Yeller proved that he could protect Travis s family from any sort of danger But can Travis do the same for Old Yeller

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Old Yeller

  1. Also known as Frederick Benjamin Gipson He is best known for writing the 1956 novel Old Yeller, which became a popular 1957 Walt Disney film.

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  1. This 1950s Pocket edition, purchased from a Sonoma used book store, presented today as a gift to my eight year old daughter on this later After thanking me she asked me what it was about I told her it s about a boy and his dog She asked me if the dog dies I told her he does, but that it is still a good book She asked if I had read it I told her I hadn t only seen the movie She asked me to read it for her first to make sure it wasn t too sad She s on to meOur 14 year old protagonist Travis comes [...]

  2. Now Travis, he said, you re getting to be a big boy, and while I m gone, you ll be the man of the family I want you to act like one You take care of mama and Little Arliss You look after the work and don t wait around for your mama to point out what needs to be done Think you can do that Yessir, I said.His father had to go away to get some cash money by selling his steer But the boy wanted a horse The upshot being that if he acted as a man when his father was away, he would be rewarded with his [...]

  3. Let me say first that some love this book and to be fair I never read it except to get an idea of the story You will find in my books low ratings for Black Beauty, The Yearling, Old Yeller and any books that have the pain of life motif in common By the way this includes Cold Mountain Look up my review and you ll see I try to give recognition that it s well written but just not a book I can like And these ratings are how I feel and what I think of these books Some will say how they love these boo [...]

  4. Amazing There is a reason this book is such a classic I cried at the end What a dog that Yeller A frontier family survive with the help of this scoundrel dog This book is so grounded and down to earth They had a lot of ingenuity living on the land as they did I appreciated how Fred handled the emotions of the characters Everything and everyone felt so real I felt like they were living and breathing Travis s emotional arch is touching This is a work of art, it really is I m so glad I gave this a [...]

  5. This review is for mothers and fathers of sons written by a man with no children Forgive my presumptuousness, but please don t let my lack of experience stop you from reading Here s the story of Old Yeller Daddy, Mama, young son, and early teenage son live as a family on the Texas frontier To provide for the family, Daddy has to go on a cattle drive to Kansas Before he leaves, Daddy takes the oldest son aside and tells him he is going to have to be the man of the house since Daddy will be gone t [...]

  6. Gipson s simply told tale of a boy and his dog living in the Texas Hill Country of 1860 is a genuine classic of children s literature Travis Coates is only 14 years old, but while his father is off for months on a cattle drive, he is the man of the house, left on the homestead with his mother and younger brother, 5 year old Arliss A stray yellow mutt of a dog, with one ear virtually chewed off, and only a stump of a tail, shows up one day He s a no good, thieving rascal taking their meat and ste [...]

  7. I m so glad I listened to this again Fantastic narrator, perfect voice for the part.I thought I remembered the book well, but I hadn t, not really Too many years too mixed up from seeing the movie, which changes some things Super movie, but nothing beats the book.Gipson perfectly captured a mature 14 year old, the kind of boy I d expect given the times, post Civil War Texas, late 1860 s He wasn t always perfect, but that just made him real The feelings he had were very well done as were the des [...]

  8. This is the first book that ever made me cry I would read it during my study period in the 4th grade each day for almost 2 weeks it was my class copy so I had to keep putting it back and hoping no one else would take it I held my tears back until the lunch bell rang and then ran for the bathroom to cry It may have been the first time I realized how incredible it was to read.

  9. The fact that this book is assigned in many elementary schools supports my belief that the government wants to discourage pleasure reading from the earliest possible age.

  10. As the inagural book for the Georgics class that I m taking from LEMI this semester, Old Yeller was perfect This book covered so many of the topics and themes of Georgics, I was surprised This book talked a lot about the cycle of birth death This cycle is almost foreign to us any, and I believe that that isn t a good thing Because death is such a mysterious thing, it tends to be shocking for us, and I m quite certain that God never intended it to be so One of my favorite quotes from the book is [...]

  11. This is a very good and really sad book i was crying at the end It is about a boy named Travis living with his siter, alice and mom.Travis always wanted a horse to ride on but everytime the dad said, when you are a man,.The dog came to the house one time and ate the meat they hunted for and lay down dirty and guilty Travis made the dog go but Alice always said no and actually the mom makes thm keep the dog They named it Old yeller because of its color.Travis started to like the dog and took it o [...]

  12. Old Yeller takes place just after the Civil War when Texas is still being settled Travis Coates is 14 and his father leaves him in charge of the family while he goes on a cattle drive Travis has the help of a stray yeller dog to protect his mother and little brother, Arliss It s a wonderful story of perseverance and self sacrifice in the face of drought, wild hogs, hydrophobia, and other dangers Travis often remembered what his father had taught him to do in various situations So though his dad [...]

  13. Old Yeller is definitely a classic, I read it in the fifth grade and it s a well written, unforgettable and original story, though incredibly depressing The imagery, characters and scenery were what really made this book stand out.

  14. My mother read to us constantly when we were young, and still enjoys reading to us as adults When I was about 9 years old, we decided to read Old Yeller together I cannot remember why we chose the book, but I believe it was new to both of us It was a special time for me, as I had my mom all to myself in a busy house, and we both really enjoyed the story, characters, and the writing I remember the ending, and I won t spoil it for those who may not be familiar with the tale What I will say, is tha [...]

  15. I still love this book about a boy and a dog he never wanted after losing his faithful old dog, Bell He wanted a horse His father promised that he d get one after he returned from selling some cattle in Kansas All Travis had to do is take care of his mother and his little brother, Arliss Farm chores were a given Then comes a mangy, ratty dog who steals eggs and such from them He sees Arliss with the mutt at the trough His mother suggests that the little boy will need a companion to play with, to [...]

  16. I must be a dog mood First The Call of the Wild, and now this I can say both are beautifully written books, but I prefer Old Yeller It has a lot heart You already know that the dog dies, but the story around his eventual death is a lot harrowing than you might suspect Life in Texas at this time in history was bru tal, and this is mostly a story of survival and fighting with the land Amongst all this though is the story of a boy and his dog, which is also interesting A great book if all you ve [...]

  17. 3.5 stars This is an easy, quick reading book, and the story was nice I d recommend this to anyone who wants to read a nice and easy English book

  18. Travis Coates is a 14 year old boy, left alone to protect his mother and younger brother on his family s 19th century Texas homestead When his father goes on a trip leaving him to act a man s part, he throws himself into his new responsibilities But the challenges of feeding and protecting his family prove to be greater than his boy s abilities, and he comes to depend on and love the stray dog which adopts their family.The story follows chapter after chapter of gritty, riveting and often funny a [...]

  19. I am getting old enough that it is quite possible I read this classic tale many years ago, but I sure don t remember it What a delightful read Filled with the lore of backwoods Texas in the 1860s, including a great deal of information about how they went about surviving in perilous circumstances with threats on every side from the natural world and their fellow humans.The main character, of course, is a mangy cur named Old Yeller, who comes to stay with Travis s family one day, out of the blue T [...]

  20. Boy, reading this bittersweet story for the first time brought back so many childhood memories of watching the endearing Disney film over and over and over, and crying every time As I read this, I couldn t help but think how excellently cast everyone was I have to say this is one case where the book and the film are equally good I loved reading this from Travis s point of view It s a rare thing these days for teen boys to aspire to manhood, and it was great to read the old fashioned country stor [...]

  21. I can t remember when I first read this classic Maybe I was nine, maybe ten I recently borrowed it from the library to reacquaint myself with the story.It s still a great read I mean, of course it is The words remain the same as back then But it still evoked the same emotions, especially at the end when I felt like crying only to experience a smile wrench me back again.Some won t have read it yet, so I won t spoil it for you all But I urge you to find it It s a children s book, but it holds some [...]

  22. Ah I read this back in the day third grade i don t know I was not a big fan of this book It was mainly about a dog read my review of The Incredible Journey to understand I was not a very big fan of this book In fact, I liked the Incredible Journey better, and that itself was not a book I liked That s just my opinion because I really am not the biggest fan of animals.

  23. I have avoided this book like the plague my whole life because I know what happens, and who wants to deal with that After my oldest daughter read the book, I read some reviews that convinced me further that I shouldn t read it These called the book out as a perpetuating the patriarchy and subverting women through Travis s treatment of his mother When my younger daughter wanted to read the book, I decided I better read it with her Imagine my surprise when the book was neither contrived to make me [...]

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