Nature Girl

Nature Girl In his latest New York Times bestseller Hiaasen introduces impassioned possibly bipolar self proclaimed queen of lost causes Honey Santana who schemes to help rid the world of irresponsibility in

In his latest New York Times bestseller, Hiaasen introduces impassioned, possibly bipolar, self proclaimed queen of lost causes Honey Santana, who schemes to help rid the world of irresponsibility, indifference, and dinnertime sales calls.

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Nature Girl

  1. Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida After graduating from the University of Florida, he began writing for the Miami Herald As a journalist and author, Carl has spend most of his life advocating the protection of the Florida Everglades He and his family still live in southern Florida.

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  1. If you re at all familiar with Carl Hiaasen s fiction, you pretty much know what to expect when you crack open one of his novels Hiaasen, who probably invented the genre Wacky Florida Eco Crime Fiction, has in the past been a brilliant satirist on crazy goings on in Florida, and every novel he s written pretty much sticks to the same format Someone or some entity commits an eco crime against Florida, is usually abetted or the story is otherwise embellished by an assortment of wackjobs unique to [...]

  2. After a practice run with Joey in the preceding Skinny Dip, Hiaasen went for a female lead in this one I think he pulled it off and the book is just as an amusing and worthwhile read as any in his bibliography.

  3. Lucky You, Skin Tight, Basket Case, Stripteasel books by Carl Hiaasen and all great Very similar formats, also Very bad but stupid bad guys and very good and pure good guys The good guys always win and the bad guys get pretty much totally destroyed But, the books are funny, rather than violent even though violence does happenfunny violence, if you will And, the best part is that everything takes place in Florida Often in the Everglades with heat, humidity, and bugs Since I grew up there Florida [...]

  4. This is one of those pleasantly zany books where an eclectic mix of characters is scrambled together in a madcap plot and much sex, violence, and hilarity results I ve seen it done better, I ve seen it done much worse, but I m kind of digging how many books make out Florida to be the epicenter of American weirdness No offense, Floridians I ve only ever spent a week there attending a conference at the Disneyworld Hilton So, the characters Honey Santana Bipolar Queen of Lost Causes who, after rece [...]

  5. I love how Hiaasen s books are always a hoot The characters are wacky, the plots are ridiculous, and Florida always comes out on top In Hiassen s 11th book, he tells the story of a bizarre cast of characters Honey Santana, a bi polar mom whose heart is in the right place but who doesn t exactly think things through, her skateboarding son Fry, Fry s ex father Honey s ex husband Perry Skinner, Louis Piejack Honey s stalker, a clueless telemarketer named Boyd Shreave, Boyd s leggy mistress Eugienie [...]

  6. I don t even know what to say about this book I listened to it on tape in my car and even nearly a month later I still haven t digested my thoughts on it I did listen to the whole thing through out of morbid curiosity, but I don t know that I can say I liked it The characters were so completely unrelatable that I never got attached to them They were all just a little too extreme, a little too crazy This is my first Hiaasen book, so maybe it s just that I m not used to his style, but I d read suc [...]

  7. Carl Hiassen is a wild and crazy guy.His books are over the edge eco terrorist stuff His characters are all screwballs but folks you would like to party with In this one Honey is off her meds and reacts to the poor behavior if a telephone solicitor with and an elaborate action revenge plan A beach read that will make you laugh out loud.

  8. Anyone familiar with the Darwin Awards will recognize the seemingly inexhaustible variations on human stupidity of Hiaasen s characters Since this is fiction, however, readers need not feel that twinge of appalled guilt Moreover, in Hiaasen s world of the Florida Keys, there is good stupid and bad stupid Hiaasen has populated NATURE GIRL with a gallery of colorful characters who launch bad choices like boomerangs guaranteed to deliver absurdist indignities It all begins with a telemarketing call [...]

  9. Book on CD read by Lee AdamsOnce again, Hiaasen takes readers to the Florida wilderness this time to the Ten Thousand Islands, of Southwestern Florida Honey Santana is righteous in her indignation, smart, resourceful and possibly bipolar She s had it with people s lack of civility and decides to take a stand when telemarketer Boyd Shreave calls her a dried up old skank She tracks him down and tricks him in to believing he s won a trip to a lovely eco resort Now she s taken him and his mistress, [...]

  10. Hiaasen is my new favorite guilty pleasure author So what if you don t learn anything from the books Or, maybe you do learn things Like how to outsmart a cocky telemarketer and how not to put all your cash into Beanie Babies for a HUGE payoff later.So what if he s not Shakespeare Hell, maybe he is a modern day William He s pure satire and cynicism He s hilarious Brilliant.

  11. Fiction ComicAnother funny book, featuring Hiaasen s trademark wacky and disparate characters, who find their paths crossing with hilarious results His underlying message of man s greed and stupidity ruining Earth s precious eco structure resonates strongly with me In Nature Girl, Hiaasen targets telemarketers as well as those destroy habitats and foul Earth s water and land Honey Santana is a great gal, a 6 foot pretty woman sharing custody of her son, Fry, with her ex husband Perry Honey s had [...]

  12. I hadn t read any Hiaasen books recently, so I picked this one up Several characters from his previous books appear in Nature Girl At this point, I have read so many of his books, I can see the plot points coming a mile away His writing has become predictable you can tell which characters will die, which will survive but get their comeuppence, and which will be victorius His characters have become caricatures of his commonly used stereotypes As always, the environmental message is strong This bo [...]

  13. Lame The whole book, it just never hooked me It was fairly difficult to get to the end of the story, but I don t like to quit, so I slogged through I listened to the audio book, which was perhaps a part of my under enjoyment of this poorly written book The narrator chose to use completely annoying voices for a few of the characters Once I got past the narration, I was simply disappointed by the story line and the character development Nature Girl is a terrible title I recommend calling it Derang [...]

  14. I like to jokingly refer to Carl Hiaasen as the chronicler of FloridaMan, but Hiaasen has been plying his trade for decades, well before there was such a hashtag or hashtags even existed His comic crime novels set in Florida and full of quirky characters are always a gas Few writers make me laugh out loud while reading them like Hiaasen does I like best his series featuring Skink aka Clinton Tyree, former Governor of Florida who quit his job in disgust over rampant corruption , but his other nov [...]

  15. Funny Carl Hiassen still has it But I do wonder if he is looking in my families windows He always comes up with the oddest characters.

  16. I bought this book in the Minneapolis airport when I was Jonesing for something light to read on the plane and during a long layover in Atlanta I was not disappointed There are a LOT of laugh out loud lines along with some biting political and social commentary which are Hiaasen s saving grace and why I read his books despite their cartoonish absurdity The guy sitting next to me in business class on the 737, reading Brad Thor s latest, kept looking over at me enviously as I chortled and hooted t [...]

  17. In Carl Hiaasen s 2006 novel Nature Girl, the author once again takes a satirical look at mankind s ruination of the state of Florida In the past, the bad guys in his stories have ranged from greedy land developers to greedy casino building Indians This time, his focus is on that bane of mankind telemarketers whose calls disrupt our lives at inconvenient times with promises of a little piece of the Floridian paradise at a special low price The heroine of the tale is the quixotic or possibly mad [...]

  18. Not as good as others by him The mayhem is convoluted, as usual in Hiaasen s novels, but the build up to the normally scatty funny violent scenes doesn t quite generate the idiot logic pace of earlier books But I read this in four or five mid night sessions, so maybe I missed the train wreck pace that usually brings the release laughs Hiaasen s motley and altogether new bunch of minor miscreants with ideas well beyond their IQ entangle themselves in a series of gradually knotting story strings t [...]

  19. I loved Hoot and since I like kayaking and nature I thought I might like Nature Girl Not so Some of the characters were kind of funny, but I think they would have been better as extras, not leading ladies and gents Most verged on ridiculousness a drug running mafioso ex husband, a bipolar vengeful mom, a do nothing telemarketer, a lecherous fishmonger, etc and I didn t connect with anyone All of these very eccentric characters collide on an island in the Everglades and chaos ensues, but no one g [...]

  20. As usual Carl dishes up a dose of Florida s craziest characters and their stories In fact there s a few crazy characters that arrive from out of state Your sides will be aching after reading this tale of revenge and nature at it s finest There s never a dull moment in a book by Carl Hiaasen

  21. Who thought that you could take a corrupt sales person, a drug dealer, an Indian, and a stalker, and put it into a story and make it fun Well that is what just happened when I read Nature Girl The lessons shown in this book were that some people can t change, no matter what you do to them Also, it was very nice to see a divorced couple get back together then, showing that love wins over in the end I liked this book very much and would recommend it to someone who wants an extremely adventurous fu [...]

  22. 5 starsLocation Southern Florida, Ten Thousand IslandsCharacters Honey, Perry and Fry Sanchez, Louis Piejack, Boyd Shreave, Genie, Sammy Tigertail GillianMy thoughtsHoney aka Nature Girl may have the good looks, but she s basically bordering bipolar She writes letters, she stalks and berates and fights with anyone who in anyway seems to be encroaching on whatever values she may deem to be important on any given week It s all with the intention of ensuring that she is able to keep her 12 year old [...]

  23. I ve had to add a new category to my bookshelf, just in case I decide to re read and review some of the earlier books I read by Hiaasen I ve often had trouble knowing whether to call them mysteries because I wasn t ever quite sure what was going to happen next and sometimes, know who was behind the insane schemes and anomie of which these novels consist or whether to call them black comedy because Hiaasen uses his work to provide a cathartic release from the frustration he encountered covering c [...]

  24. I saw a copy of this at my daughter s house a year or so ago I glanced at it and had enough sense to put it right back down, but for some reason I took the large print version out of the library this past week Carl Hiaasen writes a weekly column for the Miami Herald and has published than ten novels This one will probably never be a movie, which is almost too bad, as there is a lot of visual humor throughout the book, which is a madcap whirl of involved plotting, but there are two cinematical s [...]

  25. I just love Hiaasen s books I ve read almost all of them and I get quite excited when I hear about his next one coming out Some are better than others and this one is pretty darn good But regardless, his stories are always filled with plenty of humor and excitement, though not without losing sight of its roots as a mystery This time, the mystery part deals with just one aspect of the story Hiaasen s stories are also usually chocked filled with many characters and many different subplots The myst [...]

  26. What I like about Carl Hiaasen s books is that they are filled with a crazy riot of quirky characters and situations that would seem to be entirely insane and unrealistic but somehow read as entirely possible The main characters are also unique individuals some would say crazy people with deep seated values and opinions You cannot help but love and root for them This book is no exception The main plot line follows Honey Santana, a single mom living in the Everglades, who takes offense at the rud [...]

  27. Honey Santana is borderline bipolar, if not strong willed towards the pointless She has it in her head to teach a random, rude telemarketer a thing or two about manners by conjuring up a grand scheme to get slimy sadsack Boyd Shreve all the way to the Florida everglades with his mistress, Eugenie Fonda possibly a cousin of Jane But unfortunately for Honey, bumps arise in her plan, in the form of her sexually harassing former boss, Piejack, and a half Seminole named Sammy Tigertail running from a [...]

  28. Not a book to give to your maiden aunt for a present The theme is predominantly sex, and the language alows few euphemisms It is also very, very funny Hiaason fans will know what to expect.Like all good farce, it begins with a reasonably plausible premise single Mum having dinner with her son is annoyed by a cold call telemarketrt and develops a series of increasingly complex situations Here, they involve a sea food salesman who has his fineries bitten off by a crab, a half white half Seminole I [...]

  29. As a big fan of Carl Hiaasen its tough not to like all of his books The amazing characters in his books are enough reason to buy them let alone the great story lines You can t help cheering for Nature Girl She might have her problems but she is a fighter all the way Her loyalty is steadfast and true The characters in this book range from a couple of truly terrible people to some really nice but flawed people characters you might encounter in real life Most of the story takes place in and among F [...]

  30. I picked this one up in an airport several years ago, and just now got around to reading it I ve read a couple of other books by Hiassen before and found them entertaining, but this one just didn t do it for me I think it was that I found several of the characters unlikeable and the situations they found themselves in were direct results of their own stupidity, so I couldn t even have any sympathy for them, either A different person could find it absolutely hysterical, though the potential is de [...]

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