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Sick Puppy Independently wealthy eco terrorist Twilly Spree teaches a flagrant litterbug a lesson and leaves the offender s precious Range Rover swarming with hungry dung beetles When he discovers the litterer i

Independently wealthy eco terrorist Twilly Spree teaches a flagrant litterbug a lesson and leaves the offender s precious Range Rover swarming with hungry dung beetles When he discovers the litterer is one of the most powerful political fixers in Florida, the real Hiaasen style fun begins.

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Sick Puppy

  1. Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida After graduating from the University of Florida, he began writing for the Miami Herald As a journalist and author, Carl has spend most of his life advocating the protection of the Florida Everglades He and his family still live in southern Florida.

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  1. This book is about a hundred pages too long and is a poorly developed story about an unstable environmentalist that stalks an asshole lobbyist exotic game hunter because he saw him toss trash out the window of his car The most frustrating thing about this book is that it has potential to turn into an interesting story, but it moves in a bunch of roundabout directions and never delivers Worst of all, it seems like the author wanted to use every strange character he had ever developed in one book [...]

  2. Carl Hiaasen is a literary comic genius, a Samuel Clemens for our day, as evident in his hilarious book Sick Puppy , but to say that his books are simply entertaining is to miss the point He s writing primarily about Florida, a state which no one should have to actually live in, due to the number of ridiculously insane people that inhabit it, most of whom are politicians, elderly retirees, immigrants, or criminals Hiaasen takes aim at everyone Republican or Democrat, young or old, rich or poor H [...]

  3. man this book made me laugh hiaasen is friggin hilarious the book has crazy floridian creeps causing eco mistakes the main character simply doesn t like it picture an entire truck load of dung beetles being dumped onto your fancy SUV because you threw a mcdonalds wrapper out your window and Skink, the vagabond with good teeth, gives me the smiles just if you are wanting to laugh, this is it so silly and there is always a good message about development destroying the world and whatnot his books r [...]

  4. One of the funniest books I ve ever read What enjoyable, escapist fiction should be Twilly Spree is a character Joseph Heller would have been proud of, a hero in anger management classes, and his exploits are so absurd that they are only believable because they take place in the state of insanity known as Florida Absolutely fun and all that good, escapist fiction should be NC

  5. 3.5 starsDespoilers of Florida s beauty better beware of Twilly Spree, a slightly nuts twenty something, self styled environmentalist Twilly has already blown up his uncle s bank for loaning money to an unethical rock mining company so he s not beyond a little retribution when he sees someone throwing trash onto a Florida highway The someone happens to be lobbyist Palmer Stoat, who in addition to being a litterbug hunts exotic game in the local Wilderness Veldt Plantation that imports elderly an [...]

  6. I laughed and laughed at this story It s actually filled with so many characters who could be thought of as sick puppies, it s hard to decide who the title refers to There s lobbyist Palmer Stoat, who loves nothing better than killing big game at his favorite big game killing establishment, which is oddly reminiscent of a theme park There s Twilly Spree, good intentioned though somewhat neurotic eco terrorist There s ex Florida governor Clinton Skink Tyree, one of the scariest characters I ve en [...]

  7. Twilly Spree is a trust fund baby and eco terrorist with some anger management issues When he witnesses blatant littering by the driver of a Range Rover with vanity plates, he is compelled to teach the litterbug a lesson Within a few pages the reader is immersed in the usual Hiaasen scenario featuring a dog napping and peopled with corrupt Florida politicians and ruthless developers among the characters here are a former Toyota salesman who is now governor, a hunt trophy happy lobbyist, a millio [...]

  8. Sick Puppy , book four in the Skink series, is overrun with the usual odd, oblivious and obscene characters who populate Carl Hiaasen s Florida Land developers are littering the landscape with ludicrous destruction Clinton Tyree, aka Skink, ex governor of Florida and slightly insane, is once again drawn out of his Everglades home to involve himself in an affair between an alliance of greedy real estate developers and perverted politicians struggling to pave over an undeveloped Florida island, an [...]

  9. Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen, published by Alfred A Knopf.Category Mystery Humor Publication Date February, 2000.How can one resist a good mystery humor novel that has a dog, not only a dog but a Labrador retriever, as one of its characters Hiaasen has again put together a book that takes a look at the corrupt politics of Florida that is driven by a greed for ocean front property and litter bugs.The characters, again, are outrageous You have the former Governor of Florida, Clinton Tyree, who is as [...]

  10. I love Carl Hiaasen I am not a big mystery thriller person and his stuff is great His characters are OTT and at the same time so very human and in this instance humane How can you not love a man who would chase down an idiot for throwing trash out of his car doing 80 on the freeway Twilly Spree is my hero With Hiaasen you just never know where you will wind up except that it will be in Florida, that much you know.

  11. Okay I ll concede that there are oversimplifications in this book The bad guys are irredeemably bad the good guys are little better than the bad guys That s true of most of us, isn t it The destruction of habitat for condos is a central Hiaasen theme, so don t get your Speedos in a wad The characters are too wild and crazy to believe Have you ever spent time in Florida Every nutjob who isn t on a survivalist ranch in Idaho picks up their mail in Florida it used to be California before living the [...]

  12. I haven t read any Carl Hiaasen in about ten years It s worth saying that based on his first 5 books, his investigative reporting and the fact that he once appeared on IN SEARCH OF alongside Leonard Frickin Nimoy, I regard Hiaasen as a genius to be spoken of in hallowed tones I will now proceed to speak of him in tones harsh than hallowed, even though I still think he s one of America s greatest writers and one of the top 10,443 crime novelists in god damned South Florida since they all seem to [...]

  13. You gotta love a dog story and especially one which nails the essence of a dog as well as Carl Hiaansen s Sick Puppy It is clear that Hiaansen has been around his share of dogs with descriptions such as this That s the thing about being a Labrador retriever you were born for fun Seldom was your loopy, freewheeling mind cluttered by contemplation, and never at all by somber worry every day was a romp What else could there possibly be to life Eating was a thrill.And everywhere you went were gullib [...]

  14. Sick Puppy is a novel about greedy politicians and builders who are destroying Florida s beauty It s packed with colorful characters and wacky incidents.Twilly Spree is a wealthy environmentalist who is trying to stop a development from bulldozing the trees and killing the animals on a Florida island The project is designed to enrich a builder who contributed to the governor s campaign, as well as benefiting a lobyest who is trying to set up the deal.The characters are richly drawn and easy to i [...]

  15. I don t even like dogs, but I liked this book a lot Fortunately, I guessed that the sick puppy of the title referred to one of the characters and boy, was I right In fact, it could refer to almost any one of the characters They are all sick puppies Glad I don t know any of these people in real life, but they are all so much fun to read about I read one other good book by Hiaasen, I think it was Double Whammy, but Sick Puppy is even better This would be a good book to give someone who is reluctan [...]

  16. Sick Puppy is my introduction to Carl Hiaasen, an author that my girlfriend felt would be a good way to get me introduced to Florida I ll probably read him again, although I found this book to be one of diminishing returns It starts out as a satisfying read Twilly Spree is a maladjusted and overgrown trust fund kid who gets to live out a popular revenge fantasy he spots a litterbug on the Florida highway and decides to spend as much time and energy as possible to teach the litterbug a lesson Twi [...]

  17. When Twilly Spree, an environmental terrorist and financially independent, sees Palmer Stoat throw trash out of his car window on the freeway, he is on his tail seeking revenge Stoat is a political fixer involved with all sorts of characters Dick Artemus, ex car salesman, now governor Robert Clapley, a crooked land developer with an unhealthy interest in Barbie dolls and his goon, Mr Gash, who plays his favorite 911 compilations in the tape deck.Twilly, after filling Stoat s car with dung beetle [...]

  18. Ok, I read it Read the whole thing Was this my favorite Carl Hiaasen book No, but it was an entertaining read The characters are Palmer Stoat an obsessive compulsive type prone to littering rather than having the offending item on his possession, Stoat is a cocksure deal maker in the middle of the Florida political arena.Desie Stoat young, beautiful, and unlucky with men She is wife number three and wondering how or why she was still hanging around.Twilly Spree to say Twilly is a hero would be s [...]

  19. Florida novels When young ecoterrorist Twilly Spree begins a campaign of sabotage against a litterbug named Palmer Stoat, he gets much than he bargained for Stoat is a political fixer, involved with a bevy of shady types Dick Artemus, ex car salesman, now governor Robert Clapley, a crooked land developer with an unhealthy interest in Barbie dolls and his business expediter, Mr Gash, a permed reptilian thug with ghastly musical tastes After a wave of preemptive strikes centered on a garbage truc [...]

  20. Sick Puppy is my first book by Hiaasen and I will probably read others Sick Puppy is, I suspect, typical of most of his books an entertaining conflict between really bad guys and one or idiosyncratic good guys The characters are unapologetic caricatures with just enough resemblance to real people to keep me interested In Sick Puppy one of the evil ones is a lobbyist who gets paid to clear the way for rich guys who want to get richer by using politicians to help them rip off the public and destr [...]

  21. Laugh out loud funny The best reason I enjoy reading Carl Hiaasen novels is because I will never be able to conceive of plots and characters such as his.In Sick Puppy he has let me see if I can recall most of these characters a prostitute whose clients are Republicans, a self sufficient eco terrorist, a slob lobbyist big game hunter, a rogue former Florida Governor, a killer with a 9 1 1 call fetish among several other fetishes , a black Labrador one of the Sick Puppies alluded to in the title , [...]

  22. Carl Hiaasen is a master of sentence, character and humor of the absurd Case in point, this little bit taken from Sick Puppy The killer had a vain streak when it came to his physique He was driven to take measures that artificially streamlined his midsection, which in recent years had shown signs of incipient tubbiness an unnerving development that Mr Gash bitterly blamed on the dull sedentary life of a a hit man It was an occupation that neither required nor allowed much physical exercise plane [...]

  23. This was a very very fun read I was thoroughly entertained It s a satirical look at politicians and life in Florida One of my favorite characters is a champion of the environment Twilly is seemingly a sociopath who gets very irritated by any that would take for granted Florida s beautiful wetlands and coasts He loves to teach lessons to litterbugs and will stop at nothing to get his point across All of the characters are heavily flawed and the situations they find themselves in are absurd Like I [...]

  24. This book was pretty funny but also rather gross The very interesting descriptions of people we imagine exist the wealthy conservative game hunting politician with a trophy wife the psychotic, environmental terrorist with an anger management problem, etc made for an outrageous and dark comedy Still, something about the book didn t feel good to me.Maybe I m just too serious, but reading about people this dysfunctional and the havoc they wreak on each other and the world around them just leaves me [...]

  25. Sick Puppy another great read from Carl Hiaasen Wonderful, quirky, Florida characters This main character is another that wants to save Florida from litterbugs and land barons He kidnaps a dog, doesn t kidnap someones wife she goes along on her own and is matched up with an ex Governer who has gone wild and lives in the wild swamps Great fun, great writer.

  26. Gotta love a book with a dog as a central character The book is highly amusing and paints an interesting picture of Florida s politics.

  27. Hiaasen is one of my long time fav s started reading because of the Florida connection and fell in love with his characters

  28. Huge fan of Carl Haven t read a book by him yet that didn t make me laugh and cringe at the same time Brilliant

  29. This was not Carl Hiaasen s best book, but it was still fun Twilly Spree is the hero of this one He is a eco warrior with anger management issues He has a habit of going after litterbugs and making sure they get the message of how bad it is to harm the environment or animals State lobbyist Palmer Stoat captures his attention as he litters on the Florida highway Twilly s attempts to go after Stoat set him in the middle of a scheme in which Stoat is working with the governor Dick Artemus and a few [...]

  30. As usual, Mr Hiaasen is writing about a quirky set of south Florida characters, centred around Miami, Homestead and the Keys If it wasn t so funny, this might be a sad, didactic tale about the ruination of Florida and all the greed that has contributed to over developing a fragile ecosystem But it s not like most of his stuff, it s about crazy events, described in a tongue in cheek style However, it still allows one a thoughtful glimpse of the underlying tragedy that I believe he sees in the dis [...]

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