Flush Take a romp in the swamp with this New York Times bestselling mystery adventure set in the Florida Keys from Newbery Honoree Carl Hiaasen Noah s dad is sure that the owner of the Coral Queen casino bo

Take a romp in the swamp with this New York Times bestselling mystery adventure set in the Florida Keys from Newbery Honoree Carl Hiaasen Noah s dad is sure that the owner of the Coral Queen casino boat is flushing raw sewage into the harbor which has made taking a dip at the local beach like swimming in a toilet He can t prove it though, and so he decides that sinking tTake a romp in the swamp with this New York Times bestselling mystery adventure set in the Florida Keys from Newbery Honoree Carl Hiaasen Noah s dad is sure that the owner of the Coral Queen casino boat is flushing raw sewage into the harbor which has made taking a dip at the local beach like swimming in a toilet He can t prove it though, and so he decides that sinking the boat will make an effective statement Right The boat is pumped out and back in business within days and Noah s dad is in the local lock up.Now Noah is determined to succeed where his dad failed He will prove that the Coral Queen is dumping illegally somehow The writing is pitch perfect The New York Times A royal flush Chicago Sun Times Classic Hiaasen laugh out loud satire in a Florida setting Life

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  1. Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida After graduating from the University of Florida, he began writing for the Miami Herald As a journalist and author, Carl has spend most of his life advocating the protection of the Florida Everglades He and his family still live in southern Florida.

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  1. You might come to Flush with two preconceptions.Carl Hiaasen writes adult thrillers with a satirical tenor, often featuring characters from the trailer trash end of the social spectrum So it s likely that his children s books will retain a bit of that edge.Those adult thrillers, and Hiaasen s books for younger readers, focus on environmentalism, so it s likely that Flush centers on that kind of issue.Your preconceptions would be proven true The tone of Flush is sardonic It features a bartender w [...]

  2. Flush is a very good book it shows what people could risk for animals and nature The boy in this book has a Dad that has been in jail many times when he was trying to protect wildlife Wach him take a step while his dad is in jail and to prove that his dad is right.

  3. If your father was put in jail because he tried to save the environment, how would you react What if it was hard to prove that it was done for the appropriate reason What if you were the only person in your family that believed him A hard situation.Carl Hiaasen gives us a story about a boy trying to prove his fathers right doing Instead of going fishing or spending quality time, Noah Underwood spends Father s Day with his father Paine in the county jail Paine is put in jail for sinking the gambl [...]

  4. FLUSH An Example of What Every Book Should IncludeI can t help myself Whenever I read a book I m always analyzing how the author pulls it off How does he or she weave together the different elements needed to produce an engaging book for young readers My recent read, FLUSH by Carl Hiaasen, is a great example of this type of book It has A great beginning that hooks the readerThe deputy told me to empty my pockets two quarters, a penny, a stick of bubble gum, and a roll of grip tape for my skatebo [...]

  5. I needed a piece of light fluff to read after the last novel I tackled, which erred somewhat on the worthwhile n earnest side In Flush I found exactly what I sought with the added bonus of a worthwhile n earnest subtext to assuage my conscience.On the Florida Keys, teenager Noah Underwood s dad has the bad good habit of going ballistic when crass, greedy people destroy the environment His latest escapade, scuttling a casino ship whose owner has, to save money, been pumping the craft s raw sewag [...]

  6. After reading Hoot, I couldn t resist reading all of Carl Hiassen s young adult fiction for myself I blew through this book in two nights Absolutely fantastic Another tale of environmental activism by young people and how it changes the world around them I want to read this to my son before he loses that I can do ANYTHING feeling that only the young and unscarred possess.The book starts with Noah visiting his father in jail He s there because he sank a casino boat after finding out that, instead [...]

  7. I recently finished, Flush by Carl Hiaasen It starts out kind of slow, but the you read, the you want to know Flush is about a curious, determined boy, Noah Underwood, his tough, persistent sister Abbey, and their peculiar father who will stand up for anything that he thinks is right Noah s dad gets put in jail for sinking skinflint Dusty Muleman s casino boat, The Coral Queen Noah s dad didn t do this for no good reason at all, the truthful reason is that he thinks Dusty is flushing the sewag [...]

  8. If this is his first into the kids genre then I understand it s flaws, I do not forgive them but I understand If this is not his first kids book then he totally messed up on this one His crassness is unnecessary, and his approach to things like murder and alcoholism was ham handed His other two that I ve read were better and if you are a kid and you have a super love for Hiaasen then I guess go ahead and read this, but don t make this your first A boy and his sister are trying to prove that a ca [...]

  9. Carl Hiaasen once again has written a tremendous book for the entire family Grandparents,Parents,kids and grandkids will enjoy this book Very enjoyable and entertaining for all

  10. I thought this book had one of the most brilliant opening lines of any YA book I read it aloud to 1 son, and he snatched the book from my hands and proceeded through Hoot as well.

  11. This book really gives insight to readers on what is wrong with the real world The characters show emotion and really tie everything together with each character having a certain role There are character you will love and characters you will loathe You love to hate Dusty and his son You feel bad for the father and realize that he is perfectly sane.

  12. Noah s dad tries to get back at Dusty, for putting the holding tank in the ocean, by sinking his casino ship, Coral Queen He has to go to jail on fathers day Noah and Abbey try to prove that there dad is right by making up this crazy plan that includes sneaking into the Coral Queen Read the book to find out what happens next The main characters in the book are Dad and Noah Dad, Paine, he has some anger issues When he gets something on his mind he will do whatever it takes to get them to stop He [...]

  13. I think the book Flush is a good book, because it teaches you not to dump waste in the ocean It teaches you that human waste can cause our beaches to be unclean, the water to be polluted, the underwater life to die, and many other problems This book teaches you to stick up for what is right No matter what the situation is, always do what you think is right, and don t let anyone else get in your way.One thing that bothered me about this book is that it kind of got boring during some parts of the [...]

  14. 2 5 starsI did not like this book because it was to predictable and easy I did not enjoy it xoxo,BebeI am going to give Hoot a try I am probably not going to like it though.

  15. I listened to this on a particularly slow day substituting at the library The reader has a nice voice, although he has a tendency to rush a bit Maybe it comes with the genre, trying to sound excited I don t know.I didn t finish it, but the plot was entertaining This book tows the line between J and YA fiction tropes The main character s dad isn t completely absent but, as a hot headed environmental activist, often gets his family into trouble, leaving the kids to clean it up However, unlike many [...]

  16. I read Hoot by Hiaasen and absolutely loved it, so I was excited to continue on with Hiaasen s middle grade series and read this book I didn t like Flush quite as much as Hoot, there just wasn t as much mystery That being said it was still a very good and entertaining book it touches heavily on environmentalism, corrupt business practice, and family issues.Noah Underwood s father has sunk a gambling ship and been thrown in jail Noah s dad is positive that the gambling ship is emptying sewage int [...]

  17. Floridassa vain alkuper isasukkaat saavat py ritt uhkapelitoimintaa Lieromainen liikemies Dusty Muleman on houkutellut Miccosukee intiaanit mukaan kasinobisnekseen he ovat ostaneet satama altaan ja julistaneet sen reservaatiksi Satama altaassa taas kelluu kasinolaiva Korallikuningatar aina siihen asti, kun kalastusopas Payne Underwood saa tarpeekseen j tevedet mereen kippaavasta purkista ja vet niin sanotusti tulpan irti Paynen lapset 12 vuotias Noah ja 10 vuotias Abbey ovat varttuneet Floridan [...]

  18. I liked this book I was fairly entertained by it and everything that happened in it The story started with boy named Noah Underwood who lives a easy life in the Florida Keys with his family Then suddenly his dad goes to jail, while visiting him in jail he finds out that his dad went to jail for sinking a gambling boat called The Coral Queen His dad did this because he find out that the boat was dumping their sewage into the marine, and so his dad told him and shoe was all for taking down The Cor [...]

  19. Flush was a book about a boy around the age of 14 who s name is Noah Noah s dad is in jail because his dad sunk a ship This ship was no ordinary ship, this ship was dumping all of its waste and fecal matter into the ocean at night when nobody was around to notice, accept Noah s dad He sunk the ship to stop the waste from building up in the sea Throughout the book Noah and his family stand up against injustice and do what they can to make a change I can connect this book to HOOT by the same autho [...]

  20. Flush came to my attention because a professor at the community college where I work was looking for a novel that dealt with the environment, but that would not be too difficult for some of his low level readers Although I had not read it at the time, we decided that the reviews made Flush sound like the right book for the job The novel follows two teens, Noah and Abby, who are trying to expose a casino boat owner who they believe is dumping the casino s septic waste into the local beach to save [...]

  21. When Noah Underwood s father is sent to prison for sinking a casino boat that he believes to be dumping waste tanks into the ocean, Noah decides to help his father prove his suspicions Noah and his siter, Abbey, get into all kinds of trouble as they attempt to prove that their father is sane and telling the truth, while keeping the owner of the boat from polluting the ocean around their home in the Florida Keys.I really enjoyed this book because it was filled with action and suspense Noah, Abbey [...]

  22. i choose this book because it seemed like a good book its fiction but probly could happen it takes place in keys california i think the main character is named noah noahs dad goes to jail because he tryed to sink a boat that was dumping sewadge in the ocean which your not supose to do noahs dad paine goes to jail for it because he doesnt have proof that dusty is dumping sewadge in the ocean the problem is that dusty is doing this and he is friends with the coast gard so he doesnt get caught till [...]

  23. Flush is like Greenpeace meets CSI Basically, a boat is dumping its waste into the ocean and Noah, the main character, tries to figure out who is doing it It s a book with a political agenda and an environmental agenda, something that typically does not work, but it works well here One other thing I can relate to is that Noah, the kid, is the one who is rational and calm, the dad is the unstable one Something I can relate to, being the dad myself Also, whenever I try to finish number one, I alwa [...]

  24. This is the third of Hiaasen s YA novels that I ve read after Scat Hoot I just love them They re not as wild and funny as his adult fiction, but I enjoy them all the same, and it s nice that they only take a couple of hours to read Can t wait until I can share them with my kids.As with all of Hiaasen s YA novels, this one deals with villainous Floridians who are destroying the environment, the plucky kids who won t let them get away with it, and the quirky grown ups who help them.

  25. This book was crude, crass and nasty it s a book about sewage being dumped on a beach, aimed at young adults, so of course it s got immature toilet humor and it makes this book seem trashy The characters were lazy, entitled and generically boring and much of the book just drags on, making it of a chore to read than anything else.

  26. I was looking for another Hiaasen to read and picked this up secondhand without realising that it was aimed at children Hey ho.A competent tale of environmental skullduggery, with the baddies taken down at the end Some humour, linear plot.

  27. Flush is a young adult novel by Carl Hiaasen I really enjoyed this book and I gave it 5 stars for many reasons One is that Hiaasen does a fantastic job of hooking the reader in the beginning and creating many memorable characteristics for each character The I read, the I wanted to know He also proportionally mixes humor and tension and manages to not go off track or wander off The main character is Noah Underwood, whose father, Paine, is being sued by the owner of The Coral Queen, for sinking [...]

  28. Flush, by Carl Hiaasen is about Noah, the main character, trying to prove that the Coral Queen casino boat is dumping sewage waste into the ocean In the beginning, Noah s father went to the Coral Queen to try to collect evidence that they were dumping sewage into the ocean but accidentally sunk the Coral Queen in the process Noah s father was arrested for sinking the boat, even though it was an accident, and although he can be bailed out he stays there to prove his point In the middle of the boo [...]

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