The Way Life Was Forever

The Way Life Was Forever Sun dwellers are foul monsters that eat a human s flesh from their bones or so sixteen year old Lyra has always been taught To keep their citizens safe her colony seals itself into the vaults by day

Sun dwellers are foul monsters that eat a human s flesh from their bones or so sixteen year old Lyra has always been taught To keep their citizens safe, her colony seals itself into the vaults by day Moonwalkers are horrible beasts that feed on the blood of men at least, that is what Perseus was told The only sure survival for his people is to lock themselves into theirSun dwellers are foul monsters that eat a human s flesh from their bones or so sixteen year old Lyra has always been taught To keep their citizens safe, her colony seals itself into the vaults by day Moonwalkers are horrible beasts that feed on the blood of men at least, that is what Perseus was told The only sure survival for his people is to lock themselves into their repositories each night Both labeled as undesirable by their respective kinds, a fated meeting in the forbidden forest offers Lyra and Perseus an unexpected chance at happiness If they can overcome their own prejudices and discover the truth about one another before time runs out Can the sun dweller and the moonwalker learn that when reality is distorted by hate and terror sometimes the only thing to truly fear is fear itself

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The Way Life Was Forever

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  1. There was only one problem with this It was way too short Everything else though was interesting I was honestly surprised since I usually don t have high expectations for free books This one was different because the idea behind it You have people who live in the day and people who live in the night and they never interfere with each other That s the simple version It s better explained in the book of course but I just felt like everything was so rushed and it was just too short I feel like it s [...]

  2. Although this story is so very short it was very well written and drags you into a amazing dystopian world I WANT however ALOT MORE This author needs to write 500 pages of this world It would definitely be on the best sellers list Highly recommended although going to warn you U may feel unsatisfied and want Free on kindle.

  3. Make it longer Turn it into a full length novel and I m a very happy Sarah Still very recommended, nice very quick, sweet dystopian

  4. This was a very interesting read, at first I got a very The Village vibe and I groaned then as the story progressed it turned into a pretty unique page turner The characters were not deep or complex which made it a very easy short story to read The plot was interesting, my only real complaint is that the ending felt very rushed and I feel had the author maybe flushed it out a bit it may have ended better, but it wasn t a bad book at all It just built on the story then ended, without explanation [...]

  5. Okay, first of all, I was a little disappointed by the length of this story a novella than a novel The actual story stopped at 65% on my Kindle Then it s an excerpt of another novel.The story is too short and too predictable for any description of its events to actually be considered a spoiler, but if you haven t read it and want what little of a surprise that you might get out of it, you can stop reading now.The concept of the story could really be good, but I just don t think it was done that [...]

  6. Originally posted ReadingDiva s blog Rating 4of 5Review The Way Life Was Forever is about 2 societies communities that lives behind closed doors and at different times One can be defined as the moon walkers and the other sun dwellers Both have their own idea of what the other is and with that comes the legends of what could happen if anyone is left after the doors close.This story is only 37 pages long but don t let that fool you This is a very nice descriptive story The author was able to devel [...]

  7. This story caught my attention from the beginning and kept me turning the pages until I finished it I really enjoyed the style of writing Some of the scenes had unique words that I enjoyed reading The Way life was forever is about a girl, named Lyra, who lives in a settlement underground Her settlement only comes out at night because of fear of the Sun dwellers flesh eating people When her little sister decides she wants to break away and see the sun Lyra has to run and find her before the vault [...]

  8. So, I understand that it was a short story, and that short stories should be fast paced if you want o fit all that you want in that story, but for my taste it was incredibly fast paced, and I like fast paced stories that will keep my interest Another thing that I thought was ridiculous was that the main character, a girl, had instant feelings for a guy she just met, and was supposed to be against Also the guy just comes right out and says I want to kiss you Really If I were her, I would be like [...]

  9. I want of this world that Mrs Corp created here.The writing is smooth and enchanting that ll hook you Dystopians are becoming big right now and if you re a fan of them then this is a must read.I want to know how this world became to be How the people we read about became afraid of living out when the sun was high and how they became scared of these supposed Sun dwellers How Lyra s world became this way Along with Perseus, how did they become afraid of the night.The romance is sweet adored this [...]

  10. I thought this short story was really good For being a short story there was a nice plot and had a neat insight to what an alternative world would look like I just wish the author would have made this into a novel I could have seen this being a really cool book and could have really developed into something really awesome.

  11. Meh.It wasn t terrible The writing was sort of pretty, but, in a story with no world building, no plot, barely any character development and the quickest insta love in the history of YA, there s only so much a sort of pretty writing can do With a few pages, this story would ve actually been good.

  12. I loved the idea for this story, it was really cool The characters frankly were not Also, the romance was so unbelievable, as was most of the story If this would have been a 300 page book and it worked up to the romance and everything, I think it could be better.

  13. Oh my lord I love LOVE LOOOVE this idea Unfortunitly it was ruined by being a short story It could have been drawn out to be so so sooo much Chapters and chapters of mystery until the big reveal Sigh oh well an amazing short story A wonderful idea I ve never even dreamed of And a free Ebook The writing itself annoyed me here and there though with the random fancy words that seemed overdone Again WHY WHY WHY is this only a short story The author screwed her big seller.

  14. Good entertainment for the YA readerPleasant story line that depicts today s teens High school woes, foster homes, and bullies getting a taste of their own Supernatural gifts play into the story that is very surprising but believable, good fun

  15. I LOVED this book Favorite quotes sum it up Come on, before the sun dwellers get you and eat the flesh from your bones Tonight is especially fine The delicate rustle of leaves permeates the air as the warm wind brushes against us, its caress made sweeter by the knowledge that at any moment the temperature will plummet As we walk, Quil s fine, shiny hair lifts in the breeze and scatters about her like the gossamer strands of a spider s web blowing gently in the moonlight The soft tendrils graze m [...]

  16. 3.5 stars Full Review on Brianna s Bookish Confessions.Sundwellers are nasty evil monsters that eat the flesh off of human bodies Or at least that s what the main character, Lyra has been told all her life Moonwalkers are creatures that survive off the blood of humans Or at least that s what Perseus has been told his whole life.Each night both creatures lands lock themselves up so the other monsters don t come and attack at night One night, Lyra s sister wanted to go talk to a friend but the gat [...]

  17. URG Book, I am extremely confused right now On one hand, I LOVED the writing style It reminded me a bit of Hunger Games and how Suzanne Collins wrote Yeah, that s a pretty big compliment coming from me, the Hunger Games junkie And, the plot was interesting But this sentence, people, is where I start the on the other hand The story s short There, I said it It is waaay to short, though If Carey Corp had made this into a full blown book, oh my gosh I d have loved it But the teensiness of this novel [...]

  18. EDIT Review Based on the original review, there was a gap missing in between when they find her cousin, and when she became pregnant I was confused for a second because I didn t know how they ended up in that place Maybe if that gap had been filled, readers would enjoy the short story I changed my rating to 5 because, overall, it was a terrific story thumbs up goes here ORIGINAL Review Contains a little bit of a spoiler This Would have been a 5 IF it had been a bit longer Other than the length [...]

  19. I thought that this was a really beautiful short story It s about two sides of life Light and Dark The Dark are called the Moonwalkers and they live there life completely in darkness Well, they have artificial lights It reminds me if City of Ember in that way They fear the Sun dwellers, which are the Light side They have never experienced darkness before As you can imagine, the Moonwalkers are quite pale and the Sun dwellers are dark Carey Corp has a beautiful writing style that I fell in love w [...]

  20. I knew it was going to be short, I knew it was or less flash fiction But this was painful This wasn t a story, this was a story idea This was an outline for a story that maybe, could have been a decent read Potential.For however long these people had been separated from one another, for all the fear and misunderstanding they had about one another, the girl and guy, which I can t even recall their names it was so unforgettable, sure did fall into each others arms without any problems They gave u [...]

  21. Another short book for me I think this is really helping me to find my way out of this reading funk nightmare I ve been dealing with Hooray Lyra has been told all of her life that she has to be back in the vault that her people live in before sunrise, otherwise she will be eaten by sundwellers Perseus has been told all of his life that he has to be back in his repository before nightfall or the moondwellers will drink his blood Spoilers in the rest of the reviewThis is a really, really good shor [...]

  22. Man I was so excited to read this as I thought the story sounded amazing I didn t realize it was a short story which is fine if it is good This however was not I mean if the author would have spent some time actually developing a story and made it a novel length it might have been good but was just like here everything happens the end They moonwalker who is left outside and the sundweller who finds her are instantly in love and cannot live without each otherre My biggest issue though is why does [...]

  23. Beautifully written novella about forbidden love.Two societies live in vaults and are warned of each other One colony only comes out at night, dubbed moonwalkers, and the other society only comes out during the day, called sun walkers Otherwise, each society spends their time inside a protective vault where they live in fear throughout either the day or night Once Lyra, a moonwalker, misses the locking of her colony s vault, she is found by sun walkers, and that s when the story takes a turn.My [...]

  24. I would not really recommend this book for anyone Sure, I liked it a little, but it was quite short, and also kind of boring And I didn t really understand Lyras or Perseus personality It didn t really have feeling And I don t really understand how they felt that immediate connection Again, it was really described well Another thing I didn t get about this book, was how Lyra was automatically pregnant like that There wasn t even an epilogue, it was just a paragraph in like 9 months And they desc [...]

  25. At first I thought this sounded like All Summer in a Day but it actually wasn t Maybe like City of Embersbut the people do go up to land just only at night Lyra Quil are sister who are night dweller Their society lives underground closes their vaults at dawn Quil is curious about the day dweller but Lyrakeeps reminding her how, according to legend, the day dweller eat night dwellers During the gathering season Quil decides to stay out watch the sun rise but Lyra catches her makes her run back t [...]

  26. Too short and rushed The author had such a beautiful idea with this book but I think it fell seriously short Everything just happened with no struggle and with outlandish and super cheesy coincidences that made me want to throw my kindle across the room I think this book needs to be seriously expanded Allow Lyra and Percy time to actually fall in love maybe instead of Percy and Lyra running away together they return home and have to struggle to see each other again because everyone will try to k [...]

  27. This story was okay, and only okay I read this during class I think this shows how short it is The concept was totally cool, but the character development sucked big time None of the characters were emphasized very much, so no you will not get attached to anyone in the story The meeting of the two lovers SUCKEDSUCKEDSUCKED Ugh I can not express.ey sound so in love and so in tune and whatever but they ve only met for a few hours I HATE THAT Maybe it s because I m not a romantic but still This sto [...]

  28. I was intrigued by this book to say the least There are two groups of people the daywalkers who supposedly eat human flesh and the nightwalkers wo supposedly drink blood When two people from the opposing groups meet and fall for each other in the span of 24 hours they learn the truth about each other.I enjoyed the story line I felt like it was too rushed and it needed to be fleshed out I get the general idea behind the book but I need answers than I got at the end It ends really abruptly I als [...]

  29. While I do love the story and ideas in this short story, I don t believe they were executed well It was a bit predictable but still a good story that could have been developed This short story has so much potential to be a novel but obviously was not written as one which is disappointing because I was just getting to know and love the characters I would have loved to see deeper into these characters minds and also would have loved to see of this colony in the forest how it came to be originall [...]

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