The Saving Graces

The Saving Graces Meet The Saving Graces Four Of The Best Friends A Woman Can Ever Have For ten years Emma Rudy Lee and Isabel have shared a deep affection that has helped them deal with the ebb and flow of expect

Meet The Saving Graces, Four Of The Best Friends A Woman Can Ever Have.For ten years, Emma, Rudy, Lee, and Isabel have shared a deep affection that has helped them deal with the ebb and flow of expectations and disappointments common to us all Calling themselves the Saving Graces, the quartet is united by understanding, honesty, and acceptance a connection that has groMeet The Saving Graces, Four Of The Best Friends A Woman Can Ever Have.For ten years, Emma, Rudy, Lee, and Isabel have shared a deep affection that has helped them deal with the ebb and flow of expectations and disappointments common to us all Calling themselves the Saving Graces, the quartet is united by understanding, honesty, and acceptance a connection that has grown stronger as the years go byThough these sisters of the heart and soul have seen it all, talked through it all, Emma, Rudy, Lee, and Isabel will not be prepared for a crisis of astounding proportions that will put their love and courage to the ultimate test.

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The Saving Graces

  1. Patricia Gaffney was born in Tampa, Florida, and grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C She earned a bachelor s degree in English and philosophy from Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York, and also studied literature at Royal Holloway College of the University of London, at George Washington University, and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.After college, Gaffney taught 12th grade English for a year before becoming a freelance court reporter, a job she pursued in North Carolina, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C for the next fifteen years.Her first book, a historical romance, was published by Dorchester in 1989 Between then and 1997, she wrote 11 romance novels Dorchester Penguin USA , for which she was nominated for or won many awards Many of these previously out of print classics are available again today as digitally reissued classics, including the author s most recently re released and much beloved novels in The Wyckerley Trilogy.In 1999, she went in a new direction with her hardcover fiction debut, The Saving Graces HarperCollins A contemporary story about four women friends, the novel explored issues of love, friendship, trust, and commitment among women The Saving Graces enjoyed bestseller status on the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and other lists.Circle of Three 2000 , Flight Lessons 2002 , and The Goodbye Summer 2004 followed, all national bestsellers Gaffney s most recent novel was Mad Dash 2007 , a humorous but insightful look at a 20 year marriage, told from the viewpoints of both longsuffering spouses More recently, Pat s been indulging her purely creative side in a brand new format for her novellas With friends including J D Robb, she has contributed stories to three anthologies, all New York Times bestsellers In The Dog Days of Laurie Summer The Lost, 2009 , a woman in a troubled marriage dies and comes back as the family dog The Dancing Ghost The Other Side, 2010 brings together a pretty spinster and a shady ghost buster in 1895 New England And in Dear One The Unquiet, 2011 , a fake phone psychic or IS she meets her match in a stuffy Capitol Hill lobbyist who couldn t possibly be that sexy voiced cowboy from Medicine Bend who keeps calling the psychic line.Patricia Gaffney lives in southern Pennsylvania with her husband.

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  1. This is simply the story of four best friends This is the sort of book I would normally avoid like the plague I read for escapism, not to experience middle aged women and all their various real life issues Plus, lately I ve been reading exclusively romance and YA, because I figure Why not just read the books I really WANT to read, instead of reading the books that others think only the intelligent people read I love the guarantee of a happily ever after that romances provide.However, I ve heard [...]

  2. This is the 4th time I ve read this bookI ve read it for various groups with varied friends groups of friends, book club, and now, for a book club with my 3 sisters in laws Each time I ve read it, the star ratings increase That is perhaps because I ve lived of life, and appreciate and the sharings and discussions between friends and yes, I consider my sisters in laws true friends I appreciate FRIENDS and the wonder and depth and fun they bring to my life So, discussing the friendships within [...]

  3. This was just the thing I needed to read these days Some sort of sisterhood of the travelling pants with women on their forties.Lee, Isabel, Rudy and Emma have created a group about 10 years ago which they ve called The Saving Graces They meet usually twice a month, at each others place, and over dinner they catch up on each their lifes, chat and support each other Initially on their meetings they had topics to discuss, but that was probably when they were t true friends yet.They are all differe [...]

  4. Told from the perspective of four friends who call themselves The Saving Graces, we get a story of friendship that endures through the ups and downs of life That seems so trite as I write it but, as we all know, the ups and downs are far from trivial and what they experience touches on some of the hardest things women have to go through Each chapter is told by one of the graces points of view, so we get a close up look at all of them, but it s what they say when the other one is speaking that te [...]

  5. I was ordering some books on Barnes Noble s website, and I was up to about 22 If you order 25 worth of books, then you get free shipping So, I skipped to the bargain books and added this to my cart on a whim Some things are just meant to be.I loved the story lines in this book I never wanted to put it down because I wanted to know what was going to happen next for each of the women in the book As a bonus, the book is based in DC Books based in your own city are always a little interesting to re [...]

  6. It s been a while since it last took me soooooo long to finish a book I never really warmed to it and, to be honest, the only reason I didn t put it down indefinitely, was because I chose it as a part of my reading challenge for this year from the very start It was kind of long, kind of boring, and a lot of aggravation for me I completely loathed Emma as she was kind of a mistress for a married man And the way she thought Ugh, I had the urge to throw the book a time or two when reading her POV I [...]

  7. Well, okay, it was formulaic You have your obligatory women s group with one of each personality type You have your uptight organized one, your wild insecure one, your wise spiritual one and your neurotic damaged one And you have your usual women s group themes There s someone struggling with infertility, someone trying to get over a damaged childhood, someone with cancer and someone fighting the urge to commit adultery Still, Gaffney is a good storyteller The chemotherapy scenes are so vivid an [...]

  8. The Saving Graces is a beautiful story about friendship, love loss, trial error, hardships, success, fears conquests, and the bond between four women who were lucky enough to have each other in their lives.This story was so well written that it would be hard for the reader not see a part of themselves in each of these women, to find a characteristic or two of one of your own friends mirrored in the Graces and you will long to be one of them Lee, Emma, Ruby, Isabel will get into your brain fill y [...]

  9. I just can t get into this book I find it very difficult to follow and I can t get close to the characters Sadly, putting it down for now.

  10. Wonderful story of four best friends sort of like the Traveling Pants books for adults It deals with some heavy life issues affairs, divorce, health, infertility in short, real life stuff I loved reading how these women supported and loved each other through everything life throws at them Again, with the language disclaimer though not lots, but ocassionally BAD All in all though, a wonderful book about women.

  11. This was a delightful book I really liked it a lot, and I only cried a wee bit at the end I have my own graces in my life, and this book made me really appreciate those special women that I love so much BNIASW.

  12. Patricia Gaffney est am ricaine Elle est l auteur succ s de 17 romans dont Les quatre Gr ces, un best seller du New York Times, de Publishers Weekly et de USA Today Ses livres sont publi s dans le monde entier Les quatre Gr ces, consid r comme un classique aux Etats Unis, s est vendu plus de 1,5 million d exemplaires.Contrairement aux Trois Gr ces de la mythologie, les h ro nes de ce feel good book sont quatre Pendant 10 ans, Emma, Rudy, Lee et Isabel se r unissent une fois par semaine, dans un [...]

  13. I have always been a fan of Anne of Green Gables and was particularly taken with her idea of kindred spirits My hope has always been that I would find one and at times in my life have found myself close including being part of a woman s group that lasted for some years, but moves among other things, health issues and being a caregiver for many years which tends to isolate one mean that although I have friends I don t feel that I have a female kindred spirit.This book is about 4 women who became [...]

  14. A truly heart warming tale of friendship and relationships Four friends Emma, Ruby, Lee and Isabel have been friends for ten years and have created a group that they call The Saving Graces Each woman has a different personality, adding interest to the group yet it seems that the one trait each person is lacking is found in abundance among the other members and they play off this system of helping each other through the rough spots in their lives When a tragedy brings all four women together to s [...]

  15. I had a hard time getting into this book i am not crazy about the chapters, each person is a chapter and it jumps back and forth but once i got into the story i loved it what a great portrayal of these women, who could be anyone we actually have as friends some people, especially women i know, say that only two can have a friendship but i disagree with that these women were not perfect, they had their fights, but they still remained friends, and that is what friendship it through the bad and the [...]

  16. At first I thought the book was rather slow, but as I read on it became involved and interesting I like stories about people and how they act between each other I find it fascinating This book allow a perspective from each of the specific characters and made it rounded and less judgmental The challenges that each of the women dealt with is pretty typical, but I really enjoyed their compassion and kindness toward each other even when they wanted to yell and scream at each other The men in this [...]

  17. Critique compl te sur mon blogVous tes fatigu des histoires d amour Voici une magnifique histoire d amiti C est l histoire de quatre copines, Emma, Rudy, Lee et Isabel qui depuis dix ans se retrouvent une fois par semaine dans un groupe de discussion Elles sont diff rentes, elles ont chacune leurs difficult s, leur histoire et leur personnalit , mais ensemble, elles affrontent la vie un peu plus facilement La fin de la critique sur mon blogSuivez moi sur Facebook pour tre inform s des nouveaux a [...]

  18. Page 256 he s one of those rare men who don t feel bound to have an opinion on everything Or worse, a solution.Page 260Yesterday s revelations continue Ultimately, in the very grand scheme of things, it s irrelevant whether my life lasts fifty years, or five Or two The point is to live it, not wait through it And I m alive now I can pick flowers, pet the dog, eat cinnamon toast How foolish I would be to let my mortality, which has been there all along, since he second of by birth, spoil my love [...]

  19. This was one of my all time favorite books I recommended this to my sisters and they recommended it to their friends and within a month without exaggeration there were at least a dozen of us who had read the book and were all in love with it It was witty and full of the substance of life I didn t want it to end From the first page I was part of their lives and didn t want to come home I laughed out loud and cried not little tear BIG SLOPPY WET TEARS Excellent book Would love to see a movie made [...]

  20. This is my first Patricia Gaffney and yet another thing I have tried on Jennifer Crusie s recommendation yes, I can think for myself, thanks for asking.The Saving Graces is a book about friendship Four women have enjoyed than ten years of shared life and love helping each other in ways than can be counted.To read the rest of this review, please visittrashionista 2008 01 b

  21. I decided to clean out my books and this was the first I picked up Figured I had read it but couldn t remember the story scary isn t it So I started reading it and really could relate to it Kept thinking about my friendships and how we have all gone through stuff and how it has changed us Woke up this am and finished the book and was really bawling, something I don t usually do as sappy stories are usually too trite But this one got meAnyone want my copy or should I recycle it

  22. I give it 3.5 stars I just wasn t feeling this book While reading a book like this, I usually get involved with the characters and start to care for them, even if I don t relate with them But that didn t really happen here I continued to read it since it was for book club and I wanted to find out what happened It wasn t until almost the end of the book that I liked the book and I did get a teary.

  23. I found this tedious, as it is told in the first person by FOUR first people Took me a while to sort them out, and mercy, what a mess their lives are Middle age angst all over the place Issues manydeal with infertility, immaturity, insecurity, unfaithfulness, even cancer but while their first resort seems to be their friendship, alcohol is definitely always on the menu.This just plodded along for me Way too wordy I do not recommend it at all.

  24. For me, this book was just way too long, at than 500 pages in paperback I also did not favor the way the narrator switched between the four main characters the Saving Graces every chapter I found it hard to continuously readjust and would have preferred it told from just one character s perspective All in all, it was a nice book, but not incredible.

  25. I really enjoyed this novel It reminded me of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, but as an adult read At the beginning, I found it hard to keep track of the women, but obviously it was easier as the novel went on I loved the 4 women s friendship A bit predictable, but still a great story.

  26. Did not finish, started reading but did not capture me and the book is too long for my liking to pursue when I have many other books I want to read

  27. Alkuun oli vaikea pysy per ss kuka oli kukakin kun kertoja vaihtui niin usein Loppujen lopuksi kiva kirja yst vyydest.

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