Good Girls

Good Girls Audrey Porter is a good girl a good student a great daughter an amazing friend She s also the last person anyone expects to be hanging out with Luke DeSalvio the hottest guy at Audrey s school But

Audrey Porter is a good girl a good student, a great daughter, an amazing friend She s also the last person anyone expects to be hanging out with Luke DeSalvio, the hottest guy at Audrey s school But Luke is a liar, a player, a dream, and Audrey knows it She dumps him at her friend s Halloween party with no intention of looking back, but not before giving him one lasAudrey Porter is a good girl a good student, a great daughter, an amazing friend She s also the last person anyone expects to be hanging out with Luke DeSalvio, the hottest guy at Audrey s school But Luke is a liar, a player, a dream, and Audrey knows it She dumps him at her friend s Halloween party with no intention of looking back, but not before giving him one last goodbye giftThe next Monday, messages begin popping up on people s phones and email inboxes Somebody has taken a picture of her and Luke together and soon everyone knows, including her teachers, her mum and her dad Now she must discover strength she never knew he had, find friends where she didn t think she would, and learn that life goes on no matter how different it is to how you think it s going to be.

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Good Girls

  1. Raised in the wilds of suburban New Jersey, Laura Ruby now lives in Chicago with her family Her short fiction for adults has appeared in various literary magazines, including Other Voices, The Florida Review, Syca Review and Nimrod A collection of these stories, I M NOT JULIA ROBERTS, was published by Warner Books in January 2007 Called hilarious and heart wrenching by People and a knowing look at the costs and rewards of remaking a family, by the Hartford Courant, the book was also featured in Redbook, Working Mother , and USA Today among others.Ruby is also the author of the Edgar nominated children s mystery LILY S GHOSTS 8 03 , the children s fantasy THE WALL AND THE WING 3 06 and a sequel, THE CHAOS KING 5 07 all from Harpercollins She writes for older teens as well, and her debut young adult novel, GOOD GIRLS 9 06 , also from Harpercollins, was a Book Sense Pick for fall 2006 and an ALA Quick Pick for 2007 A new young adult novel, PLAY ME, is slated for publication in fall of 2008 Her books have sold in England, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Serbia and Montenegro THE WALL AND THE WING is currently in development with Laika Studios for release as an animated feature Ms Ruby has been a featured speaker at BookExpo, the National Council of Teachers of English NCTE annual convention, the Miami Book Festival, the Florida Association of Media Educators FAME convention, the Midwest Literary Festival, the International Reading Association s annual convention, and Illinois Reading Council annual conference, among other venues, and she has presented programs and workshops for both adults and children at numerous schools and libraries.Currently, she is working on several thousand projects, drinking way too much coffee, and searching for new tunes for her iPod.

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  1. Also appears on Lissa WritesI really liked this book.There are a few parallels with Forever, and in fact this book even references Forever, but unlike Forever I wasn t reminded of the awkwardness and quite frankly horrible memories of my ex boyfriend, but instead I was actually reminded of my fianc e.So, win for this book already.When someone takes a photo of Audrey, the school s resident good girl otherwise known as a spock, swot, or general nerd in a compromising position with a boy at a party [...]

  2. an interview in the back of this book suggests this book be required reading for all teenagers, their parents, and teachers That will make lots of readers squirm Ruby is a unflinchingly honest about teen sexuality as any YA author I ve read She examines the double standard we all know exists between girlsand boys getting caught in compromising situations She puts it all out there and makes her characters and us wrestle with it.Audrey and Luke hook up at parties all fall, until someone with a cam [...]

  3. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooAudrey Porter is a good girl The kind that works hard to keep up her grades, spends weekends working in her dad s store, manning the cash register, and basically just being a good daughter and a good friend Things change, though, when she falls for Luke DeSalvio, a guy known around Willow Park High School as a player Audrey s best friends, Ash and Joelle, had warned her from the beginning not to lose her heart to Luke But unlike her dedication to schoolwork and goo [...]

  4. I guess it s kind of a theme in YA books that a super smart, high achieving girl who has an intense need for control might sometimes fall for a guy who is either out of her league, or moves in a different social circle he s a player, The Duff, he s a jock, Not That Kind of Girl, he s too old and taking advantage of her, Story of a Girl also the Duff, or a stoner, At the Party They have a relationship that mostly consists of secret hook ups, in order to assuage her anxiety about various issues re [...]

  5. GOOD GIRLS is a gem of a good read Super smart Audrey does something completely out of character for her before school starts she hooks up with Luke, the well liked, athletic playboy Party after party, they hook up, yet hardly ever speak in school Audrey feels for Luke than she s felt for any other boy, but as she watches Luke talk to other girls, she can t help but draw back from a possible romance between the two of them.Then someone takes a picture of Audrey hooking up with Luke, and the pic [...]

  6. This deliberately incorrect title contains absolutely disgusting descriptions of hookups, and that s just a small part of its problems Basically unlikable girl makes stupid decisions, is completely unsympathetic as a result For instance, here is a list of things that I feel like it is incredibly obvious are bad decisions 1 Performing oral sex on a guy who isn t even your boyfriend and who therefore has no obligation toward you or implied sense of trust 2 Performing oral sex at a party with tons [...]

  7. I visited with Laura Ruby for about 20 minutes at the NCTE conference in New York 2007 I appreciate her writing style and candor when it comes to teen sexuality I have recommended this book to many students and they agree that Ruby has the teen life nailed down In the book, Audrey has her picture taken with a cell phone, during a certain sexual act The picture goes around to everyone and she is labelled My students say this is a common occurance and they are surprised it is taking YA literature [...]

  8. When a photograph of Audrey in a disturbing position gets sent around the school, the gossip mill starts churning In one night, her good girl, always gets top grades, does the right thing, image is ruined Now, she s in Slut City with Pam and Cindy, the other school proclaimed sluts Her life goes downhill from that her parents are conflicted and disappointed her teachers are turning into judgmental freaks, and her classmates are either hooting or whispering behind her back Ah, stereotypes just ne [...]

  9. This extremely topical story addresses issues of sex, bullying, invasion of privacy, and the Internet Ruby deals frankly with Audrey s burgeoning sexuality and her approach is refreshing in a world full of gratuitous sex The story begins with a photograph of the Audrey with her boyfriend that s taken in secret, subsequently sent all over school, hosted on the Internet and even sent via e mail to her father This book is not really about the sex act but much about the fall out and the way that it [...]

  10. Slut shaming A lot of us do it We hear about a girl giving head and we say, omg she s such a slut We forget for a moment that we have done these same acts or that these acts are part of our sexual nature and we label these girls a slut But the guys They escape this brutality It s crazy but it happens every single day I love the cover of this book and honestly I love the book as a whole I would encourage my teen to read it because it s a glimpse into our culture Cell phones and the Internet have [...]

  11. Good Girls Is a story about Audrey who after breaking up with her hookup in a very interesting way, is faced with the age old question of why a girl who has sex is considered a slut and a boy is a stud Laura Ruby tackles this question with a main character who is so easy to like and relate to Early on you can tell Audrey really has a crush on Luke and when the photo gets passed around I felt so bad for her I admit was worried it was going to change her for the worse but was so happy to see it ma [...]

  12. I have to admit, I was really excited to read this book after hearing Laura Ruby speak at ALA, and I was not disappointed in the least What Ruby sets out to do show how one teen can make a mistake one time and have it blown all out of proportion by spreading rumors was accomplished perfectly I also appreciated how Ruby explored not only the conventional idea that women who exhibit sexually forward behavior are chastised than men, but the exciting while still conventional idea that perceptions [...]

  13. Forget the flip phone on the cover this book is still incredibly relevant, though it was written almost ten years ago Great discussions of teen sexuality, desire, and slut shaming without ever verging on preachiness Would be a great read along with Siobhan Vivian s NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL I was in high school when this book came out, and I desperately wish I d read it then I honestly think it might have changed my life.

  14. May also be found atLiving Is Reading This is a really difficult book to review I mean, I liked a lot of aspects about it, and there is no denying that the book has a very relevant and important theme, and I m in no way denying that My issue with this book is solely my opinion, and none of my friends who have read this book have had this issue at least not to the extent that I have , so it could be just my own interpretation In fact, I just kind of want to get it out of the way, since I have a l [...]

  15. Audrey is a good girl she s smart, she gets brilliant grades, she s a good daughter and a great friend But then someone takes a photo of her with Luke DeSalvio, the hottest guy at school, doing something the complete opposite of good, and it gets sent to everyone at school Who took the photo Why is she the only one who s getting grief And what will happen when her Mum and Dad find out This book is just so awesome It takes a look at what could happen when something private becomes public and humi [...]

  16. So, I finished this book yesterday evening and I m still unable to express what I think about itI found this book by accident and after I read the summary I knew immediately that I have to read this book Good Girls is about Audrey She has oral sex at a party with her on off boyfriend Luke and someone takes secretly a picture of them This blowjob picture is sent from one phone to another untill everyone in school saw it and it even reaches the principal and Audrey s parents.I liked the idea becau [...]

  17. When I first was sent this book, I had doubts that it d be clique and very predictable, but it turned out great Its not what i expected it to be.When good girl, star achiever Audrey Porter is caught in a promiscuous position, her life turns upside down It s not just the fact she was caught, its the fact someone took a picture of her and sent it around She s now gone from good girl who does everything right to a ho living in Slut City with two other characters, Pam and Cindy Pam is the real slut [...]

  18. Another totally awesome, totally random find at the library This book covers the fall out after a compromising photo of Audrey, a high school senior, is sent by text and email to practically everyone in her school it s not so much about the photo itself and what it represents but about the way it affects her life and how she finds strength and friendships that she never knew existed I would compare this to Sara Zarr s Story of a Girl, as both focus on the aftermath of an embarrassing event, but [...]

  19. This had the potential to be a complete crapfest but I bought it anyway and I really, really had a good time with it The dialogue was spot on, the relationship or rather the description of since it was mostly flashbacks was paced very well I loved the relationship with the parents The reaction of everyone in school was portrayed pretty realistically, even the teachers.It had genuine laugh out loud moments which are actually hard for me to find in YA The sexual content was fairly graphic but port [...]

  20. Spoiler filledOkay so i just finished the book just then so my thoughts are all over the place but i ll try to write them down.1 Luke I thought he was going to be a jerk but i was soooo wrong, he explained himself towards the end of the book and i was really glad him and Audrey ended up together I adore the two of them even if i skipped over the sex scenes.2 Ash, Pam, Cindy and Joelle When Ash and Audrey fought, i thought the author was going to pit the two of them against each other but e didn [...]

  21. I heard this book was wonderful, but I thought it was pretty ordinary The book certainly made you wonder what you would do if everyone in the school even teachers and even your parents saw a picture of you going down on some guy I did like that it went through exactly what it was like going to the gynecologist for the first time and it did a good job describing how nervous you are the first time you have sex Otherwise I just feel like I didn t get too much out of it Why did they go to the prom i [...]

  22. This book is about a girl named Audrey who is a good girl , she never gets into any trouble and gets good grades until one night, something changes her reputation A picture of her doing something considered not good gets showed around the school and now Audrey faces a turning point in her life Will she be able to survive without her reputation or not I think the meaning of this story is that you should always follow what you want to be and not live up to other people s expectations If you want t [...]

  23. Well here s the deal with this booklots of smutty detail which wasn t so pleasant However, I found it to be pretty honest and to straightforward in regard to the pressures that teenagers feel There was a lot of honest discussion between the teens about sex and the drama that results from having sex at a young age I probably won t recommend this book around I think that, while it addresses the negative aspects of teenage sex, it also glamorizes it at the same time This is something that my studen [...]

  24. There was a message here trying to get out, but it didn t quite succeed I kept thinking about how maybe if someone else wrote this, I would have enjoyed it The characters were boring and the writing was just meh And the ending wasn t all that satisfying Definitely not a book I would have picked up had it not been required for a class.

  25. This book was just horrible, boring and lame And I hate the fact a girl is a slut when she has sex, while a guy is a player god Seriously people The main character was ok, but that was everything Not my kind of book, and I am glad I am done with it.

  26. This book promotes the misuse of intimacy It would not be an enjoyable read for a teen with Christian values It s disappointing that a book such as this gives the impression that most teens have friends with benefits.

  27. Good Girls is a Good Book It reminded me of another book that I love, and in comparison, it fell short Still a good book, especially for older teens.

  28. Another YA novel Trashy and perfect for being laid up in bed with the flu So glad I m not in high school any .s just seem way tougher.

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