Every Night, Josephine!

Every Night Josephine Every Night Josephine originally published in may not have nearly as much pill popping and sex as Valley of the Dolls the book that made its author a sensation But it is definitely Jacquelin

Every Night, Josephine , originally published in 1963, may not have nearly as much pill popping and sex as Valley of the Dolls, the book that made its author a sensation But it is definitely Jacqueline Susann all the way witty and full of dead on observations After exploring the crazy world of pedigree dogs, Susann finally acquires a magnificent poodle, Josephine The pEvery Night, Josephine , originally published in 1963, may not have nearly as much pill popping and sex as Valley of the Dolls, the book that made its author a sensation But it is definitely Jacqueline Susann all the way witty and full of dead on observations After exploring the crazy world of pedigree dogs, Susann finally acquires a magnificent poodle, Josephine The pampered poodle soon secures the dominant role in this budding relationship and as our hirsute heroine dances through a ballet of network TV appearances, sidewalk encounters with Garbo, and doggy bags from Sardi s, even Susann s dog hating husband submits to her canine charms Fans of Jacqueline Susann, kitsch lovers, and pet pamperers alike will be helpless to resist this laugh out loud classic.

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Every Night, Josephine!

  1. Jacqueline Susann was one of the most successful writers in the history of American publishing Her first novel, Valley of the Dolls, published in 1966, is one of the best selling books of all time When The Love Machine was published in 1969, it too became an immediate 1 bestseller and held that position for five months When Once is Not Enough was published in 1973, it also moved to the top of the best seller list and established Jackie as the first novelist in history to have three consecutive 1 books on The New York Times Best Seller list She was a superstar, and became America s first brand name author.

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  1. This book will forever be etched in my brain My mom gave me this book when I was in 2nd grade I have very vivid memories of the book and probably remember it as being much better than it actually is because it caused a big controversy I went to grades 1 7 at Anshe Emet here in Chicago, which is a Jewish parochial school I always brought my books in to school so I could read them during my free time, or on the bus, but when my teacher saw this book she accused me of reading smut loudly and in fro [...]

  2. I read this book when I was a kid, and still love it today It is sweet and funny, and a nice light read when you don t want to read anything really deep Jacqueline Susann always said that this was her favourite book that she wrote It s one of those books that I have enjoyed reading on than one occasion.

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  4. Full Review heathersreadinghideawayspQuick review I loved this story It s so charming, and as a poodle owner lover all of Josephine s personality reminded me so much of my own poodle The writing is great and easy to read I thought the interactions with Jacqueline and her husband Irving were also really adorable Highly recommended to any animal lover.

  5. I read this when I was a kid and loved it I remember my parents who were never the type to prevent me from reading adult books asking me what it was about with slightly worried expressions on their faces I realize now that it was because they associated Jacqueline Susann with The Valley of the Dolls, not exactly appropriate for children But they relaxed after I told them it was the story of an elegant lady and her very nice poodle.

  6. I loaned this book to a friend in high school Her mother phoned mine she was outraged that I was sharing such trash My mother said Just read it yourself, and see what you think Mrs B read the book and loved it It isn t the expected late 60 s racy romance but a delightful account of an eccentric poodle Some of the names are rather dated now, but the antics of Josie and company are jsut as amusing nowI still giggle over the quandy of collecting a urine sample

  7. I loved this book The author truly loved this little dog she writes about Being a dog lover myself I thoroughly enjoyed her tales of how tiny little Josephine won over the hearts of everyone she met.

  8. Jacqueline Susann was to literature what fluffy leopard print slippers are to feet Frivolous Yes Pointless Maybe But who gives a shit as all you need is something downright fabulous Jackie Collins is a hack Long live Jacqueline Susann.

  9. This book was cute It s funny to see how Jacqueline Susann and her high society friends in the 60 s treat their dogs and pamper them I guess if you live in a fancy hotel, you order room service for your dog s meals

  10. Laugh out loud funny You need not be a dog lover to enjoy this quick summertime read Published in 1963, Jacqueline Susann is so hip, you would think she wrote it yesterday I especially love the culturally accepted pill popping references Written prior to Valley of the Dolls.

  11. Love this book Put your mattresses down on the floor so you won t injure yourself ROFLing Every dog lover will identify with the hilarious adventures of Josephine s humans.

  12. As I remember this was a rather charming and funny read, and much different than the wonderfully trashy fiction Susann is noted for, but great nonetheless.

  13. I read this book when I was in middle school way back when, and loved it My mom told me it was funny and smart, and she was right The author wrote Valley of the Dolls, which I also read stole it from my mom s nightstand , but this is a sweet and hilarious memoir of life with a dog, a husband, and an array of movie stars, playwrights, agents, and sycophants.

  14. Loved it I was chatting with a friend about Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann and she told me to read this book Out of print and hard to find, but well worth the search It was a wonderful story of Jacqueline s story of adopting a dog It was hysterical, laugh out loud funny If you like dogs and or 1960s NYC, you will love this book

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  16. This is a real period piece, reflecting life in upper crust NYC society as seen through the eyes of Josephine, a miniature thoroughbred poodle, and her human, Jacqueline Susann The book financed Susann s writing career until Valley of the Dolls was published and reflects Susann s sardonic wit, right on observations about early 1960s fashion social thought, wit, incredibly funny sense of humor and the mutual love between poodle human Less known is the fact that this book was written after Jacquel [...]

  17. When one buys a book, written by the author of a classic trashy novel, that is about a French poodle, one expects certain things This book delivers COMPLETELY Breezy, conversational, and completely indugent, Every Night Josephine was enjoyable from start to finish Bonus the dog doesn t die There s an epilogue in the reprint edition I read that said she was still going strong at 16 in 1970 I m sure she s long dead now, or we d have heard about it on the news, a 54 year old dog Aside from that, it [...]

  18. I read this book a million years ago in 3rd 4th grade and LOVED IT I do remember one of the nuns confiscated my copy and called my mother who had given me the book , she could not believe my mother let me read a JACQUELINE SUSANN book SCANDAL I recently picked up a copy the Greene Valley Book Fair in Virgina and have every intention of rereading it it s a lovely little book, its the first book I remember reading over and over.

  19. I probably shouldn t rate this book Anyone who loves dogs especially poodles will probably love Every Night, Josephine I m a cat person who does like dogs , so I m a bit biased It was a light, low stress read that I did find some humor in though not laugh out loud funny like the back cover insisted.

  20. I got this book as a kid in primary school from my grandma as I just got a little puddle for my B day I still smile every time I think of that book, I ve read it several times and I know I ll pick it up again For anyone who has is a dog lover and our fur babies are not pets but family members to us this book will be a great read.

  21. I do think Susann, neurotic as she appeared to be was probably quite a nice person This book is as much a memoir of her life as it is Josie s and there s some terribly witty extracts, especially when she talks to her husband who side note, sounds like a total retroactive male in bed about Josie.

  22. My first read on this book Now, I thought this was a fantastic short, if you can jump back to remember the world of 1963, that is That was modern animal care back then kept me snickering on the bus to work, and chuckling at home Pre requirements remember or imagine 1963 be a pathetic animal lover like me with a sense of humor

  23. I think this was the first pet love book I ever read, and I completely adored it I was pretty young when I read it, so I can t comment much on whether it was well written I just remember really loving the story.

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