Carolina Skeletons

Carolina Skeletons In Linus Bragg a year old black student is accused of killing two white girls and condemned to the electric chair Forty four years later Bragg s nephew travels to South Carolina to discove

In 1944, Linus Bragg, a 14 year old black student, is accused of killing two white girls and condemned to the electric chair Forty four years later, Bragg s nephew travels to South Carolina to discover the truth and finds himself on the Wanted List and fighting for his own freedom HC Mysterious Press.

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Carolina Skeletons

  1. David Stout b 1942 is an accomplished reporter who has been writing mysteries and true crime since the 1980s Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, Stout took a job at the New York Times in 1982 He spent nearly twenty eight years at the newspaper, as a reporter, editor and rewrite man covering national news and sports, and retired in 2009.Stout began writing his first novel while working at the Times Based on the true story of a 1940s double murder for which fourteen year old George Stinney was controversially executed, Carolina Skeletons 1988 won Stout an Edgar award for best first novel After two well received mysteries, Night Of The Ice Storm 1991 and The Dog Hermit 1993 , Stout turned to writing non fiction Night Of The Devil 2003 tells the story of famous convict Thomas Trantino, while The Boy In The Box 2008 is an investigation of one of America s most famous unsolved murders Since retiring from the Times, Stout has redoubled his work on his next book.

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  1. I thought this novel was brilliant It captured the realism of how black people were treated in the nineteen forties and the scars it left behind forty years later But than that, it was the basis of a true story and Stout recreated the tragedy that happened to a young George Stinney Junior.The characters were well executed,they were consistent and realistic, I thought They were diverse and varied in manner Sometimes the characters of books can morph into one big character where they think and fe [...]

  2. This book is based on a 1944 rape case of George Stinney Jra fourteen year old who became the youngest person executed in the United States during the twentieth century After a trial of only a few hours he was found guilty of double murder and was sent to the electric chair three months later An excellent tale of how a relative returns to South Carolina years later to find out the real story.

  3. This is a great book It was recommended to me by a instructor while I was in the police academy It s a hard book to come by, but if you are able to buy it do so.

  4. Its like a story like many you have heard before, yet it needs to be repeated , until we fully understand, it need not be repeated again.

  5. In June, 1944, in one of the worst miscarriages of justice in American history, a black, 14 year old South Carolina boy named George Stinney was convicted of the brutal murder of two young white girls and executed less than two months later, becoming the youngest person legally executed in the 20th century The primary evidence against Stinney was a questionable confession, and the conviction was eventually vacated in 2014 Years before that, however, author David Stout used the Stinney case as th [...]

  6. This is a work of fiction based upon an historical event The author makes that crystal clear And yet, it was written in a style that could have easily been adapted to a true crime story I enjoyed learning a little about the upstate of South Carolina, which really hasn t changed much since the book was set Reading the language used to describe people, and the notion that owners of the means of production Marx, anyone kept the workers living in poverty while treating them like children is beyond [...]

  7. Then and now A letter in his mother s desk prompts a man who just lost his job, as a large newspaper closed it s doors to take trip The letter asks him to find the truth about a forty year old double homicide A fourteen year old negro boy went to the electric chair for the murder of two young white girls In the first part of the book the you feel the loneliness of the boy as he faces the quick trial after he signed a confession His family fled north to avoid probable retribution.While searching [...]

  8. Excellent novelThe novel was engaging and well written The characters were beautifully developed , I cared about them The story was gripping, taking a turn I never expected It captured an aspect of the southern white black experience I never appreciated how horrible evil can be perpetrated by good, well meaning peoplw

  9. Sad storyThis story kept my attention from beginning to end What a sad story It s a terrible shame it s true Unimaginable sadness f or all involved.

  10. Linus Bragg, an undersized and barely educated 14 year old black boy from a timber mill s shack village follows 2 white girls into the woods, driven by urges he cannot understand When the 2 girls are found brutally murdered he becomes the prime suspect Within a matter of months, Linus is convicted, sentenced to death and electrocuted making him the youngest person ever legally put to death in the United States.Stout based his tale on the true story of a murder and the punishment that followed it [...]

  11. Part 1 Amazing Historically accurate Great writing Just wonderful Part 2 Not quite as accurate I could tell that the author was from the north and had little to no respect for the south FYI Any reference to the movie Deliverance is a dead give away Things took a little turn for paranoid I could understand how James would be afraid but his actions definitely made him look guilty Overall, the book was decent Since I read that this is a first time author, I m saying good job Things will evolve and [...]

  12. It s the 1940s in the southern US state of Carolina and two little girls have been horribly murdered Obviously it had to be the 14 year old black kid who did it The narrative weaves between the time of the murder, the arrest and execution of the teen accused and the modern day when the teen s nephew comes to the area to investigate what happened This was an absorbing tale of prejudice and murder and it had me gripped from beginning to end.

  13. I found this book incredibly, amazingly long winded and tedious It got marginally better in the second half but it never grabbed me I know that I forced myself to continue reading it and finish it, but I just can t recall the outcome Which should say everything.

  14. I don t think this book really picked up until the second half The storyline is kind of interesting though kind of predictable I was much interested in finishing it once I made it through to the second book Overall it was just ok.

  15. A mystery within a mystery set in both the Old South of 1944 and the New South of 1988 Based on the real execution of a young black boy in South Carolina.

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