Reached After leaving Society to desperately seek The Rising and each other Cassia and Ky have found what they were looking for but at the cost of losing each other yet again Cassia is assigned undercover

After leaving Society to desperately seek The Rising, and each other, Cassia and Ky have found what they were looking for, but at the cost of losing each other yet again Cassia is assigned undercover in Central city, Ky outside the borders, an airship pilot with Indie Xander is a medic, with a secret All too soon, everything shifts again.

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  1. Ally Condie is a former high school English teacher who lives with her husband, three sons and one daughter outside of Salt Lake City, Utah She loves reading, running, eating, and listening to her husband play guitar.

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  1. In a word, dull Dull and boring MINOR SPOILERS What should have been a bigger event in this book the Rising fighting the Society ended up being nothing At first I honestly thought that maybe my book was missing several chapters you know, the chapters where something actually happens but it turns out that the Rising taking over the Society was just that nothing There s no action, no suspense, no anything By the end of the book, I didn t care about Ky, Xander, or Cassia, although it all ended rath [...]

  2. as i was posing for this, i was thinking to myself, how fitting this truly is like being trapped in a bubble, because even though i was only eh about the first one, and definitely thumbs down about the second one, i am totally going to have to read the third one to see how it all ends trapped.

  3. See reviews at YA Midnight Reads Revised editionDNF this is not one of my normal reviews, I cannot provide such detailed review as this book was read ages ago Additionally, this is not an ARC I know I read it before y all but I guess that is because Australia got it earlier.No one likes party poopers, but I really couldn t do it But I tried And that s all I could do.This series gets worse in each book Matched was pretty good, I liked the world Ally Condie created I mean, who doesn t love it I c [...]

  4. Team Xander all the way This book is going to be epic Loved the first two books can t wait for this one.P.S I don t get why everyone loves Ky and thinks he is the dangerous one I think he is safe No one who has been through what he has is dangerous He didn t want to join the rebellion I don t think him and Cassia want the same thing She just likes the idea of him and his story Pps The description basically yells, it s all about Ky, the end Review I like how it ended and I am ok with how it ended [...]

  5. Was it wrong for me to actually hope that there would be some sort of improvement in the last book of the Matched trilogy Maybe Maybe not.Reached, for me, was every bit of what I did NOT want a final book to be.Here are four things I did not like about it, in honor of the four blank spaces in my rating 1 THE FLIMSY LOVE TRIANGLEDon t get me wrong, but I do love ADORE well written love triangles You know, ones that handle the three involved with reverence, ones that leave them with dignity in the [...]

  6. I m secretly hoping that the cover will be Cassia standing outside the sphere in the red dress Ky drew her in Update Well, she s not quite OUT of the sphere, but she sure is in a red dress FINISHED REVIEW 3.5 stars I m conflicted I think Matched is still the best of the trilogy.I liked the multiple points of view, and found myself especially liking Xander s chapters I think he was definitely the most interesting character in the book, and I think he s really the only character that experiences a [...]

  7. Actual rating 2.5 stars.This series, based on synopsis, had so much potential and seemed to be tailor made for my particular interests What was delivered, however, was an exciting sub plot centering around a tedious, teenage romance.In my reviews for this series I have not given enough credit to how absolutely stunning the writing is It has a poignant, lyrical beauty to it that had me scribbling an endless sea of quotes into my notebook This alone, however, wasn t enough to hold my interest in t [...]

  8. My Full Review Even though I wasn t the biggest fan of Matched, I read Crossed, which suffered from Middle Book Syndrome, in my opinion However, I still held some hope for the final book in this trilogy, and I dislike leaving things unfinished especially series so I picked up the last book While Reached was definitely better than its predecessor, it wasn t as good as I was hoping it would be.Reached showcases Ms Condie s growth as a writer I enjoyed the complexity of this book, especially toward [...]

  9. This better be good.You owe me after Crossed After Reading This was not my favorite series, but I will recommended it to teens who are looking for a dystopia that makes you work for it a bit with literary and art illusions.It took me a while to get into People kept asking me, how s it going and I m like, Well, I m on page 180 and I can t really tell you I just think it got too far away from Matched, which I liked and thought worked as a dystopian romance this book about finding a cure for a plag [...]

  10. Written on May 21st,20143.5 starsThis will be a long reviewlol As I closed the very last page of this awesome finale to the Matched series I start screaming in a happy way.I screamed of pure joy and mixed emotionsI laughed in surprise because I finally get what the author wanted the readers to understandI cried just for a little because I felt the emotions and pain that the characters were feelingAnd I clapped for about an hour because Condie really did an excellent job at writing this finale We [...]

  11. Oh gosh, finally done with this series The ending was painful Painfully boring It s such an odd book out from the whole trilogy, but in the end I realize this is actually a quite weak offering in the dystopian genre as a whole The entire trilogy lacks plot and imagination I mean, Ally Condie didn t even bother to give her world interesting names they re just called The Society, The Rising, The Pilot I just couldn t stand to read this by the end of the novel.The conclusion to the trilogy is entir [...]

  12. Red cover to match the tablet theme Liking the idea and looking forward to how the bubble will be portrayed this time.Update I like the fact that she is standing, but why not facing forward Would have preferred it if she was looking at us with her head down The bubble still looks awesome though.

  13. This book is the author s last chance to prove redeem herself and in my opinion, the author is indeed able to prove herself that she is a consistent writer because from book one to three, she managed to maintain that dull tone throughout the series even though the story is infested with rebellion, illnesses, danger, deaths and other catastrophes Nevertheless, I was able to achieve my purpose in reading the entire series, that is to find out whom Cassia ends up with Predictably, she ends up with [...]

  14. Party pooper coming through Let me give it to you all cut and dry it was okay, entertaining, but not what I was expecting.That was unexpected to say the least Every time I think of Matched, the first book in the series, I get this happy feeling in my head because it was a book I really loved And that book was about love, plain and simple Forbidden love found in a hopeless place HA, to quote Rhianna Sure Crossed dropped the ball a tad, but that usually happens with the second book I was hoping th [...]

  15. If this book was to stray away from the stereotype of Paranormal Dystopian YA Fiction, she d choose XanderQuick ReviewFrankly I was a little disappointed with the ending of Reached I didn t enjoy the whole Pilot plotline, view spoiler the rebellion was pretty feeble considering the first two books had been working up to it, they weren t met with much resistance and the plague seemed a litttttttle bit too far fetched and out of the blue hide spoiler I probably set my expectations too high This wa [...]

  16. Well, it s over, isn t it I liked it didn t jump the shark but it also didn t knock my socks off To be fair, I m going to say to this book, It s not you s me We all knew she d end up with view spoiler Ky, but it just took so long to get to that point that it just wasn t that exciting for me hide spoiler Also, view spoiler the Xander and Lei thing seemed almost too manufactured Like, of all the people and places in Society, he finds Vick s match hide spoiler Like I said, this isn t the books faul [...]

  17. I will of course not be adding a stupid star to this Just saying You haven t read the book, why on earth must you add all these stars to it So you liked Matched and Crossed, brilliant Doesn t mean you should get it five stars Didn t like Matched or Crossed Don t give it one just yet.Anyways, after reading Matched and Crossed, I feel like I have an obligation to read this Matched was a good book Bought it after reading it in the library Crossed however, I did not fancy Bored me The ending was oka [...]

  18. Every once in a while a book comes along that begs you to clear off your shelves cause the other books are not quite fit to be shelved next to it A book that makes you want to take all but a rare handful of five star ratings back, because the other five stars do not compare A book you hold with reverent awe when you finish it A book that leaves you carved out and filled back up, because it is so beautiful and you wonder that a person could create such a thing of beauty A book that you know you w [...]

  19. One of the worst books I ve ever had the misfortune to read I liked the first book Matched because it was different and I liked both Ky and Xander I liked the different world that they were in and pristine lifestyle everyone had laid out for them I really enjoyed Matched Moving into the second one Crossed I expected something a little spicy with love and war and just felt myself getting bored But getting the next and LAST book Reached I thought, Well, as the grand finale there is no way they ca [...]

  20. Stop rating a book you have not even read 1 page off It is crazy that so many people are giving it 5 stars having not read 1 page of it There are 5 stars reviews than 1 56 % of idiots gave it 5 stars and 9 % of idiots gave it 1 And I did not count the other idiots Thanks to them you cannot buy a book any based on reviews I used to do that but then finding out I bought a very bad book although it had 5 stars, or vice versa.

  21. Wow.Where do I even start So much happened in this final, much anticipated book in the Matched trilogy I remember reading Matched and Crossed back to back this summer and although I wasn t blown away by either book, I was so excited to get my hands on the last one to see how it all ended I m not going to lie, when I started Reached I was a bit disappointed I don t know if it was because I was wary after being let down by the first two books, but I was procrastinating for finals and wanted to giv [...]

  22. I just can t do it I cannot make myself read this meaningless tripe It s written as if the author was doped up at the time All the characters seem to move slowly and talk slowly and think in circles I don t care about the Rising or the Society or the Pilot I hate to give this book credit than its due, but the Pilot seems to be a metaphor for God There are myths about this person, this person is mysterious, this person seems to be the one with the ultimate plan and the powereveryone is wondering [...]

  23. El piloto la poeta El doctor Hay flujo y reflujo Partidas y llegadas Vuelos y ca das Canciones y silencios Manos tendidas y manos estrechadas.

  24. An excellent ending to an incredible trilogy, REACHED ties everything together in ways you ll never see coming As with the previous novels, Condie s writing is fluid, unhurried, and poetic with each line, each page In REACHED, Condie lets readers know and learn about Xander as a new narrator, in addition to Cassia and Ky s points of view All three narrations are strong and each voice is authentic to each character, making it easy to always know who is narrating at any given point Life has chang [...]

  25. TEAM XANDER.Okay, now that I have THAT out of the way3.5 stars but I m rounding up because Matched was beautiful Better than Crossed but not as good as Matched Let me say, Ally Condie has some gorgeous writing in this book There are moments of real brilliance in her prose However, her writing style is so introspective, so sparse, so poetic that it doesn t fit a story with any kind of action or peril There is no urgency in these words The writing worked SO WELL in Matched with its forbidden love [...]

  26. The Poet Has to face great dangers and to decide whom to love She decides to create new things, to give people hope and happiness She forgets and remembers She is strong, determined and faithful She loses everything and finds it anew.Cassia is an awesome protagonist and partly she really reminds me on Katniss or Tris, but she has also completely different character traits like her art love Do you think you could let someone go if you thought it was best for them The PilotFaces death and fights f [...]

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