Game Year in and year out the football powerhouse Hert City Trojans import a ringer to fuel their championship charge but their luck is about to change In the small backwater town of Tsalagee first year

Year in and year out the football powerhouse Hert City Trojans import a ringer to fuel their championship charge, but their luck is about to change In the small backwater town of Tsalagee, first year coach Donny Doyle knows the only way he can fulfill his promise to unseat the Hert City juggernaut, is to beat them at their own GAME But in his own recruit, the mammoth andYear in and year out the football powerhouse Hert City Trojans import a ringer to fuel their championship charge, but their luck is about to change In the small backwater town of Tsalagee, first year coach Donny Doyle knows the only way he can fulfill his promise to unseat the Hert City juggernaut, is to beat them at their own GAME But in his own recruit, the mammoth and powerful, yet troubled and ominous Leotis McKinley, Doyle finds than he bargained for Truman s character rich novel GAME spins an energetic tale around the intensity of small town high school football in America And yet, amid the fast paced drive of the story, lies an account of the human spirit struggling through adversity and finding victory Readers of any age or gender will feel the triumph, honor, and glory that comes from the GAME I couldn t put it down GAME is really well written and the action kept me going until the end Fred W Hoster, Executive Director, Dallas Fellowship of Christian Athletes A masterly written tale of rural football Each character is richly portrayedyou feel like you are on the sidelines with these kids GAME goes way beyond the game of high school football Brock Sawyer, Editor, Vype Magazine I thoroughly enjoyed GAME I will tell other coaches about this book Gary Sanchez, President, New Mexico High School Coaches Association

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  1. I m a Heartland American who still believes in God, country, and apple pie ummm I ve been married to the same woman for 40 years and plan to remain so as long as she and God permit it I m a father of two, grandfather of two, a Protestant, a veteran Some would call me a curmudgeon and have I prefer conservative I left the business world in 2007 to become a full time writer I have three published novels RED LAND OUTLAW, LEGENDS OF TSALAGEE, GAME, all of which have been 1 Best Sellers on The 4th 5th novels are in the pipe I am a regular contributor to the Western Fictioneers blog westernfictioneers I never read books about teenage vampires, probably because I m a former high school teacher and have not, nor will I ever, read a Harry Potter book The thought of flying, magical children frightens me.

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  1. Football isn t just a game it is a way of life Organized school sports are a large part of a total learning curriculum Not just the social aspects are important but the ability to work as a team, have pride in your school, endeavor and self The never say die, never give up attitude is one of the most important lessons of life and the one constant that makes anyone a success at life Donny Doyle can attest to these afore mentioned truths They served him well in Vietnam as a marine lance corporal a [...]

  2. Many reviews have said you don t have to like football to enjoy this book and I suppose that s true But loving HS football, and understanding the plays being called and positions in the game make Truman s novel richer and a joy to read.With all respect to the real life characters involved in The Blind Side , GAME is the fictional, action filled, non chick lit alternative Uplifting, inspiring without being maudlin.The synopsis is available, so I won t repeat the storylinebut the characters in GAM [...]

  3. This is an endearing and nostalgic story high school football What I found most interesting, on a personal level, was that the story took place the same time my high school football team, the Lasalle Peru Cavaliers had their Cinderella season, reaching the state playoffs That alone made this a most enjoyable read.I really liked the storyline about a coach, a Vietnam veteran, who resurrects the high school s football program, overcoming adversities, both personal and professional It s as American [...]

  4. Not a bad book but probably only appeals to those who love high school football and further that like small town mania over same Not in the class with Friday Night Lights at all but still interesting light reading about the subject in Oklahoma this time Some character development and background but it comes at spotty times.

  5. Game is a very interesting book about a former U.S Marine Danny Doyle who took over the head coaching job of the Tsalagee Fighting Redmen The book has a few flashbacks that tell about Doyle s experiences in the Vietnam War Doyle doesn t have the best group of players until three troubled boys come rolling into town and join the team But before they can compete for a state championship Doyle has to teach them what being a team really means and keep them out of trouble One of my favorite parts of [...]

  6. Well, I enjoyed the book A fast reading book I liked the football stuff, the way the players responded to adversity, the story line was terrific BUTI would ve liked a longer book with a few added items There were three players brought in, but the author chose to follow, in detail, only one He hints at the other two, but no development until the Epilogue That was disappointing The other two were even going in the wrong direction but there was no telling of their turnarounds Secondly, the coach w [...]

  7. This book is really a departure from norm for me As such I thought it was going to be a difficult book for me to read let alone review It is one that I would really consider to be a guy book So I was pretty much thinking what am I going to say Imagine my surprise when I liked this book This was an amazing book for me Going in not expecting to like it and coming out loving it shows what an excellent job Phil Truman did writing this The book is filled with action so it moves along quickly But not [...]

  8. I liked the book a lot It reminded me of Friday Night Lights and Texas football in the 50s There is play by play than I thought necessary, but for guys that played the game in high school, I can see the appeal It is a quick read, but the author gives you sympathetic characters that the reader can identify with I look forward to reading books by this author.

  9. When a reader has never been to a location in person but can feel the setting, vividly picture the places the author takes them, something incredible has been accomplished This book does just this that and For those who love competition, especially football, this is a must Yet, the greatness is the accessibility of the read for those outside the chalked lines People root for people, identify with others, and give their hearts to incredible characters Leotis McKinley is that character, we as rea [...]

  10. I would have given this book five stars, but it was in desperate need of an editor There were so many typos and inconsistencies that I found myself almost annoyed, and it did detract somewhat from my enjoyment of the story With that said, I loved this book The story is riveting and the characters are rich You can actually hear their voices while reading, which is something I can say for few other books I ve read And you don t even need to be a football fan to enjoy it, though it would certainly [...]

  11. This was a well written book, I thought The author covers the game of football and all its aspects the players, coaches, supporters, spectators and makes a very interesting story out of it I was in the spectator category and always looked forward to our Friday night games I particularly enjoyed the lesson on not giving up The characters are all well developed and real, including the heroes.

  12. I am not, nor have I ever been a football fan I am a sucker for football movies like Friday Night Lights and The Blind Side, and for this book a lot of the plays described I skimmed, because frankly, they all look the same to me, but the story itseld, beyond the football game was a heartwarmer, rife with tears and laughter and hope for the characters if you like football, you would love it, but even if you don t like football, you can still enjoy it.

  13. I would not have thought that this book about a small town high school coach bringing his football team into contention would be as entertaining and interesting as it is The story line is well developed with a good appreciation of the how the history of all the main and secondary plays fit in the story The achievements are to some extent inspiring and there is a satisfying ending for all Well worth the read I will look for other books by Phil Truman.

  14. I truly Loved this novel It s American football at its best, taking place in Tsalagee, Oklahoma The characters from Coach Donny Doyle to the loner Leotis McKinley get right into your heart and you feel you are in the stands cheering on the hometeam listening to the red neck bantering of the crowd If you are a fan of high school football or just love a good old fashion American story, definitely read GAME

  15. The story was rather predictable, right down to the epilogue at the end Nevertheless, I enjoyed it I m a sucker for the little guy , although I have to admit I skimmed through the game details I m sure some people would find that interesting, but I didn t need it to get into the story.

  16. My main complaint about a novel that takes place in 1975 is that it didn t coincide with the times Players knocked knuckles after a good play or win The author did seem to know football The main premise though seems to be that a school or booster club has to cheat to provide a good team.

  17. I am not normally a big fan of sports stories The formula is normally predictable In that respect, this book was as expected However the pacing was good and the characters were engaging I read the book on a long plane flight and it was an enjoyable way to pass the time.

  18. This book could benefit from a good editor While it had good character development, decent dialogue, and an engaging plot, all the writing proofreading errors were a HUGE distraction Clean it up some and it easily would get my four stars.

  19. Lots of football and the life lessons you can t learn anywhere but on the athletic field 3,5 stars

  20. Great sports story very well written great job seemed to know each person personally even related to some of them great read thanks

  21. Hands down the best football book I ve ever read I come from a small town centered around friday night high school football and he catpured everything perfectly.

  22. Liked the book A few things seemed not to have the 1975 feel The names and trying to keep the characters straight were difficult Try to ignore them Good football book.

  23. A book for high school football lovers.This book will appeal to those fans of local high school teams I enjoyed it as it reminded me of Friday Night Lights.

  24. OklahomaOklahoma That says it in a nutshell I truly enjoyed this story of spirit, team, and football A very good read.

  25. I really liked this book About football team in a small town in TX in the late 70 s Reminded me alot of Friday Night Lights, one of my all time favorite TV series.

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