Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Vol. 2

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Vol The sequel to the bestselling Kingdom Hearts manga series Sora Donald and Goofy continue their quest to rescue King Mickey and young Riku But will they find them in time And who is the strange Kairi

The sequel to the bestselling Kingdom Hearts manga series Sora, Donald, and Goofy continue their quest to rescue King Mickey and young Riku But will they find them in time And who is the strange Kairi look alike that Sora sees in his vision Could she be somehow connected to the shadowy Organization or is she another lost soul in need of rescue It s all inside thisThe sequel to the bestselling Kingdom Hearts manga series Sora, Donald, and Goofy continue their quest to rescue King Mickey and young Riku But will they find them in time And who is the strange Kairi look alike that Sora sees in his vision Could she be somehow connected to the shadowy Organization or is she another lost soul in need of rescue It s all inside this thrilling conclusion to Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

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Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Vol. 2

  1. Shiro Amano , born January 4, 1976 is a Japanese manga artist who has worked on several projects, including his adaptation on the popular Kingdom Hearts series.

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  1. IRB 6 I loved part 2 of chain of memories, i t explains so much about the second character Riku and his past It shows wat he goes through and how he tries to redeem his wrong doings He s a twlight which is someone whos both good and evil, in the end though he decides to stay with the light and chose to protect his friends at all cost to be his mission of redepmtion.

  2. I liked the KH Chain of Memories series really well I feel sad that I only have one of the mangas from the KH II series.

  3. The Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories manga confirms in literary form that it was useless addition to the series Repeated bosses, repeated story lines, repeated everything if convenient to the plot Plus, I m still sore about that card system That card system may have been the precursor to what the wonderful Kingdom Hearth UX is now, but back when Chain of Memories came out, it was a baaaaaad idea Plus, Jafar literally gets defeated THE SAME WAY as he did in KH1 How could one plot be the same, but [...]

  4. This one wasless fun for me to revisit I do adore the characterizations of Namine it s seriously not that hard to give girls a little pep, game developers, you might want to take some pointers from Amano here and, once again, the featured Organization XIII members The main issue I have here is the fights aren t as interesting as they are in the games Which is sort of a weird thing to say, but there were some great action y panels in Death Note, for example, and that s not necessarily an action f [...]

  5. Chain Of Memories V2PLOT I m going to do this differently WHO Sora, Donald, Goofy, And Riku A B storylines WHERE Castle OblivionWHEN This takes place right after the events of KINGDOM HEARTSWHAT Castle Oblivion is a place where as soon as you enter you lose all your memories but you start remembering things you ve forgotten There s a group of black hood s that call themselves The Organization we re introduced to 6 of them They re headed by the leader MARLUXIA who for a long time I thought was a [...]

  6. This was a fast paced manga compared to the last, but it s understandable considering this is along the lines of repeats A majority of the main parts of the story were kept in place, with the author putting in his own creations I liked how the stories of Riku and Sora were put together instead of having them separate as in the game It gave sense of a story than feeling lost and in need of reading another story to fill in the missing parts.I do think the humor in this was over stepped, especiall [...]

  7. Always enjoy the humour Shiro Amano injects into the KH story Also love how the lesser characters get a little screen time and are fleshed out in this version, like Lexaeus with his puzzles.

  8. and you think things couldn t get even complicated loved the characters , story line and the ending in this one.i had so many feels namine cries the ending always affect meso many twists in this one.i felt some aspects of the story were not explained properly but still i managed to understand as much as possible but still that s what i love about KH it challenges your brain to recollect previous events and connect the dots , it has this mystery that i thrive for we meet the organization 13 nobo [...]

  9. As Sora and the gang venture further into Castle Oblivion, they quickly begin to learn the meaning behind the words to lose is to find, and to find is to lose Donald fears that if they press on much further, they may lose sight of the real reason they came here, to find King Mickey and Riku His fear is ever intensified as he witnesses Sora lose memories of his precious girl back home, and gain new ones of a similar girl named Namine, who he makes his new focus to rescue But does Namine truly bel [...]

  10. Sequels as many may say, are t as good as they predecessor, however some are quite successful, however Kingdom Hearts franchise has a bizarre tendency to released spin off or prequel or in between games that brought a lot of confusion along the way.If you all remember, in 2002 Kingdom Hearts came out for the first time, then later out came in not to far 2005, 2006 Kingdom Hearts 2 While playing the first game we are thrown with a different beginning, our all favorite cheerful protagonist Sora, i [...]

  11. I actually really really really like this one Maybe it s because this is the only Kingdom Hearts game i did not fully play but that s because it was in gameboy when it came out but I m too lazy to get the Re COM on PS2 So you can base this review on a person that has never finished the actual game and red this this no back experience of playing COM but I played the ALL the other games.Anyway s I really got Namine s feelings towards in this It gave me a new detail on Sora as a person And I have [...]

  12. wibble Poor Vexen Axel, you re such a jerk Anyways, real review The best thing about this manga and the one for 358 2 Days is the extra characterization it adds I love all the little bits of personality it gives to the characters, especially the Organization Zexion the supreme chef, har It s just so much fun I also like how it handles the fights the ha ha I was just testing you battles against the Org in the game were fine, but I like this better, where Sora and co are legitimately outmatched or [...]

  13. I had to have this book ever since I saw the cover I love Riku, yes it s possible to think video game manga characters are cute And yes, he is super cute I know most girls think that if you like a guy, no girl is good enough for him I m different, I want him to start dating in the Kingdom Hearts series, I m sure he d choose a great girl Anyways, about the book, I found it a great second volume and a final volume to Chain of Memories I even enjoyed the shorts at the end.

  14. This was a game that was just meant to sell to Kingdom Hearts fans, but without really adding anything.There are a lot of things that are thrown at the reader that make it seem like something is happening but it never seems to be consequential who cares if a character introduced six panels ago is dead And also the panels are too jerky It s not generally clear what the pacing in the story is So, jumps around, has no weight

  15. It was okay A good companion piece, but that is all Without knowing the story, you are going to be very confused by the ending They changed some things and made the manga funnier than the game, but all in all, it was just okay There wasn t enough of Riku s story either, but what can you do when you take a 20 hour game and put it into a 2 volume manga Not terrible or anything, but without the game knowledge, I would skip it.

  16. The story was developed from the Gameboy game which served as a bridge between the two PS2 games This is the final part of the Chain of Memories storyline and leads into Kingdom Hearst II Sora remembers Namine, the corruption of Organization XIII is revealed, and Riku is cloned to start the story.

  17. I like how this manga tied in with the game, but it should have been colored I was disappointed by the lack of ANY Disney worlds, and how the battle were scarce and boring The climax was lackluster I only liked how it continues the story and gives insight into these Organization XIII members.

  18. The Organization is setting things in motion and the characters introduced here especially Axel add so much to the series While exploring old worlds and repeating storylines can be confusing, and feeling zero connection with the new worlds, YET, this installment is necessary in order to understand what is to come A must read for KH fans.

  19. 3.5.I ve only played a small portion of Re Chain of Memories, but I know mos of the plot The second volume, much longer than the first, wrapped up the story with a little bit too much of a rush, but hey, it s a manga adaptation.

  20. Read this while starting up a new file on the Final Mix reboot It s not all here, but it s funny and cute and gives enough information to those who don t want to deal with the card system the gameplay is based on, but want the story.

  21. This was my saving grace before Chain of Memories Re was released for the PlayStation 2 Once I did play the game though, I realized how much information was missing from the manga You sympathize so much with Namine in this series I love this manga so much

  22. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Vol 2 Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories 2 by Shiro Amano awesome still luv this comicthis is the best i luv riku no matter wat he will always find lightXD

  23. this book was awsome it was just like the gaming series This is about A young hero named sora and hero named riku are in a strange castle, fighting unusual characters and trying to recover thier memories that an oganization stole from them

  24. Sora s story in Castle Oblivion comes to a close, now that Marluxia has been defeated We go back a little bit to see Riku s ventures through the basement of Castle Oblivion It s a very good showing of Riku s attitude and experiences It explains about his dark character.

  25. In this book it is about a girl who loses her memories and not she is on the evil side and not the good side Her friend tries to save her and tries to fight for her and get her memories back

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