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Also Known As Which is dangerous being an international spy or surviving high school Maggie Silver has never minded her unusual life Cracking safes for the world s premier spy organization and traveling the world w

Which is dangerous being an international spy or surviving high school Maggie Silver has never minded her unusual life Cracking safes for the world s premier spy organization and traveling the world with her insanely cool parents definitely beat high school and the accompanying cliques, bad lunches, and frustratingly simple locker combinations If it s three digWhich is dangerous being an international spy or surviving high school Maggie Silver has never minded her unusual life Cracking safes for the world s premier spy organization and traveling the world with her insanely cool parents definitely beat high school and the accompanying cliques, bad lunches, and frustratingly simple locker combinations If it s three digits, why bother locking it at all But when Maggie and her parents are sent to New York City for her first solo assignment, her world is transformed Suddenly, she s attending a private school with hundreds of mean girl wannabes, trying to avoid the temptation to hack the school s elementary security system, and working to befriend the aggravatingly cute son of a potential national security threat all while trying not to blow her cover.

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  1. Robin Benway is a National Book Award winner and New York Times bestselling author of six novels for young adults, including Audrey, Wait , the AKA series, and Emmy Oliver Her books have received numerous awards and recognition, including a 2008 Blue Ribbon Award from the Bulletin for the Center of Children s Books, 2009 s ALA Best Books for Young Adults, and 2014 s ALA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults In addition, her novels have received starred reviews from Kirkus, Booklist, and Publishers Weekly, and have been published in than twenty countries Her most recent title, Emmy Oliver, was published in 2015 by Harper Teen, and was named one of the best books of summer by the Los Angeles Times, the Houston Chronicle, and Publishers Weekly Her latest book, Far From the Tree, won the 2017 National Book Award for Young People s Literature and was published on October 3, 2017 by Harper Teen.Robin grew up in Orange County, California, attended NYU, where she was the 1997 recipient of the Seth Barkas Prize for Creative Writing, and is a graduate of UCLA She currently lives in Los Angeles, where she spends her time hanging out with her dog, Hudson, making coffee, and procrastinating on writing.

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  1. I sat back in my chair and sighed I have to seduce someone, I announced to my parents High school is already destroying my moral code and I haven t even set foot on the campus yet My mom peeked at my dossier I think befriend is the word you re looking for, she said after a minute.Sometimes she s no fun.This book was a fucking blast Every other page had me giggling I can t even remember the last time I gave anything a 5 This book is about a female sleuth You might be expecting Nancy Drew, and you [...]

  2. This is the kind of book I wish I had read during my childhood.Not The Vampire Diaries or Twilight.This fluffy book.Also Known As is not a serious book It s not realistic or crazy deep It s brimming with humor, silly situations and cool spyish scenes.Maggie picks locks, that s her job as the daughter of two international spies She s the master of lock picking She s so talented that there has been an attempt to kidnap her for her skill.One day in Germany, one week in England or a month in France [...]

  3. 2015 reads Give me a cute and funny story, kay Where are the teenagers What, it seems that in contemporary YA, we often get this oh so delicious choice Either teenagers sound like wiser than Yoda freaking Jedi The Fault in Our Stars Or like predators in the jungle Every book with some devil cheerleader in it So, no, my question is genuine and I end asking this to myself pretty often WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE REAL TEENAGERS Strangely, I had to read a story about SPIES to find teenagers who sound lik [...]

  4. On sale for 1.99 on 15Mar17 I m not sure how long it will be on sale.One thing that can really grab me in a book is the dialogue If the dialogue is really good I will let some of the plot stuff slide since I m having such a fun time reading through the characters conversations I LOVED the hilarious dialogue in this book Also, I want a teenager to sound like a teenager I don t need them to be sophisticated, there should be a general silliness to them as they are discovering language and how to co [...]

  5. 3.5 super cute stars Maggie has been a spy for the Collective along with her parents for her entire life At the age of four it was discovered she has a rare knack for picking locks, a gift that develops and grows as she reaches her teens Maggie s family has traveled the world, helping to stop human trafficking rings and other various crimes After their latest assignment in Iceland, Maggie and her parents are brought to New York City, where Maggie is given her own assignment, to execute without t [...]

  6. Yaaaayyyyy I finished a book s a miracle lol This was cute, fun, and exactly what I needed since I ve been feeling nothing but tired and nauseous.Thank you, Anna, for helping me back on my reading feet For of my reviews, please visit

  7. First of all, I want to say I LOVE YOU STEPHANIE PERKINS for recommending this book on her blog Otherwise, I probably wouldn t even have heard about this book French is one of the romance languages after all Said a girl who kissed a guy in a French class after they were caught doing so by the French teacher I learned about spies from reading this one book as compared to my entire life I completed reading this book at about 3 00 something AM because the idea of sleep becomes insignificant when I [...]

  8. Unfortunately, I felt about 86 years too old for this book.I KNOW I m sad too It was a fun, quirky story full of hilarious witty comebacks and cute characters and some aww, gawsh aww moments If you like I d Tell You I Love You, But Then I d Have to Kill You and Heist Society basically a hybrid of those two But, basically, this is a fluffy silly novel and I don t do those very well I did want to try it though because I looooved Emmy Oliver by this same author SO YEAH Tried Died Goodbye d I m just [...]

  9. Also Known As was such a fun and enjoyable read I flew right through it and I don t regret anything It was time for the mirror pep talk Okay, Maggie, I said to myself after my shower, wiping the steam off the medicine cabinet You could eat these kids for breakfast You won t, though, because that would be cannibalistic andwrong Margaret, also known as Maggie, and her families are spies that work for the Collective a secret spy organization They constantly travel the world and fight evil Maggie s [...]

  10. THE REVIEWWhy this book It s been on my iPod forever so I decided to finally listen to itWhat I thoughtThis book was a joy to read The spy thing was was interesting, and the characters are awesome, especially Roux I just love her The romance was really sweet, Jesse was absolutely Swoonworthy and the ring pop was really cute I also really liked her interactions with Roux, they were definitely amusing The best thing about this book is being inside Maggie s head, her inner dialogue was priceless Ov [...]

  11. Also Known As is a brilliant, fresh, and innovative take on the classic teenage spy idea While I ve enjoyed Ally Carter s Gallagher Girls and Heist Society books, I find that Benway s concept manages doesn t take itself quite so seriously and the end result is not only compulsively readable and instantly relate able, it s also downright adorable and incredibly humorous Maggie, the protagonist of our novel, is a genius lock breaker and safe cracker Born to a set of spies who work for an organizat [...]

  12. You know how sometimes you realize you re doing or saying the wrong thing, but you just can t stop yourself You can literally hear the words coming out of your mouth and you just want to shove them back in because the real you, the good you, would never want to be this way, but you just keep going Yeah That was me Because instead of agreeing to try harder, be better, I got whiny.There is always a fine line between light and cute and annoying and ridiculous Unfortunately, instead of trying harder [...]

  13. My parents weren t surprised that I cracked the lock I think they d have been surprised if I hadn t opened it It would probably be hugely disappointing for two spies to have a completely inept kid, you know After finishing this I just wanted to squeal, Oh my gosh That was so cuuuuute I m not going to pretend this book is something it s not Also Known As is a really adorable, fluffy, light chick lit about sixteen year old Maggie who s a spy and works for the Collective Ever since Maggie was four [...]

  14. I kept comparing this to Ally Carter s Gallagher Girls which is awesome btw I didn t want to but my mind obviously doesn t care about my wants I m having and issues with YA books nowadays It was cute and all but it focused too much on the relationship stuff in my opinion I was looking for action and gadgets and multiply spy talents Like I said, Gallagher Girls has obviously ruined other YA spy books for me I also couldn t really relate to the MC and was hoping this to be humorous Still, it s [...]

  15. my first spy story ever and such a cute one i enjoyed it so much light and fun to read though i am kind of disappointed that there are only two books in a series i was hoping for .

  16. Actual Rating 4.5 starsAs Known As cemented my love for Robin Benway This author has a flair for dark and dry humour, she certainly does know how to write a cute, fluffy romance And thank god, the spy plot isn t as painstaking as I expected it to be Mini review to come.

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  18. 2.5 5 stars Also Known As is lighthearted, fun though pretty immature adorable little book about safecracker teen spy who got first assignment of her own, which includes attending high school for the first time, fitting in, making friends and spy on one very cute boy What could go possibly wrong, right I sat back in my chair and sighed I have to seduce someone, I announced to my parents High school is already destroying my moral code and I haven t even set foot on the campus yet I liked the fact [...]

  19. Many people judge whether they like a book or not based on several factors like the character development, world building and what not Don t get me wrong, all these things are important But when it comes to me the only things that matter are how I feel while reading the book and after reading the book If it can make me laugh like a maniac or better yet make me cry and believe me that does not happen often I don t cry easily and I definitely don t bawl I might get all choked up and spill a few te [...]

  20. This is an adorable book The dialogue is quick and funny, the characters are well rounded and the story is perfectly plotted.I love that her parents are cool spies but also regular parents who love their daughter She is loyal to her best friend when most teenage girls would have dropped her quickly and tried to please the popular girls All of the main characters are perfectly developed, faults and all,

  21. 4,5 starSUCH A CUTE BOOK That was like the cutest and the most fun book ever I don t think I ve smiled or laughed this much while reading Dont read this book in public, though I ve tried reading it on subway and oh boy, couldnt stop giggling secretly so I got a lot of weird looks I m not always into the Spy stories but I loved AKA Mainly because of the characters I loved Maggie and Jesse I think calling him smile worthy is perfect , but I expecially loved Roux She was so snarky and funny and won [...]

  22. 3.5 starsThis was a fun and hilariously sweet read Maggie is adorable when she tries to maneuver through high school She knows how to unlock pretty much any safe and lock but high school is not something she has ever practiced I love her friendship with Roux yes, like kangaROO but don t call her that because she doesn t like that and her romance with Jesse Roux is a social outcast and Maggie and her get a long really well They are opposites in a way Roux is pretty much the only friend she has ha [...]

  23. 4 5I loved this book it was light on the romance and action it was a mild book in my opinion But I loved it because of Maggie and how she was towards the people she loved and it had humor and I enjoyed that part it was kinda different from what I normally read but I like 2 book series a lot.

  24. To see full review click here.I like books about spies Maybe it s because I watch a profuse amount of spy shows or I just find James Bond to be hot the British accent does something to me, ya ll I really don t know what it is, but whenever there s a spy oriented book in YA I just have to grab it And that s why I requested Also Known As from NetGalley And thankfully, they answered my request with a yes.This is a weird book for me to review If you talked to me after I finished the first third, I d [...]

  25. Ik vond het een erg leuk en ook wel spannend boek In het begin had ik een beetje moeite met het lezen van dit boek, alles was zo ongeloofwaardig, maar ik ben blij dat ik heb doorgezet Roux en Jesse zijn echt de beste vrienden die je je kunt wensen, dat ze na alles toch nog wilden helpen is ook super lief van hen geweest Het einde van dit boek was erg spannend en het boek had een mooi einde Ook waren er bepaalde dingen gezegd die mij hardop lieten lachen Daarnaast was het een boek dat lekker snel [...]

  26. Also Known As was an incredibly fun novel I didn t expect all the laughs I got from it I throughly enjoy the novel and I do not regret reading it Also Known As exceeded my expectations but only as a novel As a SPY novel, however, Also Known As leaves much to be desired.Awhile this novel is about a teenage spy there is not much espionage going on throughout the story Maggie does crack a few safes and locks here and there but there are things that I expect to be in a spy novel that were not includ [...]

  27. This book surprised the heck out of me I m the kind of girl that likes to read those dark dystopian and paranormal books.So a book about a teenage spy Doesn t seem like a book I would like.I WAS WRONG I absolutely ADORED this book It was just so fun This book actually got me to laugh I rarely ever laugh while reading a book although that may be due to the I read dark books thing I also loved the characters THEY WERE JUST SO DANG ENTERTAINING ButYou knew this was coming didn t you There is always [...]

  28. This review was originally published on Clear Eyes, Full Shelves.I had a shiny new plan.And like most of my plans, it involved deviousness, blatant lying, and coffee.I started with the coffee first.About a month ago, I re watched all five seasons of Alias and, yes, I m still mad about the suckitude of the final season and found myself wishing that I could find books that fit the Alias style mold spying, action, romance and humor all wrapped into a quickly paced, mysterious storyline.Around the s [...]

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