Kate's Song

Kate s Song Kate Weaver was raised in an Amish home and has always been expected to choose baptism and strict observance of the Ordnung But Kate is blessed with a beautiful singing voice and when another path le

Kate Weaver was raised in an Amish home and has always been expected to choose baptism and strict observance of the Ordnung But Kate is blessed with a beautiful singing voice, and when another path leads her to the academy for vocal training, she struggles to understand God s will for her life She returns to Apple Lake, haunted by a violent encounter with a fellow studenKate Weaver was raised in an Amish home and has always been expected to choose baptism and strict observance of the Ordnung But Kate is blessed with a beautiful singing voice, and when another path leads her to the academy for vocal training, she struggles to understand God s will for her life She returns to Apple Lake, haunted by a violent encounter with a fellow student, and finds herself drawn to the peace and devotion of her Amish home But can she give up her dreams Or will her calling forever separate her from the people and the way of life she holds so dear Nathaniel King has never wavered in his commitment to the community and the Old Order Amish Church into which he is baptized He has been in love with Kate for as long as he can remember, and he is devastated when she leaves Apple Lake to attend the academy When Kate returns, will she make his most profound hopes a reality or will she break his heart all over again

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Kate's Song

  1. Jennifer Beckstrand is the RITA nominated, award winning Amish romance author of The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill series and The Honeybee Sisters series for Kensington Books Huckleberry Summer was nominated for the RT Book Reviews Reviewer s Choice Award and the 2015 RITA Award, and Huckleberry Hill won the 2014 LIME Award for Inspirational fiction Both Huckleberry Hill and Huckleberry Christmas appeared in Examiner list of top ten inspirational books for 2014 Her much anticipated Amish series, The Honeybee Sisters, has created a lot of romantic buzz Sweet as Honey received a starred review from Publisher s Weekly and Sweet as Honey and A Bee in her Bonnet were both awarded Top Picks from RT Book Reviews Jennifer has always been drawn to the strong faith and the enduring family ties of the Plain people and loves writing about the antics of Anna and Felty Helmuth and the Honeybee sisters aendi Bitsy Jennifer has a degree in mathematics and a passion for Jane Austen and Shakespeare She and her husband have been married for thirty three years, and she has six children and six adorable grandchildren, whom she spoils rotten.

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  1. OK, for the record I m the author s husband, and my wife has turned me into a romantic over the years Bias aside, I really enjoyed Kate s Song What a great story It flows from start to finish and the characters are outstanding The Amish setting adds rich context to the story I found myself very emotional as I read three particular parts of the book I won t ruin anything with information I was inspired and uplifted Way to go Jennifer

  2. Before diving into the book itself, I feel the need to warn you that as much as this book is a romance novel at heart, it is also a little different from what I typically choose to read In many reviews, I have seen readers call it a Christian Romance That threatened to turn me away from this book immediately Although I am a Christian, I do not consider religion to play a strong role in my life, let alone find it to be a topic I enjoy exploring for relaxing enjoyment Thanks to though and their da [...]

  3. I wanted to have the real book in hand but it s easier on my arms to read from my Kindle From the first page to the last, this book interested me and captivated my heart Kate has a gift from God for singing but her Amish faith keeps her from being worldly and enjoying praise from others She knows God wants her to use her gifts to help others, yet it is a sin to leave her peaceful Amish world for worldly things The Amish think her wanting to sing for people is prideful Kate has to learn much thro [...]

  4. Kate s Song is an Amish romance I confess, I m not a romance reader, so I wasn t aware this has become a popular subgenre Well, I can see why It s clean, gentle, and heartwarming Sort of like Amish people.I ve always been fascinated by the Amish I suppose I envy them their peaceful existence, their devotion In the clamor of real life, it was nice to pick up this book and go somewhere quiet.That s not to say the book has no tension or conflict It s there But it s along the lines of will they dis [...]

  5. There were too many unrealistic responses by characters in this book 1 The parents lack of worry outrage questions at their daughters physical and emotional condition when she unexpectedly arrives home before completing her much fought for opportunity to attend school and study music among the English, 2 The uncharacteristic meanness and hatefulness pettiness of the older brother and his wife, and 3 The young man who loves her has the patience and determination to wait for her, but not the willi [...]

  6. The story of an Amish girl who longs to use the musical gift God has given her yet doesn t want to forsake her Amish upbringing and family is compelling, yet there were many aspects of this novel that were frustrating for me For the most part, this book was a light, easy read with a storyline that made it difficult to put down in places, but I struggled to relate to the actions of some of the characters I don t wan to spoil too much, but the main conflict revolves around a big misunderstanding s [...]

  7. MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKKate s Song is such a heartwarming story because Kate struggles between her singing and her Amish faith Her main interest is God s will for her life, but just what is His will Is it her singing career or at home in her Amish community And the Ordnung will not allow her to have both Kate s journey is a difficult one as she struggles to make a decision.Jennifer Beckstrand is a new author for me, and I am very glad I had the opportunity to read and review Kate s Song I love [...]

  8. Another Freebie This was a sweet read that at times had a bit too much drama for me I like the unique plot points Kate has yet to be baptized and has to choose between her music career or her Amish life in Apple Lake.Some aspects of the plot were a bit predictable, and I didn t follow some of the characters actions and motivations The big conflict came about from a big misunderstanding If the male lead, Nathaniel, would have simply asked Kate to explain her actions, there wouldn t have been a pr [...]

  9. I had a like dislike relationship with this book.I loved watching Katie grow in her relationship with God, seeing her get angry and question her relationship Most readers can understand those feelings There was one point I was so disappointed in where the book was going that I had to put the book down and walk away As with most Amish books I read there was an accident that was a major turning point and also a misunderstanding I don t understand after spending so much time together there wasn t [...]

  10. Knowing that this was Ms Beckstrand s first Amish fiction novel, I wasn t sure what to expect I wasn t disappointed This was not written as your generic amish storyline It had an added twist, a villain of sorts and the definite true romance I loved the humor that the author has added into this story.Kate was given the gift of song with a beautiful voice Because of this gift, she has a huge decision to make A decision that is thwarted by her brother Aaron and her love for Nathaniel King While act [...]

  11. I m a big fan of Jennifer Beckstrand s Huckleberry Hill series, but while there were chunks of this one that I really enjoyed, there was a lot of it that was just downright painful I don t enjoy books where the conflict is driven solely by misunderstandings, especially when they are purposefully perpetrated by one or of the characters.I did appreciate Kate s purity of heart in really seeking to follow God s will for her life despite what others had to say about it Her tenacity in seeking the Lo [...]

  12. One of my sons knows the woman who wrote this she lives in Davis County It is well written, but it had one too many misunderstandings for my taste as it drew to the inevitable conclusion I can t stand villains that won t die, plot holes, overly emotional heroines and too many obstacles before the happy ending.

  13. An interesting story I just get so frustrated when all the issues are caused because people don t tell each other what is going on.

  14. I loved this book I liked that I knew how I HOPED it would end, but that I was holding my breath until the last few pages I can t wait to read the others in this series.

  15. I wanted to give this book 4 stars but the male protagonist traded in his brain for a skull of rocks It was irritating to read This book could ve been 100 pages shorter.

  16. What a great read A lot of research for authenticity went into this book The dialogue is charmingly Amish and the relationship between the characters amazing I thoroughly enjoyed every word

  17. I thought this book was a lot nuanced than I expected at first glance I appreciated Kate s struggle in finding her place in God s plan, and saw unexpected parallels to my own journey with finding my song I also appreciated how Elmer was willing to stick up for his sister.Unfortunately, I did not end up liking Nathaniel very much His actions, and who he ended up trusting were definitely cringe worthy And that s as far as I can go without giving major spoilers This was my first Jennifer Beckstran [...]

  18. Nicely writtenBeautiful story of love, forgiveness and redemption In our darkest hour is when we lean on God most It was a hard lesson for Kate and Nathaniel to learn but when they trusted him, all things fell into place According to His will not theirs.

  19. Read full review on my blogI got this book without even realizing it was going to be an Amish love story I got attracted to this book by the title I didn t know what to expect from this one I must confess I had no notion of the Amish religion It is a fast paced Amish love story I read it in 4 days So if you re in the mood for a quick read, this one is for you.I have to say that right from the start I found the story predictable Kate has two options She has to chose between following her dream or [...]

  20. My Review I would love to just tell you every thing about this book and every thing in this book But will not due to not wanting to spoil it for you Let me say it this way This book, Kate s Song Is A Must READ You all know that Amish stories are some of my favorite books Well this book has just been placed on top of all my books Author Jennifer Beckstrand is an outstanding author She captured my attention from the start and held it till the end None of this book, or her writing style was in vain [...]

  21. This review does include some spoilers I enjoyed reading Kate s Song by Jennifer Beckstrand I have not read many Amish fiction books so I feel that the plot, conflict and resolution were appropriate for an Amish community Like many others have stated, I was frustrated with Nathaniel s stubborness and willingness to listen to Aaron and Ada rather than the object of his affection, Kate I do think that there are probably a good many Aaron s in an Amish community, especially given that he is the old [...]

  22. My grandmother lives in a region where there are a lot of Amish and I ve met several I ve always wondered about their lives and have always enjoyed reading books about them I had this book on my kindle and started it last night, finished it tonight Really enjoyed it, it is really well written and I learned some new phrases that the Amish use in this book Some people explain the words and others just put the words in for what the call or describe something and assume you are smart enough to make [...]

  23. Is he dead Please tell me he s not dead What do you do with an opening line such as this one I can assure you, this was NOT what I was expecting But of course I was hooked so I kept reading.My favorite genre is Amish fiction and I can probably count on one hand the times I ve been happy when an Amish character punches someone, be they Amish or Englisch But there s an underlying pleasure when an Amish man punches another Amish man I have to admit, sometimes I would like to be able to punch them m [...]

  24. BACK OF THE BOOK BLURB copied from Kate Weaver returns home to her family s farm in Apple Lake, Wisconsin, battered and bruised and carrying a secret She is not yet baptized and has spent the past year at a music conservatory in Milwaukee, living among the English Music is Kate s passion, and she is very good, so she faces a difficult choice she must either give up her family and home to pursue her talents or come home and be baptized and give up on her dreams And with Nathaniel King, the handso [...]

  25. This is the author s debut novel And the 1st in the series with two books, Rebecca s Rose Miriam s Quilt to follow I did not realize this was the author s debut novel until after I finished the book had rated it 5 stars I truly enjoyed every bit of it The story in Chapter Four about Say When touched me personally except the liquid was coffee Kate has a God given talent A HUGE one She can sing She can do than just sing She literally can soar to the heavens with her voice She loves to sing and l [...]

  26. REVIEWSince this was her first book I thought maybe it would be different from the others It was I was so captured by this book I didn t want to put it down From the first page the author has you in a don t stop reading mode The book was so loving and it just brought forth so many emotions Your heart just went out to Kate and Nathaniel Her brother s interference led to so much grief and heartache The author put so much descriptive phrases in the book, the story came alive Kate learned some valua [...]

  27. It s a difficult thing sometimes to be a mom who enjoys reading than almost anything else.Almost I enjoy my children above all other things on this earth.And it has been many years since I stayed up into the wee hours because I just could not put a book down When you re a mom who puts your kids ahead of everything else, there are plenty of times you don t want to put a book down There are many times you re annoyed at having to put the book down and there are times you stay up late even when you [...]

  28. Kate Weaver returns to her family s farm in the middle of the night, battered and bruised and carrying a secret She has not yet been baptized into the Amish church and has spent the past year at a music conservatory, living among the English Music is Kate s passion, and she has a beautiful voice, but she faces a difficult choice, she must either give up her family and home and pursue her talents or come home and be baptized, and give up her dreams of a singing career.Making the choice even harde [...]

  29. Kate Weaver is an Amish by birth and she knows that God has given her a beautiful singing voice that is normally hidden by their community Kate s Song by Jennifer Beckstrand is a wonderful story that shows a love for family and being able to utilize a God given talent to please others sometimes can be misconstrued between each other.Kate has come back to Apple Lake broken and needing to find herself Nathaniel King is a friend from way back and they once again become important to each other But c [...]

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