Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar

Tiny Beautiful Things Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar Life can be hard your lover cheats on you you lose a family member you can t pay the bills and it can be great you ve had the hottest sex of your life you get that plum job you muster the courage to w

Life can be hard your lover cheats on you you lose a family member you can t pay the bills and it can be great you ve had the hottest sex of your life you get that plum job you muster the courage to write your novel Sugar the once anonymous online columnist at The Rumpus, now revealed as Cheryl Strayed, author of the bestselling memoir Wild is the person thousands tLife can be hard your lover cheats on you you lose a family member you can t pay the bills and it can be great you ve had the hottest sex of your life you get that plum job you muster the courage to write your novel Sugar the once anonymous online columnist at The Rumpus, now revealed as Cheryl Strayed, author of the bestselling memoir Wild is the person thousands turn to for advice Tiny Beautiful Things brings the best of Dear Sugar in one place and includes never before published columns and a new introduction by Steve Almond Rich with humor, insight, compassion and absolute honesty this book is a balm for everything life throws our way.

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Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar

  1. Cheryl Strayed is the author of four books Tiny Beautiful Things, Torch, Brave Enough, and the 1 New York Times bestseller, Wild She also co hosts the hit podcast Dear Sugar Radio You can find a listing of her events and answers to FAQ on her web site cherylstrayed

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  1. I wound up having slightly mixed feelings about this book Other reviewers have already pointed out that Strayed spends far time telling her own stories than offering any advice the columns lose some of their punch without the comments and, when gathered all in one place so they re read one after the other after the other, rather than spaced out over weeks or months, they tend to pall the endearments like sweet pea especially start to grate There s no question that Strayed is a real writer a lot [...]

  2. Dear Sugar, I didn t want to read your book I don t read advice columns as a matter of principle Needy people, foolish people frustrate me To read an entire book of advice column QA seemed about as necessary as professional football, with the same end result for this reader as for those players heads bashing into unmovable objects But my book club selected it Duty calls A bunch of shit happened in the three days I took to read your book Like, universe is speaking to me shit The First Day Parts I [...]

  3. This was a gift from my friend Est e, so since I didn t pick this out for myself I really didn t know what to expect I started flipping through it randomly and discovered that it was a series of advice columns Dozens of letters starting with Dear Sugar and then telling a life problem, followed by Sugar s Cheryl Strayed response.And you know, you might think you know what you re getting into with an advice column, but I promise you don t The advice here, and the way that Sugar delivers them it wi [...]

  4. There is no cure except to live the hell out of our lives, to take it apart, to put it back together, to dig it all up, and then fill the hole To help ourselves and one another to the best of our abilities To believe everything entirely, while also calling bullshit for what it is Cheryl Strayed as Dear Sugar on The Rumpus TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS ADVICE ON LOVE AND LIFE FROM DEAR SUGAR by Cheryl Strayed 2012 contains letters and advice first published in The Rumpus About the time her first novel ca [...]

  5. I finished this in July 2017 and when I wrote my year in review, I realized that I had never properly reviewed it Initially I was planning to write my review as a letter to Dear Sugar, but I couldn t decide whether I should write an apology I didn t love Wild and I expected to loathe this , a confession, a love letter, or a thank you note Six months later I ve decided it doesn t matter how I say this, so long as I do From the brilliant introduction to the very last word, this is unexpectedly pow [...]

  6. Thoughts on Tiny Beautiful Things Thank goodness for and some great reviews of this book by friends because otherwise I would never have picked this one not in a million year no way The audio is perfect The audio is frustrating because I found myself wanting to underline so many sentences, but how do you underline an audiobook Almost always, I felt like Sugar finds just the right words to give the advice I would to want give Almost always, I felt like Sugar finds just the right words to give the [...]

  7. New 2016 goal become the gay, Asian, male version of Cheryl Strayed.I kid you not, I thought I would hate this book Everything about it turned me off Tiny beautiful things Advice on love and life Dear Sugar I prepared myself for saccharine and shallow commentary with a hint of pop psychology I thought things like, why does our society value beauty so much anyway Perhaps I projected my own budding passion for creative nonfiction and thus, my nascent insecurity onto Tiny Beautiful Things.I cried b [...]

  8. If I had my way, every person in America would read this book You would get a copy when you were born, and your parents would read it to you after they d finished with fairy tales and before tucking you in at night You d get another when you started elementary school, one at the beginning and end of middle school You d get one at age 13, 15, and 18 You d take your copy on your first date and the person you d chosen to first date with would bring their copy, and all first dates would be just a co [...]

  9. Everyday is so wonderfulThen suddenlyIt s hard to breatheNow and then I get insecureFrom all the painI m so ashamed No matter what we do No matter what we say We re the song inside the tune Full of beautiful mistakesAnd everywhere we goThe sun will always shine Beautiful Christina Aguilera, lyrics by Linda PerryI ve wanted to read this since I saw the movie, Wild, advice from a woman who clearly went through a lot of her life reacting to the ugly stuff life had thrown at her, and when she d exha [...]

  10. I picked up this beautiful collection of advice columns because I had loved Strayed s memoir, Wild But there are two things I need to tell you First, this isn t for everyone If you like the tough love speak of self help books or the writings of Elizabeth Gilbert, you will probably like this book Second, this isn t the kind of book you can read straight through, even if you wanted to I would read several pages and then hit a passage that was so meaningful to me that I would have to put the book d [...]

  11. Have you ever sought advice from a girlfriend, only to have her go on for two hours about her own life and her problems, and you leave going, Did that just happen Maybe SHE S the one who needs to seek advice That s how I felt reading this Good God, this woman likes to talk about herself The Dear Sugar column is not advice It s memoir writing She gives some cute little quippy note about how she s totally unqualified to give advice, and I don t disagree with that Because in all these answers, hidd [...]

  12. This is not going to be the review I expected to write First in fall 2010, a friend told me about Write Like a Motherfucker as we walked across Central Park after a writing group Then another friend and I would email on Thursdays right after the columns would post are you crying right now I never had an urge to know Sugar s name because I knew who Sugar was and what I didn t know I filled in with what I knew about myself The magic of Cheryl s writing is in the me too ness of it, how it creates t [...]

  13. Warning this review contains a lot of sperm.So, a while back I was thousands of miles from home, lying on the guest bed in an all wood flat on the second story of converted stables, a quick skip from a church that s about 400 years older than my home country I had my feet propped up on the wall, and an Instead Cup full of sperm stuck up inside me I was tripping on some pretty serious adrenaline Half of it was left over hilarity from an hour before when the originator of the sperm missed, and th [...]

  14. Way than a self help book, Strayed s Wild collection of advice columns written under the pen name Sugar draws generously on her own colourful life and is written with heart, soul, humour, wisdom and something that seems in short supply these days empathy.At first, I found Strayed s little endearments sweet pea, honeybun, etc cloying and rather overly familiar But I got used to them They re part of her voice.I ll admit it some columns made me tear up so bad Others made me go, Aha And I always AL [...]

  15. Sorry, but this is one of the most boring books I have ever read, with an equally highly boring review of it to follow But wait, it s not a badly written book IT IS A BESTSELLER AFTER ALL I am just not the right reader for it.The book, a compilation of an online column in which Dear Sugar addresses the trials and troubles of people, is a hit for people who seeks emotional validation for just being themselves The constant repeats for dramatic effect, and to stoke the emotional fires, just did not [...]

  16. Dear Sugar,I never knew I was writing you a letter The entire time I read this collection, I thought I was experiencing other peoples problems, traumas, hurt, sorrow, but also their joy, happiness, hope and optimism It never occurred to me that my subconscious was collecting fragments of other peoples letters and tying them into one angsty but optimistic letter of my own.I have a beautiful life Friends, family who love me, I m smitten in my relationship, and I have sunshine in my life everyday, [...]

  17. Oh geez, I m only on the second letter and it was all I could do to keep myself from being a weepy mess on the subway this morning Dear Sugar, how did your heart get so big I love Steve Almond s characterization of her columns as works of radical empathy Already dazzled, looking forward to .Update upon finishing Five thousand stars I love this book so much SO much I want to give it to every person I know so that we can have bigger hearts, live better lives and see each other and our brave, vulne [...]

  18. I gave a million stars to Wild but I don t like this book at all Here s the pattern someone asks for help in solving a life problem Sugar responds by describing a vaguely similar situation from her own past often much worse, as if to say, You think THAT S a problem, ya pansy Then she calls the questioner sweet pea and darling about a hundred times and ends on a note of pithy inspiration She makes Ann Lamott sound like Charles Bukowski.

  19. Holy wow of all things good, this book should be a must read for all writers, thinkers, and humans trying to do than simply eek out their existence I am so not an advice self help book kind of girl I m barely a memoir kind of girl, though there are some notable exceptions But this book is all and none of the above It s a genre bending masterpiece Sugar sees the buried questions and stories and fears and desires embedded in the advice seekers narratives and lifts them in all their sad messed up [...]

  20. This was memoir writing Not much of an advice column Her responses seemed like a platform for her to work through her own issues or showcase the processes by which she achieved some realization or enlightenment in her own life The letters and her stories could sometimes be entertaining and her insights weren t always painfully obvious, but this book didn t do much than annoy me.I found the whole Sugar persona irritating The excessive sweet pea and honeybuns endearments felt very forced.

  21. First thing to know going in, is that this is not your mama s advice column of old Second thing to know is that it works better if you look at each letter response as a short story, and treat it that way Read Linger Marinate Pet the cat Take a nap with said cat Go for a walk Read another letter Repeat.I read this book over a couple of months, dipping in and out, tapas style, and I honestly believe that the book loses its power if read in one sitting Yes, some letter response combinations are ama [...]

  22. My brother gave me this book under the same conditions by which he d received it I could keep it only if I promised to give it away to someone else when I finished I see what he meant This blisteringly true book is a series of letters to a woman who has spent a lifetime learning how to love herself and those around her, and her responses are unrelenting in their commitment to love To saying hard things, to hearing what a reader is really asking underneath an inane official question To revealing [...]

  23. As a former bookseller who sold like a billion copies of this book when it was first released, I avoided hated it for a while, but reviews from friends convinced me to give it a try 2015 has kicked my ass pretty hard, so I turned to it looking for comfort, wisdom, catharsis, etc etc Not disappointed Many tears Strayed is shockingly emotionally intelligent and practical for someone without a background in a mental health field, but I suppose that can happen if you read deeply and open space in yo [...]

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of these letters I would find myself savoring them, reading only a few at a time Then, I would be so taken I had to keep reading many in one sitting There is nothing like advice that comes from the heart, from connection to others, from living through imperfections and difficulties of ones own I believe we all have a story to tell, and through sharing these stories true healing takes place This is what Cheryl Strayed has accomplished, and she has helped heal my hea [...]

  25. I have a problem with perfectionism My problem is that until very recently I thought perfection was attainable It turns out getting straight A s year after year can give a person a false sense of herself And that false sense crumbles under the pressure of real lived experience.Tiny Beautiful Things was recommended to me a long time ago, but I was sure I d never read it Life advice from Cheryl Strayed It didn t make sense to me I had read Wild I knew the kinds of life choices she d made Why would [...]

  26. I picked this up to read because I have really been enjoying Dear Sugar Radio Dear Sugar started as an advice column on The Rumpus, a site I feel I should be paying attention to Back then, it started with Steve Almond as Sugar, and then became Cheryl Cheryl gives good advice, and shares a lot about her own life in the answers It feels authentic and loving rather than clinical or hands off Sometimes she tells people directly when they need to change I prefer the radio show podcast to the book be [...]

  27. despite this not normally being my proverbial cup of tea, cheryl strayed s tiny beautiful things was profound, moving, and frequently devastating i m quite fond of books that elicit strong emotion, but i cannot recall a work that evoked tears and heartache than this one did so effortlessly whereas great literature can easily compel me to forgo even the most basic responsibilities and obligations in the hopes of reading just one chapter, so seldom does that happen with non fiction i thought i d [...]

  28. I like Strayed She s someone I would like to go out and have dinner and a drink with In most cases, I like her advice I just find it takes her a LONG, long time to get to it sometimes She weaves a lot of her personal experience and stories in, which is great, but I did, on a few occasions, forget what the original question was I think Strayed s best work probably isn t advice columns, but I do look forward to from her.

  29. Bleeeeeeeecccch Dear Sugar, they call it Dear Saccharine, says I So self absorbed and trite, it s appalling I probably would have liked it when I was in my twenties, when I didn t know what real hardship was Now it reads like a narcissistic memoir full of platitudes.

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