The Weird of the White Wolf

The Weird of the White Wolf We must be bound to one another then Bound by hell forged chains and fate haunted circumstance Well then let it be thus so and men will have cause to tremble and flee when they hear the names of Elri

We must be bound to one another then Bound by hell forged chains and fate haunted circumstance Well, then let it be thus so and men will have cause to tremble and flee when they hear the names of Elric of Melnibone and Stormbringer, his sword We are two of a kind produced by an age which has deserted us Let us give this age cause to hate us Imrryr, the dreamin We must be bound to one another then Bound by hell forged chains and fate haunted circumstance Well, then let it be thus so and men will have cause to tremble and flee when they hear the names of Elric of Melnibone and Stormbringer, his sword We are two of a kind produced by an age which has deserted us Let us give this age cause to hate us Imrryr, the dreaming city Yyrkoon, the hated usurper Cymoril, the beloved all had fallen to the fury and unearthly power of the albino prince and his terrible sword An Elric faced at last the fate that was to be his in this haunted era that he must go forth, sword and man as one, and havoc and horror would be forever at his forefront until he found his Purpose that was yet obscured to him.

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The Weird of the White Wolf

  1. Michael John Moorcock is an English writer primarily of science fiction and fantasy who has also published a number of literary novels Moorcock has mentioned The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Apple Cart by George Bernard Shaw and The Constable of St Nicholas by Edward Lester Arnold as the first three books which captured his imagination He became editor of Tarzan Adventures in 1956, at the age of sixteen, and later moved on to edit Sexton Blake Library As editor of the controversial British science fiction magazine New Worlds, from May 1964 until March 1971 and then again from 1976 to 1996, Moorcock fostered the development of the science fiction New Wave in the UK and indirectly in the United States His serialization of Norman Spinrad s Bug Jack Barron was notorious for causing British MPs to condemn in Parliament the Arts Council s funding of the magazine.During this time, he occasionally wrote under the pseudonym of James Colvin, a house pseudonym used by other critics on New Worlds A spoof obituary of Colvin appeared in New Worlds 197 January 1970 , written by William Barclay another Moorcock pseudonym Moorcock, indeed, makes much use of the initials JC , and not entirely coincidentally these are also the initials of Jesus Christ, the subject of his 1967 Nebula award winning novella Behold the Man, which tells the story of Karl Glogauer, a time traveller who takes on the role of Christ They are also the initials of various Eternal Champion Moorcock characters such as Jerry Cornelius, Jerry Cornell and Jherek Carnelian In recent years, Moorcock has taken to using Warwick Colvin, Jr as yet another pseudonym, particularly in his Second Ether fiction.

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  1. This third volume of the series according to the Elric chronology includes the two Elric stories Moorcock wrote first, the novellas The Dreaming City and While the Gods Laugh each published in a separate issue of Science Fantasy in 1961 In the first, Elric, rightful emperor of Melnibone, leads a fleet against its capital city Immrryr to exact revenge and rescue his princess consort, but his sword Stormbringer literally has a mind of its own, bringing about disastrous consequences In the second n [...]

  2. Before getting reacquainted with the ongoing saga of Elric, the albino sorcerer king that spent the previous volume as a vagabond mercenary, self exiled from his own people and from the throne he inherited, Moorcock offers us a glimpse at the cosmology underlying his imaginary universe inThe Dream of Earl Aubec Within the standard sword sorcery structure of the adventure the champion swordsman of a fantasy realm goes on a quest to conquer a last bastion for his queen , the author debates the nat [...]

  3. These shorts and novellas almost all revolve around Elric, the tormented anti hero that sits in the palm of Chaos thanks to his intelligent and willful sword Stormbringer As sword and sorcery stories go, this one really stands out It s not so much Conan as it is straddling the line between shifting realities and the world, wanting to be free of the fate of the Champion of Chaos while being the penultimate brooder with unimaginable powers, seeking peace at any cost.Whenever I think of Elric, I th [...]

  4. Good entry in the series, with Elric at his moody and glum best, determinedly going through every eerie magical door and portal he finds, to arrive at the usual trippy building made of some strange rainbow crystal or distorting interdimensional masonry Another day in the multiverse.

  5. In my last two reviews, I have talked about how Moorcock s fevered imagination keeps these books aloft, even when the plot seems to grow disconnected from the series, or the characters grow repetitive, but he seems to be losing steam, for this book moves along apace, advancing the plot here and there, but not materially adding anything new to our understanding of the world or the characters.Moorcock s shorter plot arcs lack the grand set pieces and focus which make Leiber s and Howard s works so [...]

  6. The third book of Elric saga the boneheaded decision Elric made in the end of the first book came back to him bearing fruits Now the only way to correct his own stupidity is to sacrifice his own people and to live with this memory for the rest of his life The book is notable for the fact that Elric acquires a sidekick in it This is a typical Elric book larger than life magic, meddling gods who never show up when they are really needed, an anti hero, struggle of Chaos and Law on grand scale by th [...]

  7. Michael Moorcock has created many characters who are an aspect of the Eternal Champion, who battles sometimes on the side of Law and sometimes on the side of Chaos, depending on his incarnation In the incarnation of Elric of Melnibone, a man weak in body except when augmented by the stolen souls provided through the medium of the perilous sword Stormbringer, he is powerful in intellect, passion and magic Yet than that, he is a man who is the very embodiment of the hard choices which Fate can in [...]

  8. Excellent entry in the saga, finds Elric at his darkest hour and the prologue offers hints toward darkness still to come Book one Elric at his most Melnibonean and his greatest despair so far Book two his hopes are dashed again and book three a return to form as he defeats a great enemy and is once again thwarted in vengence.

  9. More pulpy sword sorcery, episodic, fast paced to the point of parody.Includes what is now the obligatory cryptic prologue Prologue here has the virtue of self riducule, wherein the hero is not Elric, but his ancestor Aubec, from whom he had the sword in volume I, prior to achieving the nuclear sword with which he is famously associated Aubec has gone to the edge of the world to incorporate the last castle into the empire, but is tricked by its occupant to win not merely the castle, but also th [...]

  10. This is an old favorite, and it hasn t lost any of its charm The three novellas here are The Dreaming City , While the Gods Laugh , and The Singing Citadel.All enjoyable, but The Dreaming City stands out, way out This was where Elric first appeared in 1961, and everything else came from that This story alone rates 5 stars It has all of the tragic punch of the Elric saga and the story flow is fantastic.The other two stories are very good too, coming in a 4 stars each They tell of some of the earl [...]

  11. So far I m able to read one Elric volume per day Eat this, George R.R Martin With the third volume, all my worries that Elric might turn into a boring white knight are blown away On the contrary, he s bad ass than ever, annihilating his own civilization, earning the title womankiller and becoming the most notorious villain of the multiverse Way to go Again, friends come and go, usually by death caused by our hero Women are consummated, Elric moves on Mysterious places, other planes, demons aple [...]

  12. I have a sweet tooth for Fantasy, and Elric is like pudding It goes down smooth, and I always have a taste for It may not be as well crafted as the decadent chocolate cakes of high fantasy, but then again it doesn t leave me in a sugar crash with rasberry sauce all over my shirt.

  13. Moorcock viene bien cuando uno busca desconectar de lecturas m s densas No hay que pedirle m s a las historias del albino, son aventuras, magia y espadazos a todo lo que da y muy entretenidas.Creo que este tercer volumen en las peripecias del Lobo Blanco ha sido el que m s me ha gustado Abre con un espectacular pr logo que nos revela mucho sobre las fuerzas del Caos y sobre todo la creaci n de Melnibon.La primer historia, La Ciudad de Ensue o, enlaza con el est pido final del primer libro, con E [...]

  14. Algernon has written an excellentreviewof The Weird of the White Wolf I have little to add to that.My favorite stories was that of The Dream of Earl Aubec and While the Gods Laugh In this volume Elric becomes moodier, arrogant, desperate, and he is plagued by guilt He is moved by wild emotions to irredeemable deeds He regrets his actions but he is unwilling to let go of the cause of his misery the one thing that destroys him while giving him power The perfect anti hero Elric chases obsessively [...]

  15. Michael Moorcock, The Weird of the White Wolf DAW, 1977 The third book in the Elric series introduces the reader to Moonglum, Elric s longtime companion and, thanks to ADD s Deities and Demigods book, the companion most readers can t imagine him without Much of the second novel moved away from the events of the first, and concentrated Elric s character on other adventures The Weird of the White Wolf brings Elric back to Melnibon along with Moonglum, their friend Smiorgan Baldhead, and an army of [...]

  16. Assedi dal mare e Dei capricciosi Proseguono le mirabolanti peripezie di Elric, personaggio sempre pi lacerato da dubbi e contraddizioni interiori che non lasciano scampo, con l inquietante Stormbringer a vigilare sul suo padrone e pretendere dazio Moorcock vive di intuizioni narrative, lampi nel buio che spezzano, letteralmente, il contesto narrato e lasciano intravedere scorci di una notevole forza immaginifica quello che non segue l estro dell autore proprio la gestione del worldbuilding, sin [...]

  17. This was something of a disappointment this time I have to say I couldn t remember anything about this book since the first time I read it, none of the individual stories had stuck in my mind at all.This time, incongruities in the plot grated with me a bit Surprise surprise, Elric s mortal enemy Yyrkoon whom he unfathomably leftas regent while he went off to find himself has resumed his evil plans and re incarcerated his beloved Cymoril The first story starts with Elric about to lead an invasion [...]

  18. Michael Moorcock ramps things up with this third volume of Elric tales This story includes a prologue that introduces two very interesting characters before moving on to Elric, who is returning after his year of adventure to exact his revenge on the man who tried to kill him and usurp his throne The relationship between Elric and his sword, Stormbringer, builds during this novel I m finding these compelling reads A detailed review can be found here stainlesssteeldroppings

  19. Elric is no longer the same man who left Melnibone with mind to learn of the ways of men his doom drove him to many unknown lands, to worlds beyond his own and left him ever tormented and no closer to discovering the purpose of his existance He is met with sorrow and knowledge does not rid him of it He can only accept that he is no than a pawn, a device for the gods to carry out their cosmic plans whose rules remain unclear to humankind Although he is bitter, his character is not weak and he b [...]

  20. I love these Elric books, the best stuff Moorcock did It s genre pulp so don t look for high mindedness But a classic anti hero, whoopin ass with sword and sorcery I first found these around 13 and they still hold up least for my inner 13 year old.

  21. I m starting to think that maybe I should have left these books in the nostalgia tinted corner of my mind in which they had resided since I was 10 or so.

  22. Elric mopes so much that it s a little surprising when he bucks up a bit and finds something to grin about.It was the second story in this third volume that got my attention after wiping out his own city and moping about it for a year, Elric the Albino is tapped to help retrieve a book left behind by the Old Gods before they departed his world What starts out as a way to pass the time becomes a search for enlightenment that had me begging the Emperor of Melnibone to get a therapist.It had me won [...]

  23. Este volume cont m as primeiras hist rias do imperador ca do e mago albino Elric of Melnibon , escritas por Moorcock, nos anos 60 exceto o primeiro conto The Dream of Earl Aubec , originalmente publicado depois Os demais sa ram em revistas Na verdade, s o tr s noveletas The Dreaming City foi a primeira hist ria de Elric publicada Mas, cronologicamente, ela conta eventos posteriores aos romances Elric of Melnibon , The Fortress of the Pearl e The Sailor on the Seas of Fate While the Gods Laugh a [...]

  24. Este comentario abarca tres libros que le en una compilaci n en franc s, Elric le n cromancien, y que en ingl s abarca al menos los libros The Weird of the White Wolf, The Bane of the Black Sword y Stormbringer As , este comentario se repite en los citados libros Qu se puede decir de la saga de Elric que no se haya dicho ya La llaman fantas a pica oscura , es una gran tragedia, una cosmogon a que narra hechos ocurridos, supuestamente, mucho antes de los registros geol gicos de la Tierra Elric es [...]

  25. Notice I have made a review for every book of this series and they need to be read in order since they are supposed to feel like an on going impression So if you read the second without reading the first will feel rather off I am mostly focusing on the style of storytelling and a lot less on if it reads well or something sophisticated like that For the same reason I tend to have lots of SPOILERS which means that if you read this text you will know THE OVERALL PLOT and how much I DIDN T like it S [...]

  26. Michael Moorcock s favorite word in this book is ironically He said ironically, he did ironically It s a full cast of hipsters here.The third book in the Elric series goes into Elric s personality, with mixed results You can really see Moorcock struggling to get a character arc going here, but that s the problem you can see it That sort of thing should only be noticeable when you finish the book and sit down to do a review Elric is not intrinsically an interesting character any the anti hero ar [...]

  27. The GoodThe story is short and moves fast The author want s to gallop ahead with the story even before he has the chance to finish the last scene I tried reading Elric about 10 years ago I remember that speeding really annoyed me, but interestingly enough it doesn t any So now I could actually finish the book and be taken to a fantastic flight into the battlefield of Order and Chaos.The BadI m not really a big fan of pulp action swordsourcery, because it s a thin fabric with no intricacies and d [...]

  28. Oh, Elric Do thou not knoweth One must imagine Sisyphus happy.And congratulations Mr Moorcock You managed to reduce Elric to whiny, spineless, predictable, pathetic wimp and no, putting your tongue into every single female that says Hi does not change that So many good ideas, all gone to waste.

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