The Last Rhinos: My Battle to Save One of the World's Greatest Creatures

The Last Rhinos My Battle to Save One of the World s Greatest Creatures When Lawrence Anthony learned that the northern white rhino living in the war ravaged Congo was on the very brink of extinction he knew he had to act If the world lost the sub species it would be

When Lawrence Anthony learned that the northern white rhino, living in the war ravaged Congo, was on the very brink of extinction, he knew he had to act If the world lost the sub species, it would be the largest land mammal since the woolly mammoth to go extinct In The Last Rhinos, Anthony recounts his attempts to save these remarkable animals.The demand for rhino hornsWhen Lawrence Anthony learned that the northern white rhino, living in the war ravaged Congo, was on the very brink of extinction, he knew he had to act If the world lost the sub species, it would be the largest land mammal since the woolly mammoth to go extinct In The Last Rhinos, Anthony recounts his attempts to save these remarkable animals.The demand for rhino horns in the Far East has turned poaching into a dangerous black market that threatens the lives of not just these rare beasts, but also the rangers who protect them The northern white rhino s last refuge was in an area controlled by the infamous Lord s Resistance Army, one of the most vicious rebel groups in the world In the face of unmoving government bureaucracy, Anthony made a perilous journey deep into the jungle to try to find and convince them to help save the rhino An inspiring story of conservation in the face of brutal war and bureaucratic quagmires, The Last Rhinos will move animal lovers everywhere.

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The Last Rhinos: My Battle to Save One of the World's Greatest Creatures

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  1. As soon as I finished The Elephant Whisperer, I began eagerly awaiting The Last Rhinos Then, when Lawrence Anthony passed away in March, my waiting became bittersweet I knew that this would be the last time I would get to enjoy a new book by one of my favorite conservationists I expected that The Last Rhinos would, like Babylon s Ark and The Elephant Whisperer, focus on Anthony s work with endangered species and the day to day life of his South African wildlife preserve, Thula Thula Instead, it [...]

  2. The Last Rhinos goes far beyond a story about rhinos Lawrence Anthony, in his attempt to stop the northern white rhinos from going extinct, finds himself as an unlikely go between trying to stop a war that has been raging in Africa for decades The local government and the Lord s Resistance Army one of the most dangerous and deadly group of guerilla mercenaries in the world are attempting peace talks but no one really expects them to pan out The LRA turns to Anthony to try to help them achieve pe [...]

  3. An extraordinary book by an extraordinary man Shows what can be achieved if someone just follows the path in front of them wherever it leads I learnt so much about rhinos, about Africa, about the complexities of of trying to conserve animal and human life in this magical but highly challenged continent A must read for anyone interested in conservation or Africa, or life.

  4. I hesitated to give this book a high rating because it wasn t what I was hoping for an account of the way intrepid humans saved a bunch of rhinoceroses, filled with charming anecdotes about rhino behavior I don t know what I was thinking when I expected that, because I know the situation for all the rhino species is unspeakably dire Co author Graham Spence says he thought of calling the book Blood Horn and that might have been a direct approach to indicate that this book is, at least in part, a [...]

  5. Well, first off there wasn t a whole lot of talk about rhinos and their predicament The vast majority of the book was about what the author went through in order to get protection for some white rhinos with the help of the Lord s Resistance Army Now, don t get me wrong, hearing about the whole Invisible Children and LRA dilemna from a different point of view was definitely very, very interesting to me, which is why I rated the book three stars But I was pretty disappointed that I didn t get to h [...]

  6. A brillant follow on book to Lawrence Anthony s best seller The Elephant Whisperer In this book Anthony continues to share stories about the happenings at his private game reserve Thula Thula If the reader has read his first book, the continuation of the animal tales is an easy and enjoyable one He also talks about the plight of rhinos in South Africa who are being poached and pushed to the brink of extinction His mission was spurred after the loss of Heidi, a rhino at Thula Thula who they had r [...]

  7. Absolutely fantastic Just as amazing as The Elephant Whisperer Now I desperately want to find his first book I am so very sad to hear that Lawrence is no longer with us, but am glad his family is keeping up the fight, and I truly hope to visit Thula Thula someday.

  8. Stories of the plight of disappearing species will always touch my heart In his attempt to save the white rhinos living in the Congo, Anthony ends up helping to broker an attempted peace deal between warring factions There are some great animal stories, and we re visit some familiar animal friends, but most of the book was about the LRA peace struggles Anthony helps us see the human side of this supposed violent group We could all learn much from the Traditional African ways both in listening, t [...]

  9. What a heartbreaking yet beautiful read It is incredibly tragic that man made boundaries, conflict, and mindless superstitions take such an irreplaceable toll on other species, damaging habitat and ultimately leaving behind not only a poorer planet but also one that isn t very habitable for humans themselves Lawrence Anthony truly was a hero for his committed crusade in the cause of conservation.

  10. Absolutely incredible story Very easy to connect with the author and the animals I want to be a better person after reading this book, both to animals and humans.

  11. This is truly an inspirational book and a must read for all animal lovers Besides being focused on the fate of the Rhinos, this takes one into the heart of Africa and gives the individual a look at life from the African perspective The insight into Mother Nature s creatures will give you pause to think and reconsider any thoughts you may have had that animals can t reason or have feelings It is a sad state of affairs that our beautiful creatures are being eliminated from our planet when all they [...]

  12. This is the third of Anthony s books that I have read In Babylon s Ark, he related his experience during Operation Desert Storm in Iraq, when he saved the animals in the Bagdad Zoo Then there was Elephant Whisperer, in which he describes accepting a herd of rogue elephants from Zimbabwe gave them a home on his private Kwazulu Natal game reserve, Thula Thula, in South Africa Now comes The Last Rhinos, in which he travels to the war ravaged Congo to save the northern White Rhino from extinction.A [...]

  13. I didn t expect much from this book, which perhaps affects my rating And, as non fiction, my rating isn t comparable to my fiction rating Shadow of the Banyan All that aside, this book was a treat, a wonderful surprise A quick, easy read, it went beyond the conservation attempts to reveal the humanity of the hated Lord s Resistance Army Anthony shows the reader, and reminded me, how complex issues are, that both sides of war are commit atrocities and both sides lie, cheat, follow their own agend [...]

  14. Lawrence Anthony was truly one of the greats He will be missed not only because of his brilliant contribution to conservationism, but also as a genuinely wonderful human being with a great sense of humor and a heart of gold This book is moving and full of basic truth The rhino and many other wildlife are in severe danger, and sadly we lost one of the true great earth warriors of our time A beautiful book that will make you cry, and smile, cry again, and then realize that through it all there lie [...]

  15. An amazing story about one man s journey to save a beautiful animal from extinction His descriptive writing brings the reader to the heart of the issues and he drives home the tremendous urgency for action in the saving of these animals He was a courageous man, taking on communications with the dangerous rebel soldiers of the Congo Read this beautiful and heartwarming story.

  16. This was an incredible read I liked how not only did it focus on the issues of rhino poaching but other problems that have faced Africa recently which may not have such an obvious impact on conservation I learnt so much from reading this The note at the end about Lawrence Anthony and his life s work was particularly interesting and insightful

  17. Lawrence Anthony s life was phenomenal Its sometimes hard to believe you re reading a book about a person s real experiences It was an eye opening read that takes a tough subject and makes it entertaining but not less heart breaking.

  18. 3.5 About so much than the race to save the northern white rhino I found it a fascinating, somewhat sympathetic look at another side of the LRA Who knew they advocated for a peace and African justice

  19. Fascinating book Made me realise just how closely the rhino problem is linked to politics And just what a difficult problem it is to solve Now sadly the last rhino in Mozambique have just been killed this carnage has to stop

  20. I struggled to get into this book initially but once I got into it, I could not put it down An amazing human being

  21. Wonderful book that I couldn t put down amazing inspirational man with a passionSupported by a brilliant family, friends Who could believe that one person could achieve so much

  22. A remarkable story of a remarkable man.His success came from his ability to relate to every living being, whether government officials, tourists at his resort, natives, friends, wealthy patrons or animals In fact, it was his ability to understand and communicate with animals that caused him to be trusted by both the rebels and the natives whom he convinced to protect wildlife on reserves because there was economic benefit to them as tourist attractions than on their dinner plate His motives wer [...]

  23. I could not have been wrong about this book I thought it was going to be a run of the mill, save the animals type of book, just a group of people dealing with conservation of a group of rhinos and maybe a breeding program , the same story we hear a million times in this era of extinction Well, I m so glad I was wrong, as this is an amazing book It quickly becomes an adrenalin fuelled race across Africa, dealing the governments, bureaucracy and terrorist You quickly becoming caught up in the dra [...]

  24. Another fantastic, real life adventure by Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence Unlike thrillers found in the fiction section, The Last Rhinos dispenses with suspense and focuses on describing the full gamut of challenges faced by Anthony and his hand picked team to save the Northern White Rhinoceroses in Garamba National Park By reading the title the broader subject is already spoiled and those individuals that have read other memoirs by Lawrence Anthony will already be familiar with some of the [...]

  25. A remarkable story of a remarkable man and his quest to save magnificent animals particularly rhinos and elephants How such incredibly powerful creatures could be so vulnerable was a crime against the universe The tragic futility of it all was what really got me The rhino s brilliant million year evolutionary effort to build up three tons of muscle, bone and horn to defend itself meant nothing in a modern technological world that didn t care a fig about them The fact that our grandchildren may n [...]

  26. Another inspiring book by the incredible conservationist Anthony Lawrence This is the last book he wrote before he died in 2012 The Last Rhinos describes his awesome attempt to save the last remaining northern white rhinos in the war torn Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2007 during the Ugandan peace talks with the Lord Resistance Army After making many futile attempts to work with the DRC government to get a surveying group to locate the rhinos, dart, and relocate them, Lawrence decides to t [...]

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