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A Dog s Journey The direct sequel to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling A Dog s Purpose Buddy is a good dog After searching for his purpose through several eventful lives Buddy is sure that he has found an

The direct sequel to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling A Dog s Purpose.Buddy is a good dog.After searching for his purpose through several eventful lives, Buddy is sure that he has found and fulfilled it Yet as he watches curious baby Clarity get into dangerous mischief, he is certain that this little girl is very much in need of a dog of her own.When Buddy isThe direct sequel to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling A Dog s Purpose.Buddy is a good dog.After searching for his purpose through several eventful lives, Buddy is sure that he has found and fulfilled it Yet as he watches curious baby Clarity get into dangerous mischief, he is certain that this little girl is very much in need of a dog of her own.When Buddy is reborn, he realizes that he has a new destiny He s overjoyed when he is adopted by Clarity, now a vibrant but troubled teenager When they are suddenly separated, Buddy despairs who will take care of his girl A charming and heartwarming story of hope, love, and unending devotion, A Dog s Journey asks the question Do we really take care of our pets, or do they take care of us More than just another endearing dog tale, A Dog s Journey is the moving story of unwavering loyalty and a love that crosses all barriers.

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A Dog's Journey

  1. I ve always loved dogs, which puts me in a unique category along with what, maybe two or three billion people What s not to love about an animal who will sit in your living room all day long, waiting for you to get home, and even if you need to work late and then stop for a stress relieving beverage on your way home, when you unlock that front door, is absolutely overjoyed to see you How could you not adore an animal who senses when your day is not going well and tries to cheer you up by dumping a sodden tennis ball in your lap I was probably 8 years old, playing in the back yard of our house in Prairie Village, KS, when my dad opened the gate and in rushed a 9 week old Labrador puppy I fell to my knees and spread my arms and that dog leaped into them as if we had loved each other our whole lives It s a scene that shows up in A Dog s Purpose a puppy and a boy meeting each other the very first time, both of them full of unrestrained joy.We named the dog Cammie She arrived in my life when I was just beginning to connect some of the dots in my memory to make a picture of who I was, forming my identity as a child I remember every skinned knee and bicycle ride in the context of Cammie, who was always there for me And I lost her just as I was starting to leave childhood behind, passing on after I d spent a year in college That s Cammie, the dog of my childhood.Years later I was riding my bicycle in the mountains outside of Pine, CO A chance decision to bounce down a dirt road led me past a few scattered ranches and one small house near a creek, set back from the road at least 50 yards A single woof from a dog caught my attention, and I braked and stood in the dry, clear air, regarding the dog who had called out to me.She was on a chain by the house, and a fence stood between us, so I remained on the road even though I could see that the dog, a black lab mix with a crazily active tail, was clearly friendly I gazed at her and the dog sat, attentive, staring into my eyes exactly the way my first dog, Cammie, used to look at me, really seeing into me.And that s when the thought hit me What if this wonderful dog was Cammie What if dogs live over and over again, and always remember us I dismissed the thought, waved at the dog, and rode away, but days later the idea came back to me What if I ve been a writer my whole life, but never have I ever written anything as important as A Dog s Purpose.I can t promise you that A Dog s Purpose will make you love your dog how could it do that But I ll tell you what a lot of people have told me after reading A Dog s Purpose, you ll never look at your dog the same way again.

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  1. If you read A Dog s Purpose you ll feel the same way good or bad about this continuation of the story Have your hankies ready and your dogs close at hand Some reviewers of these books complain about the simple writing style The story is supposed to be told by a dog, and part of the message is that dogs are simple creatures It s part of the books charms Readers in search of Great Literature shouldn t expect to find it in books that depict dogs with thought bubbles on the covers, for heaven s sake [...]

  2. As a writer myself, I can t help but look at the mechanics of a piece when I read it Not that I ve lost the ability to enjoy a well told tale I m like an auto mechanic at Cruise Night, admiring all the great work A Dog s Journey is a great story, a great sequel, and one of the best books written about dogs The first book, A Dog s Purpose is the kind of emotional gut wrench to a dog owner like me that makes you proud to care for a canine, and proud of the loyalty they show to us ADJ does of the [...]

  3. When I was a child, I read Old Yeller and absolutely loved it right up to the moment when they KILL OLD YELLER I am willingly spoiling the plot, the same way I would yell DON T DRINK THE POISON at somebody Why read a book where you fall in love with the dog and then, in the end, the dog dies I wrote A Dog s Purpose as a love poem to the relationship between people and their pets And, since true love never dies, and no truer love comes from a source treasured than the heart of a dog, I gave my r [...]

  4. I usually don t read dog books because I can t handle the crying, but a few weeks ago I had to put my beloved 16 year old Shih Tzu to sleep and I was really struggling with my decision and my loss Some random person I had to call at a call center told me about it and I decided to give it a try I m so glad I did It helped me a lot to realize I made the correct choice and was very healing for me Especially because I got my dog as a suicidal teen and having her to love and love me back saved my lif [...]

  5. I loved A Dog s Purpose It is one of my 5 star books, and I am very, very stingy with giving out 5 stars Unfortunately, for me at least, A Dog s Journey suffers from sequel syndrome , and just was not as good This book continues to be told by the dog, in his her continued reincarnations This time the dog becomes attached to Ethan s granddaughter, Clarity But most of this book was about Clarity CJ , and the conversation and thoughts of the dog just became repetitive I never really felt attached t [...]

  6. Es un libro muy bonito, sobre todo si te gustan los perritos y entiendes que son lo mejor que pudo pisar la tierra Soy muy fan de los perros.Nuevamente, al igual que en su predecesor, nos encontramos con una historia contada al 100% desde la inocente perspectiva de un perro o varios perros, que finalmente son solo uno, a trav s de l vemos y sentimos la vida de la ni a a la cual debe cuidar Es similar a lo que sucedi con Ethan pero con una protagonista femenina llamada Clarity y una historia un t [...]

  7. This book was Amazing I read it all in two days It starts off years after the first book left off Buddy is an old dog His master, Ethan, had died and Buddy was convinced his purpose had been fullfilled and he would finally enter eternal rest at the end of his life He spent the last of his days watchhing after a little toddler, Clarity, who was always getting into mischief around Buddy s farm As he died, he knew that Clarity would need a dog of her own to look after her, but he never expected tha [...]

  8. It amuses me to read a book narrated by a dog I knew we were supposed to bark because CJ was always angry when someone knocked, Hey Stop Quiet Enough she would yell I didn t understand the words, but the meaning was clear she was upset with the knocking and we should keep barking A Dog s Journey picks up the storyline from A Dog s Purpose with the next generation in Ethan s family I liked book one than this second installment but this one was still very enjoyable for me to read If you loved A D [...]

  9. 5 Incredible StarsI am so many emotions and thoughts about this book This book had me in tears because it was so sad I also love this book a little better than the first one because I thought that this book made a little sense than the first book did I loved the writing of both of the books After reading this series I fell in love with it and I thought about things a little bit differently about animals and what happens when they die I thought that was interesting in a way I loved this series I [...]

  10. Seriously love this book, and am now craving another dog It makes you feel like there is hope for humanity when you read books like this This is a continuation of A Dog s Purpose which I also adored As other reviewers have stated, it is simply told, but is told from a dog s point of viewd dogs really aren t that complicated They just love My favorite portion of the book without giving away too many spoilers was the caring and theraputic storyline It is beyond touching and not only reaches at you [...]

  11. I m so glad the author decided to write a second book I can t even decide which book I liked better These books are so amazing and flawless The love of a dog and cat is so pure and unconditional and this is perfectly expressed throughout both of these stories.

  12. A Dog s Journey Another Novel for Humans by W Bruce Cameron I read A Dog s Purpose a story shown through a dogs point of view on his many reincarnations, trying to find his purpose last year and it became a favorite So when I found out that there was a sequel coming out this year, I could barely hide my excitement This is also the author who wrote Eight Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter.This second installment begins a few years after the end of the first book Buddy, the dog, is sure h [...]

  13. I loved the first book in this series, but this one kind of fell flat for me I had to give it a day to get together my list on exactly why I feel that way So here we go Let s start with the positives first It was a quick, easy read I got it on Christmas Eve and I finished it on Christmas morning That s really rare for me The author has certainly done his research because the narrator sounds like a dog versus a human trying to imitate a dog I have to admit that the ending had me getting a little [...]

  14. W.Bruce Cameron, known mostly for being a columnist, has done it again with his recently published, A Dog s Journey Tor Forge Publishing, Hardcover, 0 7653 3054 9 Done what you ask Stolen hearts, taught life impacting lessons, and done it through the eyes, thoughts of a dog.The sequel to his bestselling novel, A Dog s Purpose, A Dog s Journey, is destined to capture even the hardest of hearts, the one who doesn t care for dogs So many dog books, so many sequels just aren t worth reading for the [...]

  15. A Dog s Journey by W Bruce Cameron is a must read for animal lovers It is told very well by a dog It is funny, sad, and very touching What it isn t is boring, and that s a good thing I loved this book from page 1 and it only grew as I read it The ending left me with tears and a smile I loved both books I read by this author, the other being A Dog s Purpose Gerard s review Karen s review 6 5 12 A Dog s Journey by W Bruce Cameron is about the dedication of a dog to its owner This story follows Cla [...]

  16. This book is just as good as the first one if not better The ending is a definite tear jerker and there s a lot of humor in it being told in a dog s POV which makes it better then an usual average book The only real sad part is that its over, but hopefully W Bruce Cameron will keep writing books like these It basically begins were the first one left off and then he dies as Buddy so that he can become Molly in his next life to now take care of CJ CJ s mother isn t the best and she s a troubled te [...]

  17. I have a deep love for Buddy, the dog reborn repeatedly in A Dog s Purpose and again in A Dog s Journey and so I also love author W Bruce Cameron Reading two books from the perspective of such a good dog is a joy that had me alternately laughing and bawling It also made me feel even love for my own good dog, Rio and terror that he will die before I will A must for dog lovers I ve seen cats outside and they don t walk with people they mostly just walk with themselves Nearly always when a dog wal [...]

  18. The sequel to A Dog s Purpose I thoroughly enjoyed this rather easy read I love the author s take on what our four legged family members are thinking and how seriously they take their job of providing love and comfort to their humans The book was very similar to A Dog s Purpose in terms of the emotional roller coaster of love and loss, but it added additional perspective It also gave additional information on the practical uses of dogs amazing abilities, such as therapy dogs and dogs that detect [...]

  19. Bruce Cameron has done it again with A Dog s Journey For all who loved A Dog s Purpose, you will also fall in love with his new book And for all who have not read A Dog s Purpose, pick up both books join the rest of us who have laughed and cried, and in the end, looked at their four legged children in a different way and for a slight change of pace try Emory s Gift A Dog s Journey A Dog s Purpose Emory s Gift

  20. I want to thank to Edicion Anticipada and Rocabolsillo, for providing me with this copy in exchange for an honest reviewI have so many emotions inside me right now, this will probably be one of the hardest reviews I ve ever written This book is so significant and is a great conclusion to the first one, I ve enjoyed it, but also I ve suffered, so without further ado, let s begin 4.5 5 StarsYou can find this one in SPANISH and of my review on muy blog A Book A Thought.A Dog s Journey, is much dar [...]

  21. This was a worthy follow up to A Dog s Purpose continuing Bailey s lives and lessons as a dog who is reincarnated and knows s he has a specific purpose for being born again Many tender moments as the dog strives to serve his master, and lots of funny dog brain chatter.

  22. I read A DOG S JOURNEY by W Bruce Cameron His 1st book was A DOG S PURPOSE and it is my most favorite book ever Before reading this you must read the review for A DOG S PURPOSE This book was a great sequel to the 1st book A DOG S PURPOSE It was suprising to know that there was another book based on how well he ended his last one but I guess you never know, but I was very thrilled to know there was EVEN MORE to my favorite book ever So this is how it goes It started out while he was still Buddy a [...]

  23. You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him.One star less from the previous book, A Dog s Purpose It doesn t mean that this book isn t as good as the first, though the story is great and the plot intriguing It s just because it s the same dog, reborn again The dog had been reborn three times already in the first book, for goodness sake Some would think it s than enough So I had been struggling with this book at the beginning with it s repetitions on The dog s life cyc [...]

  24. I have a strange confession to make I marked this book as one I d read in 2015, because that is, in fact, when I first picked it up and read the first three chapters, through page 35 But my decision to start reading it when I initially did so was ill timed it was mid August 2015 and I was knee deep in the awfulness of family law litigation, mired in abnormally woeful child support and custody proceedings No one s family law proceedings are ever a cakewalk, but mine were especially bad I had to p [...]

  25. MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITContinuing Buddy s story from A Dog s Purpose, we meet him again near the end of his current life where he meets Clarity, Ethan s granddaughter As his last act of selflessness, he saves the toddler from certain death when she falls into the pond, where her mother, Gloria, is sunbathing nearby Of course, she blames Buddy for pushing Clarity in the water So when Buddy is reincarnated as Molly, her finds a new life s purpose in guarding her Gloria is, in my opinion, one of the wo [...]

  26. Break out the tissues again, dog lovers A Dog s Journey by W Bruce Cameron was such a good book This sequel to the amazing A Dog s Purpose, was just as good as the first Both of these books provide an inside view of a dog s brain, with funny tidbits of the dog trying to rationalize the things humans do.For instance.Why do people have this obsession with picking up dog waste if we re only going to throw it into a can, and not even take it with us on a walk When an owner is named Annie, the same n [...]

  27. 5 favoriteI m nostalgic about dog stories and the cover drew me in.The journey is a fulfillment of Buddy s purposee all dogs have a purpose and everyone needs a dog of his own As the story begins, his master Ethan has died and his purpose of guarding his boy is fulfilled.Enter his grand daughter, Clarity June.He knows instinctively that the toddler is his girl and her protection is his purpose.But Clarity later called CJ is taken away by a negligent mother and Buddy dies.Buddy is reborn and sens [...]

  28. One word Amazing Just like the first, I still can t understand how the author can write it from a dog s perspective so well It s really beautifully written, but I didn t find it as sad as the first one, except for the end The end was beautifully sad, but it had a good meaning Gloria stuns me with her rudeness and not caring for her daughter In the beginning she was all overprotective and BUDDY YOU ALMOST DROWNED MY DAUGHTER YOU EVIL DOG but now she couldn t have cared less if Clarity drowned, al [...]

  29. Being a dog lover, I was intrigued by the cover of A Dog s Journey Upon reading the book jacket, I decided to pick it up at the bookstore I m so glad I did Although I have not read the first novel in this series, A Dog s Purpose, it didn t matter This book stands well on its own A Dog s Journey is written from the perspective of the main character in the book, a dog I love how the dog protects his various owners in different capacities through its life There are so many characteristics of how sm [...]

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